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October 18


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Harlequin Squash One day I opened the fridge and there it was a harlequin squash with this extraordinary pattern, I couldn’t help but take photos and draw it. I’m not usually one for drawing vegetables (it reminds me too much of school projects...) but who can resist such a vegetable as this? And to top it all it was delicious in a thai yellow curry.



I’ve been trying to draw legs recently, but not very well. I managed to draw this one but soon discovered it looked better on paper rather than screen. So had an experiment with textures. I like it much better now.

I sometimes get the feeling that Hallowe’en is a little forgotten, often it is completely by-passed by Christmas fever. So I decided to create a postcard ready to send off to my friends in celebration of a less glamourous and excitable holiday.





Leggy Blondes

A few experimental tights designs.


New Fish

The beautiful Moustache (top) and Buttercup (below) my lovely new friends.


One in a million.



Morris the Star-nosed Mole

It was my sister’s birthday this month and she loves Star-nosed Moles, so I drew one for her. She named him Morris.


Fifteen Rabbits “Fifteen Rabbits” by Felix Salten is a children’s book telling the tales of young rabbits through their first year of life. When I originally picked it up in the second hand bookshop in Carlisle I expected it to be a lovely story about bunnies, something along the lines of Peter Rabbit, but it wasn’t at all like that. It is set from the rabbit’s view and doesn’t skirt around the not so nice bits such as owls, crows, foxes and ‘Him’ (humans). I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did and the moment I finished reading I started drawing rabbits. To the left are the results. Below are photos of my copy including illustrations by Sheila Dunn.


Christmas Cards So recently I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit. I realise I’m in line with the supermarkets and designing before Hallowe’en has been. But some of those carols are just so catchy!



A sneak peek! a concept Christmas Card for a hoisery factory.


What happened to Ham For Breakfast?

Have a query? Job offer? or just fancy a chinwag? You can contact me here: @e_carthy

Good question. For those who have not seen my work before I did a booklet last month too. It was named Ham For Breakfast after my habit of eating ham for breakfast once I had learnt how to cook a ham joint. I’ve renamed it for a few reasons including an unfortunate prank I found in the urban dictionary by the same name. So now it is “Moustache and Buttercup” after my new pet fish.

to see more of my work you can visit here:

Hello my name is Elly Carthy. I’m a freelance illustrator from the Midlands. I love to draw and I love to share, so this monthly booklet shows my work. I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you

Moustache and Buttercup  

Hello my name is Elly Carthy and I'm a freelance illustrator. This is a short booklet of the work I've done this October.

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