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Columbus OH, USA • Agosto 11/25, 2017 • Año 7 • No.165


Columbus OH, USA • August 11/25, 2017 • Year 7 • #165






El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017





El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017



Trump plan to hire 15,000 border and immigration personnel isn’t justified, federal watchdog says By Lisa Rein The Washington Post President Trump’s plan for an aggressive hiring surge of 15,000 Border Patrol and immigration personnel to help keep out undocumented immigrants is unrealistic — and the Department of Homeland Security has not made a case for it, the agency’s watchdog says. A report released this week by the DHS inspector general concludes that based on its rigorous screening requirement for law enforcement jobs and the relatively high rate of attrition among Border Patrol agents, Homeland Security would have to vet 750,000 applicants to find 5,000 qualified personnel. In addition, to hire the 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents the president called for in executive orders he issued in his first days in office, a pool of 500,000 candidates would need to apply, auditors found. The report calls into question whether DHS officials even need 15,000 new hires to target undocumented immigrants. Agency leaders have done such poor planning for what their workforce should look like, with an understaffed, poorly trained human resources operation, that they cannot justify thousands of new employees, the report says.

Neither [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] nor [ICE] could provide complete data to support the operational need or deployment strategies for the additional 15,000 agents and officers,” the report by the office of Inspector General John Roth said. DHS officials told auditors that they are still three to four years from getting a system in place that will be able to tell them how many new personnel they need and where to deploy them. “Without comprehensive staffing models, operational needs analyses, and deployment strategies, CBP and ICE will not be able to identify clearly the correct number and type of employees required, what positions must be filled, or where to deploy those employees,” the report said.

Trump promised on the campaign trail to vastly beef up enforcement against undocumented immigrants with a new border wall, a surge in agents to help seal off the Southwest border with Mexico and a “deportation force” to arrest people in the country illegally. The 15,000 new front-line employees would come with almost 9,600 more technical and support staff, the report said. The White House has stalled in getting Congress to approve funding to start construction of a wall. The hiring effort has stalled, too — even though the Office of Personnel Management gave Homeland Security officials special authority for a year to fill jobs without competition, circumventing the government’s cumbersome hiring rules.

The immigration and Border Patrol departments have long had trouble hiring qualified candidates quickly and retaining them because of polygraph requirements, remote workplaces and low pay compared with other law enforcement jobs. Turnover averages 6 percent a year for the Border Patrol and 4 percent for ICE. Homeland Security’s personnel office suffers from “fragmented systems, duplicative and paper-based processes” and not enough of the staff or automation it needs to hire this many new employees, auditors found. They note that 61 percent of the 21,000 Border Patrol agents actually patrol the Southwest border, a number that “may actually understate” the number of employees assigned to management

and administrative work. Almost 1,000 more agents than headquarters officials have allocated are assigned to intelligence roles in the field, auditors found. “The use of Border Patrol Agents performing duties not directly tied to ‘ensuring complete operational control of the border’ calls into question the department’s operational need for 5,000 new agents,” the report said. It also questions whether DHS even needs 15,000 new officers to carry out its mission as immigration arrests decline. The Border Patrol apprehended 12,193 people along the Southwest border in March compared with 18,754 in February, a 35 percent decrease, and 31,577 in January, a 61 percent slide.

“These trends may impact the number of new Border Patrol agents needed,” the report said. In its response to auditors, a DHS official defended the president’s mandate to hire thousands of new agents, calling the push a response to “emerging operational needs and changes in technology.” “DHS remains committed to ensuring correct staffing levels, ratios and placements,” Jim H. Crumpacker, the department’s liaison with the inspector general, wrote. Congressional Democrats pounced on the findings as proof that the president rushed to fulfill a campaign promise without planning. “It’s not surprising that President Trump’s decree to drastically expand the Border Patrol and increase his deportation force was put in place without a clear need for the 15,000 new agents and officers or a plan for hiring and deploying them,” Rep. Bennie Thompson (Miss.), the ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, said in a statement. “I hope DHS goes back to the drawing board and shows us the need for new personnel along with a clear plan on how to better manage them once deployed.”

Inmigrantes en EUA permanecerán cinco años sin asistencia pública: Trump El Sol de Ohio Special Report El mandatario de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, anunció su nuevo proyecto de migración, en el cual se contempla que los migrantes no contarán con asistencia pública, conocida como “welfare” por lo menos 5 años con el objetivo de “proteger a los trabajadores y la economía estadounidense”. “Usted no puede obtener la asistencia social en cinco años si entra a nuestro país. No puede entrar como en las pasadas semanas, años y décadas e inmediatamente comenzar a tener la asistencia”, dijo Trump. “Esta semana anunciamos un proyecto de ley de migración para crear un sistema de Green Card (Tarjeta Verde de Residencia) basado en el

“El modelo que tratará de impulsar el mandatario, aún se encuentra en proceso de aprobación ante el Congreso”

mérito, que termine con el abuso de nuestro sistema de asistencia social, detenga la migración en cadena y proteja a nuestros trabajadores y a nuestra economía”, abundó. El modelo que tratará de impulsar el mandatario,

aún se encuentra en proceso de aprobación ante el Congreso de Estados Unidos. Cabe mencionar que este proyecto retoma modelos implementados en Australia y Canadá, donde los candidatos se calificarán en torno a una escala de puntos para saber si son o

no ‘dignos’ de obtener este beneficio. Por su parte, Trump considera que los migrantes deben demostrar su valía en suelo estadounidense y así contribuir al desarrollo para ganarse el derecho de ser tratados como ciudadanos.

De ser aprobada esta ley por el Congreso norteamericano, cada solicitante debe obtener al menos 30 puntos para poder acceder al documento migratorio. Entre los requisitos para poder accesar a la visa resaltan el dominio del idioma inglés, un mínimo grado de estudios de preparatoria, una oferta de trabajo, un logro extraordinario, un ganador de medalla olímpica o atleta internacional competitivo. De acuerdo con los informes, aquel solicitante

que tenga un dominio entre el 60 y 80 por ciento de la lengua tendrá seis puntos, si es del 80 al 90 será de 10 puntos, mientras que un 90% o superior obtiene 11 puntos. Si alguien alcanza un 100 por ciento, entonces será acreedor a 12 puntos. En cuanto a la edad, también influirá en el puntaje, señalando que aquellos que tengan entre 18 y 21 años de edad se les otorgarán 6 puntos, de 22 a 25 años, ocho puntos; de 26 a 30 años lograrán diez puntos y a partir de ahí el puntaje desciende. Aquellos que tengan entre 31 a 35 años son acreedores a ocho puntos, de 36 a 40 años, seis puntos; de 41 a 45 años, cuatro puntos y entre los 46 a 50 años, serán sólo dos puntos. Los menores de 18 años y aquellos con más de 50 no obtendrán ningún puntaje, sin embargo, sí pueden solicitar la visa.



El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017


The Washington Post

Reducing many legal immigrants will hurt us

President Trump says accelerating the United States’ economic growth is one of his administration’s most cherished goals. But on Wednesday, he embraced a legislative overhaul to the immigration system that, if enacted, would make that goal unattainable.

In economic terms, therefore, the legislation makes little sense, which explains why Stephen Miller, the White House senior adviser for policy, repeatedly justified it by saying that ordinary Americans would support it in a poll. (Miller also made a point of mentioning that the poem summoning the tired, huddled masses to America was not on the original Statue of Liberty but added later.)

Trump endorsed a bill sponsored by a pair of conservative Republican senators, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, that would reduce legal immigration by about half over a decade, a shift that a broad consensus of economists believe would sap the nation’s economic vitality. It would slash the number of immigrants granted green cards for legal permanent residence to about 540,000 annually from the current level of roughly 1 million.

Miller is correct that as a percentage of the country’s population, foreign-born residents are near their highest level in almost a century. That stark fact is a major cause of the nativist, anti-immigration backlash that helped propel Trump’s candidacy and that sustains the hard core of his political base even after a calamitous first six months in office.

The legislation would achieve that chiefly by eliminating green cards granted to siblings and grown children of current immigrants and green-card holders — socalled chain migration — while holding steady the number of green cards based on job skills. Those employment-based immigrants would be selected according to a points system that would favor English speakers with higher levels of education and high-paying job offers. So much for the tired, poor, huddled masses for whom the Statue of Liberty stands as a beacon. Halving the number of legal immigrants would deprive an array of businesses of oxygen in the form of labor — exactly the opposite strategy required for growth in an economy where productivity is stagnant and unemployment is extremely low. By drastically constricting the supply of legal immigrants, Trump’s program would also sharply intensify the demand for undocumented immigrants, for whom no wall would be an effective deterrent.

By Luis F. Clemente Columnist El Sol de Ohio Puerto Rican poet Lola Rodríguez de Tió wrote once that “Cuba and Puerto Rico are of one bird its two wings”, describing the close ties that she though were existing between both islands. She was not exaggerating, because the Cuban government has pushed for decades that Puerto Rico should be included in the agenda of the United Nations Decolonization Committee and many Cubans that abandoned their country in rejection of its regime remade their lives in Puerto Rico. Another way to see that connection between Cuba and Puerto Rico is by taking a close look at their current situation. On the one hand, Puerto Rico commemorated last month the 65th anniversary of its Commonwealth status in the midst of the worst crisis in the island’s recent history, characterized by an unpayable debt, an inexorably shrinking economy,

Yet with the U.S. birthrate at a historic low, and baby boomers starting to retire, it is a simple truth that the U.S. will need an infusion of immigrant labor to maintain economic growth, let alone expand it. To bar immigrants while the birthrate dips is to emulate Japan, whose own fading economic prospects are a direct result of precisely such conditions and policies. The bill’s sponsors ignore Japan while citing Canada and Australia as models of the merit-based immigration system pushed by the legislation. In fact, in per capita terms the United States already admits less than half the number of annual immigrants let in by both Canada and Australia. While fresh immigrants do depress wages for some low-skill and minority workers, as President Trump argued, they act as rocket fuel for the overall economy. By cutting their numbers, Trump would undercut the nation’s prospects.

Cuba and Puerto Rico: The two battered wings of the bird

and a Fiscal Oversight Board whose imposition by the federal government demonstrates the collapse of the current status and whose mission is to force the island into total austerity in order to have that debt repaid, even if it means creating a unlivable country materially and spiritually. Only those who support what was once advertised as “the best of two worlds” think that the

Commonwealth status has a future, assuming for all effects the mythical position of the ostrich and denying the cold, hard facts. Meanwhile, the current Puerto Rican government, controlled by opponents of the Commonwealth status, asks for statehood on the basis of the results of a rather symbolic referendum where less tan 30% of registered voters participated. Busy with

more important matters, the GOP-controlled Congress will know better: it will ignore the request. On the other hand, that same month, Cuba celebrated the 64th anniversary of what is still being called “the Revolution”, the first one without the physical presence of its supreme leader, Fidel Castro. Its guardians and executors joyfully celebrated then that the Cuban economy,

still dependent on Venezuelan oil to the same degree it depended on Soviet subsidies (until 1991), marches toward a growth rate that would be unsatisfactory elsewhere: 2% per year. Self-employment is actively stimulated officially, but the timidity of that act of pragmatism by a government that does not want to let go of its

control over the economy shows a will to preserve an ideological chimera than to adjusting adequately to what the population wants, which is not having to make do with less anymore. The Cuba that considers its “high” ranking in the UN Human Development Index as a triumph of its “Revolution” also has the highest number of migrants among Caribbean countries, with more than a million Cubans living abroad. No country is a Garden of Eden, but we are talking here of two countries that have big flaws that cannot be fixed by denying them, with lukewarm measures, or by wasting time with inconsequential procedures. As long as there is no one that calls things by their name and proposes truly substantial changes, things in Cuba and Puerto Rico will continue as they are or perhaps worsen, because in the end both islands are the two wings of disappointment.

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017


‘Diversity’ is a euphemism. We should be careful how we use it By Noah Berlatsky* Los Angeles Times

As Peter Capaldi departs “Doctor Who,” some hope his replacement will increase the show’s diversity. After “Wonder Woman” was released, some were disappointed that diverse Amazons didn’t receive more screen time. A recent study found that films with diverse casts do better than films with casts that are less diverse. Whether critics are calling for more representation of women, people of color or other marginalized groups, “diversity” is a convenient term. It sounds positive and upbeat and inclusive. Diversity indicates more rather than less, additional options rather than fewer. “Diversity” is also a euphemism. When critics from marginalized groups ask for more diversity, they are actually asking the media, employers, schools and society in general not to discriminate against them. When it takes until 2017 to get to a femaleled superhero film from Marvel or DC, that’s not a failure of diversity; that’s sexism. When 12 Doctors have been cast since 1963 and they are all white men, that’s not a failure of diversity either; that’s racism (and sexism as well). A request for more diversity isn’t really a plea to embrace stimulating heterogeneity. It’s a plea to embrace minimal decency. You catch more flies with sugar, so I understand why criticisms are phrased as “add more diversity, Hollywood” rather than

“stop being bigots, you dopes.” But although it has some tactical advantages, the term “diversity” has some downsides as well. For one thing, although diversity ostensibly covers everyone, in practice it’s used to convey the presence of non-white, non-male, non-hetero or non-cis groups. The word therefore implies that what’s normal is white, male, hetero, cis. There are white guys, and there are diverse people, who are defined by their difference from the standard or norm. Along the same lines, the term may suggest that racial or gender differences are true or foundational. As Karen Fields and Barbara J. Fields point out in “Racecraft,” racism “takes

Por Abner Zambrano*

Las Invitaciones de Nuestro Siglo

“Ya no hay tiempo para perder el tiempo”, solía decir el escritor uruguayo Eduardo Galeano. Por primera vez en su existencia, olvídese de las deudas, de su trabajo, de los mil problemas que le arrebatan el sueño y deténgase a analizar su vida. Atrévase a cuestionar su entorno, despójese del miedo y comience a pensar, no permita que la sociedad, el mercado, las tendencias y la moda conduzcan su destino. Tenga mucho cuidado con las invitaciones que nos rodean, no las ignore, sino, mediante el pensamiento crítico, estúdielas para que no le afecten. Enrique es un niño promedio del norte

de los Estados Unidos, de pequeño, pasó la mayoría de su tiempo en una guardería ya que sus padres invertían la mayor cantidad de su tiempo trabajando para poder mantener su nivel de vida. A los siete años, Enrique empezó a ver

for granted the objective reality of race.” Racism says that black and white people are different in some fundamental way. Diversity celebrates that difference but also accepts it. Diversity, as used in media critiques, implies that the difference between a woman and a man is necessarily more important than the difference between two women. Diversity risks conveying that philosophically and biologically flimsy categories actually describe real differences. The strategic use of diversity can also backfire. When critics questioned Marvel’s choice to cast Finn Jones rather than an Asian American actor in “Iron Fist,” Jones countered

a su papá únicamente los sábados, el matrimonio de sus padres no funcionó y el divorcio tocó la puerta de su hogar. A los doce años Enrique dio sus primeros pasos en la adolescencia y se recordó de varias invitaciones que

that the film included numerous actors of color and was “one of the most diverse shows I’ve ever worked on.” The trailer for “Black Panther” prompted some on social media to mutter that it lacked diversity because it mostly featured black actors. And in academia, conservatives have bemoaned the lack of a “diversity of ideas,” by which they mean that universities have not hired enough conservative thinkers. Ideological diversity may or may not be a boon — no one would benefit from more Nazi intellectuals, for example. Either way, conservatives who make these arguments are trying to co-opt a moral point by glomming on to its form and ignoring its context.

había recibido en los años previos y que ahora sentía la curiosidad de poner en práctica. Se acordó de la canción más famosa en su infancia, un hombre le decía a una mujer que quería decirle cosas al oído despacito.

When critics or fans demand more diversity, they don’t mean to suggest that all difference is good all of the time; they don’t want institutions to give equal time to racists and antiracists, or to feminists and sexists. Similarly, casting some non-white-guy actors isn’t enough in itself; Hollywood narratives also have to avoid stereotypes and bigotry. “Iron Fist” cast some non-white actors, which was good — but it also told an Orientalist story about a white guy getting power from the mysterious East. “Gone With the Wind” cast Hattie McDaniel, but that didn’t turn a story about the virtues of racism into an uplifting paean to diversity. Many activists find the

language of diversity useful; the fact that the term has become so ubiquitous in the mainstream is a measure of how successful it’s been. But as the word becomes more popular, keep in mind that the liberal goal is not to promote difference for difference’s sake, but to end bigotry. The whiteness and maleness of Hollywood isn’t (just) wrong because it reduces the smorgasbord of possible perspectives. It’s wrong because discrimination is wrong. We don’t need diversity in the sense of variety. We need equality and justice.

Llegó a su memoria la última película que vio en el cine, un trío de amigos se fue de vacaciones a Las Vegas y al siguiente día no se recordaban de nada debido al alcohol y las drogas que consumieron la noche anterior. Había visto en la televisión que las mujeres adoraban a un señor, el cual decían que venía de los cielos, por sus carros y casas opulentas, todo adquirido por el tráfico de drogas y armas, rememoró a su padre viendo el noticiero, resumiéndose todas las noches en la sección de asesinatos, asaltos y secuestros. Se recordó del libro que más le recomendaron en su pubertad, uno que narra cincuenta sombras y cien mil estupideces, y su último recuerdo, fue la de su deportista favorito diciéndole adiós al equipo que defendía por

260 millones de razones, dejando claro, según Enrique, que el deporte se ha convertido en una empresa para entretener y distraer las masas. Cuando dejó de recordar, se dio cuenta que esconderse de la lluvia de invitaciones venenosas resultaría muy complicado, sin embargo, una tarde encontró la forma. La vía más factible de ignorar la contaminación que lo acorrala, es colocándose sus gafas de realidad virtual… Usted, sus hijos, hermanos o nietos podrían encontrarse en la misma situación que Enrique. Manténgase alerta de las invitaciones tóxicas que lo buscan a diario, recíbalas, y luego de analizarlas detenidamente, deséchelas como si fuera la publicidad del celular que tanto desea, pero que en realidad, no necesita.

*Noah Berlatsky is the author, most recently, of “The Consequences of Feminism: Women Film Directors.”



El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

Middletown, Ohio, a city under siege: ‘Everyone I know is on heroin’ By Emily de La Bruyère * For 16 of his 36 years, Jack Barrett has been a heroin addict. Today, he sits casually in a white plastic chair at Groups, the treatment center that he credits with saving his life. That was after he finally sought help for the first time — after overdosing, and being revived with Narcan, eight times in seven days. He says that the problem was fentanyl, a synthetic opioid some 40 times more potent than heroin: “It’s not just heroin anymore.” How did he start using? “How does anyone start? I don’t know.” It’s his first time getting help that sticks in his memory. Groups lies off Main Street and Central Avenue in Middletown, Ohio — a city of 49,000 that the Butler County prosecutor calls the “buckle of Middle America,” the Butler County sheriff calls “the Heartland” and many people here seem to call “home, unfortunately.” Far from making him stand out, in Middletown Jack’s addiction signifies his belonging. “If you’re young here,” he explains, “people just assume you’re on heroin.” Between 1999 and 2014, American overdose deaths involving opioids nearly quadrupled to 28,647 — much of the increase driven by synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. In 2015, the toll exceeded 33,000. In few places is the magnitude and the pervasiveness of the crisis more apparent than in Middletown, Ohio. Yet the epidemic here is not unique: Ohio’s opioid deaths per capita are the third, not the first, highest in the country, after West Virginia and New Hampshire; Butler County’s the third highest in the state. In 1957, the National Civic League named Middletown an “all-American city.” Today, Middletown is the microcosm of an American epidemic that threatens to make addiction, crime and poverty a national norm. The city offers a lesson in the speed and power with which addiction can sabotage a community. And while we can glean possible answers in Middletown, we also see the high odds against success. “Everyone I know is on heroin,” says a hunched, fidgeting mother of three, running her hand through dry hair that was once blond. She is waiting for the free breakfast offered by a local church.

She goes to a methadone clinic three times a week. Her next-door neighbors have lost two kids to overdoses since May. “It’s not an epidemic. It’s a pandemic,” warns a recovering addict one table over, his eyes wide. According to local lore, Middletown derives its name from its position halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati. That geography now intensifies the opioid epidemic: As Gene Robinson, clean for most of the past 18 months, puts it, “Middletown is stuck in between two major cities. Dayton is the drug capital of Ohio. It’s easy access. And there’s not a lot of work in town.” In her living room half a mile from downtown Middletown, Robinson’s fiancée, Terri Fugate, gets straight to the point: “This here is a town full of addicts.” She talks about prostitutes patrolling the streets; a young girl left for dead in a boarded-up house down the street; a man who overdosed while driving a gas truck. Her son Larry started using heroin when he was 19, at his older sister’s house. He had just broken up with his girlfriend. His sister asked if he wanted to sit around moping all day or get high. She shot him up herself. Five months ago, Terri found her son overdosed and blue in his room. She administered CPR. “I had to literally bring my baby back. It was the most scariest thing in the world.” Larry was convicted shortly after that for forging a check. (“It had worked a couple times before,” he says. “I knew I would get in trouble for it eventually.”) He got out two days early because

he opted to go on the Vivitrol shot — a monthly injection that blocks opioid receptors in the brain. The two days didn’t really matter to him: “I just wanted the Vivitrol.” Larry explains that a week before going to jail, he decided he was done “chasing it. I woke up one morning and was like, I’m not buying dope today.” He says heroin was just too much money. His mother says he had hit his rock bottom. Gene, Terri’s squarejawed, handsome fiancé, sits on the couch in a neat yellow polo. Gene turned to heroin in 2009 after finding his then-wife dead of a painkiller overdose. He tried to go on Vivitrol once, but it didn’t work. You have to be clean for a week before starting, and that was too much: “It’s good for people who haven’t been on drugs for that long. But I can’t do that.” Now, Terri makes sure that he takes his Suboxone — a prescription medication that relieves opiate withdrawal symptoms. He’s been on and off it for a year and a half. He’s an electrician, but with his record he has to stick to side jobs. The calendar in the kitchen room comes from Access Counseling Services: Terri’s birthday and the dog wash punctuate doctor’s appointments and treatment sessions. Terri is proud of her boys, Larry and Gene. Larry writes music — a cross between spoken word and rap. He promises, in his latest lyrics, to repay his mother’s efforts. “I picked up the mic,” he sings, “and put the drugs down.” “I bawled,” Terri says. She has cervical and lung cancer. “It’s crazy. Saying that while

I smoke. I guess everyone has their s***.” Terri is a recovering alcoholic. Her sister is in treatment for a heroin addiction. The sister’s boyfriend talks about kicking his coke habit, and about his brother who’s on meth. The laundry room overflows with stacks of clothes that Terri pulled out the day before for the homeless shelter down the street. They almost obscure the glass bureau filled with neat hardcovers: Catherine Coulter, Mary Higgins

Clark, Nelson DeMille. Terri has read most of them but wants to get back to reading. Living Clean: The Journey Continues sits on the living room table. The smell of stale smoke lingers everywhere, clinging to the doilies and embroidered pillows. It defines this house in the same way that addiction defines this loving family — and, with them, Middletown. Jack tells everyone he knows to go to Groups. “This place is a lifesaver.” He plasters fliers around

his neighborhood. He took his brother here for one session, but it didn’t stick. “He wasn’t ready. You need to want help,” explains Jack. He continues to live with his brother, who still uses. •Emily de La Bruyère has written for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Beast. She is a student at Sciences Po in Paris on the Michel DavidWeill fellowship.

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017




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Columbus Ohio 43224

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El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017





El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

Mujeres Venezolanas demu La mujer venezolana ha tenido fama de ser una de las más hermosas del mundo, pues Venezuela es uno de los países con más reinas de Miss Universo, sin embargo, además de bella la venezolana ha demostrado ser una de las mujeres más valientes del mundo, pues en los años recientes no se conoce una participación tan aguerrida de la mujer como las de las venezolanas en su lucha contra la dictadura de Nicolás Maduro. Fotos: Facebook.

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017


uestran su valor al mundo




El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

NBA Africa becomes learning ground for young players The Sun of Ohio Special Report

The NBA Africa Game has brought about a frenzied week that has centered on building the game of basketball in Africa through camps and community outreach projects. It also became a week where younger players in the league had the opportunity to sit down with veterans and exchange knowledge. “It’s a fun environment because usually when you play them in the NBA you just see them on the court and say hi and bye. But here we actually have some time,” Dirk Nowitzki said. The former champion and 2008 MVP has taken a liking to Kristaps Porzingis. With only two years of NBA experience under his belt, the young Latvian has

raised the profile of the New York Knicks, a team that has struggled to be competitive in the Eastern Conference. In his first season, he became the first rookie in NBA history to record over 1,000 points, 500 rebounds and 100 blocks. “He’s like what, 20, 21? I mean, the sky is the limit for this kid,” Nowitzki said. “He’s long, he can move, he can shoot and had a fantastic year last season. He’s going to be a great player in this league for a long time.” Porzingis has taken advantage of having direct access to the German forward and used this week to glean pearls of wisdom from arguably the most accomplished and successful foreign-born player in the NBA.

“I have thousands of questions for him,” Porzingis quipped. “I have been talking to him all the time. But one thing I want to find out is how he is able to play at that age.” Nowitzki admits that “there is a little bit of luck involved” in sustaining a long career. Outside of two surgeries, he has been relatively healthy. But he does advise players like Porzingis to take care of their bodies: “Work out in the summer. Stay fit. Keep a healthy diet, especially during the season.” These are words that Joel Embiid will take to heart. The Philadelphia 76ers star was the third pick in the 2014 NBA draft but could not play until last season after injuring his foot and suffering delays in recovery. Last season,

he played 31 games before sustaining a torn meniscus in his left knee. Earlier in March, Embiid underwent surgery and he has been in recovery since. When asked which African player he is closest to, without hesitation, Embiid responded that it was Luol Deng. The two-time All-

Star can relate to the young Cameroon star as he too has had his fair share of injuries. While playing for the Chicago Bulls, Deng led the league in minutes per game during the 201112 and 2012-13 seasons. But Deng has also had a near-death experience when he had spinal tap

complications during the 2013 NBA playoffs. During Team Africa practice, the 23-year-old Embiid stuck to the 14year vet like glue. They appeared to be engaged in serious conversation for most of the time but would have occasional spurts of laughter.

If you want Neymar Jr. at your club, you must keep Neymar Sr. happy too Like countless Brazilian kids for their 18th or 19th birthday, Jr. wanted a car as a coming-of-age present. It was nothing unusual, not even when his father made good performance a condition of whether he would get the gift he wanted. The difference here is that instead of university entrance exams results, Jr. would have to work with his feet. “I told him: ‘If you want the car, you’ve got to win the South American Under-20 tournament and be the top scorer,” explained Sr. Yes, the Junior in question is nobody less than Neymar, the forward PSG have just signed from Barcelona for the most expensive fee ever, €222m (£198m), a deal his father/ influencer/representative (depending on your perspective) was

instrumental in securing. Oh, and by the way, Jr. duly followed his father’s orders, returning home from Peru in February 2011 with his first trophy for Brazil and the golden boot in his carry-on luggage. A few days later, legend says, there was a Porsche in the garage. At that point, Neymar Sr. knew his kid was growing

up but he still wanted to keep business as normal as possible. So he stood by the principles he put in place when, a decade earlier, it had become clear the boy had something special. Neymar Sr. was a former professional footballer whose career never really took off. Instead, he worked in a series of menial jobs

Brazil starlet Gabriel Jesus poised to become one of Premier League’s best Back in May, Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus posted a fascinating series of photos on social media: one of which was an image of him three years earlier, participating in the deeply Brazilian ritual of painting and decorating his local streets in the build up to the 2014 World Cup. At the time he was a promising player, full of goals in the youth ranks of Palmeiras, and may have been daydreaming of making his mark on the next version of the

tournament in 2018. Now, after moving to Man City for £27 million in January to become a central part of their attacking lineup, that dream is within reach. It would be the golden pot at the end of the biggest and most pressurised season of his young career. The youngster’s achievements over the last two years have set the bar high. For Brazil, and on a weekly basis for City, goals and top quality performances are no longer a bonus or a promising sign

for the future. That future has now arrived. With five goals and some glorious assists in six World Cup qualifiers, he is Brazil’s undisputed firstchoice centre forward. And he goes into 2017-18 with many expecting him to become City’s leading striker too, ahead of club legend Sergio Aguero, despite an injury-hit debut season in Manchester that still saw him net seven goals and four assists in his 10 Premier League games.

before tightening the belt even more by moving the family -- himself, his wife and their two kids -- into a single room in his mother’s house on the outskirts of the seaside town of Santos in southeast Brazil. The family spent weekends at a humble local social club where little Neymar developed a taste for

futsal. At the age of 10, his fame reached Portuguesa Santista, a local football club. They managed to lure the boy to their academy but not before Neymar Sr. got them to secure his son and daughter Rafaella places in one of the town’s best private schools. It was a move that in hindsight may look overzealous, but not in the 1990s, when one in five Brazilians over the age of 15 was considered illiterate. Neymar Sr. would also be instrumental a few years later when, in 2005, his son was already in the academy at Santos FC, the club made famous by Pele. Real Madrid, in the process of bringing Robinho to the Bernabeu at the time, acted on a tip by agent Wagner Ribeiro and tried to pull off what Barca did with Lionel Messi by offering Neymar (then 13) and his

family a life of comfort in Madrid. Santos put a stop to their efforts but Jr’s $150 per month wage jumped to $6,000 and Neymar Sr. also secured a $325,000 “staying put” bonus. At the same time, Neymar’s father had to make sure the windfalls wouldn’t be the undoing of his work with his son. Even in 2010 when Neymar was already showing he was bound to be the next big thing in Brazilian football and there were many calls for him to be included in the World Cup squad that year, Neymar Sr. had rules for his son dictating his use of jewelry and setting spending limits. “Just because we can afford things now I will not simply allow him to burn his money,” said Neymar Sr at the time. “He needs to learn the value of things.”

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017



Draymond Green: ‘El Dream Team cambió el baloncesto para siempre’

El Sol de Ohio Special Report El jugador estadounidense Draymond Green destacó, en su visita a Barcelona, que el Dream Team “cambió el baloncesto para siempre”. Este martes se cumplen 25 años del oro conseguido por Estados Unidos en los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona 92 en los que por primera vez acudían jugadores profesionales y no universitarios. Esto supuso que se juntaran jugadores como Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson y Larry Bird, entre otros. “El Dream Team es el mejor equipo de baloncesto de la historia. Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen. Si pudiera elegir a alguien de aquel equipo con el que jugar sería Michael Jordan. ¡Es el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos! Todos crecimos queriendo ser

como Mike. El Dream Team llegó, dominó y cambió el baloncesto para siempre”, aseguró Draymond Green en declaraciones recogidas por NBA España. El jugador estadounidense destacó el impacto que tuvo la llegada del Dream Team a Barcelona: “Hace 25 años, en Barcelona, un equipo descubrió el baloncesto al mundo. Todos conocemos ese equipo: es el Dream Team. Ese equipo estaba creado para volver a poner a América en el mapa. Ellos vinieron a Barcelona y fueron estrellas del Rock. Simplemente dominaron. Todo lo que ellos hicieron, todos los lugares que visitaron, era un espectáculo. Todo el mundo estaba impresionado con el Dream Team y se hacían fotos. Estaban sorprendidos de que estuvieran pisando el mismo suelo que aquellos hombres”. “El impacto en los aficionados fue enorme porque ahí fue cuando la gente realmente

empezó a convertirse en fans de los jugadores, no del baloncesto. Eran seguidores de Larry Bird, no de los Boston Celtics. Ellos crearon una manera completamente diferente de amar el baloncesto. La globalización del deporte empezó allí”, apuntó Draymond Green. Draymond Green, bicampeón de la NBA con Golden State Warriors y ganador del oro olímpico en Río de Janeiro, recordó su experiencia en los Juegos Olímpicos: “Era un sueño hecho realidad para mí, es un honor sin comparación salir a un escenario mundial y representar a tu país. Los Juegos Olímpicos significan honor, integridad, patriotismo. Realmente representas a tu país de la manera correcta. Subiendo a ese podio, tu bandera elevándose por encima de las demás, escuchando el himno americano, me da tranquilidad pensar en ello”.

Carlos Vela publica emotiva carta para la Real Sociedad El delantero de la Real Sociedad, Carlos Vela, compartió en redes sociales una emotiva carta para agradecer a la afición de Anoeta por su “apoyo incondicional” en los últimos años luego de confirmarse su salida de la plantilla en el próximo Mercado de Invierno. A través de su cuenta oficial de Twitter, el ariete mexicano de 28 años de edad publicó un texto en el que expresa su más sincero agradecimiento a la directiva de la Real Sociedad, así como a su familia por siempre “respaldar” sus decisiones. El exjugador del Arsenal abandonará el futbol español a principios del próximo año para emigrar a la MLS. El ‘Bombardero’ también compartió un video con algunos de sus mejores momentos como jugador de la Real y se comprometió con la afición txuri-urdin a entregarse al máximo para ayudar al club en

la primera vuelta de la campaña. Vela, quien se uniría a Los Ángeles FC en enero, disputó más de 200 partidos con el cuadro de San Sebastián y anotó más de 60 dianas. A continuación te presentamos la carta que publicó Carlos Vela, quien en unos meses pondrá fin a su carrera de más de 10 años en Europa: “Llegué el 16 de agosto de 2011 prestado a la Real Sociedad y el 17 de julio de 2012 confirmé mi traspaso definitivo sin que me cupiera la menor duda, llegaba y me consolidaba con un gran club. Gracias a esto he vivido 6 años inolvidables en una de las mejores ciudades del mundo. Agradezco de especial manera a TODOS los que forman la directiva y empleados de este club que desde siempre me recibieron con un gesto amable y con una sonrisa en la cara, en especial a Jokin Aperribay; a los distintos

cuerpos técnicos que tuve durante este tiempo y a los que están ahora, a los excelentes compañeros de taquilla en todo este tiempo y a esta afición que siempre me mostró su mejor y apoyo incondicional. A mi familia, mi más profundo agradecimiento por su amor, dedicación y respaldo en mis decisiones. A todos les digo: He tenido la gran fortuna de ser buscado por varios clubes este verano, todos ellos de gran jerarquía. Por el gran cariño y respeto a esta camiseta blanquiazul, me comprometo a jugar estos 6 meses dando lo mejor de mí, con el firme propósito de ayudar al equipo en todas y cada una de las competencias que tenemos, ya sea dentro o fuera del campo. Esto es un simple y humilde agradecimiento a todos ustedes, porque sigo aquí portando el número 11 hasta el último partido del 2017”. Siempre Txuri Urdin!!!!

Canelo Alvarez marcaría antes y después si noquea a GGG El Sol de Ohio Special Report

Sabe el bicampeón mundial Canelo Álvarez que una victoria sobre Gennady Golovkin podrá marcar un antes y un después en la historia del boxeo mexicano, también sabe, que lograrlo por la vía del nocaut, lo podría poner en un lugar muy especial en el pugilismo tricolor. Algunos de los triunfos más grandes del boxeo azteca han llegado por la vía del nocaut y de esa manera se perpetuaron en la mente de la fanaticada. Así Julio César Chávez, Salvador Sánchez y Juan Manuel Márquez se encumbraron al noquear a Meldrick Taylor, a Wilfredo Gómez y Manny Pacquiao, respectivamente, y Canelo

quiere ser recordado así. “Ha habido muchas peleas grandes que han hecho los mexicanos en la historia, pero creo que sí esta es una pelea que puede marcar un antes y un después a esas peleas”, dijo Canelo a ESPN durante una teleconferencia realizada este martes a poco más de un mes del esperado duelo del 16 de septiembre entre Saúl y Gennady en Las Vegas. Pero más allá de pensar en la victoria como meta única, Canelo cree que llegar a ella de la manera más espectacular que tiene el boxeo de acabar sus peleas será mejor. “Un peleador siempre sueña con el nocaut, ganar por nocaut es más espectacular, la victoria es más contundente y para la gente también,

esta es una pelea que puede haber nocaut y claro que sí me gustaría que terminara por nocaut”, destacó el ídolo mexicano. Con el ánimo a tope, Canelo y su promotor, Óscar de la Hoya, creen que esta pelea puede entrar a los anales de este deporte como una de las mejores en peso Medio. “Es una pelea en donde ambos tenemos poder, es una pelea en la que los estilos se van a acoplar, es una garantía de espectáculo y donde puede haber nocaut. En el boxeo todo es posible y más cuando hay poder de por medio”, reiteró. Canelo Álvarez y su equipo permanecerán en San Diego hasta el 10 de septiembre.



El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

Church Life

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Obispo interviene para frenar deportación de inmigrante mexicana El Sol de Ohio Special Report El obispo de El Paso, Mark Seitz, y otros líderes religiosos solicitaron a funcionarios de la Oficina de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE), suspender la deportación de una mujer mexicana quien desde hace tres años solicitó asilo en Estados Unidos, luego de que su esposo fuera asesinado en México. María Elena De Loera, temía por la seguridad de sus tres hijos tras la muerte de su esposo en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, por lo que solicitó asilo en 2014. Su petición fue negada en el verano de 2015, poco después de que su hija Alia Escobedo, de ocho años de edad, fuera diagnosticada con cáncer. Funcionarios de inmigración concedieron a De Loera la suspensión de la deportación mientras su hija recibía tratamiento contra el cáncer en un hospital de El Paso. Desde entonces, la abogada de De Loera, Linda Rivas, ha solicitado cada año al ICE que reconsidere la renovación de su permiso

y la revocación de la orden de deportación. De Loera permanece en El Paso, cerca de su hija, obligada a portar un brazalete electrónico en su tobillo, para que las autoridades de inmigración puedan ubicarla todo el tiempo. El obispo y otros líderes religiosos

intervinieron este lunes a nombre de De Loera, sumándose a la petición de su abogada para pedirle a los funcionarios de ICE que detengan su deportación. Esta es la primera vez que el obispo interviene directamente para tratar de evitar la deportación de un inmigrante. “Creo que

la responsabilidad de la iglesia es hablar el evangelio y hablar con la conciencia de la gente de nuestro país para llamarnos a algo mejor, para llamarnos a ser un lugar de compasión, incluso si tratamos estos complejos asuntos de inmigración “, dijo Seitz.

La abogada Rivas, el obispo Seitz y otros lideres religiosos sostuvieron la víspera una reunión de 45 minutos con funcionarios del ICE en el Centro de Procesamiento de Inmigración en El Paso. Tras el encuentro, los funcionarios de ICE

the accident. He told investigators he didn’t realize he had hit a person, thinking the collision was

with a dog, a cat, or a rock thrown at his window. He was convicted of leaving the scene of a fatal

aceptaron la petición de suspender la remoción, lo que significa que van a considerar la evidencia presentada para decidir si De Loera puede permanecer en el país. “Creemos que esto es una buena noticia y apreciamos la cooperación del ICE en este momento dado que María está al lado de su hija”, dijo Rivas en declaraciones a la prensa en El Paso. “Ellos tienen la comprensión de que este es un caso muy crítico y especial dada la condición de la hija”, indicó. Alia, quien es atendida en El Paso Children Hospital, ha sido sometida a ocho cirugías, algunas en su pierna derecha, pulmones y boca, para eliminar el cáncer. En febrero pasado su cáncer entró en remisión pero volvió hacerse presente en tumores formados en sus pulmones. Alia ha entrado y salido de la unidad de cuidados intensivos del hospital.

Former Phoenix bishop categorically denies’ sex abuse claim Bishop Thomas O’Brien, the former bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, has denied allegations he sexually molested a young boy in the late 1970s and early ‘80s. “Bishop O’Brien categorically denies the allegations,” the diocese said Aug. 3. “According to Diocese of Phoenix records, Bishop O’Brien was never assigned to any of the parishes or schools identified in the lawsuit, and no specific information has been presented which connects Bishop O’Brien to the plaintiff. Bishop O’Brien, 81, is accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing the alleged victim several times at parishes in Phoenix and Goodyear, Ariz. from 19771982. His accuser, now 47 and living near Tucson, has said he started having flashbacks of the abuse in September 2014 as he prepared for his son’s baptism, his

lawyer Tim Hale told the Associated Press. “It has turned his life upside down,” Hale said. The Phoenix police department is investigating the allegation. The diocese said it contacted the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office “immediately” upon learning of the allegations in September 2016. Because the matter is pending litigation, the diocese said it would not share additional information. It expressed commitment to protecting all young people. “We are dedicated to providing a safe environment in which every individual is valued and honored as created in the image and likeness of God. Anyone who has been a victim of abuse or who may have information concerning these crimes is encouraged to call a local law enforcement agency.” The diocese promised

continued prayers for victims of childhood abuse and pledged continued vigilance to protection efforts. Bishop O’Brien’s handling of sex abuse charges against church employees resulted in a 2003 immunity deal. He acknowledged that he allowed employees accused of sex abuse to continue to have contact with children. That deal said a grand jury investigating sex abuse allegations against the Church did not find evidence that the bishop engaged in sexual misconduct. But the deal did not prevent bringing charges against the bishop if there were evidence he committed sexual abuse. After 21 years as Bishop of Phoenix, Bishop O’Brien resigned in June 2003, after being accused of striking and killing a 43-year-old man with his car in a hitand-run accident. The bishop did not stop to help the man or to report

accident, then sentenced to probation and 1,000 hours of community service. (CAN).

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017


Archaeologists Believe They’ve Found Home of Apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip The Sun of Ohio

Rhema Christian Center (614) 471-9673 2100 Agler Road Columbus, Ohio 43224 Service Times: Saturday Service 6:00 PM Sunday Service 8:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Archaeologists from Kinneret College, Israel and Nyack College in New York, completed their excavations at the el-Araj site last month, which has long been considered the location of ancient Julias, also known as Bethsaida. “The results of this season’s excavation indicate that el-Araj should now be

considered a leading candidate for the lost city of Jesus’ Apostles,” Prof. Steven Notley of Nyack College told Fox News. “This is really one of the few (biblical sites) that has remained lost.” Kinneret College says the archeological dig also uncovered a church that once stood over the

birthplace of Simon Peter, his brother Andrew, and Philip. “The discovery of dozens of golden glass mosaics in the previous season and the present season attests to the fact that the church was an important and magnificent place,” the college said in a statement. Dr. Aviam says the team’s

find is sure to “arouse great interest among early Christian scholars, historians of the New Testament and scholars of the Land of Israel in general and the Jewish Galilee in the Second Temple period in particular.” (CBN News).

Marcos Witt aclara rumor difundido entre él y Ricky Martin

El Sol de Ohio Special Report El salmista Marcos Witt tuvo que aclarar desde su cuenta oficial de Twitter y Facebook un rumor que se ha estado difundiendo y que un medio de comunicación publicó como un hecho veraz. Según un sitio web Noticias América, Ricky Martin aseguró en el espacio radiofónico de Andy Cohen (Sirius XM) que Marcos Witt será el pastor que los casará. Parte de la falsa noticia dice: “…quiero que nos case un gran amigo que nos ha llevado por el buen camino nuestro amigo y pastor Marcos Witt el cual a darle la noticia que sería nuestro invitado de honor dijo que estaría encantado de ser

CHURCHES SERVICES / SERVICIOS DE IGLESIAS Christ the King (Catholic Church) (Servicio en español) 2777 E. Livingston Ave. Columbus, OH 43209 (614) 237-0401 English (614) 237- 0414 Español Mass Times Horario de Misa Weekend Mass Saturday 4:00 PM English 6:00 PM Spanish Sunday 8:00 AM English 10:00 AM English 12:30 PM Spanish

Special Report

Israeli and American archeologists believe they may have found the Biblical city of Bethsaida, home to three of Jesus’ apostles. The ancient fishing village on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee is referenced in the gospel of Mark as the place where Jesus healed a blind man. Bethsaida is also the birthplace of three apostles of Jesus-- Peter, Andrew and Philip. Over the weekend, the chief archaeologist of Israel’s Kinneret College, said researchers had discovered a bathhouse they believe was part of a significant Roman city. “The layer from the Roman period was found at a depth of 2 meters below a layer from the Byzantine period,” said Dr Mordechai Aviam of Kinneret College. ”Our main surprise was that at the bottom of the excavation, in a small area, a wall of a building was discovered, and next to it was a mosaic floor and artifacts that characterize a bathhouse.”


partícipe de tan hermoso momento ; mientras tanto el pastor y amigo de la pareja Marcos Witt comentó para el programa El Gordo y La Flaca estar sumamente emocionado cuando se le cuestionó que cual era su opinión él dijo no empiecen por favor, esto es amor puro no sea cual sea su problema y se marchó mandándole bendiciones a los futuros desposados”. “Contrario a la MENTIRA que corre por ahí, NO estaré casando a Ricky Martin. Por favor no se crean las calumnias y rumores de sensacionalismo”, dijo el salmista, sin embargo, cabe destacar que no es la primera vez que Marcos Witt es relacionado con Ricky Martin, en el 2006 se difundió otra falsa noticia donde se afirmaba

que el salmista había pedido a Martin grabar un tema evangélico que sería incluido en su nuevo álbum y que los fondos que se recogerían de la venta de los discos sería para fines caritativos. En esa ocasión en comunicación exclusiva con el gerente del Grupo CanZion México, Isaac Sosa, aclaró que la supuesta invitación que realizaría Marcos al reconocido artista secular era una falsa noticia. “Lo de Ricky Martin, no sabemos nada, es seguramente un chisme o algo así”, afirmó el importante ejecutivo.

Vineyard Church at Tuttle Crossing 5400 Avery Rd. Dublin. OH. 43016 Phone: 614.876.0258 Service Times We meet Sundays at 10:30AM. Free coffee and free Timbits are served every morning! We have dynamic worship, great teaching and personal ministry. Full childcare is available as well as programming for children during the service. We love and welcome your children. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church 30 West Woodruff Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210 on the campus of The Ohio State University 614-294-3749 Sunday Worship Schedule: 8:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist (no music) 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist with music 6:00 p.m. Campus Worship community

Mormon church leader excommunicated for 1st time in decades Mormon church leader was removed from his post and kicked out of the religion for the first time in nearly three decades. James J. Hamula was released from a mid-level leadership council based on disciplinary action by the religion’s highest leaders, said Eric Hawkins, a spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hawkins didn’t say why Hamula was ousted, but the Utah-based church said it was not for apostasy, which refers to teaching inaccurate doctrine or publicly defying guidance from church leaders. Efforts to reach Hamula at

listed phone numbers were not successful. The last leader to be excommunicated was the late George P. Lee in 1989 after Lee, an American Indian, called Mormon leaders racist. The church said then that Lee was removed for “apostasy and other conduct unbecoming a member of the church.” The last church leader removed before Lee was Richard R. Lyman, who was excommunicated in 1943 for adultery but baptized again 11 years later. Hamula became a member of a group called the “General Authority Seventy” in 2008.

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church 5200 Sullivant Ave. Columbus, OH 43228 Office: 614-878-6520 Worship times: Sunday (English) 10:30 am Worthington SeventhDay Adventist Church 385 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. Worthington, OH 43085 Phone: 614-885-7812 Service Times: First Service: Contemporary 9:00 am Sabbath School: Adult and children of all ages: 10:15 am Second Service: Traditional 11:20 am The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2400 Red Rock Blvd, Grove City, OH 43123 (614) 875-8490



El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

Luisa Ortega: Hero or traitor? The Sun of Ohio Special Report

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, has emerged as a key figure in the country’s politics in recent months. BBC News takes a closer look at the 59-year-old lawyer and how she went from being seen as an ally of President Nicolás Maduro to one of his most outspoken critics. Luisa Ortega was appointed to the post of chief prosecutor by the National Assembly in December 2007, when the legislature was still controlled by the governing socialist PSUV. One of the most influential politicians in the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, appointed her and for years she was seen a staunch ally of President Hugo Chávez and his successor in office, Nicolás Maduro. It was Luisa Ortega who announced in 2014 that opposition leader Leopoldo López had been charged with public incitement and conspiracy over his role in a wave of protests at the time. Mr López was later found guilty and sentenced to more than 13 years in jail, a move widely condemned by human rights groups and international leaders who said it was politically motivated. But in March 2017 she broke rank with the

government when she said that a Supreme Court ruling stripping the oppositioncontrolled National Assembly of its powers was unlawful. The news conference she gave, constitution in hand, and with members of her team standing behind her, caught the government by surprise and delighted members of the opposition. Speaking out It was just the first in a series of news conferences during which she became increasingly direct in her criticism of the government. On 19 April, she published a statement defending the right of citizens to hold

peaceful protests. Ms Ortega also publicly contradicted government ministers when she announced that 20-year old protester Juan Pablo Pernalete was killed by a tear gas canister fired by the National Guard. The foreign minister at the time, Delcy Rodríguez,and Information Minister Ernesto Villegas had said that evidence suggested he was shot with a bolt gun by fellow protesters. In June, she filed a challenge against President Maduro’s plan to convene a constituent assembly. Labelled a traitor

The Supreme Court rejected it but her legal challenge prompted vitriol from socialist party officials who labelled her a “traitor” and even questioned her sanity. A lawmaker for the socialist party, Pedro Carreño demanded that she should submit to a “psychological evaluation”. Ms Ortega said that in the wake of her criticism of the government, her family had been threatened. “They harass them. They follow them, patrol cars that look like [the Venezuelan intelligence service] Sebin,” she said. At the end of June, Venezuela’s Supreme Court

paved the way for a possible trial of Ms Ortega on charges of “threatening public ethics and administrative morals” and of “violating and threatening the fundamental principles of the constitution”. The court also banned her from leaving the country and froze her assets. Her powers were also curtailed when the Supreme Court transferred some of her post’s duties to the ombudsman, a government loyalist. Ms Ortega said the move was part of an attempt by the government to abolish

her office. She also refused to attend a hearing on 4 July which was called to determine whether she should stand trial for alleged malpractice. “I’m not going to validate a circus whose decision is already made [against me]. I don’t recognise them!” she said. Most recently, she has been highly critical of election held on 30 July to choose members for the controversial constituent assembly convened by President Maduro. Ms Ortega has called for an independent audit of the vote after allegations the figure for the turnout had been inflated. Her trajectory from party loyalist to thorn in the side of the government has made her future very uncertain. A close ally of Mr Maduro, Jorge Rodríguez, said it was only a matter of time until she would be removed from her post. “She is the past,” the influential politician said. Ms Ortega has insisted that it is not her who has changed but those around her. “I’ve always been the same. The ones who have changed are the others,” she told CNN. “Look up my stance since I was named as chief prosecutor and you’ll see I’ve always maintained the same position.”

‘El Chapo’ Guzman hires top defence legal team The Sun of Ohio Special Report

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has hired a team of top defence lawyers in his fight against a US criminal case. They include Jeffrey Lichtman and Marc Fernich, best known for their successful defence of the son of New York mafia boss John Gotti. Guzman has pleaded not guilty to charges that he ran the world’s largest drug-trafficking organisation. He faces life in a US prison if convicted. Guzman, 60, escaped twice from prison in Mexico, once in a laundry basket and later through a tunnel in a prison cell. He was extradited to the US in January and is being held in a maximum security prison in New York. Mr Lichtman confirmed in an email on Tuesday that Guzman had hired him along with Mr Fernich,

William Purpura Eduardo Balarezo.


‘Zealous defence’ He said it was too early to speculate on a defence strategy. “We simply hope to have the chance to give Mr Guzman a zealous defence and the chance to challenge the numerous co-operating criminals who will all be seeking to use him as their Get Out of Jail Free cards,” he said. The new lawyers are reported to be seeking assurances that prosecutors would not try to seize their legal fees as part of a $14bn

(£11bn) forfeiture they are seeking from Guzman’s alleged profits from the drugs trade. Guzman is due to go on trial next April accused of running the notorious Sinaloa cartel. Mr Lichtman and Mr Fernich successfully defended John Gotti Junior - son of the so-called “Dapper Don”. Over the course of five years, juries in four trials failed to reach a verdict against John Gotti Junior on charges of murder and racketeering. Prosecutors gave up their case against him in 2010.

Hearing loss of US diplomats in Cuba blamed on covert device The two-year-old U.S. diplomatic relationship with Cuba was roiled Wednesday by what U.S. officials say was a string of bizarre incidents that left a group of American diplomats in Havana with severe hearing loss attributed to a covert sonic device. In the fall of 2016, a series of U.S. diplomats began suffering unexplained losses of hearing, according to officials with knowledge of the investigation into the case. Several of the diplomats were recent

arrivals at the embassy, which reopened in 2015 as part of former President Barack Obama’s reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba. Some of the diplomats’ symptoms were so severe that they were forced to cancel their tours early and return to the United States, officials said. After months of investigation, U.S. officials concluded that the diplomats had been exposed to an advanced device that operated outside the range of audible

sound and had been deployed either inside or outside their residences. It was not immediately clear if the device was a weapon used in a deliberate attack, or had some other purpose. The U.S. officials weren’t authorized to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. retaliated by expelling two Cuban diplomats from their embassy in Washington on May 23.

The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017



Declaran culpable de fraude al “hombre más odiado en EUA”

Despide firma agrícola de EUA a trabajadores mexicanos por protestar

El Sol de Ohio Special Report Un jurado en un tribunal federal de Nueva Yorkdeclaró culpable al empresario Martin Shkreli, quien en el pasado fue bautizado por la prensa como “el hombre más odiado” de Estados Unidos por haber aumentado exageradamente el precio de un medicamento clave para el sistema inmunológico. Aunque aún no se sabe cuántos años de cárcel tendrá que cumplir finalmente, el abogado presentó el veredicto como algo cercano a una victoria, ya que su defendido podría evitar ir a prisión o recibir una pena “mucho menor” que la contemplada por la

Fiscalía. Al final, fueron las mentiras de Shkreli a sus inversionistas las que le costaron la libertad, no su decisión en 2015 de elevar el precio de un fármaco antiparasitario. Los fiscales habían acusado a Shkreli de engañar repetidamente a los inversores con lo que estaba haciendo con su dinero. Algunos se refirieron a él como “serpiente” y otro lo calificó como “ el rostro de la ambición corporativa “. Reuters Martin Shkreli, de 34 años, fue declarado culpable de tres de ocho cargos. El jurado llegó a su veredicto en el quinto día de deliberaciones después de un mes de prueba, según

publicó The Guardian. Ninguno de los dos fue seleccionado para el panel. Los fiscales dijeron que Shkreli se jactó ante potenciales clientes de fondos de coberturaque administraba hasta US$100 millones cuando el valor neto de uno de sus fondos cayó a menos de 33 centavos, y nunca tuvo más de US$3 millones. Sus abogados trataron de probar el caso mediante el contrainterrogatorio de testigos del gobierno, alegando que Shkreli era un genio excéntrico cuyos inversionistas en última instancia ganaron millones de dólares -incluso si les tomaba tomara años recuperar su dinero.

Una compañía agrícola estadunidense en la comunidad de Sumas, al norte de Seattle, Washington, despidió entre 75 y cien trabajadores mexicanos, que protestaron tras la muerte de un compañero, que atribuyeron a las malas condiciones laborales, denunciaron grupos comunitarios. La firma Sarbanand Farms sacó el fin de semana de sus campos de moras a los jornaleros, provenientes de los estados mexicanos de Guanajuato, Nayarit y Michoacán bajo el Programa de Visas H-2A para realizar labores agrícolas de temporada, sin darles tiempo para recoger sus pertenencias personales. Auxiliados por las organizaciones comunitarias Community to Community

Development y Familias Unidas por la Justicia, los trabajadores establecieron un campamento al aire libre en un terreno fuera de la propiedad de la compañía. Los grupos comunitarios informaron que los trabajadores realizaron una marcha el lunes y otra este martes para exigir a la empresa el pago de salarios y autorización para recuperar sus objetos personales, y además, que la compañía se responsabilice del costo de su regreso a México. Los problemas comenzaron la semana pasada, cuando en medio de una ola de calor, uno de los trabajadores identificado como Honesto Silva Ibarra, de 30 años, fue obligado a trabajar aún cuando se encontraba visiblemente enfermo, denunciaron los jornaleros. De acuerdo con testimonios de los trabajadores, Silva se

quejó de un fuerte dolor de cabeza, pero personal de la empresa negó al menos por dos días cualquier tipo de apoyo, y luego el jornalero trató de conseguir un boleto de avión de regreso a México, pero fracasó porque su visa estaba vencida. “Después de sentirse realmente mal, decidió por su cuenta ir al hospital y pagar todo de su bolsillo porque la compañía no lo iba a hacer”, dijo Misael González, uno de sus compañeros, a la estación de radio KUOW de Seattle. El Centro Médico Haborview en Seattle, y la Oficina del Médico Forense del Condado de King, confirmaron que Silva fue atendido pero falleció el pasado domingo. El joven trabajador estaba casado y tenia tres hijos en México.

Presidente de Colombia afirma que en Venezuela hay “una dictadura” El Sol de Ohio Special Report

EUA revela expulsión de diplomáticos cubanos por incidente en La Habana El Sol de Ohio Special Report El gobierno de Estados Unidos reveló la expulsión de dos funcionarios cubanos adscritos a la embajada de la isla en Washington, sin razones aparentes y en medio de de un incidente que involucró a empleados estadunidenses de su legación en La Habana. Los dos funcionarios cubanos fueron notificados de su expulsión el 23 de mayo pasado, dijo este miércoles la vocera del Departamento de Estado

Heather Nauert, quien evitó dar detalles del incidente que fue reportado inicialmente en 2016. “No tenemos una respuesta definitiva sobre la fuente o la causa de lo que consideramos un incidente, pero puedo decir que el 23 de mayo, el Departamento de Estado tomó una mayor acción. Le pedimos a dos funcionarios que estaban adscritos a la embajada de Cuba en Estados Unidos” salir de este país, dijo. Los dos funcionarios dejaron ya el país, y Nauert dijo que el gobierno estadounidense ha tomado

este situación “seriamente”. “Una de las cosas de las que hablamos aquí con frecuencia: el bienestar y la seguridad de los estadunidenses aquí y más allá, es nuestra prioridad. Estamos tomando la situación con seriedad y ya está bajo investigación”, indicó. La vocera no explicó las razones precisas para la expulsión, pero dijo que algunas personas de la embajada en Cuba regresaron a Estados Unidos por razones de salud, aunque se negó a proporcionar un número.

El presidente colombiano, Juan Manuel Santos, dijo que en Venezuela se ha instaurado “una dictadura” por encima de los poderes legítimamente constituidos que está destruyendo las instituciones. “Lo que está sucediendo en Venezuela infortunadamente es una destrucción de la institucionalidad democrática”, sostuvo Santos en una entrevista con Efe que será difundida íntegramente en las próximas horas. El presidente recordó que un portavoz del propio régimen venezolano describió la Asamblea Constituyente instalada la semana pasada como un poder que “está por encima de todos los poderes constituidos”. “¿Cuáles son los poderes constituidos? El poder de la Justicia, el poder Legislativo y el poder Ejecutivo; eso es poner en marcha una instancia todopoderosa que no guarda

ningún respeto por la división de poderes o por la institucionalidad democrática y eso se llama una dictadura”, afirmó. Justamente, hoy los 17 países de América y el Caribe reunidos en Lima reafirmaron su opinión común de que Venezuela “ya no es una democracia” y que “los actos que emanen” de su Asamblea Constituyente “son ilegítimos”. Según dijo Santos, la comunidad internacional sólo comenzó a reaccionar ahora a la crisis venezolana porque la situación llegó a un punto en el que la democracia “comenzó realmente a ser puesta en tela de juicio”.

Añadió que antes, “a pesar de que no se estaba de acuerdo con el modelo económico y con mucho de lo que estaba sucediendo (...) no se había roto con tanta claridad el esquema democrático” y cuando eso empieza a ocurrir, especialmente tras el desconocimiento de la Asamblea Legislativa, es cuando “la comunidad internacional comenzó a tomar una posición más dura”. “Sin duda, el narcotráfico ha generado unas condiciones muy especiales y muy dañinas en Venezuela que dificultan cualquier solución”, dijo.



El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

Generic Drug Prices Are Falling, but Are Consumers Benefiting? By Charles Ornstein and Katie Thomas The New York Times Not all drug prices are going up. Amid the public fury over the escalating costs of brand-name medications, the prices of generic drugs have been falling, raising fears about the profitability of major generic manufacturers. Last week, Teva Pharmaceuticals reported that it had missed analysts’ earnings estimates in the second quarter and planned to lay off 7,000 workers. Its share price plummeted 24 percent in one day as investors worried there was no end in sight. Share prices of other generic drugmakers also declined, as did those of wholesalers, which profit from the sales of generic drugs and have said they expect prices to continue declining. Mylan, another large generic drugmaker, will report its second-quarter earnings on Wednesday. Mylan also sells the EpiPen, the brand-name allergy treatment whose price increases have stoked outrage over the past year, but the company’s primary business is as a seller of generic drugs. This may seem like good news for consumers, but it’s unclear how much they will save. Why are generic prices falling? Generic drugs are copycat versions of brand-name products and — to a point — their prices are expected to drop over time. When a brand-name drug first loses its patent protection, prices fall slowly. Over the next couple of years, as more competitors enter the market, the prices drop even more, until the pills become commodities and sell for pennies. Blockbuster drugs that have recently taken this path include Lipitor and Plavix, the cholesterollowering and bloodthinning pills that now cost as little as $10 for a monthly prescription. Generic drug prices have been declining in the United States since at least 2010, according to an August 2016 report by the Government Accountability Office. They have fallen even in the face of high-profile exceptions: Dozens of old generic drugs have risen in price in recent years, for reasons that include supply disruptions and competitors’ leaving the market.

For example, the price that pharmacies paid for the antibiotic doxycycline hyclate increased to $3.65 a pill in 2013 from 5.6 cents in 2012, according to an analysis of pricing data by Adam J. Fein, president of Pembroke Consulting, who researches the drug-distribution industry. The spike in prices of doxycycline and other generic drugs led to a congressional investigation as well as state and federal inquiries into price-fixing that are still underway. A coalition of state attorneys general have accused a number of companies of colluding to keep prices high. Mr. Fein said the price of doxycycline has since declined to 60 cents a pill. “That’s a big switch,” he said. Despite these cases, the trend toward deflating generic prices appears to have accelerated as companies have more aggressively undercut each other’s prices. Making matters worse for the generics companies, they are missing out on peak profit potential because not as many brand-name products are losing patent protection. The six-month period after a drug goes generic is typically the most lucrative time for the first company to market. And the Food and Drug Administration has been clearing out a backlog of genericdrug approvals, meaning more competitors are now entering markets for certain drugs. In a recent call with Wall Street analysts, George S. Barrett, the chairman and chief executive of Cardinal Health,

a major drug distributor that reported declining profits last week, said generic deflation was not new, but that the company historically had been able to anticipate it. “It just looked a little different than we had seen,” he said. In recent years, generic companies have gone on acquisition sprees in an effort to head off some of these challenges. But they have been outmaneuvered by those who buy their products, a trend that has been intensifying. Major pharmacy chains, drug wholesalers and pharmacy benefit managers (which operate drug plans for insurers) have united into colossal buying groups. For example, Express Scripts, a large pharmacy benefit manager that runs its own mail-order pharmacy, teamed up with Walgreens Boots Alliance in May to purchase generics. “What we’re seeing is incredible competition — and we’re causing it,” said

Dr. Steve Miller, the chief medical officer for Express Scripts. So are consumers saving any money? The declining prices are broadly beneficial to the health care system, and may put some slight brake on rising premiums. But most of those with health insurance pay a fixed co-payment — $10, for example — for each generic prescription, and therefore don’t pay more or less, regardless of any fluctuation in the actual price. And even those who pay cash for generics may not notice a drop in price because many are already cheap. Retail drug prices dropped 2.4 percent over the last year, based on a weighted average of 92 generics that have been on the market for at least a year, according to an analysis conducted for The New York Times and ProPublica by GoodRx, a site that tracks prices

that consumers pay at the pharmacy. (Weighted averages account for how often each drug is prescribed.) But that figure hides vast variations. The retail price for clopidogrel, the generic for Plavix, dropped 37 percent, to $3.77 from $6.03 a pill, GoodRx found. Conversely, the blood pressure drug metoprolol went up about 70 percent, to 59 cents a pill from 35 cents. But GoodRx noted that consumers can almost always do better than paying the retail price, or sometimes even their copayments, using websites — like its own — that offer discounts. Does this mean the problem with high drug costs has eased? Overall drug spending is still on the rise because of the skyrocketing price of new, brand-name drugs. For example, a report by QuintilesIMS, an industry research firm, found that in

2016, drug spending increased by nearly 5 percent, after accounting for discounts and rebates paid by manufacturers. Generic drugs accounted for 89 percent of prescriptions dispensed in 2016, but only 26 percent of the costs, according to QuintilesIMS. Each year, generic drugs make up a larger share of the prescriptions filled, while accounting for a smaller portion of drug costs, said Chester Davis Jr., the president of the Association for Accessible Medicines, the generic industry trade group. New treatments for conditions like cancer and multiple sclerosis often enter the market with annual price tags in the tens of thousands — and sometimes hundreds of thousands— of dollars. Many manufacturers also raise the price once or twice a year, compounding the problem. “Generic drugs are among the best-value products in health care,” said Dr. Aaron S. Kesselheim, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. But for those who must take a brand-name drugs because there is no other alternative, “they’re the ones bearing the burden or the brunt of the drug price increases in recent years.” Is this trend likely to continue? Generic manufacturers say they expect it will, and are worried that lower prices could put pressure on profits and threaten the viability of the companies. This could lead to a wave of mergers and acquisitions, reducing competition and leading to higher prices. David Maris, an analyst for Wells Fargo, dismissed the idea that companies would go out of business. “Right now we have a very healthy generic market,” he said. The new commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, has made increased competition in the drug market a key part of his policy platform. He said he wanted to make it easier for the generics manufacturers to get clearance for hard-to-copy products like eye drops, topical creams and asthma inhalers. And he wants to reduce barriers to ensure new players can enter the market for existing generic drugs, possibly lowering prices further. “We’re looking to create competition where there isn’t competition,” he said.


The Sun of Ohio | August 11/25, 2017


En tu esponja viven 362 tipos de bacterias, pero según esta experta eso no debería preocuparle a nadie El Sol de Ohio Special Report Un microbiólogo alemán sacudió la tranquilidad de las cocinas de muchos la semana pasada con su particular descubrimiento: resulta que las esponjas para lavar los platos, al menos las 14 que él y su equipo de la Universidad de Furtwangen analizaron, tenían tantas bacterias casi como una muestra de laboratorio de materia fecal. “Es posible que no haya otro lugar en la tierra con semejante densidad de bacterias”, dijo jocosamente el científico al New York Times y quien señaló al insignificante rectángulo de ser lo suficientemente poroso y húmedo para que las bacterias, más de 362 de diferente tipo, se den a diario todo un festín.

Aunque no dejaba de ser sorprendente que justo el implemento que se usa para limpiar todo en la casa resulte el receptáculo de un universo de bacterias, -en las que incluso se cuentan las Acinetobacter que pueden afectar a los seres humanos con un sistema inmunológico muy débi-l, lo cierto es que la alarma se fue decantando con los

días. “¿No vivimos en un universo esterilizado. Tú y todos tus allegados viven rodeados de bactrias. Es normal”, le debatió al estudio Judy Stone, experta en enfermedades infeccionas y colaboradora de Forbes quien además puso de manifiesto que una prueba en 14 esponajas no parecía suficiente

evidencia científica. En realidad el estudio que puso sus ojos en el peculiar mundo de las esponjas de cocina “no encontró ninguna Salmonella o Campylobacter, bacterias asociadas a la intoxicación alimenticia que de verdad representarían un daño para la salud”, añadió.

Por qué entonces prestarle especial atención a la esponja si igual hay clara evidencia de las bacterias que viven en la piel de algunas frutas, en las bolsas de tela en la que cargamos la comida o en los cordones de los zapatos que siempre amarramos sin vernos abocados a lavarnos las manos. Sin ir más lejos, el celular tiene diez veces más bacterias que el sanitario según lo encontró en su estudio Charles Gerba de la universidad de Arizona. Lo que la gente suele hacer para limpiar sus esponjas es ponerla en una solución con jabón y algo de limón en el microondas, una práctica que para el autor del estudio resulta un error. En el microondas solo se mueren las bacterias más débiles pero las más fuertes no solo se mantienen intactas sino

con más espacio para esparcirse. La verdadera y gran solución sería cambiarla una vez cada semana, pero si no se quiere ser parte de semejante debacle ambiental y si todo este debate, como lo sugiere Judy Stone, no resulta más que una paranoia innecesaria será suficiente con lavarla en el lavaplatos, con agua caliente y en un ciclo seco. Al parecer se puede seguir viviendo con la esponja, siempre desagradable al tacto, algo manchada y un poco maltrecha, porque aunque sepamos que está llena de vida, los científicos sí que han confirmado una cosa: es completamente inofensiva.

La soledad puede ser más dañina para la salud que la obesidad

El Sol de Ohio Special Report La frase “me siento tan solo que podría morir” podría tener un significado más literal del que pensamos. Tras analizar más de 200 estudios científicos sobre el tema, investigadores encontraron que la soledad y el aislamiento aumentan el riesgo de muerte en 50%, mientras que la obesidad incrementa la probabilidad en 30%. El análisis, presentado en una ponencia durante la Convención de la Sociedad Estadounidense de Psicología, advierte que estos males representan una grave amenaza para la salud pública. “Relacionarse con otras personas socialmente se considera una necesidad humana básica, crucial para el bienestar y la supervivencia”, explicó Julianne Holt Lunstad, autora del estudio y profesora de la Brigham Young University en un comunicado. Advirtió que no es casual que bebés

que carecen de contacto humano fallezcan o que el aislamiento sea usado como forma de castigo. Para ilustrar su punto, Holt Lunstad presentó la data de dos metaanálisis. El primero se basó en 148 estudios que involucraron a más de 300,000 participantes y concluyó que una mayor socialización disminuye el riesgo de muerte temprana en 50%. El segundo análisis se hizo a partir de 70 otras investigaciones que agrupan a más de tres millones de personas en Norteamérica, Europa, Asia y Australia para determinar si el aislamiento, la soledad o el vivir sin compañía tienen igual incidencia sobre la mortalidad. Estar aislado no es lo mismo que sentirse solo pues implica la carencia de cualquier relación social, mientras que la soledad es más una sensación que puede ocurrir incluso cuando estamos rodeados de gente. Pero según los

investigadores ambos factores tienen un impacto similar sobre la mortalidad prematura, al igual que el vivir por cuenta propia. “Con el incremento de las personas de tercera edad, el efecto sobre la salud pública va a empeorar. Muchos países en el mundo ya enfrentan una ‘epidemia de soledad’”, advirtió Holt Lunstad. El censo más reciente realizado en 2016 reveló que un cuarto de los habitantes de Estados Unidos viven solos y que más de la mitad están solteros. La tasa de matrimonios y de hijos han ido disminuyendo. “Estas tendencias sugieren que los estadounidenses tenemos menos conexiones sociales”, puntualizó Holt Lunstad. En su criterio, hay que atender este problema de salud pública destinando recursos y fomentando iniciativas como fortalecer las habilidades sociales de los niños en las escuelas e incluyendo este factor social en las revisiones médicas.

Mujeres con mayor autoestima disfrutan más su vida sexual, dice experta El Sol de Ohio Special Report Las mujeres con mayor confianza y autoestima disfrutan más de la actividad sexual que las que se perciben menos atractivas, señaló la sexóloga Claudia Rampazzo. “Mientras más cómoda, más bonita y más radiante se sienta la mujer, mejor va a vivir su sexualidad”, estableció. Sin embargo, explicó que el mayor porcentaje de las féminas posee una percepción negativa de sí mismas y en la mayoría de los casos está relacionada “con sentirse gordas, aunque en la realidad no sea así”. Destacó que las mujeres que no disfrutan de su cuerpo inhiben el placer al dirigir sus pensamientos de manera involuntaria a la preocupación de sentir el tamaño del abdomen, brazos y muslos “muy grandes”. En términos estadísticos se ha visto que las mujeres que tienen sobrepeso son

las que más manifiestan ansiedad con respecto a su cuerpo durante la actividad sexual. “Más ansiosas se sienten con respecto a su cuerpo y a su desempeño sexual y más evitan el encuentro”.

“La mejor manera de disfrutar al máximo la sexualidad es sintiéndonos confiadas, sintiéndonos bonitas , sintiendo que la percepción de nuestro cuerpo ha mejorado”

Durante una charla sobre sexualidad, la terapeuta de parejas aclaró que el sobrepeso no es el responsable, sino la percepción de la propia mujer sobre su cuerpo. La ansiedad y la evitación generan un comportamiento sexual más pobre, con menos variedad de posturas, con

menos iniciativa por parte de la mujer, con menos pro actividad, con menos frecuencia y con más problemas para alcanzar el orgasmo”. Recalcó que los complejos que han creado las mujeres a lo largo del tiempo tienen relación con los estereotipos generados por los medios de comunicación, por lo que recomendó recuperar la autoestima con terapias, ejercicio y actividades que las hagan sentir bien. La mejor manera de disfrutar al máximo la sexualidad es sintiéndonos confiadas, sintiéndonos bonitas, sintiendo que la percepción de nuestro cuerpo ha mejorado, por qué, porque lo percibo mejor o bien porque estoy haciendo cosas específicas para mejorar el aspecto físico”, finalizó.



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El Sol de Ohio | Agosto 11/25, 2017

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