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The light striking on the twisted sparkled horn full of magical dreams The unicorn saves the day again

The soft calming white hair makes the giggles come out And the long dazzling mane Waving through the wind

The legs full of surprises are gliding through The young girl’s dreams

But when the sun comes up the unicorn magic goes away And crushes the young girl’s dreams to ride a unicorn. The magical wand splashing magic Making a ding

The tiny fairy making a perfect dress Everyone bowing down To the princess

We love you princess We really do

The shinning crown

Twinkling in the bright sun Wishing And


Tomorrow the unicorn will arrive again. And some day to be a princess And have a friend fairy Dreams Dreams

That can never be

Swimming Take your mark Beeeeeeep Shooting into space You crash down On your hand Landing softly While shooting like a shooting star Through the lap of pain The pain is flowing through your body Your ragdoll arms are ready to quit But you go through the pain And win the winning prize

Larry’s Pie     Larry’s   Merry     Berry   Dairy   Pie     Larry’s  pie  is  always  hairy   If  you  think  I  said  hairy   You  are  not  gonna  be  wary   Larry’s  pie  is  really  hairy   Really  Billy   You’re  not  silly   It  is  a  merry     Hairy     Berry     Larry’s   Pie                                                                    


I don’t  know  what  to  write     I  can  barely  think  of  what  to  write     For  this  stinky  poem   Maybe  I  am  thinking  too  hard     Or   My  brain  is  frozen   Or  worst  of  all  I  am  dying   Maybe  my  brain  is  packed  full  of  question  marks   Oh     What  to  do     What  to  do   I  am  writing  random  stuff  so  if  this  poem  stinks     Please  don’t  get  mad  at  me  for  my  bad  poetry   Because  if  you  do     I  will  blame  it  of  my  teacher  for  giving  me  a  test  first  thing   And  now  I  have  stuck  to  write  a  dumb  poem   For  some  reason  I  will  tell  you  how  I  feel   I  am  feeling  very  tired   I  just  want  to  smack  my  head  on  my  desk     Or  pour  water  on  my  face.                                                    

racS heT   The  pain   Gone   But  still  alive     It  weakens  day  by  day   Though  it’s  strength  still  lies   The  darkness  surrounds     Making  it  stronger   Month  by  month     It’s  still  alone   Waiting  for  a  chance  to  be  shown   Year  by  year   It  fades  away   Turning  to  a  shade  of  grey   The  excitement  of  being  gone   Makes  the  sorrow  float  in  fright   The  memories  that  have  gone  by   Are  truly  far  away   Finding  out  its  life  is  a  lie   It  slowly  closes  its  eyes   And  says  good  bye                                                                    


The many  colors     Are  as  bright  as  light  at  the  crack  of  dawn   It  spreads  in  the  sky     Like  a  smile  across  your  face   It  rises   Like  a  growing  tree   Water  makes  most  anything   Grow  strong  and  bold     Like  the  statue  of  liberty     Rainbows    Are  a  sign  of  the  end     The  end  of  the  rain   And  if  you  truly  believe  you  may     Find  a  pot  of  gold  at  the  end                                                        

Silly Us    

Why are  we  so  silly?   Really  this  is  silly   Silly     Silly   Billy     Silly  Millie     Silly     Lilly   Why  are  you  so  silly?   Really  you  are  silly   Way  too  silly                                                                      


Mystery, Dreams, Swimming