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New Energy World is coming

The world of energy has never been so important – whether it’s powering the digital revolution that influences every corner of modern life, extending access to populations hitherto without electricity or clean cooking fuels or, as COP26 demonstrated, leading the transition to a global net zero emission future.

This is a story the Energy Institute’s magazines Petroleum Review and Energy World have been telling for decades (indeed you can scroll through the most recent 30 years’ worth of digitised back issues on our website).

But, as the energy system converges, as the interrelationship between molecules and electrons develops, and with it the nature of the professional roles in our industry, it’s now time for our magazine content to be more integrated and holistic.

This is where New Energy World comes in – our new, single, digital title, building on the rich legacies of the previous two magazines and covering the whole energy system, from the dynamics under way in conventional oil and gas through to fast-paced developments in low-carbon technology, and everything in between.

Our editorial team is hard at work on this, and we will launch the new digital magazine in March. In the meantime, although there will be no more monthly editions of either Petroleum Review or Energy World, the team will be producing regular news updates and opinion pieces which you can access on our website as normal. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your readership and engagement with the two magazines.

New Energy World will be the Energy Institute’s flagship outlet for a new era, designed to keep you up-to-date with the global trends and local developments, a showcase of the people, the work and the technologies that make our industry great, and your window on the energy transition as it unfolds. We look forward to presenting it to you.

Best wishes,

Nick Wayth CEng FEI