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Frozen Asset/Material Gains

Presented by ArtMoorHouse in collaboration with Martin Bennett and Peter Lamb

Slowing the visual experience, images of painting, whether photographed or handmade, mediated through technology or technique, found or constructed, can find advantage through material confliction. What happens when we look at something and see a painting where there is no painting; or, regard something which we know is painting yet, see no painting? Frozen Asset/Material Gains presents a group of painters whose work embraces stillness: forced, or otherwise. Using immobilising gestures, they create restfulness where there is chaos; uplifting through melancholy; hopeful in a time of inertia; ready for happiness now. Martin Bennett and Peter Lamb


About Frozen Asset/Material Gains

In recent times, people might find they’re settling into a slowerpaced rhythm, where freedom has been limited and a new perception of space has been gained.

and Peter Lamb’s curated project ‘Frozen Asset/Material Gains’.

The name reflects the fundamental ethos underpinning the project which expresses how the dynamics of decelerating the visual experience and the space found in stillness can be curated and perceived. Where the process is slowed down to the point of been frozen, each gesture, material and technology used acquire a fundamental role and visual value, to become a field of energetic potential. In an age of speed, nothing can be more refreshing than slowing down.

In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than experiencing the now. The space found in stillness is where the mind travels inwards, connecting with the heart and experiencing the feeling of “timelessness.”

Elisa Martinelli - Manager and Curator at ArtMoorHouse

ArtMoorHouse curatorial theme 2021: SPACE

This year theme was selected to offer deliberately a vast range of possibilities embracing subjects as diverse as cyber space and the environment. Whilst being timely we wanted to select a topic that reflected a cultural shift that is happening now or that it’s about to happen. From the space we work or live in, to the new concept of space as the required distance between us, or from the importance of shapes in defining space to the abstract idea of it. Our aim is to explore its concept through the very unique point of view of each of the artist or the projects selected.

ArtMoorHouse aim is to establish a unique platform for promoting an unsurpassed synergy between creativity and business. We create curated visual experiences and presentations, working with emerging and internationally acclaimed artists. We strive to engage, inspire and provide a talking point and an ice breaker in the banking and commercial environment. Where the process is slowed down to the point of been frozen, each gesture, material and technology used acquire