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The Police Department Recruitment Process I wanted to talk to you about the police department recruitment process. A lot of people want to be in the police force, but really don’t understand all the steps that are involved in the process. It’s not too complicated, but there is generally added steps in there that you won’t find in the public sector. The recruitment process starts by you simply applying for a job. This is the first step, but obviously they’re not going to look at your application and figure out if you’re good enough to be a police officer. I’m going to talk to you about the rest of the police department recruitment process. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people will hand in applications for a single job, so the recruiters have an exam for the applicants. This is a very hard test because they simply don’t need hundreds of people. They only need the best of the best, so they give a hard exam. It’s not just that the questions are hard in a knowledge sense, but the questions are designed to make you put the wrong answer. That makes it the hardest type of exam that you’re going to take. About 7 out of 10 people will fail this test, so you better wake up. The police department recruitment process finishes with an oral interview in front of the board. If you’ve got to the interview, then you did well on the exam. This is your time to wow the recruiters in person and show them that you really deserve this job. At this point they’ll make the choice to hire you or not. Click Here to Pass the Police Exam