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Welcome as always to Elite Calla, we’re delighted you’re featuring this month. How are ya doing? I’m very well thank you! We’re massive fans of yours here at Elite (which I’m sure you know), and have followed your work for years. You’ve got such great instincts in front of the camera, where does your flair for modelling come from? Natural ability, or practice making perfect? I used to be an MUA but when the photographers wanted to shoot me instead of the model I realised I could probably do both. Practice definitely helps no matter how much natural talent you have.

Calla Maeve Model: Calla Maeve | Photographer: Tripodski Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer

We’d love to get your take on what we’re doing here at Elite. Our magazine is dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest from the modelling world, what do you think about being featured, and the work that’s been done over the years at Elite? It’s lovely to be asked back to Elite, I always make time for you guys! I think Elite has come on a lot from when it first started and can only see good things ahead for you. You’ve showcased your flair for glamour in this month’s Elite, but your work also always has a creative twist to it. Are you a naturally creative person, do you have any other outlets at all for your ideas? Glamour is easy, anyone and everyone is doing it nowadays which puts me off a bit. It’s a lot harder to get a high fashion editorial shot than to get your boobs out. I am naturally very creative and enjoy all aspects of make up artistry but I always have to balance my life with some sort of academic practice/influence. A good pair of bangers is great but an intelligent mind, to me, is the best asset for anyone to have. We agree! You’re a gorgeously inked lady if you don’t mind us saying, as well as being an extension of your creativity, what else drew you to the art form? I had my first tattoo nearly 10 years ago because I thought I was cool. I always liked them and had ideas of the things I wanted but the industry scared me a bit. I was always to scared to go into the shop because I thought they would think I was stupid! I finally found someone that I trusted and have gone to them ever since. I don’t think I’m cool now by the way.




Model: Calla Maeve | Photographer: Tripodski



Undoubtedly you’ve been asked many times about your chosen designs, so instead of repeating previous questions we’d like to ask about any future additions. What level of coverage are you ultimately aiming for? I have no certain plan for my body art it doesn’t define me, it’s just some pictures I’ve got drawn on me… forever. I’m not aiming for any particular amount of coverage if I get another, I get another... if I don’t, I don’t. Might there be a specific design that you’re looking to get next? Or perhaps a placement you’re looking to fill next? I have a few idea’s in mind but nothing booked in at the moment.


Tattoos are very popular at the moment, and have had a distinct influence on the worlds of fashion and design. Being a model, do you also find it important to stay on the fashion forefront and keep up with trends etc? Are there any stylistic movements going on at the moment that you’re a fan of? I’m glad that tattoos are more accepted, especially on women than they were but I don’t like them as a fashion statement. In fact if I’m honest it pisses me off. If you get a tattoo because it’s in fashion I hope you also save up for laser removal. In your work you regularly indulge in splendid lingerie shoots. Lingerie is a favourite subject of ours here at Elite, for obvious reasons. What are your preferred styles when it comes to shooting and your personal life Calla? Are you a lingerie fan, or is it just somewhat of a uniform in your modelling world? I love lingerie, this is where you can listen to fashion without regret or fear of the laser! I have boxes and boxes of it, you can be wearing the plainest clothes but if you have a beautiful lingerie set on underneath it makes you feel great.


Model: Calla Maeve | Photographer: Tripodski


Model: Calla Maeve | Photographer: Tripodski



You’ve produced glorious work once again in Elite this month. I’d love to get your opinion on the shots, and working with the photographer to produce them. I really enjoyed the shoot and we got some good glamour shots, I hope the readers approve.



Model: Calla Maeve Photographer: Tripodski How do you best like to work when shooting? Do you like a photographer to give a lot of direction, or is creative freedom paramount for a creative force such as yourself? I am confident at what I do but direction is also cool, a good working relationship with the photographer is a bonus. Some of my favourite shots are when you can see that connection in the models eyes, I don’t think you can teach that. Finally, what are you looking forward to in terms of seeing your Elite feature in its entirety? I’m always flattered to be featured and seeing the results of the shoot will be ace, you never know I might get a new follower on Twitter too.





Lost Without Leah Hello Lovers! Thank you for all your lovely emails for my column, I appreciate the support!

I’ve been working pretty hard recently; I’ve done shoots for Small Victory, Ground Zero and Crook & Dagger to name a few. I was also the main character in a music video for German House Music Producer – DJ Denis Obst. Lots of new things for you to check out! Thanks to all of you who had a look at my Elite Online Magazine exclusive DIY Valentine’s Day treat too, I hope you enjoyed it! Keep checking my Instagram/Twitter for new photos and news: @leahharrismodel. Lots of love! Dear Leah, I’ve recently discovered that my boyfriend is using drugs regularly and I’m devastated about it. He said it’s not a big deal because it’s “only a bit of coke” – but it isn’t a bit, he’s spending £200 a weekend on drugs and I’m scared something’s going to happen to him. He’s refusing to talk to me about it and when I try it ends in a row. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to lose him, but I don’t want a cokehead for a boyfriend. First of all you need to insist that he talks to you about this, if he’s only recently started using drugs there may be a reason behind the behaviour change. Is he having a tough time at work recently, or are there any family/friendship problems that could be stressing him out? Once you get to the bottom of that, he should open up a bit more and speak to you. If you are really struggling, you can get support from FRANK ( – 0300 123 6600) they will also support your boyfriend. Don’t make any rash decisions regarding breaking up, it could make the situation worse. Good communication is key.


Dear Leah, my girlfriend models, is hot and gets a ton of attention online and when we’re out. I used to laugh it off but over the past two months it’s really starting to piss me off. She gets really upset when I mention it, so I’ve stopped mentioning it but the issue is still there and I’m worried it’ll get too much and I’ll have to leave her. We’ve been together 3 years. Oh the woes of having a fit girlfriend! You need to learn how to deal with this; it’s not her fault so it isn’t fair that she’s made to feel upset. I think the real deep-rooted issue here is jealousy (which usually comes from insecurity), and you don’t need to be jealous of random men in a nightclub. You have a long term (I’m assuming stable) relationship, she loves you, YOU are her boyfriend and you need to remember that. Next time someone is chatting her up, watch with your friends and laugh at them making a fool of themselves. Don’t let jealousy tear apart your relationship, she is YOUR girlfriend. Dear Leah, I’ve been seeing a guy who has a girlfriend, it’s wrong, I know. It started as a drunken one night stand but then he kept texting me and asking me to meet him. Now it’s less about the sex, we go on dates together, we hang out, it’s like we are in a relationship, but in secret. He says he’s going to leave his girlfriend for me, but he never does, and now I’ve fallen in love with him. What shall I do? These relationships always end in someone getting hurt; the cheater rarely leaves their other halves for the “mistress”. But say he did, what will happen when his girlfriend finds out? It’s unlikely she’ll become your friend; she’ll be hurt, angry and she’ll take that out on you. Would you want a relationship to begin with all that drama and upset? It’ll taint whatever you have left. Plus, how could you trust him knowing he’s already cheated? If he cheats with you he’ll cheat on you, you’ll have some serious trust issues and that is no good for a relationship. You know what you should do, walk away whilst you still have your dignity.

Model: Leah Harris Photographer: Katy Tierney Dear Leah, I’m seeing a guy who treats me badly. He never calls when he says he’ll call, he’ll go for days without even talking to me and he’ll cancel plans at the last minute to hang out with his mates. Last night he was supposed to come over, I cooked him a romantic meal bought some wine etc. He was supposed to come over at 7pm; he turned up at 1am smashed and wanting sex. I really like him but he just doesn’t seem interested. I’m sure you already know what I’m going to say and I’m sure you already know what you should do. This guy sounds like he wants a bit of fun rather than a full blown relationship, which is completely fine, as long as you want the same thing – which you don’t. He isn’t treating you right, he’s upsetting you already and you’re not even in a relationship yet, it’s time to either take a step back, take things slower and see what happens, or break away before your feelings become too intense. Either way, you can do a lot better.

h a e L



ALI AMOUR IS BACK! Model: Ali Amour Photographer: Tripodski





Hey Ali! It’s amazing to have you back in Elite! How have you been? Hey! I have been really good, keeping myself busy! How was it shooting with Elite? Awesome, as per usual! I always have so much fun shooting for Elite. If you could get anyone else involved in the shoot who would it be? No idea, too many names! I admire so many models in this industry. If you could take something from another model and put it on yourself what would it be? Hmm, If I had to choose probably Natalie Phillip’s eyebrows! wow! What is your favourite thing about yourself? My tattoos! I love the art collected from all of the talented artists I have had the pleasure of being tattooed by. Model: Ali Amour | Photographer: Tripodski Words: Neale McGeever


Model: Ali Amour | Photographer: Tripodski

So whereabouts are you from and what’s awesome to do around there? I’m from the countryside but now live in London! I live right by the lakes and I am surrounded by fields. Nothing better than cycling to the lake in the Summer time and spending the day down there with my friends!

Do you plan to get more? I have actually had some more done since the shoot! A wolf on my thigh at Brighton Tattoo Convention by Matt Adamson at Jayne Doe and also some script on my shins by my regular tattooer Joel P Blake at The Great Western Tattoo Club. I do plan many more!

So you have some ace tattoos, what’s your favourite? Ooh, I am not sure! I love all of them equally haha. I am a little biased to the butterfly on the bottom of my sleeve by my wrist though!

You are clearly a gorgeous gal, what’s the best way a boy can impress you? It’s a secret!


What’s the one thing that would put you off? My pet peeve is closed minded people.


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Model: Ali Amour | Photographer: Tripodski


What’s a great night out for you? Out with all of my friends at a bar. Preferably a cocktail bar! What song do you go crazy for when it comes on? There are far too many. I am a music lover. It depends on what genre.




Victoria Bella-Morte & Amberlilly It’s my distinct pleasure to welcome both Victoria Bella-Morte and Amberlilly to Elite Online magazine! How are you girls doing? Victoria: (in Joey from friends voice) How you doin’? Amberlilly: I have a tea so I’m really content, I’m a happy girl. You’ve both performed your modelling magic in this month’s Elite; tell us about the experience and the days shooting? Amberlilly: Really fun! The lights were really hot. Victoria: Like you. Amberlilly: I really enjoyed it, hanging with you and Laurie and on top of that we get wicked shots. Victoria: She didn’t know that she was shooting for the Elite when we were taking the photos... she was unaware of my evil intentions, I kind of sprung it on her. I’m such a terrible person. Overall it was an awesome time, working with Laurie Munro always is. Amberlilly: She makes you feel comfortable. Victoria: I brought one of my boyfriends along to the shoot, his name is Jack Daniels, he’s very attractive. What was your chemistry like on set? Was it easy relaxing into the shoot and generating the kind of images you envisaged? Amberlilly: Victoria and I are really good friends so it was just like hanging out with a really attractive friend taking awesome photos, Victoria is pretty to look at, the pictures are pretty to look at. What was your favourite portion of the shoot experience? Were there any funny moments or fits of giggles during the shooting process? Amberlilly: Favourite part is when Laurie cracked the hummus. I think you and I can’t do anything without a fit of giggles. Victoria: Yep. Amberlilly: I was eating chips or something at Victoria’s house getting ready before going to the studio and Victoria’s cat came over and thought it was her treats, so Victoria reaches into her bag and pulls out a can of fancy feast and puts it out like no big deal and goes “There you go, there you go” and I was like “wow, so you carry that around in your purse?” Now


it’s a constant ongoing joke that she’s a crazy cat lady. Victoria: Hey, if I’m going to be responsible for another beings life, I better be awesome to them. I love them, and I put it in my bag because I don’t like using more plastic bags than I need to... bad for the environment. They love the taste of it. Amberlilly: You would know. Victoria: Hey it’s a way to get pussy alright! Amberlilly: (dies laughing). Victoria: I’m just going to shush now. Was there a prop or portion of clothing that either of you were particularly taken with? Victoria: I’m obsessed with anything with the sides taken out, like a fashion designer, I found myself obsessed with a certain look for a bit, and got a few suits with the same general shape. I have no idea why, I have enough clothes to stack in a room to the roof, but alas, will have many more shoots with my extensive options. I’m going to use the excuse that I’m a past fashion designer... too busy to do it again right now, but I foresee that upcoming again. Guess who would be modelling for that? Amberlilly: Me. Victoria: I was thinking Honey Boo Boo. Amberlilly: Anything that’s backless, because I have this masterpiece Victoria tattooed on my back. Victoria: I’m jealous of your back piece, do mine, we’ll do a stick and poke. I would like a penis on my back, please. Amberlilly: Oh I could do that, I’ll just whip it out. Victoria: I MEANT A TATTOO! Amberlilly: Sure you did. We get a glimpse of the set where your shoot took place, but could you give us a bit more detail about your surroundings? Was it a warm enough environment for wearing so little, and did you enjoy incorporating the venue into what you did together? Victoria: It felt like being on a beach, there are giant lights in the studio, Laurie has a studio that would make most photographers generally pretty jealous... there are a ton of bright lights in there...they are all on you and you get really hot... well if you’re not me you do, I’m a little lizard, so everyone was sweating their ass off and I was just like WOOHOO!

Photographer: Laurie Munro | Models: Victoria Bella-Morte & Amberlilly | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer


Photographer: Laurie Munro | Models: Victoria Bella-Morte & Amberlilly | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer


When talking about tandem shoots, I love to get a model’s opinion on their shooting partner. So would you both be able to mention three physical traits you admire about the other? Victoria: Yeah, like, about my gorgeous body and stuff. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Amberlilly: First one, totally awesome to shoot with, because you are completely chill and awesome but also professional and it’s a trait that you have, I know it’s not a physical trait, but I wanted to mention it. I’m a little bit taller than you, so I can see down your shirt perfectly (Victoria laughs hard). Your hair actually does not stick to me when we are shooting. It does what it’s been told. It’s dominated by you. Victoria: It doesn’t always do what it’s told. Gotta crack the whip harder... it’s gonna run away off my head now. Amberlilly: I’ll still love you if you were bald. I really like the way that your body is proportioned, when we do shoots I can still fit in your clothes, so when we do shoots get to wear really awesome clothes for a day. Three things you like? Victoria: I would say my favourite physical traits of Amberlilly are her eyes. Her eyes glow they sparkle and big and super fucking pretty. She almost sometimes looks like a baby owl, with these big giant eyes, and they are all watery and cute and shit. It’s so funny because you’d figure that if she was angry (doesn’t happen often) that they would turn all dark and evil and eat you or something :P Amberlilly: A couple of ex’s have witnessed it. Victoria: Deserving. Victoria: She’s very lithe, tiny and graceful and very elegant, and classy, which, you know, the way that it’s portrayed is actually the way that you act and it’s really chill, not a lot of girls are like that :) Amberlilly: I think that you are equally as classy, so I like that about you too ^_^ Victoria: Can’t I just say everything instead of three? I mean, I’m marrying her.


What is your ideal boyfriend like? Amberlilly: Johnny Depp, that’s it. Victoria: Full stop? Amberlilly: No, I’ve already found my perfect boyfriend. Victoria: My ideal boyfriend is called Neuma, he’s my tattoo machine, he penetrates me just right, never quits, can go all night long. Amberlilly: I like when he penetrates me too. Victoria: He penetrates other people, but only with me... likes lots of lube... I don’t have to talk to him after. Amberlilly: We get to create this beautiful masterpiece with him. Victoria: That totally killed my innuendo. Amberlilly: Nuh huh. Victoria: Yuh huh! Amberlilly: We make love. Victoria : TOO FAR. *scrunches nose* Also along the same lines, what did you enjoy the most about working with one another from a professional point of view? Amberlilly: There is nothing professional about us :P But from every other point of view I enjoy it completely. You get to model, you get to hang out with like, your best friend, which is so awesome, and then just like, your time actually produces art, that’s pretty cool too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. It’s time that we spend together and it’s documented which is cool. Victoria: I think the whole thing was brilliant, it’s important to be comfortable around who you are shooting with. I don’t appreciate negative energies or bitchy drama queens on set, you know? Having an environment that is so, fun and relaxed is how we end up getting the best shots that I’ve seen of me, personally... plus it’s my natural nature to be that way. Amberlilly: Unless there is no hummus, then I’ll be really upset. Victoria: In that case, I’ll take a helicopter on the roof, a bathtub of skittles and 10 sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Are you both fans of the Elite project? What is it about our mighty magazine that attracted you to getting involved? Victoria: I am a definite fan of the Elite project, I’m actually two time past cover model for Elite, which


is really fucking awesome, very honoured. This awesome guy asked me to be in Elite, he’s always been an angel to me, for sure. The magazine is well put together, and lots and lots of beautiful women, and I mean who does not like looking at beautiful women, tattoos and styles etc. Amberlilly: When Victoria told me about it I went online to check it out and I will agree you guys are very well put together, you get to look at pretty girls too and look at tattoos and but there is lots of other interesting things, there is a big variety. Victoria: For sure. We loved what you both did for Elite this month, and we’d love to get your opinions on the shots? Victoria: My opinions are they are gorgeous because of Amberlilly, and there needs to be many more. Amberlilly: I concur. Victoria: The work I’ve done with Laurie has definitely been my best work to date, and continues to get better. She makes me look good. Amberlilly: Very talented. What can you tell us about working with our Elite photographer this month? What did you think of the talent behind the lens, and was there the right mixture of creative freedom and direction for you both? Victoria: A perfect mixture. That is the cool thing about working with Laurie. With 2014 in full swing, what are you ladies hoping the following ten months have in store for you both? Amberlilly: Yes, definitely, starting my business, Wildflower All natural beauty and Skin Care https:// Victoria: More upcoming collaborations of us, I have a bunch of different covers that I’m doing, there is one cover that is dropping in April with a feature in another mag that month, which is a tattoo magazine. That and I will be competing at the conventions in the summer, and I will be starting to compile a list of who wants inked on my tattoo tour for next year, that is not this summer, but next summer, where I will doing a US tour in shops in different cities. Oh! I am also studying for a PHD at the moment… all I do is watch lectures ha!

Photographer: Laurie Munro | Models: Victoria & Amberlilly | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer


Photographer: Laurie Munro | Models: Victoria Bella-Morte & Amberlilly | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer



Before we let you go, have you got a message for all those Elite readers out there who have enjoyed your pictures this month? Victoria: FAP EVERYDAY! … I don’t think that was appropriate. Amberlilly: No. Victoria: No, there are lines, I crossed it. Peace and love :D Amberlilly: Yeah. Victoria: No, I know....I’ve learned a big lesson in life, and you know, from all the people I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted with, in all the fields, walks of life, in all different positions in life I’ve seen them in... from the vast variety of people I meet at work people and elsewhere... at all different levels of success, and one of the things I’ve learned from this ALL of that is... you need to be yourself... because if you don’t be that way because it doesn’t please other people, whether it be something as silly as how you want to wear your hair, or what you want to do with your

Photographer: Laurie Munro Models: Victoria Bella-Morte & Amberlilly Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer


life, or whatever it know what? In the end it doesn’t matter what people say because there will always be those imbeciles... those people who no matter what, no matter how awesome you are... there will always be somebody there to say something, in fact, being awesome you tend to get a lot of that... look at some of the most successful people in the entertainment industry for example. There is always going to be someone there to talk shit no matter what you do, so just live for you, and do whatever the fuck you want while still being good and true to those around you who do the same... laugh more at adversity… suck it up and carry on. Be loyal to those who are to you, be kinder, it makes your life a hell of a lot easier and everyone else’s. Amberlilly: If anything it’s motivation right? Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do because they are insignificant in comparison to the things you could accomplish in that mindset. Victoria: They can be motivating, but at the same time you have to realize you can’t take that to heart. The only person who can make you feel inferior is yourself. In fact, generally the more successful you are the more you are going to encounter that, however, if you’re incredibly offensive, cruel and uncouth, that’s called for and you’re probably going to have a lot of people disliking you, and I wouldn’t blame them. So if you’re in high school, or an entertainer or whatever you are... and someone is talking ill of you, just ignore have better things to do, like being awesome and perfecting your talents and skills. Amberlill : High school is terrible anyways. Victoria: Nobody likes high school, but stay in school kids.



Hannah & Lesley

43 Models: Lesley Rose & Hannah Daisy | Photographer: Haris Nukem

Models: Lesley Rose & Hannah Daisy | Photographer: Haris Nukem | Words: Neale McGeever

Hey ladies! It’s a pleasure to have you both in Elite, and together! How did you find shooting together?

If you could get anyone else involved in the shoot who would it be?

Lesley: It was great fun! Hannah is so amazing and so hilarious to be around, although the height difference made me wanna put my arm on her head all the time! She’s so versatile and taught me so much and I can’t wait to work with her again!

Lesley: Lee would be a cool shout to have in there to be fair, I’m not sure he classes himself as a ‘model’ but he’s sound as a pound and a cool guy so would be great if I could snag him for a shoot with us.

Hannah: Hello! Thank you :) I loved shooting with Lesley, she’s such a babe, we had so much fun working together! That girl never runs out of energy! How was it shooting with Haris? Hannah: I’ve shot with Haris before, always fun work with him. Lesley: Haris is so lovely, shooting with him was great. This guy is a hidden gem I’m telling you! It was actually thanks to a friend of mine Lee that I found him! Hannah had shot with him (Haris) before and her shots were amazing. I love his editing style and it’s amazing how he achieves so much from such a simple set up! He’s so talented and I would encourage more people to work with him.


Hannah: Ahh the list is endless haha! So many people Id love to work with, Ellis Cooper’s one, definitely lady crushing on her at the moment. But if I could choose anyone one in the world. It would have to be Beyoncé, not too sure she’d be down for a collab though. What is your favourite thing about each other? Hannah: Lesley’s legs are amazing, they’re so long and toned! Pretty much everything mine aren’t haha and I got to rub baby oil into them too! Lesley: I think Hannah is so bloody gorgeous. She’s so cute and so funny. I love her! She has an amazing range in her modelling and the way she poses and her facial expressions are amazing. She’s up there with the top models for me. Her styling choices are great and her versatility is second to none.


Models: Lesley Rose & Hannah Daisy | Photographer: Haris Nukem


What is your favourite thing about yourself? Lesley: My favourite thing about myself. Probably my lips! I love my lips and get complimented on them a lot. A lot of people have made comments about me having had them enhanced but it’s all natural I can assure you so thanks mum! :D Haris made me love my bum too! I haven’t got much of a bum to be honest but Haris was like ‘yeah look it’s there! Totally there!’ haha was great! Hannah: Umm, probably my waist to hip ratio, my waist is 24” and my hips 32” I love being curvy! You both have some great tattoos, which is your favourites? Lesley: It would have to be the roses on my side (done by Dan Costa at Oddfellows Tattoo Collective), I adore them but I can’t get them out at every opportunity like i’d like to! I also love my chest (done by Mil Martinez at Flamin’ Eight), I’ve wanted my chest done for so long but never had the balls to do it but when I had it done I was like YES! Hannah: I don’t really have a favourite, I like them all equally. Getting any more? Hannah: Oh, of course! There are so many people I want to get tattooed by. I really want to finish my stomach off next, and then my arm pits. I’m not looking forward to those ones! Lesley: Definitely. I want my legs finished. Since this shoot I’ve had a ‘day of the dead girl’ done on my thigh and I’m waiting to get that finished and I’m getting another on my shin on the same leg for a full leg piece!



Models: Lesley Rose & Hannah Daisy | Photographer: Haris Nukem

You are both gorgeous ladies, what’s the best way a boy can impress you? Lesley: I would have to say a guy would have to be himself… and buy me flowers haha. I’m a sucker for flowers, and if they look like they’ve had careful thought over them as well I’m all yours! I like geeky boys as well, I’m not a huge lover of facial hair but a bit of stubble I can cope with. I’m a big texter so anyone who texts me first or a lot is a bonus! Hannah: Thank you :) I think I’d be most impressed if you turned up with some cheesy chips. I’m really into my food haha. What’s a great night out for you? Lesley: A great night out for me is probably a night out with my friend Natalie. We spent new years together and it was the best night out I’d had in ages. We’re so loud and annoying but we do it so well! We have to drag each other away from people sometimes cause we just get so stormy on nights out! She’s got the whole ’bump into me and I’ll bury you’ attitude which is hilarious!

Hannah: A great night out, would involve getting all my girls together, having some dinner and dancing ridiculously for the rest of the night! Whats next for you lovely ladies? Lesley: Were actually in talks about a start up that Hannah’s been working on called The Panty Hoarder which is in it’s early stages, an online boutique selling amazing ladies underwear. We’ll be shooting a lot of it with Haris and posting it online, just waiting for the website to get up and running. As for me, I’m on a bit of a chiller at the minute! Got a lot of stuff coming up at uni that I need to focus on but I know Hannah has lots of excitingness happening and I get to see her more cause she’s moving to London! Yay! Big Love! Hannah: I have so much lined up, I don’t want to give too much away! Hoping to make this year bigger than last, shooting more, and upping my work as a performer, dancing risky burlesque, involving a few staples here and there.. And working hard at my lingerie business The Panty Hoarder. Keep your eyes peeled!






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Hello! Great to have you both back in Elite, and together! How did you find shooting together? Rebecca: It was fun! Shooting with Charlotte is always a laugh; we have a similar sense of humour.


Charlotte: It was awesome to shoot with Rebecca, it was so easy to work with her. Plus she’s incredibly beautiful too, it was awesome. It is safe to say you are both legendary Elite cover girls! if you could get anyone else involved in the shoot who would it be? Charlotte: I always find this question a hard one as there are so many girls I’d love to shoot with. I’d just do a huge group shoot. Hotness overload! Rebecca: Ah that’s so sweet haha! Hmm there are so many girls I’d love to get naked I can’t name them all! You are both also very popular on Suicide Girls, what got you in to this kind of modelling? Rebecca: Suicide Girls approached me when I was 18 and I thought why not! I’ve been an SG fan since my mid-teens so it was awesome to join their family. Charlotte: My friends suggested I try to become a Suicide Girl when I started Photo I didn’t think I was ‘alternative’ modelling. graph e until Word though, enough ripodone day they invited s: Rich r: T ski Altin-GLondon me for a shoot irl Bo and it all went therer from there really. It was amazing.







Photographer: Tripodski | Models: Rebecca Crow & Charlotte Herbert




Photographer: Tripodski | Models: Rebecca Crow & Charlotte Herbert



Photographer: Tripodski | Models: Rebecca Crow & Charlotte Herbert



HERBERT You make a great pair, if it was up to you, who would you like to be paired up with? Charlotte: I’ve wanted to meet Sylvester Stallone for ages, I think he’s really cool. I’d love to be his best friend. Rebecca: Just someone funny. Making me laugh is cliché but it’s a number one for me! What is your favourite thing about each other? Charlotte: There’s so many things to love about Rebecca. She’s so much fun to be around and she’s got the most amazing body. What’s not to love? Rebecca: HER BUTT. It defies gravity! What is your favourite thing about yourself? Rebecca: I think I’m hilarious. Kidding, I guess I’m proud of how perseverant I’ve been through my career. Charlotte: I’m going to be really lame and say my eyes. I am also really liking my boobs at the moment, and I could never hate my bum. Bit of a coincidence that you are both in the same shoot as no one can decide who has the best bum! Who do you think has the best booty? Rebecca: Let’s face it, Beyoncé has THE most amazing bum. I love her. Charlotte: Mel Clarke definitely has a good bum, and Lass! Both have incredible booties!


Photographer: Tripodski | Models: Rebecca Crow & Charlotte Herbert


Rebecca, you went on tour across the US as part of SG’s Blackheart Burlesque. How was this for you? Rebecca: Mental. The most exhausting experience of my life. But it was amazing and really humbling to meet all the fans who got me to where i am today. Charlotte, you have taken up illustration again, how is this going for you? Charlotte: It’s going well. I haven’t been in school for like 6 years, so going back to it after such a long time was hard. But I’m doing well, and it’s something I love to do. You both have some great tattoos, which are your favourites? Rebecca: Personally my favourite ones are on my legs, I feel they work really well together. Charlotte: I don’t think I can pick one, I love them all for different reasons


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Getting any more? Rebecca: Yep, don’t even get me started! Charlotte: I’m always getting ideas, but I’m waiting until I know I’m absolutely certain about getting them. You’re both really popular on social media, whats the key to getting a good following? Rebecca: Being active and giving people something to talk about. You have to show people you’re a real person. Charlotte: I don’t really have any specific plan to get followers. I just post whatever I want to, just being myself. I guess people like that they can get to know you a little bit even though they l haven’t met you.


Photographer: Tripodski | Models: Rebecca Crow & Charlotte Herbert


Photographer: Tripodski | Models: Rebecca Crow & Charlotte Herbert


You are both gorgeous ladies, what’s the best way a boy can impress you? Rebecca: Being up for a good time and being ambitious. Just have your own life and be confident in it. Charlotte: Someone who I can have a laugh with. If we can’t be silly together then it’ll never work. What’s the one thing that would put you off? Charlotte: Sleaziness and arrogance. Think that’s a standard for most people. Rebecca: Whiney bitch bags who can’t even get a job.


What song do you go crazy for when it comes on? Rebecca: Anything that reminds me of being a teenager haha! What’s next for you lovely ladies? Rebecca: I’m going to Texas for a Blackheart Burlesque show at South by Southwest which should be awesome. Then, who knows! Charlotte: There are a few things in the pipeline, modelling wise. My summer is also packed with working at loads of festival. It’s going to be fun.





Photographer: Brend Trend Models: Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford

Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford


ably b o r p is e it r u o v Gemma: My fa and my ‘My little my stomach in my ribs. pony’ tattoo


Photographer: Brend Trend | Words: Neale McGeever Models: Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford

Hello! Great to have you both back in Elite, and together! How did you find shooting together? Gemma: Alice is such a babe! I loved meeting her and getting our pose on together. Alice: Well being a reader of Front (R.I.P) I felt a little honoured posing next to an alt girl babe! We had plenty of giggles, it was fun. How was it shooting with Brend Trend? Gemma: We had a blast, he’s awesome and really easy to shoot with. Alice: After a while of wanting to shoot together we finally sorted it. Brend is a fun guy and an amazing photographer. I hope to work with him again!



Photographer: Brend Trend | Models: Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford

If you could get anyone else involved in the shoot who would it be? Alice: As always Arabella Drummond. Forever a babe. Gemma: There are so many models I want to shoot with! Maybe it would be babe overload though. What is your favourite thing about each other? Alice: I kept getting distracted at Gemma’s tattoos whilst we were shooting. The piece she has under her boobs is so beautiful! Gemma: Other than Alice being a total sweetheart, she has got some sweet tattoos. Her sleeve is gorgeous. What is your favourite thing about yourself? Gemma: I’m pretty laid back and easy going I think. I’d be a laugh to hang out with because my life usually consists of one embarassing moment to the next. I tripped up in public twice today. TWICE. Alice: I have to admit I am proud of my bum. You girls are both amazing in the make up department and we know you love it all too... what is your must-need product you always take with you? Alice: I can’t just pick one must need product! I’m a makeup addict. But my Mac Rihanna red lippy is my favourite.

Gemma: Lipstick. Red or purple. Give me lipstick and I’ll take on the world. So rumour has it, you girls have both moved to Landannn. Why the change? And are you becoming breast friends now? Gemma: I’ve literally just moved here. It made sense to move as I’m here all the time for work anyway, plus I’m in love with the city. I’ve just got a job as a burlesque performer on the side also with another model I’m living with. We make quite the double act! Alice: I almost moved this year but things changed. We did say we’d meet up next time I’m up in the city. I wish Gemma the best of luck! You both have some great tattoos, which is your favourites? Gemma: My favourite is probably my stomach and my ‘My little pony’ tattoo in my ribs. Alice: My sleeve for sure, I’m truly lucky to get tattooed by Becca at Jayne Doe. It was worth the wait, time and money. Getting any more? Alice: I have plans for lots more. Over time I will collect my ideas with the right artists. I really want my legs covered in traditional pieces. Gemma: Hell yes!


You are both gorgeous ladies, what’s the best way a boy can impress you? Gemma: Be ambitious, be polite and well mannered, make me laugh (a lot). I’m totally into super tall guys also. Swoon! Alice: Make me laugh and treat me like a princess.


Photographer: Brend Trend | Models: Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford

What’s the one thing that would put you off? Gemma: Arrogance. I dated a guy once that was so full of himself, it’s such a turn off. Alice: A massive unattractive ego!



Photographer: Brend Trend | Models: Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford

e ‘Love Alice: In Cornwall we havestha es y Riot’ parties, they’re alwayt lobingt.craz and I get to dance all nigh



Photographer: Brend Trend | Models: Alice La Vie & Gemma Stafford

What’s a great night out for you? Gemma: Dinner, gig, bar, club, afterparty. Only if it’s with great company and with a bit of alcohol thrown in! Alice: In Cornwall we have these ‘Love Riot’ parties, they’re always a bit crazy and I get to dance all night long. What song do you go crazy for when it comes on? Alice: Miley Cyrus! I love her!

Gemma: Literally any Paramore song ever. Hayley’s voice makes me wanna kick ass everyday! Whats next for you lovely ladies? Gemma: Hopefully a lot more shoots and adventure! Alice: I’m so close to passing my driving test! So I’m concentrating on that, saving up for a car etc. Boring grown up stuff but you got to work hard, to play hard!





Photographer: Tripodski

Levi Nicolle Smith


Photographer: Tripodski | Model: Levi Nicolle Smith | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer


of s to feature the work It’s always wondrou e w’v Ho te. Eli in ith Miss Levi Nicolle Sm ll we lly rea n ? I’ve bee you been superstar thanks!! er ’ve shot with a numb It’s no secret that you eer car r you in ers ph of fabulous photogra Elite feature continues already. Your latest h s it like working wit wa that trend. What ry eve Is e? tim s thi our Elite snapper erience, or just a new shoot a learning exp ase your talents? Ah opportunity to showc ng h quite a few amazi yeah I’ve worked wit say my to e hav uld wo I w! photographers no t arella. His style is jus favourite is still Fiend essed with obs bit le litt a o als awesome! I’m p too! She’s amazing! Alice Ann Belkinso on her and Loki films I recently shot with h a fun suc s wa It n. tio ora a clothing collab s shooting with you guy day! I had a top time lly happy with rea s wa I ! do ays though! Alw ed! the images we captur


Photographer: Tripodski | Model: Levi Nicolle Smith



Photographer: Tripodski | Model: Levi Nicolle Smith


It’s uncanny how much fun you portray in your pictures. Is that just a true reflection of the enjoyment you get out of modelling? I love to make the shoot as fun as possible and try and bring that out in my images. I like to try new poses and different ideas to make my pictures stand out. I think it works because they always seem to get a lot of response. What goes through your mind when you’re working? Does the style of shoot dictate your mindset? If you’re working glamour, are you thinking about making that sultry connection with the audience through the lens, or is it all about what your body is doing within the frame? I’ve recently decided to stop glamour style stuff and make it more fashion but with a twist. I think the less shown the more sexy! Leaving a little bit to the imagination is fun. But yes is the answer to the question, if you’re doing a glamour shoot you need to connect with the lens for it to look believable. I love checking out new glamour stuff! Mainly because I’m a massive pervert haha, but it’s good to see what other girls come up with. Speaking of your body, it’s always drool inducing in your pictures. Is it hard keeping in such fabulous shape? Was there a lot of hard work to do after Christmas, or did you come through the festive period relatively unscathed? I’ve always had a petite frame, I never seem to put on weight. I can eat for England and still be slim. I pigged out over Xmas though! It was amazing haha! I’m a sucker for sweets! On the subject of the festive period, did you make any resolutions this New Years? Are they still going if so? No I made no New Years resolutions. I never do because I think if you want to change something about yourself or your lifestyle then just do it! Don’t wait for one day out of the whole year to do it! That’s procrastination!


This month’s Elite feature sees you in impeccable form once again. What was the shoot like for you? Any bloopers per chance? Any outfits you were particularly fond of? Most importantly, any freebies? Ah thanks! Yeah, I modelled for a couple of clothing brands that I’m really fond of. Salvus clothing, Creep Street and Horsebird. I got some freebies from these brands, which is always nice! I mean who doesn’t like free clothes? What are your thoughts on the glamour industry at the moment Levi? You’re in a fabulous position to comment with such a collection of work under your belt, what have been the biggest changes to the business since your first shoot? The glamour scene at the min is full of hot girls! It’s always nice to see some new faces. Although I’m not doing glamour stuff anymore I still like to keep up to date with what’s going on. The biggest change to the industry I’d probably say is how all the models are collaboring with each other and doing girl/girl shoots. It’s good to see so many people getting involved! It makes a shoot so much more fun when there’s more models too. And before you go, could we ask if you’ve got a message for your fans within our Elite readership? Those fabulous folks who support your work and our magazine… Well I just want to thank all my fans for continuing to support me! To everyone I’ve worked with so far and everyone I am going to work with in the future. Also if you’re interested in collaboring with me (clothing companies) then get in touch! This year I really want to push my streetwear modelling so I’m looking forward to see what that brings. Thanks for having me AGAIN! Love you all! Levi xxx


Photographer: Tripodski | Model: Levi Nicolle Smith






Photographer: Dekker


Photographer: Dekker | Words: Neale McGeever Hey Jessica! It’s amazing to have you in Elite, and together! Thank you! It’s amazing to be here! How was it shooting with Dekker? James is absolutely awesome! We have shot about three times now I believe, so you could say we get along quite well! He’s a very kind person and you can always have a laugh with him and obviously his photography is just spot on! Quite a lot of his images have made it into my portfolio and everytime I shoot with him it gets harder and harder to choose my favourites! Absolute brilliant guy! If you could get anyone else involved in the shoot who would it be? I don’t really follow anyone anymore I usually get asked for them to be involved. I think it’s always been great just me and James shooting. I can do my own makeup and hair and I get sent a few pieces of lingerie from Malice and Nearer the Moon and we just do our own stuff which turns out pretty awesome ;) If you could take something from another model and put it on yourself what would it be? Ellis Cooper! Everything about that girl is hot hot hot! She is literally my idol, the one girl that I love everything about! But if I had to choose I’d say I would want her tattoos, boobs and hair!



What is your favourite thing about yourself? It’s hard to choose a favourite really, that sounds like I’m really full of myself but I’m not, just a little over confident but I guess you gotta be in the model industry! Probably my bum? Or my stomach :) So whereabouts are you from and what’s awesome to do around there? I’m from like the most boring place in the whole of UK! Huntingdon which is a little town between Peterborough and Cambridge and there is literally nothing to do in Huntingdon so I normally just go shopping in Cambridge or Peterborough and buy lots of shoes! I have a shoe addiction! You are clearly a gorgeous gal, what’s the best way a boy can impress you? Thank you! Well someone has impressed me so much recently that I am now no longer a single lady! I guess just someone who knows how to treat a lady. I like a guy who is mature, funny and has career goals. But really no-one can impress you unless you truly click in the first place, I have had so many terrible dates it’s unreal! You really do have to kiss a hundred frogs to find a prince.


Photographer: Dekker | Model: Jessica Lucy


103 00

Photographer: Dekker | Model: Jessica Lucy

‘What’s the one thing that would put you off? Cheesy chat up lines are the worst! Once I had a guy come up to me at a bar and say ‘Is there a mirror in your knickers? Because I can see myself in them’. I was horrified, does that work on girls really? If I had a drink in my hand I would have chucked it over him! Guys truly have no idea when it comes to real women!’



Photographer: Dekker | Model: Jessica Lucy


What’s a great night out for you? I hardly go out anymore really! I’m really working on my career and studying really hard at University, this is more important than partying! But I guess you gotta let your hair down. Actually it’s my birthday weekend soon and I’m going out 2 nights in a row, god help me! As long as I got my girls with me that’s all that matters! And there’s gotta be some good music I can twerk to ;) What song do you go crazy for when it comes on? I gotta admit I am so into Drake... literally anything he sings I love! And the new Miley Cyrus... the bad ass Miley not the girly girl Miley! Whats next for you? Well whatever the future holds for me! I just really want to concentrate on my studies and get a great job that I enjoy and is very well paid! I did actually contemplate giving up modelling but I decided I would miss it far too much! I love getting great pictures of myself and I have met so many great people whilst modelling.




Photographer: Dekker




Superstar Model & Photographer

Salleh Sparrow

Hello Salleh! It’s amazing to have you in Elite! How have you been? Hello! Not bad at all thank you, busy with shooting and editing! How was it shooting for Elite, even though it was with yourself? Haha I do love a good self portrait, always such a relaxed shoot. Plenty of brews. Was fun to do some sexy images for you. What do you prefer... to be the photographer or the model? Tricky one! I do love both. I’d say the photographer only because I love retouching and being in control of what the final image looks like. Modelling is great fun too, especially when I get to pose next to a sexy model friend. If you could get anyone else involved in the shoot who would it be? I adore shooting with Miss erised, we’re in the process of planning something a little sexy and loved up together. Keep an eye out.


Model & Photographer: Salleh Sparrow




If you could take something from another model and put it on yourself what would it be? Emily Gingerface’s hair! It’s so beautifully ginger. I would love long thick ginger locks! I’d also kill for lips like Natalie Phillips, that girl is just stunning. What is your favourite thing about yourself? Hmm I think my legs are my best feature, I’ve always been complimented on them, be nice when the sun comes out so I can get a sunkissed glow on them. So whereabouts are you from and what’s awesome to do around there? I’m based in the sticks! Just outside Shrewsbury. It’s pretty close to North Wales so I spend most of my free time frolicking through the Welsh hills hunting for shoot locations. Shrewsbury is also beautiful at night, so a few cocktails and a dance sorts me out a treat. So you have an ace sense of style, where would you say your greatest influences are from? Do I? Haha why thank you, I suppose my biggest Influence was anime’s, the 80’s and anything that looks a little Sci fi. I love styling myself for shoots. I just kind of wing it most of the time but I’ll admit Lady Gaga is a pretty big influence when it comes to shoot styling. You are clearly a gorgeous gal, what’s the best way a boy can impress you? Ah shucks! Well my dad’s a body builder so muscles do impress me I must admit, I’m a sucker for nice arms and a good chest. Manners go a long way too, got to love a gentleman... with sexual stubble. What’s the one thing that would put you off? Baggy trousers with the ass hanging out, come on that’s not a good look. A well dressed man is very sexy. Model & Photographer: Salleh Sparrow



Model & Photographer: Salleh Sparrow


BOOBS What’s a great night out for you? I’m a lightweight so a cocktail or two and I’m done! I love dancing but all I can do it shake my butt so that’s my night, cocktails and my hips don’t lie. What song do you go crazy for when it comes on? Define crazy? Haha I don’t know really. I love the 80’s classics! So ‘What is Love’ and ‘Wicked Game’ and Phil Collins! Whats next for you? Well, I’m hoping to do photography and modelling full time so it’s time to leave my little village and escape to Bristol :) Exciting times ahead.


Model & Photographer: Salleh Sparrow


Elite Issue 51