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Enrico Narcisi Portfolio


TabulaRasa is our proposal for the Odyssee des Cabanes competition conceived by the Kraft and Euralens association. The aim of the competition is to create “huts” that will be builts in the spring to enhance the Chaîne des Parcs, a territorial project imagined by Michel Desvigne. The Cabanes, will be destined to tourists and excursionists of the area who can use it to enjoy the landscape and to encourage the discovery of parks. By collecting soil in bags we define a semi-indoor space, putted at the top of the Landfill of Noyelles. After climbing the mountain, you can reach this peaceful place and recover. You can lay on the bench, breath, meditate, and climb the little stairs to look through the window. Far away another “terril” is staring at you and reminds you to another potential TabulaRasa hut on the top of it. An infinite chain of meditation spots looking one to each other could connect the whole territory of the north of France mining area. Since the TabulaRasa is a space of meditation, several activities connected with the mind and body health can be held inside and around the hut.


EMBT - MirallesTagliabue

Kalida Center was born as the first Maggie Center outside England. This space, thinked to help anyone affected by cancer with an unconventional therapy, keep inspired at the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Center and it’s a part of it’s network. The language used it’s in analogy with it’s sorround because it’s locate at the border of the Unesco Heritage Site “Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau”, the masterpiece of Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The spaces, are design with the idea to left the cold sensation of hospital space so the boundaries betweeen inside and outside, are blurried with a continue sequence between open space and garden that remember the experience of the oldest hospital. The fluid space of the building , it’s enable to change continuely the configuration inside depending as necessity of the moment.

EMBT- MirallesTagliabue
EMBT - MirallesTagliabue