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We look into the clinical trials that have proven the many varied benefits of Iyashi Dôme’s infratherapy treatments to help with weight-loss, detox and skin health

Suna Ryoho, the age-old traditional Japanese practice of detoxifying the body in hot sand baths, was brought to France in 2004 by Shogoro Uemura when he created the far infrared treatment treatment bed Iyashi Dôme.

Devised with a straightforward wellness principle, Iyashi Dôme aims to restore the body’s balance using infratherapy. Far infrared rays are waves of energy that transmit heat to objects but not the air, through an invisible form of light.

For spas looking to offer a gentle yet powerful treatment option, Iyashi Dôme provides a risk-free way to create a distinct increase in body temperature. The results of this increase include detoxification, slimming, improved sleep, skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery and relaxation. One 30-minute Iyashi Dôme session is said to be equivalent to a 20km run as it contributes to the elimination of approximately 1,200ml of sweat and 600 calories.

Weight loss and detox

Keen to show substantial proof of its many benefits, Iyashi Dôme is the only infratherapy company to have carried out measured clinical trials in the fields of detox, slimming and anti-ageing.

In Switzerland, samples of sweat were taken from 22 patients after a 25-minute Iyashi Dôme session. Analysis later showed that Iyashi Dôme increases the amount of toxins, particularly heavy metals such as aluminium, eliminated through sweat.

A further trial involving 18 people aged 25-57, looked into the weight loss benefits of Iyashi Dôme. This demonstrated a loss of 2-3 per cent body fat and a reduction of one to two dress sizes after two 30-minute sessions a week for two months. Average weight loss was 3.4kg.

Skin-ageing benefits

Iyashi Dôme enables spas to offer an innovative anti-ageing solution by stimulating cellular regeneration and fibroblasts, which are responsible for skin firmness. Average observed results include wrinkle reduction in 10 per cent of users and increases in facial skin hydration (47 per cent), skin elasticity (15 per cent) and dermis thickness (39 per cent).

New studies show the benefits of infratherapy go further still, with researchers demonstrating that sessions can also enhance the immune system, stimulate wound healing and encourage the sympathetic nervous system. This means that Iyashi Dôme use can benefit those who are unable to exercise as needed due to age, injury or chronic illness.

Antimicrobial properties

“Spas are increasingly looking to offer genuine wellness options, and treatments that can make transformative changes to guests,” says Iyashi Dôme training manager Florent Cornelis. “Iyashi Dôme offers countless solutions above and beyond those which are perhaps better known, such as weight loss and detoxing.

“Far-infrared radiation induces antimicrobial properties that can be effective for bacterial reduction. A growing body of evidence suggests it is also particularly beneficial for neural stimulation as well as promoting a wide range of therapeutic benefits in cells or tissues.

Florent Cornelis Training manager, Iyashi Dôme

Florent Cornelis Training manager, Iyashi Dôme

“Studies into its effectiveness in inhibiting cancer cell growth and improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy, as well as helping to treat disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, are ongoing and very promising. In people with osteoarthritis or cardiovascular respiratory problems, far infrared saunas could also be used as an alternative to moderate exercise .

Partnering for progress

Iyashi Dôme has a wide range of more than 500 partners worldwide, including Hôtel & Spa Thalazur Royan and Phytomer Spa & Wellness in France, Spa Quintessense in Russia, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, Reebok Sports Club Armenia and Kisawa Sanctuary in Mozambique.

“As spas increasingly medicalise their offer and look to move beyond the standard menu, Iyashi Dôme can give them a competitive advantage,” Cornelis says.

“In order to emit its far infrared rays evenly to the whole body, Iyashi Dôme uses a 100 per cent Japanese technology called ‘Black Carbon’, and offers the largest wavelength range on the market, with an emission of infrared radiation between 5 and 20 micrometres – the best match for the human body to absorb.”

To find out more about how Iyashi Dôme could add new revenue streams to your spa business, visit: www.iyashidome.com