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Poems by Andrew Chang

Summer Summer

Boiling unfreezing swimming resting playing hot, resting, freezing, dangerous, freezing, stopping,unavoiding cold, white winter

Sun Under shade Munching watermelon Munching ice Roaring heat Epic

Summer watermelon pool traveling fun hotness resting suntanning swimming drinking celebrating summer camp

Summer Summer summer is fun playing every second school is now over

Summer Summer is very fun you have lots of fun you go on a plane you go on a train you go on a boat you swim in a pool you eat watermelon you host parties you drink coke

Emerald Green Emerald is rich, shiny, polished,and heavy Reaching out to rich people and taking their minds Emerald is a color that is never dull At ceremonies emerald always stand out Emerald is a color never unnoticed Every time emeralds are marveled at remaining forever noticed every time a person finds emerald he will boast with pride emerald makes people feel proud and important emeralds are forever lasting pride


Computer game Silently walking around very extreme

Thunder Shocking loudly Transparent cackle here Very powerful

USA Truth

Truthful reliable trusting helping using good strong bad evil untrusting unrelying taking untrustable unreliable lies

Free big loving using uneeding huge available limited small needing unfreeing shrinking small limited China

Chickens are funny they will marry roosters then lay eggs for us Dogs are good watch keepers they will catch burglars they are also cute Dogs need to go eat they are alive animals and souls dogs must drink water Dogs need company They are also good friends I like them a lot

I am I am humorous and left-out I wonder how metal is made I hear my father telling me not to give up I see the sun shining in the sky I want a job to support my life I am humorous and left-out I pretend to be an army commander I feel the pain when my dad had his appendix removed I touch the keys of a laptop I worry that my mom will spank me I cry when I miss someone I am humorous and left-out I understand working and flying around is tiring I say magic is real I dream to have a happy life I try to remember everything that is important I hope to have a happy life I am humorous and left-out

Snowballs White round flying above heads extremely fun soft

Computer craze •I have it I donʼt know why I just have the computer craze Every day, every night I just have the computer craze never before, forever from now I will have the computer craze

Andrew poetry project  

A series of poems written as one book