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Freedom Poetry By: Trami Nielsen

What does poetry mean? Poetry is a way of expressing yourself. It is a way to help others and find a deeper meaning to simple things. Poetry can show others what it feels like or felt like in a war, accidents, vacations etc. It can mean different things to different people because of other’s different perspective.

Black Coats English The green grass all still Just like the birds in black coats Unable to move Danish Grønne grÌs stille Som fugle I sort jakke De af stand at flytte

About “Black Coats� This haiku is partly of nature and the birds chirping on the trees. This poem is also about racism, how people just look on the outside and not letting others show who they really are. This poem is specificly of the racism in the olden days when Martin Luther King was alive and made the speeches of Freedom

Desire to Freedom

Desire, Greedy, Confused, Wanting, Killing, Hurting, Harm, Selfishness, Power, Vibrance, Relief, Salvation, Liberation, Hopeful, Treasured, Freedom

About “Desire to Freedom” This is a diamante poem. The poem “Desire to Freedom” is verbs, nouns, adjectives that describe the words freedom and desire. These words are powerful to the meanings of freedom and desire and helps define the meaning of both words.

Desire You may desire for money. You may desire for golden honey. You may desire for a feast at your table. You may desire for a fable every night. But some may not, Because of what you desire.

About “Desire” “Desire” is a poem about how people are wanting for many things but from their desire there are other people suffering in the world.

Freedom’s Definition Having a right, To fight. Ability to act, In your way. The power to speak, By your voice. Believing in no boundaries, And in yourself.

About “Freedom’s Definition” My first idea for a found poem was getting the definition of Freedom. I just thought it was a good idea and meaningful. I added a few more detailed parts into the poem to make it more interesting. I got found from Google’s definition of freedom. I used the first definition. The website: 1C1CHMO_en__518__518&aq=f&oq=define+freedom&a qs=chrome.0.57j5j0l2.5825j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF -8

Unstoppable English – Once you desire You cannot stop wanting for.. More, no matter what Danish – Når du ønsker Du kan ikke standse ønsker for .. Mere, uanset hvad

About “Unstoppable” Unstoppable was similar to the poem “Desire” but it was a bit more detailed into the subject. The poem “Unstoppable” is a haiku and it’s also translated to Danish. The Danish version does not follow the haiku rules, but it was hard to make it so this was the best I could do. This haiku is about how it can be hard to stop desiring or wanting.

Eng07 - Poetry Freedom - Portfolio - Trami Nielsen  
Eng07 - Poetry Freedom - Portfolio - Trami Nielsen