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1A 1st Choice VAARSKALF / FEMALE Aantal drachtigheden / number of pregnancies Uitgerekend / Due

4 (France) August / September ‘10

Keuze kan worden gemaakt middels Genomische Merker test / Choice can be made throught Genomic testing

DT Spottie EX-93 2 x Gr. Champion Verden

DKR Baviere VG-85-FR 2yr. | The World’s #1 VG GTPI COW!!!

Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie VG-87-CAN


Drakkar Holsteins & Diamond Genetics Wipstrikkerallee 95 | 8023 DW Zwolle | NL Tel. +31 (0)38 4606922 | Cell. +31 (0)6 26250502 | Email. Charlesdale SUPERSTITION


DKR Baviere VG-85-FR VG-89-MS 2yr.

VG-85-FR VG-89-MS 2yr. US 04/10 UDC +2.73 / FLC +1.96 / PTAT +2.79

SH Jocko Jen VG-87

2.05 339d 8.965kgM 3.97% 456F 3.61% 308P US 04/10 +1092M +0.06% +0.06% +57F +46P PL +6.2 / SCS 2.58 / NM 738 / GTPI +2305

2.04 305d 11.132kgM 4.0% 440F 3.3% 371P 6.00 305d 11.133kgM 4.3% 484F 3.3% 362P


88FR 87DS 86MS 87FL / VG-87

- De #1 VG Genomic GTPI koe Wereldwijd!! / The World’s #1 VG GTPI cow!! - GTPI 2305!!!! - WERELDWIJDE interesse voor haar genetica / WORLWIDE interest for her genetics - Haar Airraid-dochter was de veilingtopper op de Primteam Sale ‘09 en heeft torenhoge Genomics in Frankrijk! / Her Airraid dtr topped the Primteam Sale ‘09 and has skyhigh Genomics

Baviere haar Genetica is en blijft exclusief! Zij heeft slechts 8 drachtigheden wereldwijd en dit zijn haar enige SUPERSTITION drachtigheden! / Baviere her Genetics are and will stay extremely exclusive! She only has 8 pregnancies World Wide and these are her only SUPERSTITION pregnancies!

Sunnylodge Rudolph Jen EX-90-DE Conf. EX-90-DE

2.01 305d 11.370kgM 3.7% 424F 3.4% 381P 4.00 305d 14.969kgM 3.6% 544F 3.2% 481P 5.06 305d 13.283kgM 3.6% 481F 3.2% 428P 9.02 305d 13.548kgM 3.7% 498F 3.2% 428P Lifetime: 74.445kgM

- Half zuster van fokstieren Manager & Metz / Half sister of proven sires Manager & Metz - Vele zonen bij de KI / Many sons in AI - Super fokkoe / Great brood cow - Embryos geëxporteerd wereldwijd, inclusief - Moeder van de fokstieren Manager & Metz / Canada / Embryos exported World Wide including Dam of the proven sires Manager & Metz Canada - Sired by Starmore RUDOLPH - Grand dam of DT Spottie EX-93-DE, 2 x Grand Champion Schau der Besten Verden

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4th Sunnylodge Jennifer VG-85-CAN 2yr. 16* 1 EX & 17 VG dtrs in Canada 5th Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie VG-87-CAN 18* The one and only SPOTTIE! Canadian Cow of the Year 1998 Dam of proven sire LINJET 6th Sunnylodge He Man Judy VG-86-CAN 7th Sunnylodge Lolie VG-85-CAN 8th Sunnylodge Edith EX-CAN 9th Sunnylodge Carol Maple VG-86-CAN 10th Merkdale Tena President VG-CAN

Holland Masters Sale 2010

34A Texel-Beauty Pronto Paradise

D.O.B. 15/March/2009

NL 840667652

Zowel vader Pronto als grootvader Durham zijn niet beschikbaar in Europa / Both, Pronto and Durham aren’t available in Europe

Paradise-RV Durham Pride VG-86-USA La1.

Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise EX-96-USA | 2 x Grand Champion at Madison!!

Mr. Derry Promotion: 3/4th brother to Pride


R. & I. Boogaard | Zwinweg 1 | 1794 HJ Oosterend | NL Tel. +31 (0)222 310910 | Cell. +31 (0)6 41806470 | Email.

Windy-Knoll-View PRONTO Paradise-RV Durham Pride VG-86-USA La1. E V V V V / VG-86-USA La1.

Regancrest Elton DURHAM Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise EX-96-USA 2E E E E E E / EX-96-USA 2E DOM

2.08 365d 15.268kgM 4.1% 628F 3.4% 521P - Haar eerste dochter (s. September Storm) scoort VG-86 2yr. / Her first dtr (s. September Storm) scores VG-86 2yr. - Ze heeft 12 EXCELLENTE half broers & zusters / She has 12 EXCELLENT mat. brothers & sisters - Driekwart zuster van Mr. Derry Promotion bij Select Sires, +16 Exterieur / 3/4th sister to Mr. Derry Promotion @ Select Sires, +16 Conformation - Vader Pronto is de volle broer van Windy-KnollView Pledge EX-95! / Sire Pronto is the full brother of Windy-Knoll-View Pledge EX-95!

2.06 365d 12.578kgM 3.6% 457F 3.4% 424P 4.01 365d 16.085kgM 3.9% 622F 3.7% 590P 5.10 365d 17.953kgM 4.2% 758F 3.5% 621P

Robthom INTEGRITY Vandyk-K Broker Pansy EX-90-USA Conf. EX-90-USA DOM

4.03 365d 14.384kgM 3.6% 512F 3.3% 481P 5.06 365d 18.806kgM 3.7% 696F 3.3% 628P

- All-American Mature Cow 4-Yr. & Jr. 3-Yr. - Grand Champion Madison 2000 & 2002 - Supreme Champion Madison - Res. All-Canadian 4-Yr. 2000 - All-World Champion 2002 - Ook haar klonen behoren bij de beste show koeien ter Wereld! / Also her clones are amongst the - 20 classified sons and dtrs: 12 x EX & 8 x VG

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4th Vandyk-K Mark Patty EX-94-USA 2E DOM Lifetime: 70.701kgM 3.6%F 3.3%P 5th Vandyk-K Melvin Pappy VG-88-USA

Vandyk-K Integ Paradise 2-ETN (clone of Paradise) in the Showring 1st Sr. 2-Yr. and Int. Champion World Dairy Expo Madison 2005

Holland Masters Sale 2010

34 The sons of Emilyann..

Number of pregnancies 5 MALE pregnancies Due January 2010

How does this Lot sell: Option A The buyer purchases a first choice bull from the 5 pregnancies for the amount bid. In addition to this the buyer has the option to purchase: • a second choice male for 75% of the purchase price bid. The option of purchasing the second choice male is not applicable if all bulls are tested on genomics through the sale organization. • all remaining males for 50% of the purchase price bid The buyer has to notify the sale organization within 4 months of the last calf being born with his purchase intentions.

Option B The buyer purchases all live born calves for a total amount This price is based on 5 live healthy bulls being born. For each bull less, an equivalent will be deducted from the buying price. For example if only 4 healthy bulls are born, the total purchase price will be 80% of the amount bid. If the buyer decides to do genomic testing offered through the sale organization, the option of purchasing the second choice bull is not applicable.

Bids will be taken from Friday June 25th 9:00 a.m. until Saturday June 26th 17:00 p.m. Bidding forms can be downloaded from Wednesday June 23rd from the website or can be requested from the sale organization. Completed bidding should either be - Email to or - Handed to Jan de Vries or Arjan van der Vlis at the Holland Masters Sale Booth. Saturday June 26th at 18:00 p.m. the highest bid will be announced at the Holland Masters Sale Booth.

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Veiling bijlage Holland Masters Sale 2010