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Photographer: Graeme Allon Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer

t r e b r e H e t t o Charl Back For Good


Charlotte Herbert in Elite Online magazine again, oh happy day!! How are you doing Charlotte, what’s it like to be back amongst the Elite? It’s awesome, I always love shooting for Elite, it’s always a great laugh. The photographer is a dream to work with. You’ve been a producer and purveyor of phenomenal pictures for years now, how does it feel to have that longevity and consistency, and what have you learnt from your career in front of the camera to date? I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had over the past 3 years, It’s a ruthless industry, people can want you one minute and then won’t be interested the next. It’s hard to not take that to heart, and I’ve learned that the hard way. You’ve got to have thick skin and not let anything bring you down, even if it’s you that’s doing it. I’ve done a lot of growing up in the past year, and I’m more willing than ever to continue to be the best I can be, and make sure everyone sees it too. This year Elite had been insisting that everybody goes out and buys your new calendar for 2014. Here’s your chance to tell our readers why they should buy it. Not that they’ll need any further reason once they see the stunning images that’ll be adorning their walls every month. I think people should buy it because it’s SUPER, literally. Each month features me, dressed as a super hero. There’s latex, boobs, and of course, the booty. What’s not to love?

Photographer: Graeme Allon Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer





Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer



Speaking of the New Year, can we dwell on 2013 just a little longer and ask how has the year been for you? We’ve got so many highlights from your work this year, but what have been some of your personal highlights? This year has been pretty amazing, I applied to and was accepted into University, I went out to the San Diego Comic Con for Suicide Girls for the second year running, and I met my boyfriend. I’ve had to deal with a lot of personal issues over the years and, although the start of the year didn’t go so well, it certainly picked up. 2013 has turned out to be a pretty awesome year for me. With the festive season just past our doorstep, what does Charlotte Herbert get up to during Crimbo? Any particular traditions? Not much really, it’s pretty standard in my house. Christmas Dinner, shitty movies and chilling out. My friends and I usually go out for a drink or several on Christmas Eve as well. What was your take on the Christmas ad wars going on in the UK this year? Are you a fan of the John Lewis effort, or are you someone who needs to see the Coke advert before you get festive? I actually think the John Lewis advert is kind of overrated. Completely different story with the coke advert, it’s a classic! The music always reminds me of Christmas. Being a model your physique and figure are very important indeed. At Christmas have you got to be particularly mindful of what you’re tucking into? Or is it the perfect excuse to be good to yourself after a year of looking amazing? Christmas is the perfect excuse to be a complete fatty. I do plan on hitting the gym again in the New Year though. Get back to how I was in the summer.


Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer




Photographer: Grae

me Allon | Wor ds: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer I can think of no better way of signing off 2013 than with your immense You always lo Elite shoot this ok stunning month. How wa in lingerie, an s the experienc elevate whatev d er you’re wearin e for you? Wal us through the k favourite g. What are yo day. We shot ov styles, and wher ur er 2 days, lots of lingerie! I haven’t e do yo u for your undies really done man usually shop y lingerie shoots ? I shop anyw before so it was here really, fro a fun experienc Agent Provocate m e trying someth ur I wasn’t that us to Pr imark, if I see so ing like then ed to. I always mething I I just get it no m have such a lau with Elite and att er gh wh ere it’s from. I’v the photograph actually bought e er, we always ge a few lingerie se some funny ‘bl t for shoots, ts from Primar ooper’ shots. W people ask wher k ould love it if El did a special on e it’s from and ite always sh ‘Charlotte’s Bloo they’re ocked when I tel pers’, it would be amazing. l them. I do lov push up bra and e a good a high-waisted waspie; I find th make your body ey look incredible As mentioned, no matter what you light up th your shape. e lens in som luscious lingerie e Charlotte, what ’s the current state of your ow n personal lin Are you a girl ge that has to mat rie collection? Has it taken ov ch bra and pant er your house ye or do you enjoy s, t, or have you go it under contro mixing things t doing a luck l? I’ve kind of go up a little and y dip sometimes t it under contro although I’m a ? I have a mixtur l, everything bit of a hoarder e of really; I do love when it comes clothes in genera getting dressed to some sexy l. I always find up in matching lingerie an excuse to ke something even . But I also love ep comfy in if I haven’t worn being my Spongebob it for years. pants and a mes Let’s face it, it’s h bra top. all just going to end up on the flo anyway. or


Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer


As an experienced model, what do you think are the three most important factors when modelling lingerie? Wear heels! They make your butt and legs look amazing, especially if you’re wearing suspenders. We’ll make like Marty McFly now and head back to the future, what are you hoping 2014 has in store for you Charlotte? Are you hoping to develop your work in a particular direction? I’m currently at University studying Illustration, so that will be taking up most of my time. However I am going to be working very hard on my modelling, even more so than I have been. I will be arranging more shoots and trying new things. And obviously doing more shoots for Suicide Girls. We here at Elite are very excited to follow developments for your Suicide Girls alter ego Chad, we understand you’ve got a new set on the way very soon. 2014 is a big year for SG, are you hoping to be a part of the exciting times within the brand? I love working and shooting for Suicide Girls, I’m hoping to do a lot more shoots. I also shot for their new movie this summer in LA, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that very soon. I’d absolutely love to be able to go to Comic Con again, but I’ll have to wait and see on that one. I’d love to work at more events with them. Before we let you go Charlotte, we have to ask you if you have a message for your army of Elite fans out there who love seeing you in our digital pages? You Stay Classy! Seriously though, thank you for all your support. You’re awesome. Lastly, if you had the enviable job of being Elite’s fearless guest editor for a month, what would be your dream shoot to book yourself in? There are so many gorgeous girls out there it’s impossible to decide. I’d probably have a massive group shoot, and loads of booty shots. That would be awesome.





LEAH HARRIS NATURAL BEAUTY Photographer: Jack Russell Words: Neale McGeever

Hi Leah, how are you today, how was your for Elite? Hello! I’m super happy to be here once again! The shoot with Jack was great! We get on really well! What have you been up to since the last time we saw you in Elite? Working hard as usual! Full time I’m a dental nurse (I know right, dentists aren’t so scary anymore are they) - so I’m always busy! Modellings really taken off now too! Maybe you’ll see more of me! One thing we especially love about you is your lips! You must be seeing guys with mistletoe an awful lot this time of year right? Aww thank you! Haha, yes, I’m beating them off with sticks! Just joking, I’m quite shy so I don’t know what I’d do haha! What would you say your best feature is? I like my eyes, and my bum is definitely one of my finer points! What do you look for in a man? Someone who is intelligent, can hold a decent conversation and is taller than me! Tattoos are nice to look at too...


Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever


Biggest turn off? Bad breath! And bad teeth! If you can’t keep your teeth clean, what else in your personal hygiene is lacking!



Photographer: Jack Russell Words: Neale McGeever If we were to buy you a drink, what would you want? Double Sailor Jerrys and coke, followed by a couple of rasberry sambucca shots. Or if you’re skint, a pint of Red Stripe goes down well! How does a great night out for Leah go? A gig in a grungy pub! Somewhere serving cheap pints with heavy music playing and a tattooed man screaming in my face! Do you stop for a messy take away on the way back? Oh yes, doner meat, chips, cheese, mayo and mint sauce goes down a treat! What would you advice to upcoming models be? Be safe! If your gut is telling you not to do something, don’t do it! Stick to your levels and don’t be scared to say no! Take advice from models more experienced than yourself and above all - HAVE FUN!


Who do you look up to, as a model? I’m lucky in that I know and have met some lovely, beautiful girls who have given me so much support - I couldn’t name any one girl, I look up to them all! Whats next for Leah? Who knows! I’m very much a ‘live in the now’ kind of person, so I don’t look too far ahead into the future - but lets hope 2014 is as much fun as 2013 has been!


Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever


Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever





x i n o t o N ysha Al

ki ipods er: Tr h p a r g Photo




ah are you today? Ye Hi Notonix, how g in er ov rec st Ju ks! really good than as period ha. from the Christm

? g with Elite again How was shootin love s ay alw I ! se ur Awesome of co ite. shooting with El fore lendar the day be You shot your ca it! ed lov ah Ye it? also, did you enjoy as m! I loved the ide Always a great tea ul tif au be a at g tin and we were shoo etty lucky! house, so I felt pr ila lebrity crush? M Do you have a ce y. wa Kunis all the ha? ooting with Alys So, how was it sh sound lly rea a e’s sh e, Seriously awesom lly, m come true rea girl. It was a drea n for a tio ira sp in my en as she has be while now.


Photographer: Tr




What is Alysha best feature? Her bum of course... and her smile!



Photographer: Tr




Photographer: Tr

So who do you look up to in the world of alternative models? Well Alysha of course... Arabella, not really sure on anyone else as feel I’ve become my own person now. Do you prefer clubs or gigs? Gigs, or raves! What do you usually drink on a night out? I love rum and lemonade, or gin and No Tonix ha!


What’s the most em barrassing thing that has happened to you in public? I’m not sure really. I can’t think of anything specific! What movie do yo u watch when you are ill? The We dding Singer or Kick Ass! What food could yo u eat for the rest of your life? Pizza comes to mind first then doughnuts and cookies hehe.



Photographer: Tr




Photographer: Tr

coming p u r o f ice Just Any adveading this? trying r t modelsrself, no poinel as they be you nother mod o, be safe, to be ady exist! Als just go alrea be naive and urself! don’t Believe in yo for it!





Photographer: Tr




Photographer: Fiendarella | Words: Neale McGeever

Fiery Phina


Photographer: Fiendarella | Words: Neale McGeever

What do you look for in a man? I look for a friend in a man, if it’s not someone you can chill with it’s not someone you can deal with! A bit of banter as well goes miles! Hi Phina, how are you today, how was your shoot with Fiendarella? Hello! Good thanks and very excited for new years! Shooting with Fiendarella is awesome! We’ve shot twice together and both times were amazeballs, he’s definitely one of my favourite photographers and we have loads more planned together! What have you been up to since the last time we saw you in Elite? I’ve been mega busy with Christmas and planning shoots for 2014 with some awesome collaborations, bookings and promo work! (I love promo work) I also had an awesome tattoo piece on my thigh by awesome tattooist Garth down at ‘Some’ink different’ in Telford! Great studio! One thing we especially love about you is your hair! What made you decide to go for that colour? Funny thing is my hair colour was never my choice! It was for a Youtube video with celeb hairstylist Stuart Phillips where he cut coloured and styled my hair, I knew it would be red but never realised how bright it would be... I LOVED it! I have thought about going other bright colours but maybe not just yet ;) What would you say your best feature is? Hmm my best feature? Not too sure really, most say my bottom but I think that’s because I have no boobs! I’d say my eyes, I like light coloured eyes.



How does a great night out for Phina go? A great night for me consists of booze and great company! Photographer: Fiendarella | Words: Neale McGeever


Photographer: Joe Brady


Photographer: Fiendarella | Words: Neale McGeever

Biggest turn off? Feet. Eww. If we were to buy you a drink, what would you want? I’ll have a vodka, lemon and lime please... on the rocks! Do you stop for a messy take away on the way back? Oh we love a good takeaway! Chilli and garlic sauce! I woke up with lettuce stuck to me face once! What would you advice to upcoming models be? Although I still ask other models for advice, my advice would be to always pursue in what you want to achieve and take criticism in your stride. Who do you look up to, as a model? I definitely have a lot of love for ALT models, they’re fit. But my favourite has to be 1950’s pin up model Diana Dors, she’s an ultimate babe and total inspiration! Whats next for Phina? Whats next? I ask myself! Work work and work, 2013 has been a great year for me and I’ve worked with some amazing photographers including your own Bilacous! I really have worked with some talented people and plan to work with many more! I also have a few shoots for American magazine publications so very excited about these and hoping to work with some great clothing companies! Have a great new years guys! xoxoxo




Photographer: Fiendarella | Words: Neale McGeever





Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Neale McGeever | Clothing: Wicked Lester


Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Neale McGeever | Clothing: Wicked Lester


Hi Dani, How are you? How was your experience with Elite? It was a good laugh and I really enjoyed meeting everyone! I love doing shoots with loads of outfit changes as there’s clothes, shoes and accessories absolutely everywhere. Sounds like me on a usual night out, haha! Also, the editor Fraser is a duuuuude. Where else might we recognise you from? Well if you have a really good memory, you might remember me from Bizarre Mag’s Ultra Vixen of the year in 2008! That’s when things really started to kick off. I’ve modeled quite a lot of latex since then; Pandora Deluxe, Lacing Lilith, Am Statik and Kitty Creme just to name a few. You might also recognize me from the catwalk in various events from Sci-Fi London to Torture Garden and London Fetish weekend! I don’t just model latex though; I’ve done work for many alternative clothing brands such as Ave Satanas, Hell Bunny, Attitude Clothing and Spiral Direct. And most recently, Metal Hammer merch! Can I stop now, I’m starting to sound like Troy Mcclure. You are best known for modelling latex and fetish wear. What is it about fetish wear that you enjoy so much? I absolutely loved wearing latex from the moment I first tried it. I think I’d just turned 17 and it was completely different to anything I’d ever worn! Sure it can be quite a bit of effort getting it on and off, difficult to walk in, really sweaty or worse.. Really cold! But nothing else in the world will make you feel more empowered than a full, heavy rubber cat-suit!



Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Neale McGeever | Clothing: Wicked Lester

Your other interests are ‘whisky’ and ‘pole dancing’, anything you can’t do? I can’t bowl to save my life.. Okay there! You got me!


Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Neale McGeever | Clothing: Wicked Lester


You are known to have a cool dress sense off camera, what is a typical outfit for Dani Divine? Hmm am I? *Looks down* a metal band shirt I’ve cut up and altered, black miniskirt, belt, fishnets, boots. It might not sound like much variety but I do have a variety of band shirts, black miniskirts, belts, fishnets and boots haha... Oh dear! Other than fetish wear, your other passion is Metal! Who are your favourite bands? Naming favourite bands is always a hard one as I could write a paragraph and more! But here are a few bands I can never get enough of: Judas Priest, Motorhead, Type O Negative, Satyricon, Motley Crue, Ghost, Guns n’ Roses, Pantera, Shining, Black Sabbath. I’ve been completely obsessed with metal/rock music from the age of 13. That’s when I started going to gigs, playing guitar and dying my hair black! What is your favourite album? Stop doing this to me! What is the best gig you have been to? I cried the first time I saw Iron Maiden. It was at Download Festival earlier this year, I was just too happy! I also pissed myself. But that’s probably got more to do with the amount of booze I drank. I really didn’t want to lose my spot or even worse, miss a song! So I literally re-filled an empty cup under my skirt. I am the definition of class. My boyfriend was definitely proud.


You also do your own make up for shoots, are you skilled with the makeup brush? I’ve been putting make up on myself for 10 years so I should hope so by now haha. The course I did in beauty therapy and my BSC in Cosmetic Science also helped a little! I love make up and learning about the chemistry behind it! Beauty and Brains! What is your dream job? I’ve actually always wanted to be a forensic scientist and this was way before Dexter made it cool. What would you say is your best feature? My heart. I’m a very loving and caring person, and I think that’s far more important than anything physical. Tell us how to have great night out in London: Go to a metal gig and end up in a metal bar! What do you usually drink? Haha! I know it’s totally obvious but Jack Daniel’s. I’m not really a fan of any whiskey that’s not bourbon. I also like Spiced Rum or Jager mixed with coke. Unless it’s a pint I’m going for, then snakebite and black. Oh, and lately I’ve been drinking a lot of Bailey’s! Okay, better stop there before I sound like I have a problem... Stop talking about it I mean, not stop drinking!


Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Neale McGeever


Photographer: Graeme Allon | Words: Neale McGeever


What can we expect next from Dani Divine? Lot’s more photoshoots and publications, performance acts and more. Stay tuned!


Photographer: Tripodski | Words: Neale McGeever


PYROHEX Photographer: Scott Chalmers | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer



Welcome along troop, we’re so happy to be able to welcome you onto our digital pages. The main protagonist in this pyrotechnic project are Cervena Fox, Sununu Hernandez, Shelly D’Inferno, Rebecca Crow, Gem Dee. You certainly don’t need any introduction, but could I ask how you all got involved with Pyrohex, and what about the idea got you excited about it? Cervena was the one who got us all together with the intention of forming a performance troop, she invited us over to her house one evening for fire practice to see how we can all work together. After that evening we all loved the idea of working with one another and we create the fire troop! It was just for fun at first, but after our first show the crowd response was huge which inspired us to keep working to improve our skills and it’s been growing ever since. You’re all fantastic entertainers, dancers, models, etc. in your own right. What’s it like being involved with this super group of top talent from a variety of industries? What’s the dynamic like within Pyrohex? Fundamentally we are all really good mates. We work together on a weekly basis to improve our image, skills and safety on stage. Outside of working for Pyrohex we spend time looking after one another if a member of our group is poorly or feeling bit down one of us is always there to help out. How much do each of you contribute to each show or appearance? Do you get much time together with your other projects ongoing? Is there much scope for extended planning of things such as choreography and costume? We all have very tight schedules so planning as much in advance as possible is key. Usually as a request for a booking comes in, we have a group discussion lead by the team member who got the gig to find out who is available for the show. Cervena outlines the choreography and we all work on it together. We all work on the music for our sets. Sununu deals with health, safety and risk assessments. We train as much as we can together and on our own specialist skills. Costume is an ongoing process, we all love to dress up so we are constantly buying new accessories and making outfits.

X O F a n e v Cer



Choreography obviously plays a part in any stage performance, but what is the Pyrohex style when performing? Is it a regimented cohesive unit, or have you each got freedom to improvise on stage and showcase your own individual talents? Our style is Rock Hard, Hot and Fast. Some elements are choreographed but we each get to showcase our skills individually. Our shows are tailored individually to the event and size of the stage for greater entertainment impact. Fire is of course a major part of the shows you put on. Could I ask how each member got involved with working with fire, and have you shared many stories of near misses and singed hairdos? Everyone in the group has been working with fire between 2-6 years! When Cervena thought about getting the group together she made sure to pick people who were already in the industry and that were trained 100% in what they do! Everyone has lost a few eyelashes and eyebrows, Cervena and Gem have also lost a few inches of their hair, but they are doing something they love so at the end of the day they aren’t that upset about it as hair grows! As mentioned, you’ve all got distinctive backgrounds in performance, modelling and many other artistic influences. Does each member bring a different element to the table in terms of their role in a show? Or is there more of a collaborative process, and a sense of everyone pulling in a new exciting direction together? We do share a lot of the skills, though we all have our own specialties which we’re best at. Gem double staff, Cervena with fire hoop, Sununu with staff, Rebeca with grinding and Shelly with poi, but then we have to put them all together and make it in to a show. It’s rare that so many big name individual talents combine to form a group together. Did you all know one another independently of the Pyrohex project, or have some of you met one another for the first time through the group? Some of us have known each other for years and some met through the group but we all share many mutual friends. Photographer: Scott Chalmers | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer



Photographer: Scott Chalmers | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer

E E D M E G 70

With 2014 just kicking off, what are your hopes and ambitions for Pyrohex over the next twelve months? Any gigs, venues or events you’re particularly excited about? We are working to bring large scale stage effects to our shows, from pyrotechnics to projection mapping while at the same time improving on our core skills and developing new ones. Speaking of venues, where can fans expect to see you performing in the near future? Does the mere fact that you’re working with such a dangerous element as fire and pyrotechnics mean you have to consider venue very carefully? Or can you girls pretty much flame on anywhere? Yes, it can be quite difficult, some venues just simply won’t allow fire, some are too small to bring out the massive pyrotechnics we do and others have no aerial rigging.We just have to work around all these issues and put on the best show we possibly can.


You’re all very lithe and extremely fit performers. Is that purely down to your performance schedule with Pyrohex and other commitments, or do you have routines and regimes that you must stick to in order to stay so trim? Gem has been an aerialist for 6 years now, she trains once a week in addition to performing. It requires an immense amount of strength, she also has to watch what she eats, as the heavier she is the harder it will be to lift herself up. Sununu is a professional welder and carpenter, he spends all week renovating properties, building film sets, setting up large scale events and in his spare time he trains with his staff which keeps him fit. Cervena and Rebecca are learning how to aerial hoop as well so by the Summer they will be able to perform a double/triple act. Cervena also practices her fans and hulahoop a few times a week to keep up to strength with them and to learn new tricks. Rebecca eats really well and also trains at a gym to keep in shape. Shelly is our pro poi girl! She also eats and works out a lot to stay in shape. I think most active girls do this as it does effect the way you feel!


Photographer: Scott Chalmers | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer

o n r e f n i ’ d y l l e sh


Photographer: Scott Chalmers | Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer



What would you say is the message behind Pyrohex? What is the statement you want to make, or what attitude have you approached this project with? We don’t have a specific message, but it’s important... ‘don’t try this at home’ without professional supervision and proper safety equipment. We think you should just follow your dreams and ambitions as that’s what we’re doing. As your fan base grows ever stronger, more and more Pyrohex shows and keepsakes are appearing. Where can newbies to the Pyrohex adventure get all the information they need? We have a Facebook page where we post all our adventures and show dates to, we also have twitter, YouTube and we are almost ready to make our website live!


X O F a n Cerve

Lastly, I’d love to ask if you have a message for your fans reading Elite today. Or perhaps something you’d like to say to those discovering your work for the first time? If you love fire and rock and roll, then follow us on our Facebook page, we update it every day with pictures, videos, news, upcoming shows and everything else! Photographer: Scott Chalmers Words: Rich Alt-Girl Botherer





Calla Maeve Hi Calla, how are you today, how was your shoot for Elite? Hey! I’m very well thank you. The shoot was great, Jack was awesome! It was way overdue and to finally meet you guys, so it was cool. What have you been up to since the last time we saw you in Elite? I have been mad busy recently, shooting loads and meeting some really nice people. I’ve taken a year out of university, so modelling has taken priority and I’m really enjoying it. One thing that we love about you is that you are so versatile with your modelling. What would you say your favourite style is? I’m pretty lucky to be so versatile to be honest and I think it has really helped especially with the amount of beauty work I do. I love beauty, but also really like sensual lingerie work. I hate to be pigeon holed with terms like ‘alt’ and ‘glamour’... nowadays all it takes is a nose ring to be alt and a push up bra to be glamour. I like to constantly vary my work type to keep it fresh.

Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever



Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever





Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever What would you say your best feature is? I think it would probably be eyes or lips. Peoples eyes are amazing, they tell you whether they’re lying, angry or turned on all without saying a word, I love that. What do you look for in a man? Intelligence is a massive turn on for me, if someone can indulge me in an in-depth conversation about real issues I’m there. I can’t stand cocky men or egos. Biggest turn off? If you eat with your mouth open, you can go fuck yourself.


Photographer: Jack Russell | Words: Neale McGeever


If we were to buy you a drink, what would you want? Double gin and tonic please. So does a great night out for Calla go? I don’t go out very often anymore so when I do, I make the most of it. If anyone tries to make me go home I get mad! I usually start off in a few bars, pretending to be sophisticated then to a dingy club where your feet stick to the floor... that’s if I’m in my hometown. Do you stop for a messy take away on the way back? It has been known!


What would you advice to upcoming models be? Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. You can never go back. Remember that this is mutual exploitation, not just exploitation. Who do you look up to, as a model? Personality wise it would be Naomi Campbell, she doesn’t take any shit and nor do I. Whats next for Calla? Keep doing what I’m doing I suppose! I would say the only way is up but that’s not true, try and limit regrets and make positive decisions.



Model: Calla Maeve | Photographer: Graeme Allon


Grim Man Tee ÂŁ15.00



Model: Calla Maeve | Photographer: Graeme Allon


Skull Mandala Tee ÂŁ15.00


Heffy She’s Back.. It’s


Photographer: Adam Hoskins Hi Heffy, how are you today, how was your shoot with Adam for Elite? I’m good thank you, it was really fun Adam is a stupidly talented guy and it’s always an absolute pleasure to work with him. I’m looking forward to working together again in the new year! What have you been up to since the last time we saw you in Elite? I have started skateboarding, something I love but suck at! I have been training for the London Marathon 2014 and fundraising loads for Katharine House. I have raised about £15,000 now! So I guess I have been pretty busy. One thing that we love about you is that you are into extreme sports, what got you in to this? When I was 9 my parents took me skiing, ever since then I have just craved adrenaline! When I was 11 I learned to ride a motorbike so it has

been something I have grew up with. Nothing compares to the rush I feel when I’m going as fast as I can on my snowboard though! What would you say your best feature is? My hair Iguess, that’s the one thing I spend the most effort on. What do you look for in a man? I’m not hugely bothered about looks, I just like like kind genuine men, I also dig chubby guys.. give me something to cuddle up to! Unfortunately I have no luck, I have accepted I’m forever alone with pizza :( Biggest turn off? Arrogance, it’s so cringey! If we were to buy you a drink, what would you want? Just a large coke for me, I have my hipflask full of vodka ;)



Photographer: Adam Hoskins


How does a great night out for Heffy go? UPRAWR every time, I have been going for about 3 years! I just love how I can go to a club dressed however the hell I want, listen to the best music and hang with my pals. It’s such a good vibe and have the best theme nights. Do you stop for a messy take away on the way back? I go to Dominoes every time as it’s over the road, I went just before Christmas and tried to steal the Christmas tree when I was really drunk! Also there is nothing better then waking up to a left over pizza when your hungver! What would you advice to upcoming models be? Keep at it and be patient, it takes a while to build yourself up, and people will always have something to say but fuck them! As long as you’re doing what you love who cares!

Photographer: Adam Hoskins



Who do you look up to, as a model? Amayah louise and Emma summers (Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a sucker for cute blondes). Whats next for Heffy? 2014 Should be a good one! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m looking forward to some collaborations with some amazing models and some new photographers. Also looking foward to going to plenty of shows and drinking plenty of vodka with all my favouri te people <3



! N O R T R E D al R


t n o r F ll u F s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; G et g Photo


r: raphe

ussell Jack R

| Mod

els: L

& arris e ah H

ns Jo Eva


0 $35.0 k c a napb 35.00 $ S k f c i a r b Se nap Retro S e $30.00 State of Mind Te


Photographer: Jack Russell | Models: Leah Harris & Jo Evans

ant e g r e S


ie $6 d o o H


Grog & Bo oty

Serif Photo g


Tank $30. 00


raphe r: Jack

Russe ll

| Mod

ie $20

els: L e

ah Ha rris &


Jo Eva ns



5 ack $ P r e Stick


Photographer: Jack Russell | Models: Leah Harris & Jo Evans


Elite Issue 49