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Dance Until it Rains Life lessons from my mother Andrew Jobling

195 x 135 mm, cased & jacketed, 152 pages. $A 32.99, $NZ 36.99 978-1-921497-51-3 eBook scheduled March 2011

The Woman on the Mountain Sharyn Munro $A 29.99, $NZ 35.00 978-0-908988-70-9 eBook available


If you knew you could do or have anything you desired, what would you do and how would you live? Learn life’s most important lessons from an ordinary person who had an extraordinary desire to change her circumstances. Be inspired to create a vision for your life, take some simple steps … and then watch how your life changes forever! This is a book that will make you laugh and make you cry. Most importantly, it will help you to find the motivation to create a better level of wellbeing and a happier life for yourself. Inspired by the life of Andrew Jobling’s mother, Sue, Dance Until It Rains reveals lessons that can help us all to live a life of health, happiness and prosperity.

About the Author Andrew Jobling has over twenty-five years’ experience in team building, leadership and high performance. He is an in-demand motivational speaker and mentor, and the bestselling author of two previous books. Andrew is married and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Flory One woman’s account of surviving the Holocaust Flory Van Beek $A 32.99, $NZ 36.99 978-1-921497-39-1

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Paper Cranes A mother’s story of hope, courage and determination Cheryl Koenig $A 34.99, $NZ 37.99 978-1-877437-10-6 eBook available


Two Wings of a Nightingale Persian soul, Islamic heart Jill Worrall Iran is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world. Few people in the West know anything about the Iranian people beyond their current politics and religion. Two Wings of a Nightingale uses the threads of Iran’s silk road heritage as a basis for a road-trip travelogue. Awardwinning travel writer Jill Worrall, with her friend Reza Mirkhalaf, a leading tour manager from Tehran, describe an Iran the world has forgotten.

About the Author Jill Worrall is an acclaimed travel journalist. She has visited and led tour parties to such countries as Bhutan, India, Uzbekistan, Libya, Syria and Jordan and has visited Iran six times. In researching this book she travelled over 8000 km on one trip alone.

C-format with flaps, 264 pages, colour photographs. $A 29.99, $NZ 36.99 978-1-921497-84-1 eBook scheduled May 2011

Purple Dandelion A Muslim woman’s struggle against violence and oppression Farida Sultana with Shila Nair The inspiring true story of a courageous woman’s struggle with her traditional Muslim upbringing, including her escape from an arranged marriage to an abusive man. After a period in war-torn Iran, Bangladesh-born Farida Sultana found herself in domestic strife, separated from both her husband and her child, without a support network. She was saved by Shakti AID UK, and became a strong advocate against violence and the cultural and religious oppression of women.

About the Authors Farida Sultana has been working in the area of violence against women for over seventeen years. In 1995, Farida founded Shakti NZ, the first immigrant women’s refuge in New Zealand. She is a passionate advocate for migrant and refugee communities globally. Shila Nair is a journalist and herself a survivor of domestic violence.

C-format with flaps, 248 pages, colour photographs. $A 29.99, $NZ 36.99 978-1-921497-53-7 eBook scheduled April 2011

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YSM Body Bible A mum’s guide to health, fitness and positive living Jodie Hedley-Ward with Kelli Johnson

229 x 178 mm, paperback, 240 pages, 40 colour photographs. $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-82-7 eBook available

Now you can have your best body — ever! YSM Body Bible is the complete fitness guide for today’s busy wife and mother. Written with the assistance of international figure champion and personal trainer Kelli Johnson and endorsed by celebrity mum Terri Irwin, this simple program will help mums find more energy and increase their fitness (so they can keep up with the kids!). Jodie Hedley-Ward puts forward a holistic program that includes significant health and wellbeing contributions from Australasia’s leading pelvic floor specialist, Mary O’Dwyer, and acclaimed clinical psychologist Dr Angela Huntsman — this is vital information every mother needs to know. ‘With summer around the corner, why not keep this book in your pram pocket ready for your next walk with baby to the park?’ — Herald Sun ‘It really couldn’t be easier to get in shape and lose those post-baby kilos forever!’ — New Idea

Jodie Hedley-Ward, author of the YSM (You Sexy Mother) series and founder of the International Motherhood Study, is a mum of two who resides in the Sunshine Coast, QLD.


You Sexy Mother The Journal Jodie Hedley-Ward $A 24.99, $NZ 29.99 978-1-921497-40-7

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You Sexy Mother A life-changing approach to motherhood Jodie Hedley-Ward $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-01-8 eBook available


The Mum Who Roared A complete A-Z guide to loving your mind, body and attitude after baby Christie Nicholas This is a friendly, real and practical guide for every woman adjusting to her role as a mother. It is not a parenting guide. Instead, it is a motivating resource that provides simple and effective tips to help you genuinely enjoy this next chapter in your life, while feeling in control and staying in touch with your core needs and values. All the ideas can be implemented immediately and are relevant not just for the early days of motherhood but for the rest of your life. They will make your life easier and make you feel better mentally and physically. Throughout the book, you’ll also read real-life accounts and survival tips from other mums. By the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to continue your journey as a happy, healthy, balanced woman, who also happens to be a mum … a mum who roared!

About the Author Christie Nicholas is a mother of two and holds a Bachelor of Arts, an Associate Diploma in Business and a Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is the founder of — Australia’s number 1 social networking site designed for mothers to help them swap products, services and talents. The success of Mumswap attracted international attention to Christie, with appearances in The Washington Post, The Financial Express, Choice magazine, A Current Affair, Today, Cosmopolitan, Mother & Baby and Money magazine to name a few. Christie has now turned her attention to becoming the inspirational yet down-to-earth ambassador all women need when entering motherhood. This is her first book.

229 x 178 mm, paperback, 240 pages, two-colour. $A 36.99, $NZ 42.99 978-1-921497-88-9 September 2011 A. – is for Asking for Help B. – is for the Babymoon Period C. – is for Confidence D. – is for Diet E. – is for Exercise F. – is for Friendships

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H E A LT H & N U T R I T I O N

Healthy Family, Happy Family The complete healthy guide to feeding your family Karen Fischer BHSc. Dip. Nut.

229 x 178 mm, paperback, 284 pages, two-colour. $A 34.99, $NZ 42.99 978-1-921497-44-5 eBook available

Ninety per cent of parents have trouble convincing their kids to eat healthy food. But these parents don’t have Healthy Family, Happy Family, the new book from bestselling author and nutritionist Karen Fischer. Healthy Family, Happy Family makes preparing healthy, delicious food for your family a breeze! With over 100 recipes and four weekly meal plans (including shopping lists and lunchbox ideas), this book will become your number one food manual, guaranteed! ‘A must-have manual for parents’ — Australian Good Food ‘Great read’— New Idea ‘Packed with clever tips’ — Woman’s Day ‘Smart snack ideas for kids’ — The Australian Women’s Weekly

The Healthy Skin Diet Your complete guide to beautiful skin in only 8 weeks! Karen Fischer BHSc. Dip. Nut.

C-format, 392 pages. $A 36.99, $NZ 42.99 978-1-877437-17-5 eBook available


Want gorgeous skin? In The Healthy Skin Diet, nutritionist and skin health expert Karen Fischer reveals how to get great skin through diet, exercise, protection from the sun and breathing. Her eight-week program will have your skin looking fine in no time. She also reveals the best skin-care ingredients for problem skin. No matter what ails you, Karen has the solution — from cellulite and ageing to acne, eczema and psoriasis.

About the Author Karen Fischer is an award-winning author, journalist and a nutritionist — she is also a mum of two. She received an Australian Food Media Award for her best-selling book The Healthy Skin Diet.

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Your complete guide to health, diet, nutrition and natural foods Manfred Urs Koch Laugh With Health is designed for the general public as an informative guide to natural foods and nutrition. It assists the reader to select those foods that foster good health and a sense of wellbeing. With information on specific nutrients, unique food charts, natural food eating plans, food combination charts and over 200 simple recipe ideas as well as specific food diets for various common health conditions, this book is a complete ‘Body System’ guide to health and healing.

About the Author Manfred Urs Koch has had a lifelong passion for natural health, and after years of intensive research, he completed the most comprehensive guide to natural health available in this country, Laugh With Health. Every home needs a copy of this book — it’s like having your very own naturopath on your bookshelf! In print for more than twenty-five years, and a bestseller within the health industry, Exisle has reinvented this classic health bible, giving it a modern twist. Fully updated and revised, with all new photography and illustrations, this new edition of Laugh With Health is destined to find a home with a new generation of health-concious readers and health practitioners.

Over 130,000 copies sold

245 x 190mm, paperback, 224 pages, full-colour. $A 44.99, $NZ 45.99 978-1-921497-94-0 July 2011

H E A LT H & N U T R I T I O N

Laugh With Health

You’ll find answers to all these questions below, and more: • Which dried fruit has the highest calcium? • Which fruit protects against bowel tumours? • Which zero-glycaemic fruit is safest for diabetics? • Which pea contains three times more iron than beef? • Which bean protects against prostate cancer? • Which seed is the richest source of Vitamin E? • Which two vegetables can dissolve blood clots?

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Smart Start How exercise can transform your child’s life Margaret Sassé Illustrated by Georges McKail Children need exercise, not just to stimulate their bodies but to stimulate their brains. Smart Start is a practical guide for parents with down-to-earth advice on how to use exercise to encourage their child’s physical and intellectual development.

234 x 173 mm, paperback, 160 pages, illustrated. $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-18-6

About the Author Margaret Sassé founded Toddler Kindy GymbaROO in 1982, and for several decades trained parents and teachers on the importance of movement and exercise to a child’s development.

Fun Start 260 weekly developmental activities from birth to age 5 June R. Oberlander This international bestseller has been used by thousands of parents to help maximise the intellectual growth and motor skills of their young children. The activities are fun and most require no special equipment. Fun Start also includes measurable parameters to profile your child’s early development, tips for solving behavioural problems, and easy-to-use illustrations. C-format, 352 pages, illustrated. $A 32.99, $NZ 34.99 978-0-908988-76-1


About the Author June R. Oberlander, mother of two and grandmother of seven, is a retired kindergarten teacher with 22 years experience in public and private education.

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Gold Start Teaching your child about money Andrew Lendnal If you are worried about how you are going to educate your children about financial matters then this book is for you. Gold Start has been written by an expert in the field of educating children about money. It is jam-packed full of excellent tips and advice on how to make your child’s life (and your own!) much easier in the future. The book is interactive too: full of questionnaires and tables to work through in order to find out the best financial plan for your family. Gold Start also includes a chapter on ‘Teens and money’, written especially for older children

About the Author Andrew Lendnal is a financial planner and educator. For several years he has been directly involved in helping children learn about money, has advised financial institutions on how best to encourage children to save, and has given seminars and workshops on the subject.

C-format, 208 pages. $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-877437-12-0 eBook scheduled May 2011

Start Me Up! Over 100 great business ideas for the budding entrepreneur Sonia Williams Many people dream of starting their own business, but struggle to come up with a convincing business idea. Sonia Wiliams has no such problems, often finding herself with more ideas than she knows what to do with! Taking the reader from business conception through to operation, Sonia, fresh from the success of her earlier Show Mummy the Money, has packed Start Me Up! full of surprisingly simple, low-cost ideas guaranteed to set you on the fast track to business success.

About the Author Sonia Williams is an entrepreneur and bestselling author. She has started a photography business, magazine, online store and self-published several books, including the immensely popular Show Mummy The Money.

C-format, 248 pages. $A 30.00, $NZ 34.00 978-1-921497-30-8 eBook available

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The Happiness Trap Stop struggling, start living Dr Russ Harris In this easy-to-read, practical and empowering self-help book, Dr Russ Harris reveals how millions of people are unwittingly caught in The Happiness Trap! He then provides an effective means to escape, with a radical new approach that combines the best of Western and Eastern practice, coined Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. Thanks to ACT, we can now learn powerful lifechanging mindfulness techniques in a matter of minutes.

About the Author C-format, 280 pages. $A 29.99, $NZ 35.00 978-0-908988-90-7 eBook available

Dr Russ Harris is a physician, therapist, and speaker specialising in stress management. He travels nationally and internationally to train individuals and health professionals in the techniques of ACT. Born and educated in England, he now lives in Australia. For more information, visit An international bestseller, now available in more than 25 countries and five languages — recommended as one of the world’s top ten self-help books by Body+Soul. ‘Carefully and creatively presents techniques that anyone can use to undermine struggle, avoidance, and loss of the moment. Harris ... shines a powerful beacon showing us another way forward.’— Steven Hayes, PhD, author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life ‘Eminently practical and readable.’— Zindel Segal, PhD, author of The Mindful Way through Depression

Dr Russ Harris, presenter on ABC TV’s Making Australia Happy


‘Meditation teaches a similar lesson, as does the still youthful field of “acceptance and commitment therapy”, outlined in Russ Harris’s excellent book The Happiness Trap. The point isn’t to improve your thoughts and feelings, or stamp out negative ones, so much as to “unhook” from them; to stop being a puppet they jerk around. This isn’t a Secret, nor really a Power. It’s more of a Useful Insight.’ — Oliver Burkeman, Guardian (UK)

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The Well Within Dr Russ Harris In The Well Within, internationally bestselling author Dr Russ Harris shows you how to look inside yourself and tend to your inner world so that you can live a rich and meaningful life by drawing from your own ‘well within’. By tapping into this powerful inner resource, you will be surprised at the sense of wellbeing and vitality that arises. Written as a series of ‘reflections’, each short self-contained chapter will give you the power to change your life for the better.

About the Author Dr Russ Harris is Australia’s foremost ACT trainer and is an accredited General Practitioner and psychologist. He is highly sought after as an expert on mental health in the Australian media; his most recent foray into television was as the ACT expert on the program Making Australia Happy on ABC1.

e Well Within DR


Author of the International Bestseller e Happiness Trap

195 x 135 mm, cased & jacketed, 160 pages. $A 29.99, $NZ 35.00 978-1-921497-26-1 September 2011

I Just Want to be ... ME! Building resilience in young people Timothy & Sandra Bowden Illustrated by Sandra Bowden School children these days struggle with a range of issues. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT) has proved to be effective in teaching young people flexible strategies for dealing with the stressors in their life. These principles have been cleverly incorporated into a graphic novel format so pre-teens and teens can easily learn these techniques and begin applying them to their own lives.

About the Authors Tim and Sandra Bowden are psychologists and school counsellors with nearly forty years’ combined experience in teaching and counselling. As seen in Notebook magazine and on Channel 7’s Sunrise ‘Psychology for the real world!’ — Principals Today

170 x 245 mm, paperback, landscape, 64 pages, full-colour. $A 19.99, $NZ 22.99 978-1-921497-47-6

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Release Your Worries A guide to letting go of stress and anxiety Dr Cate Howell & Dr Michele Murphy

C-format, 288 pages. $A 29.99, $NZ 36.99 978-1-921497-43-8 eBook scheduled February 2011

Enjoy Emotional Freedom Simple techniques for living life to the full Steve Wells & Dr David Lake $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-48-3 eBook available


Your phone won’t stop ringing, your inbox is overflowing and deadlines are piling up. Life is out of control. Sound familiar? Stress and its bedfellow anxiety can have a dramatic effect on your job satisfaction, morale, physical and mental health, self-care, and relationships both in and out of the workplace. But help is now at hand. Dr Cate Howell and Dr Michele Murphy have drawn on their clinical research and teaching work to present the most up-to-date psychological approaches to dealing with stress and anxiety, all contained within one handy book — Release Your Worries.

About the Authors Dr Cate Howell is a general practitioner specialising in mental health and counselling for the past sixteen years. She shares a consultancy with Dr Michele Murphy and is a lecturer at the University of Adelaide. Dr Michele Murphy is a clinical psychologist working in private practice. She also lectures for the University of Adelaide.

Dreams Speak But what are they really saying? Therese Duckett $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-37-7 eBook available

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Take Control of Your Life The five-step plan to health and happiness Dr Gail Ratcliffe $A 34.99, $NZ 35.99 978-0-908988-30-3 eBook scheduled


The Infertility Handbook The complete resource for couples longing to have a baby Angela I. Hutchins This is the essential reference for couples diagnosed with infertility. Here they will find options, answers and, above all, hope. Areas covered include: understanding your reproductive cycle, the causes of infertility in both men and women, assisted reproductive technologies (IVF and FET), complementary and alternative therapies, the emotional aspects of experiencing infertility, adoption and surrogacy, and legal considerations. Throughout, experts in various fields provide additional insight into the many aspects of infertility, while comprehensive reference and resource sections list organisations, books, websites and products that will assist couples on their journey towards parenthood. ‘If, like me, you are confronted with the shock and despair of not being able to conceive naturally, information is the key — and this book is a crucial resource that I wish was available while I was going through IVF. The technical information is very thorough and wide-ranging, with lots of pointers on where to go if you need help. But even more important is the comprehensive coverage of the emotional trials and struggles faced when going through ART; it’s really important to know you aren’t alone on this extremely difficult journey.’— Deborah Knight, Channel 10 newsreader and mother of two

About the Author Angela I. Hutchins was like many career-driven, successful women who thought that falling pregnant was something that would just ‘happen’. She experienced a miscarriage, failed IVF cycles and unsuccessful FET (frozen embryo transfer) procedures before Traditional Chinese Medicine proved to be her solution. Angela and her husband are now the proud parents of two children.

C-format, with flaps, 448 pages. $A 45.00, $NZ 49.99 978-1-921497-50-6 eBook scheduled April 2011 Contributors • Toni Weschler, author of the international bestseller Taking Charge of Your Fertility • Marian Corkill, director of the World Organisation of the Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) • Dr Andrew Hedges, medical director of Hunter IVF • Francesca Naish, founder and director of The Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management • Debbie Wilson, chair of the Postnatal Depression Family/Whanau New Zealand Trust

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Breast Support Gwendoline Smith In Breast Support, breast cancer survivor Gwendoline Smith describes not just the physical and medical experience of breast cancer, through diagnosis, surgery, recovery and rehabilitation, but the emotional and psychological experience too. Supporting Gwendoline’s superbly written text are contributions from her surgeon and other medical specialists who tell the story from their point of view. The text is therefore a unique combination of personal story and insider information, offered with both a light touch and professional expertise.

About the Author C-format, 176 pages. $A $29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-91-9 eBook scheduled September 2011

Soul Food Recipes for a happier life Kate Marr Kippenberger $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-0-908988-31-0


Gwendoline Smith, M.Soc.Sc (Hons), Dip. Clin. Psych., is a clinical psychologist who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and has been undergoing treatment and reconstructive surgery ever since. She also suffers from severe depression and has treated many people suffering from depressive and other psychiatric disorders. Her earlier books include Depression Explained and Sharing the Load. She is a well-known public speaker and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Soul Food for the Heart Kate Marr Kippenberger $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-877437-09-0

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Stop counting calories & start losing weight Zoë Harcombe & Rachel McGuinness This book brings together the author of The Harcombe Diet with a trained chef to produce a fantastic selection of recipes that are nutritious, delicious and easy to cook. The recipes feature real food, real ingredients, no manufactured fats, minimal sugar (if any) and great flavours.

About the Authors Zoë Harcombe is author of several bestselling books on diet and obesity. She gives diet advice on Real Radio FM and BBC Radio Wales and writes regularly for newspapers and magazines. Rachel McGuinness has worked as a chef in France, Switzerland and Israel, for hotels and private residences. Rachel now runs her own lifestyle consultancy.

B-format, 480 pages. $A 22.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-906125-09-7 February 2011


The Harcombe Diet Recipe Book

The Harcombe Diet Stop counting calories & start losing weight Zoë Harcombe UK bestseller, as seen in Grazia magazine. Never count another calorie ever again! Zoë Harcombe shows you how some simple changes to the way you eat will get rid of cravings, beat your food addiction and, best of all, lose weight, and keep it off, forever! Includes eating plans and recipes for vegetarians and meat lovers.

About the Author Zoë Harcombe is an accredited dietician and health researcher who has personally suffered from anorexia and bulimia, followed by weight gain. Zoë knows how devastating food addiction and cravings can be. Her research led her to discover The Harcombe Diet, on which she has been living, craving-free and at her ideal weight (50 kilograms, BMI 20), for over ten years.

B-format, 368 pages. $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-921497-52-0

‘Drop a dress size. A fab emergency measure for whittling off extra winter padding before an event. It works!’ — Grazia

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Making a World of Difference Inspiring stories of the world’s unsung heroes Miles Roston Making a World of Difference is an insightful look at the motivations of everyday people who dedicate a portion of their time to helping others. This motivation, more often than not, is simply that helping others gives their own lives richness and meaning. Miles has collected stories from around the globe, from Darfur to China, from Cambodia to outback Australia. This is a powerful book whose positive message is a beacon of hope, shining light into the darkness. A must-read.

C-format with flaps, 248 pages. $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-41-4 eBook available

About the Author Miles Roston is a writer and director of films, including the documentaries Make it Real (to me) and 14 Million Dreams, both of which deal with the AIDS epidemic in Africa and its effects on children. His first book, Kevin’s Questions, was published by Exisle in 2006.

uff How Men Ssthips Up Relation

women ... and howthem help

Patrick McNally PhD Kevin’s Questions Miles Roston $A 29.99, $NZ 30.00 978-0-908988-69-3


How Men Stuff Up Relationships... And how women help them Patrick McNally $A 29.99, $NZ 30.00 978-0-908988-86-0

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Acts of Trust Making sense of risk, trust and betrayal in our relationships Mary Farrell $A 26.99, $NZ 29.99 978-0-908988-56-3

it Ed N io

Exploding the myths Julia Hartley Moore In this eye-opening book, successful private investigator Julia Hartley Moore identifies the telltale signs to look out for if you suspect your partner is a cheat, how to work through it, and how to survive infidelity without becoming scarred and bitter. Bursting with useful information and practical advice, Infidelity is a self-help guide as well as a reference book. It includes dozens of real-life examples from the author’s professional work, as well as chapters on how to have a successful affair and on your legal and financial rights. In this new edition, Julia also tells her own extraordinary story, including her experience of infidelity as a teenage mother of three. She therefore offers both personal and objective insights into an eternally fascinating subject.

About the Author Julia Hartley Moore is New Zealand’s best-known private investigator. She founded her business in 1996, and works throughout New Zealand and Australia. Her work as a PI achieved widespread attention through her television series on the subject, and she continues to make regular television and radio appearances. The mother of three daughters, Julia has now found true happiness with her fourth husband, Steve. ‘Her book Infidelity: Exploding the myths is a clear-sighted exploration of a common occurrence involving extraordinary pain and cataclysmic fallout. It is obvious Hartley Moore does not suffer fools gladly and takes no prisoners; however she has at the same time immense sympathy and empathy towards the betrayed party in any situation.’ — Helen Elliott, The Australian

Exploding the Myths


Ew N


Julia HartlEy MoorE Private Investigator

C-format, 240 pages. $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-90-2 eBook scheduled March 2011

New edition fully revised

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Smart Gardening Grow your own fruit and vegetables: Save money and the environment Marcelle Nankervis

260 x 210 mm, paperback, 264 pages, two-colour. $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-31-5

Written especially for the Southern Hemisphere

Smart Gardening is all you need for gardening success. It is a handy reference with monthly activities for Cool, Temperate, Sub-Tropical and Tropical gardeners interested in growing their own produce. With information on what to plant, what to harvest and jobs to do, whether you are a complete novice or a true green thumb, Smart Gardening will help you through every season. Following many sustainable and permaculture practices, the first half of the book looks at using the environment to reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself money. The second half is the practical monthly guide which even includes room to pen your own seasonal notes to really personalise Smart Gardening, and make it the best reference book on your bookshelf! The book follows the author’s own philosophy of saving money, reducing our impact on the environment as well as improving the health and wellbeing of the whole family. So if you like the sound of that, take a look at Smart Gardening, you are bound to pick up a few tips and tricks.

About the Author Marcelle Nankervis has a degree in Horticulture and has worked in the horticultural media for over sixteen years, including on such notable gardening programs and magazines as as Burke’s Backyard and Your Garden. This is her second book. ‘Packed with clever gardening ideas, instructions, hints, planting guides, and inspiration, it takes an enviro-friendly month-bymonth look at just about everything the dedicated or would-be fruit and vegie gardener needs to know.’ — Better Homes and Gardens magazine


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Deadly Beautiful Vanishing killers of the animal kingdom Liana Christensen Illustrations by Ian Faulkner Deadly Beautiful offers an entertaining portrait of some of the world’s most dangerous animal species with which humans have a love–hate relationship. Woven into the text are accounts of people’s close encounters with deadly animals — the good, the bad and the bizarre — as well as stories from myth and legend that have contributed to modern perceptions. In addition, realistic risk assessments are included, often in a gently humorous way; for example, how likely you are to die in your bed than be killed by a shark. A beautiful illustration by Ian Faulkner opens each chapter.

About the Author Dr Liana Christensen is an experienced wildlife and natural resources journalist. She was for five years the editor of Landscope, has worked extensively with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and has been published in Australasian GEO, and German and Korean GEOs and in literary and scientific journals around the world.

195 x 135 mm, cased & jacketed, 272 pages, full colour. $A 35.00, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-22-3 October 2011

Ian Faulkner is an illustrator, cartoonist and cartographer with over twenty-five years’ experience and a passion for natural history. He has been artist-in-residence at the Australian National University, and also cartographer at Australian Geographic Magazine, as well as undertaking work for The Australian Museum and Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo.

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New Zealand’s Vietnam War A history of combat, commitment and controversy Ian McGibbon This book is the definitive history of New Zealand’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Its main focus is on what New Zealanders, both military and civilian, actually did in South Vietnam, tracing, in detail, the operations carried out by New Zealand forces and describing the experiences of soldiers fighting in a guerrilla war in some of the world’s toughest conditions. A must-read.

About the Author 242 x 184 mm, cased & jacketed, 704 pages, photographs & maps. $A 89.99, $NZ 89.99 978-0-908988-96-9 eBook scheduled

Ian McGibbon is General Editor (War History) at the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. He has numerous publications to his credit. Since 1981 he has been managing editor of New Zealand International Review. ‘For some of us it feels as though we have waited a long time for this book. The result is remarkable.’ — The Press ‘Historian Ian McGibbon has written what is likely to remain the definitive account of our involvement in the Vietnam War for years to come.’ — Manawatu Standard

Born to Lead? Portraits of New Zealand Commanders Edited by Glyn Harper & Joel Hayward $A 39.99, $NZ 44.99 978-0-908988-33-4


The Devil’s Own War The First World War Diary of BrigadierGeneral Herbert Hart Edited by John Crawford $A 39.99, $NZ 39.99 978-0-908988-22-8

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Under a Bomber’s Moon The true story of two airmen at war over Germany Stephen Harris $A 32.99, $NZ 36.99 978-0-908988-23-5 eBook available


War Wounds Medicine and the trauma of conflict Edited by Ashley Ekins & Elizabeth Stewart The history of warfare and the history of medicine are closely intertwined. In this riveting book, for the first time, historians, medical practitioners and researchers, military medical officers, surgeons, nurses and veterans explore the impact of war, wounds and trauma through the historical record, reported narratives and personal experiences. The book includes chapters on the two World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the current conflict in Afghanistan, as well as several moving personal stories recounting veterans’ experiences of injury, treatment on the battlefield and eventual recovery. War Wounds is a unique book, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in warfare or medicine, whether casual or professional.

About the Editors Ashley Ekins is Head of the Military History Section at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. He is the volume editor of 1918: Year of Victory. Elizabeth Stewart is an historian in the Military History Section at the Australian War Memorial.

Devils on Horses In the words of the ANZACS in the Middle East 1916-19 Terry Kinloch $A 55.00, $NZ 55.00 978-0-908988-94-5

Echoes of Gallipoli In the words of New Zealand’s mounted riflemen Terry Kinloch $A 49.99, $NZ 54.99 978-0-908988-60-0

C-format, cased & jacketed, 240 pages, 30 photographs. $A 49.99, $NZ 54.99 978-1-921497-87-2 eBook scheduled April 2011

1918 Year of Victory Edited by Ashley Ekins $A 49.99, $NZ 59.99 978-1-921497-42-1 eBook available

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Fishing Sense Philip Weigall

195 x 135 mm, cased & jacketed, 208 pages. $A 32.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-92-6 August 2011

It’s a sad fact of flyfishing that there is no prescriptive manual for ensuring success. It is an activity that defies simple evaluation, leaving even the ‘experts’ scratching their heads from time to time. For example, why is it that a trout will respond to a certain fly one day, but ignore it entirely on another otherwise identical day? Philip Weigall attempts to answer this question and many more in this engaging book. It is a book of ‘flyfishing truths’, a collection of techniques, ideas, concepts, knowledge and equipment that, to the best of his objective observations over many decades spent with a rod in hand, honestly seem to matter when it comes to catching trout.

About the Author Philip Weigall is regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on flyfishing — as a guide, author, editor of Flyfisher magazine, leading writer and advisor on fisheries matters to government agencies.

Fishing Season Philip Weigall Let Philip Weigall transport you to your favourite river with this beautifully illustrated tribute to the art of fly fishing … Avid anglers will find plenty to love in Fishing Season, but this is a book that also appeals to a wider audience, opening the door to a world few of us experience. Lively, entertaining anecdotes, whether lovingly remembered or wryly bemoaned, will have you itching to pick up a rod and undertake your own adventure. 195 x 135 mm, cased & jacketed, 196 pages, full colour. $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-23-0


‘Philip Weigall is obviously an accomplished angler but his ability with the pen, rather than the rod, is the making of this book.’ — Darryl Crimp ‘Fishing Season is ... extremely well crafted, full of creative and vibrant writing. Phil’s well-honed style is tried and tested, and Fishing Season is true to his reputation as a leading flyfishing author in Australia.’ — Daniel Hackett, Riverfly Tasmania

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For the Love of the Game Grassroots rugby in heartland New Zealand Gregor Paul Photographs by Gregory Crow GreGory Crow & GreGor Paul

For the Love of the Game is a celebration of New Zealand grassroots rugby and the people who make it happen. In original words and striking photographs it tells the story of a great love affair that is pursued in every corner of New Zealand. A must-have book for every rugby fan — and for every visitor to New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

About the Author

210 x 280 mm, cased & jacketed, 160 pages, full-colour photographs. $A 49.99, $NZ 49.99 978-0-908988-95-2 April 2011

Gregor Paul is the author of several books on rugby. Recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading writers on the national game, he has been the Herald on Sunday’s voice of rugby since its inception in 2004 and is also the editor of Rugby World. Born in Scotland, he now lives in Auckland with his wife and three children.

Gregory Crow is a New Zealand-born professional photographer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He grew up playing and loving rugby.

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Beyond A Whisper Training horses with a new language from ‘The Behaviourist’ Ryan Gingerich with Ami Hendrickson Foreword by Dr Andrew McLean of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

260 x 210 mm, cased & jacketed, 184 pages, full colour. $A 44.99, $NZ 54.99 978-1-921497-65-0

Objective and effective, this step-by-step guidebook provides the tools to develop a means of clear communication between trainer and horse. By explaining the simple but powerful forces that drive horses, this remarkable handbook instructs how to cue horses so that they instantly understand and respond accordingly. Trainers and horses will benefit from this consistent and logical plan, which discusses assessment, the rehab process, and training.

About the Author Ryan Gingerich, aka ‘The Behaviourist,’ is an expert in equine behaviour. Ryan lives in the United States where he teaches Connective Horsemanship®, using a marriage of science and tradition.

Clinton Anderson’s Lessons Well Learned Why my method works for any horse Clinton Anderson with Melinda Kaitcer $A 44.99, $NZ 54.99 978-1-921497-46-9


Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship Establishing respect and control for English and Western riders Clinton Anderson $A 49.99, $NZ 54.99 978-0-908988-62-4

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All Horse Systems Go The horse owner’s full-colour veterinary care and conditioning resource ... Dr Nancy Loving $A 90.00, $NZ 95.00 978-1-877437-06-9


William Dobell An artist’s life Elizabeth Donaldson This exquisitely produced book is a celebration of the life and work of William Dobell, considered to be one of Australia’s greatest artists and the first to win both the Wynne Prize for landscape and the Archibald Prize for portraiture in the same year. However, William Dobell was a quintessential Australian — more at home in the local pub with his friends than on the international art stage. He was also no stranger to controversy, famously being sued by fellow competitors after winning the Archibald Prize in 1943. Lavishly illustrated with artworks, personal photographs and newspaper clippings, William Dobell: An Artist’s Life paints a compelling portrait of both the man and the artist.

230 x 203 mm, cased & jacketed, 208 pages, full colour. $A 49.99, $NZ 55.00 978-1-921497-81-0

About the Author After moving to Wangi Wangi, New South Wales, in 2000, Elizabeth Donaldson and her husband Robert became active volunteers at Dobell House. Elizabeth’s involvement there saw her embark on a research project that has culminated in this book, her first.

A Brush With Horses Alister Simpson Foreword by Gai Waterhouse $A 89.99, $NZ 99.99 978-1-921497-24-7

Wiliam Dobell An Artist’s Life Limited leatherbound edition Elizabeth Donaldson Leatherbound, 208 pages. $A 125.00, $NZ 150.00 978-1-921497-86-5

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Remote Britain Landscape, People and Books David St John Thomas

C-format, cased & jacketed, 536 pages,16 pages colour photographs. $A 44.99, $NZ 54.99 978-0-7112-3054-5

Journey Through Britain Landscape, People and Books David St John Thomas $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-0-7112-2568-0


Britain is one of our top travel destinations, and as our dollar increases in value, getting to know Britain properly is becoming top on the agenda of some travellers. Aimed squarely at the older and slightly better-heeled traveller, Remote Britain is a companion guide to the most interesting parts of the country. These are the places where the mature traveller wishes to go – from the Scillies in the very south to Shetland Island in the far north. You can lose yourself in this book for many days and emerge knowing much more about the real Britain – with its fascinations, history, oddities and wonders – than you can ever discover elsewhere.

About the Author David St John Thomas is a publisher and author. He is a frequent visitor to Australia and New Zealand, and has had several books published here, including Journey Through Britain and For the Love of a Cat.

New Boots in New Zealand Nine great walks, three islands and one tramping virgin Gillian Orrell $A 9.99, $NZ 9.99 eBook only

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Newcastle: Heart of the Hunter Ron & Elizabeth Morrison $A 20.00, $NZ 45.00 978-1-877437-01-4

Journeys from the golden age of New Zealand railways Graham Hutchins Last Train to Paradise describes the halcyon days of New Zealand rail, some of which the author was fortunate enough to experience personally. The ‘name’ trains and journeys cover a considerable period of New Zealand’s history, from the late 1800s, through the ‘golden’ era of train travel (the first four decades of the 20th century). Among the special journeys covered are the Prince of Wales’ royal progress through New Zealand in 1920; travelling the Rotorua Limited to take the waters in 1930; and boarding the ‘Test Match Special’ to enjoy the rugby in 1956. The book also includes a wide variety of fascinating and unfamiliar photographs, not just of the trains themselves but also of the characters who travelled in them.

242 x 184 mm, cased & jacketed, 176 pages, colour photographs. $A 49.99, $NZ 49.99 978-0-908988-68-6 July 2011


Last Train to Paradise

Great New Zealand Railway Journeys Graham Hutchins Sit back and enjoy the ride while Graham Hutchins takes you on a journey of discovery around New Zealand. In the style of Michael Palin, Hutchins describes a dozen unique train journeys, accompanied by many superb photographs of New Zealand’s incomparable scenery. An essential read for tourists and railway enthusiasts alike.

About the Author

210 x 280 mm, cased & jacketed, 80 colour photographs. $A 55.00, $NZ 59.99 978-1-877437-28-1

Graham Hutchins has written many books on New Zealand railways. He has also written books on rugby and cricket, as well as the earlier Exisle title, Eight Days a Week. He lives in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Menagerie of False Truths Greg French In Menagerie of False Truths, author Greg French challenges conventional stereotyping and ‘normal’ thinking, celebrating the diversity and gifts people who think in different ways can bestow on others. Beautifully crafted and touching on themes of life and death, friendship, family, philosophy, perception, societal norms and the environment, Menagerie of False Truths promises to be the most compelling book you’ll read this year.

About the Author

C-format, 488 pages. $A 32.99, $NZ 36.99 978-1-921497-49-0 eBook available

Losing the Plot in Opera Myths and secrets of the world’s great operas Brian Castles-Onion $A 30.00, $NZ 30.00 978-0-908988-59-4


Greg French lives in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley. His life is centred on wilderness activities, and he is well known in Australasian flyfishing and bushwalking circles. Greg’s other passions include language, literature, travel, physics and philosophy, all of which he touches on in Menagerie of False Truths. He is the author of several books.

Stand Up Strummer A tale of sex, love and side-effects Russ Harris $A 24.99, $NZ 29.99 978-1-921497-25-4 eBook available

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Mrs Cook’s Book of Recipes For mariners in distant seas John Dunmore $A 24.99, $NZ 25.00 978-0-908988-64-8

That cats do have nine lives Janet Hayward Cats, you will be well aware, are constantly surprising their human companions. A collection of true stories from around the world, this book showcases cats and kittens with a range of histories who have survived sometimes near-fatal, but always remarkable adventures, to enjoy a happy ending! Living Proof will delight cat lovers worldwide.

About the Author Janet Hayward has worked in the media for many years and was at one time the publicist for Australia’s Cat Adoption Centre Program. A lover of all animals, she has sadly never been fortunate enough to own a cat herself, but instead has a soft spot for all her friends’ cats! This is her first book, inspired by the incredible stories she heard through her work at the Cat Adoption Centre Program.

Mountain Tails The lives and loves of my animal neighbours Sharyn Munro $A 24.99, $NZ 29.99 978-1-921497-20-9

For the Love of a Cat A publisher’s story David St John Thomas $A 22.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-921497-36-0

170 x 140 mm, paperback, 152 pages. $A 22.99 $NZ 24.99 978-1-921497-85-8 eBook scheduled


Living Proof

Smile Mark Lynch $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-921497-27-8

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Who Said That First? The curious origins of common words and phrases Max Cryer Believe it or not, this is probably the first book to attempt to identify the original sources of some of the English language’s most common expressions. We might think we know who first said famous for fifteen minutes, annus horribilis, the cold war, the mile high club and let them eat cake. It’s a no brainer, you might say, but Max Cryer has a surprise or two in store for you. In this very readable book, he explores the origins of hundreds of expressions we use and hear every day – and comes up with some surprising findings.

210 x 135 mm, paperback, 320 pages. $A 29.99, $NZ 29.99 978-0-908988-91-4 eBook available

The Godzone Dictionary of favourite New Zealand words and phrases Max Cryer $A 34.99, $NZ 29.99 978-0-908988-74-7


About the Author Max Cryer is a writer, entertainer and broadcaster, who hosts a weekly radio slot on Radio Live on the quirks of the English language. As a performer he walked the stage in London, Las Vegas and Hollywood. He is the author of several books, including The Godzone Dictionary and Love Me Tender.

The Lingo Dictionary of favourite Australian words and phrases John Miller $A 24.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-04-9

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Kyra The life and loves of a young actress in Stalin’s Russia Kyra Petrovskaya Born in the years following the turmoil of the Russian Revolution, Kyra Petrovskaya should have enjoyed all the trappings of a Russian princess but instead grew up oblivious to her noble heritage. Kyra’s astute observations of the events she experiences and the people she meets (among them Joseph Stalin, as well as his son Vassily) assist in creating a compelling portrait of a young woman’s extraordinary life set against the backdrop of events that changed the course of history.

About the Author Kyra Petrovskaya was born in the Crimea, daughter of a Russian Prince. Her ensuing life as an actress, singer, nurse and second lieutenant in the Soviet Army during World War II (undertaking a daring sniper mission to kill a Nazi soldier) provided rich material for her autobiography. Now in her nineties, Kyra lives in America and is the author of fourteen books.

C-format, 336 pages. $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-95-7 November 2011

New imprint Daughter of the Reich The incredible life of Louise Fox Louise Fox and Cindy Dowling $A 29.99, $NZ 32.99 978-0-908988-65-5

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Teddy Bears Of the rich and famous Mark Leigh & Barney Leigh

145 x 145 mm, hardback, 96 pages. $A 14.99, $NZ 19.99 978-1-907016-36-3 February 2011

Andy Warhol’s bear


Even the most tyrannical of despots or the most scholarly of geniuses probably had a ‘Mister Cuddles’ or ‘Big Ted’ at some point in their childhood. As the book’s title suggests, this is a collection of bears that could have belonged to the rich and famous. Whether it’s politicians, heads of state, artists, spiritual leaders, inventors, revolutionaries, entertainers or entrepreneurs, the teddy bears reflect the personalities / traits of their owners.

About the Author Mark Leigh is a comedy writer and co-author of 38 humour and trivia titles including the best-selling How To Be A Complete Bastard and Pets with Tourette’s. He has worked with Rolf Harris, Chris Tarrant, Des Lynam, Julian Clary, Jeremy Beadle, and even Roy Chubby Brown.

Steven Spielberg’s bear

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Bob Marley’s bear


Murder by the Sea Lesley Cookman When a body is discovered on a rocky little island in the middle of Nethergate Bay the media swoop on the seaside town. Soon an enquiring hack discovers that local resident Fran Castle has previously aided the police using her psychic abilities. Brought into the investigation, Fran naturally asks her friend Libby Sarjeant to help, but they soon find themselves up to their knees in more mud and murder than they could possibly have anticipated.

About the Author Lesley Cookman is a former freelance features writer and editor. This is her fourth novel in the Libby Sarjeant murder mystery series.

178 x 110 mm, paperback, 352 pages. $A 15.00, $NZ 19.99 978-1-906373-30-6 February 2011

Murder in Steeple Martin Lesley Cookman $A 15.00, $NZ 19.99 978-1-905170-15-9

Murder at the Laurels Lesley Cookman $A 15.00, $NZ 19.99 978-1-905170-84-5

Murder in Midwinter Lesley Cookman $A 15.00, $NZ 19.99 978-1-906125-02-8

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Wannabe a Writer? Jane Wenham-Jones Foreword by Katie Fforde Wannabe a Writer? This hilarious, informative guide to getting into print is a must-have for anyone who’s ever thought they’ve got a book in them. • • •

244 x 153 mm, paperback, 288 pages. $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-905170-81-4

Love Writing How to make money writing romantic or erotic fiction Sue Moorcroft $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-906373-99-3


Where do you start? How do you finish? And will anyone ever publish it when you have?

Includes hot tips from authors, agents and publishers at the sharp end of the industry. Drawing on her own experiences as a novelist and journalist, Writing Magazine’s agony aunt Jane Wenham-Jones takes you through the minefield of the writing process, giving advice on everything from how to avoid ‘Writers’ Bottom’ to what to wear to your launch party.

The Writer’s ABC Checklist Lorraine Mace & Maureen Vincent-Northam $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-907016-19-6

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Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? Jane Wenham-Jones The entertaining follow-up to the successful Wannabe a Writer? is an essential read for established authors, the newly published or anyone chasing the limelight. Come on an uproarious ride along the publicity trail from getting the perfect promotional photo to choosing clothes to wear on TV. With anecdotes from Jane’s own numerous media exploits, Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? is packed with tips and tricks for getting maximum column inches and airtime for your books and projects. Offering insights from writers, publicists and celebrities who’ve been there and done that, this is the ultimate guide for anyone longing for fame. About the Author Jane Wenham-Jones is a well-known author and journalist who regularly appears on radio and TV. She is a regular columnist for Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special, BookTime and her local paper The Isle of Thanet Gazette as well as being the agony aunt for Writing Magazine.

How to Write and Sell Short Stories Della Galton $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-906373-33-7

216 x138 mm, paperback, 224 pages. $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-906373-97-9 April 2011

Successful Novel Plotting Jean Saunders $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-906373-62-7

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