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Welcome to the Maastricht Region

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It is our honour and delight to welcome you to the Maastricht Region.

Expat Centre Maastricht Region was set up in response to the increasing influx of international talent in the Maastricht Region. We pride ourselves on being expert navigators of the transition process for both individuals and businesses making their way to our unique part of the Netherlands.


This manual is intended to be a go-to guide for all our new arrivals, from those handling the most basic municipal queries to international entrepreneurs who need to know who to turn to when faced with complex taxation regulations. Together with our partners in the Maastricht Region, we are adept at providing all the resources that expats and international businesses require.

Our regular “Let’s Catch Up” events not only provide excellent social and professional networking moments; they are also a great way to get to know the Maastricht Region and become part of the vibrant cultural life that we are famous for.

More detailed information is available on our website, and when further guidance is required our consultants can provide one-on-one advice sessions.

Enjoy your stay in the Maastricht Region, whether you’re here for a short while, or if it’s a life-long move, we are always on-hand to support you through your transition process.

This manual is also available in electronic form online at expatcentremaastrichtregion.nl