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Corporate Identity


‘Miracle’ [mir-uh-kuhl] An event or action that is amazing, extraordinary, or unexpected


CONTENTS PAGE Cover Page ......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 - 5 T he Stor y of Tar t u f fe .................6 , 8 , 1 0 , 12, 14, 16,18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32. T he stor y of Mi ra c le T h e a t re .... . . . . . . . . . 7 Corporate Identit y I n t ro du c t io n . . . . . . . 9 Corporate Be havio u r..................1 1 , 1 3 Co rpo ra te De si g n. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 2 7 . Corporate Commu n ic a t io n ...2 9 , 3 1 , 3 3 Gueri l l a Campai gn .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 4 - 3 5



THE STORY OF MIRACLE & TARTUFFE This marvellous little book will explain all that Miracle is, from our colours, to our ethos, so you our intrepaid reader can get a glimpse into the world of Miracle. To help you get an even better insight this will run a long side a condensed version of one of our most successful performances, Tartuffe.


The story of Tartuffe.


The Story of Miracle Theatre.



nce upon a time there was a perfectly happy family who lived in a magnificent house. There was a dignified father named Orgon, a beautiful mother called Elmere and a gallant son named Damis and an overemotional daughter named Mariane. Little did they know that everything was about to change with the arrival of the evil Tartuffe‌ 8


MIRACLE THEATRE At Miracle we cross genres and time, producing all things from classic works to new and cutting edge writing. The outcomes are funny, highly visual and dramatic.

creating a unique and wonderful experience of live theatre in breathtaking locations for people of all ages. In the wintery months we take to the road, visiting towns, villages and rural venues across the UK, continuing to thrill and delight audiences with colourful and brilliantly crafted comedic shows. 5-7 splendid performers and crew travel as part of the touring company, with a beautiful full set, lights, sound and staging.

We leave audiences with an affinity for our performances and Miracle itself.

One of the things that make us such an exciting company is that we are one of Britain’s foremost outdoor theatre companies, creating performances that are entertaining, intelligent, hilarious, and startlingly original theatre. We leave audiences with an affinity for our performances and Miracle itself.

A morphing beast, we adapt to venues and locations of all shapes and sizes. Our performances are suitable for everybody, no matter their age, from toddlers, to teenagers, to your Great Aunt Mildred.

In the balmy days of summer we perform in spectacular locations such as stunning ancient sites, gardens, parks and castles,



artuffe was a scoundrel and a trickster, and decided to prey upon the happy household. Tartuffe began his wicked scheme by convincing Orgon, that he was a wise and religious man.


CORPORATE BEHAVIOUR GROUND VALUES Our ground values are that we want theatre to be accessible for everyone. We’re a friendly company, that performs excellent shows, but at prices that are affordable for everyone. None of that snooty high and mighty theatre daaarling! Theatre should be exciting, not a status symbol.

TONE OF VOICE If we could have three words that would explain our tone of voice and brand values they would be:

Quirky Accessible Innovative

Our tone of voice is informative, but also humorous and down to earth. We have loyal followers, so we want our audiences to feel like they know us personally and are a part of our company. For those who don’t know us yet, we want them to feel welcome



aken with Tartuffe’s admirable life choices, Orgon believed that Tartuffe was a wonderful man and decided to become great friends with him. He looked to him for his wise guidance, believing that he was a truly devout Christian. However, the rest of the family were not as easily duped as the gullible Orgon and believed that he was up to no good. 12

IF MIRACLE WAS AN ANIMAL If Miralce could be any animal we would be an orang-utan. Why the orang-utan you ask? Well because they’re wise, strong… but also a bit funny looking.

BRAND LINE Our brand line is:

Miraculous shows in miraculous places. This reflects the fact that we perform fantastic shows in unusual places. It also lets people who haven’t heard of us understand who we are and what we do. The word ‘miraculous’ is used to reflect the name of our company, but also because our shows are, well, miraculous!



rgon was now well and truly fooled by the evil lies woven by Tartuffe. He adored Tartuffe so much that in a dramactic gesture of his love he announced that he would ingratiate this felon into his own family.


CORPORATE DESIGN CORP O R AT E SIGNAT U R E , O U R B E AU T I FU L L O G O. The Miracle Theatre Company corporate signature is our single most important identifier, so it must immediately explain who we are and what we do. It is intimately linked with what we do and will come to embody many emotional aspects of our company as well. The logo can either appear as a full colour logo (CMYK) or black and white.



o bind Tartuffe to the family, Orgon arranged for Mariane to marry him, ignoring the fact that his poor daughter was already engaged to Valere. Mariane could see through Tartuffe’s wicked plan and was devastated by her father’s plan to marry her to this crook.


We like to make our mark here at Miracle and this has been reflected in our logo. The logo uses elements of a stamp, to allow us to make a big impression. It can be used anywhere and everywhere, from letterheads to brick walls. It’s a strong image, which means it can be instantly recognizable, which is how we like people react to our Theatre company. The typeface that we’ve used for our logo is Georgia. This is a traditional typeface, but in keeping with our quirky style, some letter are bigger than others, some are in a different case and others are wonky, which represents our ethos of sensibility gone a little astray! A tree has been incorporated into the logo to reflect the fact that we’re a outdoor theatre company, and gives a sense of what we do. This is used as the main logo, however, if a more simple version of the logo is needed it can be used without the tree. We’ve also incorporated our end line into the logo to give those people who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one of our magnificent shows an idea of who we are and what we do.

Pantone Rhoadamine Red C

Pantone Orange 021 C.



rgon’s son Damis was also very suspicious of Tartuffe. So that he could find out what Tartuffe was up to, he decided to spy on the scoundrel, so as to convince his father that Tartuffe was in fact a fraudster. While spying, Damis discovered that swine Tartuffe attempting to seduce his own mother. 18

THE BOARDER ELEMENT We also have a border, which incorporates our logo. This can be used for almost anything, from letterheads and business cards, to stencils on walls. We wanted to have a style of illustration that would become synonymous with the Miracle brand and would represent the sense of adventure that outdoor theatre has, giving the sense of an old Shakespearean travelling theatre company. Using silhouettes gives a feeling of being outdoors, and gives people an impression of what Miracle Theatre are about. Within the illustration, elements of past productions are incorporated, such as Tartuffe. Children are also included in the procession as a reminder that we have audiences of all ages. We also showed our quirky edge by using elements such as an orang-utan which symbolises what we stand for.

19 miraculous shows in miraculous places


nable to hide his disgust, Damis leapt from behind the curtain, revealing that he had been spying. Now that Tartuffe knew that Damis has seen through his pretence and of his desire to seduce Elmere, he devised a plan to get Damis banished from the family home. 20

We’ve made our border so that you can take three elements from it to represent what Miracle stand for. When talking about what Miracle stands for, you can take out our orang-utan to use as a visual symbol to illustrate what we’re like. When talking about our audiences, the figures of the children can be taken from the border to show that we’re a family friendly company. The figure of Hamlet can be lifted to represent the diversity of our performances.



o persuade Orgon that Tartuffe was out to seduce her, Elmere devised a situation that would show him what Tartuffe was really like. To do this, Elmere made Orgon hide under the table when she and Tartuffe were alone.


Here is one of our snazzy b u sin e ss c a rds:

re Company Miracle Theat John Smith J edruth TR15 3A A: West Park, R 203782. T: +44 (0) 1209 W: www.mirac E: info@miracle



rgon witnessed Tartuffe trying to seduce his wife and finally discovered the terrible truth that Tartuffe was no good and had been tricking him all along.


A nd thi s i s what our l e t t e rh e a ds a n d e nve lo p e s s hould l ook l i ke :

John Smith xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

miraculous shows in miraculous places



artuffe was chased out of the house and the family were at first relieved to be rid of Tartuffe. However, in another dastedley turn by Tartuffe, it was revealed that he had tricked Orgon into giving him the family house.When the family refused to leave,Tartuffe announced that he had illegal documents concerning Orgon and called for the police to arrest him. 26

M IRACLE COLOUR S Miracle Theatre’s colours are an integral part of the visual identity. The specified colours must be used at all times and applied correctly for visual continuity and branding. Process colours (CMYK) refer to full colour printing applications.

Pantone Orange 021 C.

Pantone Rhoadamine Red C

Our favourite colours here at Miracle are Pantone Rhoadamine Red C and Pantone Orange 021 C. We use Pantone Rhoadamine Red C as our main colour. We like this particularly as it is bold, fun and quirky. We use it for things such as our treasured bright pink van which goes on tour with us when we adventure in and around Cornwall. These colours can also be used as accents within a Miracle publication. For example, within a press photograph, a character could wear a Pantone Orange 021 C coat, or a woman could wear a Pantone Rhoadamine Red C hat to tie in with our identity. When the imagery of a press photo or letter is highly colourful, a black or white logo is preferred. While we love lots of colour, it’s also important that our logo stands out clearly from everything else. When the background is plain, the logo can be used in either Pantone Rhoadamine Red C and Pantone Orange 021 C.



he poor family tried desperately to hide their father from the police, but was is too late and he was discovered. As they prepared to say their goodbyes to their father, the police arrested Tartuffe instead of Orgon and announced that Tartuffe had been a wanted man for a long time, tricking and conning people throughout the land. 28


As with the corporate colours, the fonts are an integral part of our visual identity. The following fonts are to be used in all official documents or communications. We use Georgia in the logo and Gill Sans for the copy. Although Georgia is a pretty official looking typeface, within our logo the letters are written in upper and lower case, and put at jaunty angles, to reflect our quirky style. Gill Sans is used for the copy, as it gives an official feel, but also one that that is modern and playful looking. Logotype

Miracle Theatre Georgia Regular Headlines


A B CDEF GH IJKLMNOPQ R S T U V WX Y Z Gill Sans Regular Body Copy

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Gill Sans Regular



he family were at last saved from Tartuffe’s wicked plan to ruin them.With this good news, Orgon announced that Mariane should indeed marry her true love Valere, and the family lived happily ever after. 30


Our image style is quirky to reflect our company ethos. We also like to incorporate an outdoor feel to our image to reflect the fact that we are just so good at outdoor theatre. These can be things such as old peeling paint on walls, or old brickwork as backgrounds. The photography that we use for our posters and advertising is clean and classic, with little distortion.We like to use people in our show posters, but we’re not adverse to going a bit abstract either. For press release images we like to use distressed backgrounds to give our photos a timeless, vintage feel, which also reflects our outdoor ethos.


The End.


We want everyone to hear about how great we are, so we chose to advertise using lots of different techniques. We use traditional methods such as posters and flyers as well as digital methods, like Twitter and Facebook. We also like to reflect that fact that we are an innovative company so use guerrilla campaigns and viral adverts. This is especially useful for targeting our younger audience. An example of this is spray-painting our logo on venues before we arrive, so that the residents get as excited as possible about our imminent performance, and to create a sense of intrigue and mystery. The border can also be cut from materials such as stainless steel and placed in the area that we will be performing in so that people can eagerly await our arrival. Another example of this


is writing messages on benches to remind people that we are an outdoor theatre company and they could be sat right there watching one of our wonderful shows!

Guerrilla Campaign To promote our new show, Sherlock Holmes, we will use a guerrilla campaign, using the actors from the play, performing their parts in everyday situations.

secretly filmed and posted online, in order to make a viral campaign to promote the show. Flyers will also be given to passers by, which will include the homepage of Miracle.

These will be mainly improvised, however, certain situations are given to improvise in, with particular scenarios that it is advised the actors perform around. These will also be

The actor playing Sherlock will be dressed up as the character, walking the streets of Cornwall.

SCENARIO 1- THE STREETS (IN DA HOOD) Sherlock will unleash his detective skills by approaching the unsuspecting public and questioning them. The ‘members of the public’ will be played by actors in the company. Member of Public 1 “Excuse me madam,” Woman looks freaked out “Where were you on the 3rd of April? Did you have a Chi Wawa? I don’t suppose you were drinking grog at Star and Garter? Did you see a suspicious looking fellow? No? Well, if you do, let me know here”. (Passes the woman a flyer for the new show) Member of Public 2 “Sir, what were you doing at precisely 6:38pm seven weeks ago? Were you wearing purple pants? No? You are no help to me at all, good day. If you remember otherwise, contact me here.” (Passes man a flyer for new show.)


Scenario 2- Tesco (Super Market Sweep) Sherlock will be trying to adjust to modern day life, going for a weekly shop at the market. Sherlock will be filmed struggling with various situations: - Sherlock tries to get to grips with the self service machine. - Sherlock tries to rescue people’s shopping from being carried away by the conveyer belt. - Sherlock tries to question people in the queue and hands out flyers

Scenario 3- Sherlock Clubbing Sherlock will visit a club to get down with the kids, and various scenes will be filmed. These will be things such as Sherlock trying to dance, and questioning the club goers, but not a being able to hear them over the music, with hilarious misunderstandings. Beer mats can also be printed and distributed with questions on the front such as: “Where we you 14 weeks ago at 8:39pm? Can you help Sherlock?” On the back will be printed details of the performance, along with Miracle’s logo.



Miracle Theatre  

New Graphic Identity for the cornish theatre company 'Miracle Theatre'.