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Glow with the flow

Master therapist Stefano Battaglia, known as ‘the shaman’ tells us about his work at Preidlhof to deliver mindfulness, trauma healing and new pathways

Ever since I was a child, I have felt a strong empathy for people’s suffering and I have wondered how I could help them recover from their physical issues.

“As soon as I started experiencing big emotional pains in my own life, then it became clearer and clearer to me the need to fathom the reasons… how suffering at every level is actually the key to unfolding our deeper understanding about ourselves and life as an interconnected whole.

“My intention as an experienced therapist is to awaken your inner therapist or inner guide, since we all have an inbuilt self-balancing principle and/or guiding light.

“Firstly we make sure that every person feels welcomed: that they are seen and felt as he or she is, without any hint of judgement. We all share the same stage, we’re in the same boat, there is no separation whatsoever. The biggest healing element to our sessions is that whatever emerges will be accepted, taken care of, and dealt with, with love and utter respect.”

Teamwork for the soul

“We are all highly attuned to one another here and that makes all the difference. When I was working in a holistic clinic in Rome, all the therapists and doctors used to gather once every two weeks and share our experiences and different therapeutical perspectives. There were oncologists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and so on. It was a very enriching, motivating, and inspiring part of my professional growth and it made me even more aware of just how powerful and extremely beneficial a well harmonised and well-coordinated team is for ensuring the best results.

“What I’ve been noticing in the past two years is that I’m dealing with people overpowered by fear, loneliness and lack of human contact. They are lacking true or sincere emphatic connections and human touch… there’s that vivid sense of being or feeling ‘lost’.

“At the opposite end, in many cases I’ve also noticed that more and more people are starting to really question themselves and their true priorities in life. They are considering their well-being not only as individuals, but also developing a higher non-reactive awareness of being an active part of a beautiful living and ever-changing design.

“I’d like to see more and more human beings freed from toxic conditioning, for them to be more intimately attuned with their natural, spontaneous, free, and beautiful being.”