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A New You, 30 Days at a Time


’m just as guilty as the next person for declaring a million new goals for the new year only to get burned out a month in (like that $199 I spent on Rosetta Stone to learn French!). This year I’m going to try doing a 30day challenge. 30-day challenges are about trying something new, different, healthy, fun, or even crazy, every day for 30 days, because that is approximately the number of days it takes to form a new habit. 30-day challenges force you to do something every single day, even if it’s a small thing. What matters is that a consistent action is taken, because it’s the small acts made each day that build behaviors and habits that stick. Once the 30 days are up, you’ll probably be a little heathier, smarter, or saner. Here are 10 great ideas of acts you can do separately or combined for a 30-day challenge to start 2020 off on the right foot. 10. DRINK MORE WATER Whether it’s 8 glasses a day or half your body weight in ounces, water is one of the best ways to stay healthy without having to give up anything.

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9. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN The point of brain training is to push your brain to the point of frustration so that your neural connections strengthen. Pick a brain training app and commit to doing the exercises for a given time, every day. Lumosity, Elevate, or FitBrains are all great choices. 8. STRETCH Stretching is like flossing. Easy to do, good for the body, not particularly painful, but something we resist anyway. Find a series of stretches that works for you and commit to doing it every day.

7. WALK 10,000 STEPS DAILY It’s the equivalent of five miles. The nice thing about this challenge is that you can break up your walks into chunks. Even better, your iPhone/Watch or FitBit will keep track of your steps. 6. PRACTICE GRATITUDE Every morning or evening, think about 3-5 things for which you are grateful. 5. PERFORM ONE RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS Do something nice, selfless, and generous for someone else without expecting anything in return. 4. CLEAN UP YOUR DIGITAL CLUTTER Every day, work on something like organizing files into folders, downloading photos, deleting junk or old emails, unused programs or apps. Do you really need that app that keeps up with the Kardashians?! 3. SPEND TIME OUTDOORS We live in a beautiful place. When was the last time you took a walk on the beach at sunrise? 2. LISTEN TO AUDIOBOOKS OR PODCASTS INSTEAD OF MUSIC For 30 days, load up on interesting podcasts and audiobooks and commit to listening to them whenever you’re in the car, in the gym, or going for a walk or run. You’ll be amazed at how much you can absorb. 1. (And most important.) TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM OR WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU. Express your feelings and affection for the people in your life. Remember, they won’t be around forever.


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ON THE COVER: We’re beginning 2020 with a selection of stories that embrace the theme of flight. From birds to bow ties and aerial feats to airplanes, we invite you to soar into the New Year with us!


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Soar \sČŻr\ (verb)

1a: to fly aloft or about; b(1): to sail or hover in the air often at a great height: GLIDE; (2) of a glider: to fly without engine power and without loss of altitude; 2: to rise or increase dramatically (as in position, value, or price); 3: to ascend to a higher or more exalted level; 4: to rise to majestic stature.


n this issue, we invite you to soar into the new year with us. Our feature stories embrace the theme of taking flight, both literally and figuratively. In 2020, let’s spread our wings and take off! (continues)





L au ri e


Vibrant painted buntings, graceful snowy egrets, sweet spoonbills and gorgeous scenery caught our attention as Laurie Lohne’s photos popped up on Facebook.


e dug a little deeper and discovered Laurie had recently published a book entitled Birds of a Different Feather. Even more intriguing was learning that she had created this photographic reference to many of our most commonly seen birds here in the Golden Isles because she had been looking for a simple bird book like this 20


and was unable to find one. The books out there, she found, tended to be overwhelming: too many species, too much scientific description. So, her labor of love began. “If you had told me five or six months ago I’d be publishing a book, I never would have believed you,” Laurie says with a laugh. (continues)

OPPOSITE PAGE: (top) Snowy Egrets and

Roseate Sponbill; (bottom) Painted Bunting. THIS PAGE: Great Egret, Snowy Egret and Little Blue Heron



She quickly clarifies she doesn’t consider herself a photographer, in the sense that she’s not professionally trained. She simply likes to go out with her camera, often accompanied by her dog, Sunshine, on “photo safaris” and capture the beauty of the nature that surrounds her. “I don’t look for any certain birds, or really have any particular plan of what I’ll shoot. I just pull up maps, find areas I’d like to explore, and make sure to keep my camera handy.” Laurie and her husband, Garret, moved to Brunswick from New Jersey two years ago when they became enchanted by the area in a search for somewhere along the coast to retire. She explains, “My husband had retired and we were thinking I might retire early, but I was still working and planning to do so for a few more years, but I would do Google searches on areas up and down the coast. We came down here to visit on a lark, but found a house while we were here, put an offer in, and it was ours! It happened very fast and I couldn’t be happier with our choice!” She considers her photo safaris, her “me time,” when she can get out into nature and feel her heart rate slow down and her body relax with the rhythm of the tides or in the quiet of the woods. Birds of a Different Feather is made up of bird photos Laurie has taken on St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. “It’s about half and half, with maybe a few pictures thrown in from up in Darien, Butler Island and around there.” With this region being home to multiple stops on the 22


Coastal Birding Trail and more than 300 bird species inhabiting or visiting, Laurie certainly isn’t lacking in subject matter! The book isn’t meant to be a comprehensive index, however, just a catalog of the species Laurie sees most commonly on her treks, and ones that will surely be encountered by visitors to the area. Beach birds, wood storks, birds of prey, and waterfowl accompany Laurie’s favorite roseate spoonbills, as well as brightly colored cardinals, painted buntings, and woodpeckers. Our popular pelicans (including the well-known “mayor” of St. Simons Island at his perch on the pier), a variety of herons, egrets, osprey, and anhinga are well represented. When Laurie began sharing the photos she took during her adventures on social media, she received compliments and positive feedback, along with encouragement to publish. In particular, she credits local attorney and musician Fred Kopp with giving her the inspiration and encouragement to put together a book. “Fred would always comment on my photos that I should do a book. He got me thinking, ‘Why don’t I?!’ So without him, I probably wouldn’t have done this. Putting this together, I relied a lot on Google and doing my own research to write the content and to publish it. I really am just winging it!” For many people, the idea of publishing a book would be daunting, but the idea was’t completely foreign to Laurie due to her professional background as a creative professional who’s been creating innovative concepts and compelling design for nearly two decades. Laurie graduated from Parson’s School of Design in New York City and worked as an Art Director for Bloomberg, Merrill Lynch, Creative MediaWorks, Frank Advertising and World & Main. She used to design book covers, so now all she needed to do was fill the pages of one too. While she admits, it was a challenge, she had plenty of help from her family, who served as editors, and the keen eye of

Golden Isles resident bird expert Lydia Thompson as a fact-checker. The result is a wonderful and well-designed book of crisp, colorful and beautifully composed photos accompanied by helpful information about the species, their identifiers, and their habits. It’s a terrific resource for anyone who likes bird-watching on the island or simply wants to be able to tell a heron from a egret from an osprey. For Laurie, the book is about sharing her passion for nature and the beauty of our home and her love of wildlife. She wants to also raise awareness about the importance of conservation too. She explains, “The Jekyll Island Banding Station helps provide information on how climate change and habitat destruction impact our environment and how these changes effect birds. In the 1980s JIBS was banding between 2,000 and 3,000 birds per year. Today that number has dropped significantly to between 1,000 to 1,500 birds per year.” She stresses that even small, seemingly innocuous acts like chasing the shorebirds on the sandbars can have a negative impact. “Many people don’t know

that chasing resting and feeding shorebirds can be detrimental to their survival. Shorebirds can only feed under certain tidal conditions. Disturbing them at rest and feeding times can lead

to reduced survival rates and reproduction. If they can’t properly rest while roosting, they aren’t able to generate the energy they need to feed.” And when it comes to feeding, it’s vital that we protect our waters. Laurie states, “Polluted waters affect all of us. Not only the fish, but also the birds and humans who eat the contaminated fish, and the fishermen whose livelihood depends on fishing. It’s not just environmentalists who should be concerned with preserving our environment. Water pollu-

tion can create a domino effect that detrimentally affect all creatures and humans in the food chain.” As Laurie points out, these factors are in our control and need to be considered if we want our home to continue to be a safe and attractive area to all of these beautiful birds and other coastal wildlife. We are not the only people in the media whose taken notice of Laurie’s photography. Her photos have appeared on Action News

OPPOSITE PAGE: (top) Great Blue Heron; (bottom) Hooded Merganser THIS PAGE: (clockwise from left) Roseate Spoonbill, Author Laurie Lohne (photo: Garrett Lohne), Red-bellied Woodpecker

Jax’s website and one graces the cover of the 2020 Island Directory. This month, you can find her work is on display in the exhibition of “The Celebration of Birds” at the Horton Gallery. To see more of Laurie’s work and find out where the Birds of a Different Feather is available locally, follow Laurie Lohne Photography on Facebook. And don’t be too surprised if you see her out at Gould’s Inlet or back at the lake behind the old amphitheater on Jekyll, snapping away. She’s thrilled that even after two years here, the enchantment hasn’t worn off. Hopefully it never will.



AIM HIGH P ho to s



S tewar t

Will Howell isn’t your average guy. This 20-year old from Darien possesses a superpower, and it’s pretty awesome. Will can make you smile. His enthusiasm for life is infectious and he knows how to encourage people and make them feel good. He is great at lifting the spirits of everyone around him. This is WillPower. It is the inspiration and spark that energizes the newly launched company, WillPower Ties.


eople who know Will and his family know that Will has been defying odds and expectations for his entire life. In 1999, his parents Carey and Melanie were warned by doctors that their newborn son might never walk or talk. Going forward, with Will diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the Howell family redefined “normal.” Despite physical challenges and intellectual disabilities, Will has always powered through even his toughest days with a smile. In a single meeting or simple conversation, you’ll quickly discover that Will loves people and his joy and enthusiasm is not only genuine, it is remarkably contagious. His physical limitations may make movement and 24


speech difficult but Will’s capacity for love and his determination to have a positive impact in the world are unbounded. As Will’s high school graduation neared, the Howell family realized his future would be uncertain. Carey says, “We knew that it was unlikely Will would be able to hold a traditional job. Will’s doctor and family friend, Dr. Ben Spitalnick, told us, ‘Will needs more than a job, he needs a purpose.’ So we started thinking about how we could find something that utilized the strength and talents that we know Will has. We used the NY company John’s Crazy Socks as inspiration and a model, but didn’t want to copy them. Since Will is known as a dapper dresser with his ties, we came up with

the idea of WillPower ties.” Will says that he likes ties because they make him feel proud and happy. That’s the way he wants other people to feel too. With that in mind, the Howells spent the next six months meeting with various manufacturers, graphic designers, and marketing experts to hammer out a working plan for the business, determine what products they would offer, and establish an online store. Will’s sister, Polly Robinson, explains that they were deliberate in selecting a variety of items from multiple manufacturers to be able to offer wider selection of fabrics and styles at various price points. “Whether you’re looking at a hand-crafted silk tie made in (continues)



America or a cheaper whimsical look to fit a college student’s budget, there’s something for everyone. We thought it was important to have that balance.” WillPower Ties launched on November 1, 2019. While the brand is most definitely Will-powered, with the mega-watt smile and enthusiasm of its namesake ambassador, it is truly a family operation. Will is actively involved in choosing the tie designs they offer and the family works together on the collections, with everyone having their favorites. While Polly likes the sportsmanthemed ties, like “Fishing Fun,” her husband the football coach can often be seen sporting the playbook print “Art of the Game.” From the classic “Dad’s Favorite Tie” to the patriotic ties, Carey is proud of them all. As possibly the biggest fan of Christmas ever, Will loves the holiday ties. There are bow ties and neck ties, and even a special line of ties made right here in Georgia for your dogs! They’ve also expanded to include tie pins and t-shirts. Carey says eventually they would like to offer their own exclusive WillPower tie and they’re currently in talks with a company in North Carolina to make that happen. That way, in the future Will could design his own ties and create his own branded line. When it comes to shipping the ties out, each order is packaged with a thank you note from Will. He handles the mailing himself by loading up the basket on his sporty red Amtryke from AMBUCS, strapping in, and pedaling over to the Darien post office a few streets 26


from his home. That special therapeutic tryke is an important part of Will’s story and part of the WillPower Ties purpose. It represents independence and freedom in a way few other things in Will’s life do. Will is quick to share how much he loves “Mr. Kevin” Sheehan from AMBUCS. Hearing Carey tell the story of this man from Savannah who tracked the Howells down following an MCA football game and arranged for Will to receive the tryke, it’s easy to understand why. Initially started as American Business Clubs, AMBUCS began in 1922 as a membership organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Over the years, it morphed into a more standard 501c3 charitable organization and shortened their name to AMBUCS. In the

mid-1990s they started making and giving away therapeutic tricycles (Amtrykes) as a national project. AMBUCS currently has more than 5,000 members in more than 150 chapters in over 30 states. Their members work on a grassroots level to fundraise and work to fulfill their mission to inspire mobility and independence. The Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program that gives away about 3,500 Amtrykes a year is one

of the main ways they do that. When Kevin Sheehan found Will and offered to provide him with a bike through the Savannah AMBUCS, he changed his life. Polly explains, “This is something that Will can do himself. And that’s important when there’s so much else that he needs others to help him with every day. Not this. He can be strapped in and down the street before you could even try to catch up. It’s freedom for him.” That feeling of empowerment that comes from mobility is incredibly beneficial to the well-being and sense of worth of people who, like Will, have physical limitations and disabilities that make traditional methods of transportation impossible. Because AMBUCS helped Will, he wanted to do something for them, and through them, for others. For each WillPower Tie purchase, 5% is donated to AMBUCS to support their mission to give that sense of independence and gift of mobility to others. Mr. Sheehan is proud of Will’s work as an entrepreneur and humbled by his desire to give back to the company that helped him. He shared, “You never know how just asking to help comes back to help you or the ones you serve. Meant the world to me when his mom reached out and said Will wanted to give back.” Will’s spirit soars by helping others and lifting them, as he has been lifted. With WillPower Ties now up and running, the future looks bright. There’s a tie with planes on it in the WillPower Ties shop at with the name “Aim High.” We encourage you to take a look, because it, along with some vintage aircraft ties in the collection, would be ideal attire for the upcoming “Art of Flight” fundraiser for Glynn Visual Arts. But more importantly, it’s the perfect message to take away from Will himself and the launch of WillPower Ties. Aim high. Lift others. The sky’s the limit!



The Art Flight O

n Saturday, February 1, Glynn Visual Arts invites you to enjoy a flight of fancy at their unique new fundraiser, “The Art of Flight.” This extraordinary event to support the arts will feature an elegant and artfully presented flight themed evening filled with food, fun and amazing entertainment at the Museum Hangar at the St. Simons Island Airport. A departure from “The Art of Food” fundraiser they’ve held in the past, the theme (continues)




The following ticket purchase options are available: 1st Class - $1,500 (table of 6) Includes: Preferred up front seating, Name/recognition on the event “Boarding Pass,” Name/recognition on poster at event, Pre-Flight champagne Business Class - $750 (table of 6) Includes: Name/recognition on the event “Boarding Pass,” Name/recognition on poster at event Individual tickets - $150 per person Tickets can be purchased by calling GVA at 912.638.8770 or online at

Your seat has been reserved at this special celebration




6 - 9




of flight is perfect for an organization whose mission is to inspire and encourage artists’ imaginations and creativity to soar to new nights! Executive Director Susan Ryles says, “This is going to be such a fun evening where we’ll be offering a true first-class in-flight experience. You’ll get a boarding pass when you arrive and things will ‘take off’ from there with lots of aviation themed touches.” For this stylish affair, don some dazzling cocktail attire (Gentlemen, see the previous story about WillPower Ties if you need accessory inspiration.) and your dancing shoes. One of the highlights of the evening will be 70s and 80s dance music and background ambiance provided by ShadoFax. The band, which includes members of two bands that originated in the late 1970s in a high school in New Port Richie, Florida who reunited to perform a few years ago and keep finding excuses to do it again. The band members believe music is the tie that binds and it reminds them of their youth, so they try to recreate those great days in the late 70s and early 80s playing house par-

ties for friends. You can expect to hear your favorite songs from Chicago, Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Supertramp, Billy Joel, and more. Don’t be surprised if you hear Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly” among the tunes. The music won’t be the only entertainment of the evening. Susan is thrilled to share that the event will feature a performance by the aerial dance troupe, Aerial Elements, directed by Susan Murphy, owner of Marsh Studio in Darien and founder of Canopy Studio, a community aerial arts center in Athens, GA. Ryles stated, “We have a wonderful relationship with Susan and love what she’s doing at Marsh Studio, and wanted to work with her to being an aerial show to the island. We’re so fortunate to have this beautiful form of art here and want more people to experience it. Finding a suitable venue is the tricky part. When we saw the hangar, we thought the setup looked perfect to be able to suspend dancers from the ceiling. And how cool would that be, alongside the vintage plane that

hangs there?! We had Susan come check it out and are thrilled to find it will work and we’ll be able to host such a unique show.” Of course to help raise funds for GVA’s programs, there will be a silent auction of amazing items, including plenty of original art on which to bid. Food will be artfully prepared and presented by the team of culinary wizards at Tasteful Temptations. Their creations are always as beautiful as they are delicious. Expect flight-themed activities and cocktails, with some additional surprises.

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Established in 1953, Glynn Visual Arts (formerly known as Glynn Art Association) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that serves as the community’s visual arts center. They offer classes for all ages in many art mediums, an expansive exhibitor’s art gallery, three festivals annually and a beautiful gift shop. Their mission is to enrich the community by stimulating interest and participation in the visual arts. Their vision is to liberate, inspire, educate, nourish, and entertain through the arts. Your sponsorship, attendance at “The Art of Flight,” and funds raised on silent auction items will support GVA’s mission and help further its vision. “Come fly with us,” says Susan





“boarding pass” on opposite page for details. This event promises to be like none other offered on St. Simons Island before. You won’t ShadoFax

want to miss any of the fun!

St. Simons Island Office 912.638.3640





Tasting flights are a good way for both seasoned and novice drinkers to experience and compare flavors.


riginating in the wine community, the term “flight” describes an offering of a variety of different wines. Generally, wine flights include three to eight glasses presented for the purpose of sampling and comparing. While in vineyard and winery tours, such samples are usually tasted and spit out, in restaurants and wine bars, they are intended for sipping. Golden Isles 32


Olive Oil in Redfern Village offers wine discussions and tastings on Tuesdays evenings with $10 wine flights that include 3 different wines. Bars and restaurants have expanded the flight idea to spirits and offer whiskey flights. These usually include three or more different types of whiskeys, served in ½ to 1 ounce pours. These are meant to sipped and savored. At Georgia Sea Grill, you’ll find 3 different spirit flights with ½ oz. pours. There is a Scotch Flight for $15, and

a 13th Colony Distillery Flight that includes whiskeys, rye, and bourbon or $11. The $20 High Wire Southern Revival Flight includes red bourbon, rye whiskey, sorghum whiskey, and bourbon finished in Madeira barrels. Stop into one of these fine St. Simons Island establishments or ask your preferred local spot for drinks if they offer flights and expand your palate. To riff on VanMorrison, “Let your soul and spirit(s) fly.”






High-Flying History BY K AT H I W I L L I A M S / P H OTO S BY PA U L M E AC H A M


ircraft and aviation have always fascinated me. I have attended numerous air shows, enraptured by the aerial maneuvers of stunt performers and the jaw-dropping precision of formations executed by expert flight teams. I have toured vintage aircraft and visited them in museums. I’ve also had the great pleasure of being able to share through my work the history and stories of some of these historic craft. I’m not sure when I first fell in love with the B-17 “Flying Fortress.” It might have been at one of those air shows when I learned the history of the WWII bomber and saw her up close or it may have

been when I saw the movie Memphis Belle and could imagine the challenges faced by her young pilots and crew members. Either way, it’s undisputed that I have an affinity for this vintage bomber. When the Liberty Belle visited St. Simons Island in 2010, I toured her with my enthralled then 7-year-old son in tow. Sadly, the following year, Liberty Belle crashed and burned in a field in Illinois. Fortunately, some of her fuselage has been salvaged and there are restoration efforts underway. When restored B-17G Aluminum Overcast made a stop here in 2014, I saw her flying above and from afar on the ground when I’d pass the airport, but never got the chance to visit. At the Wings Over Golden Isles airshow in 2017, I indulged my plane fix by checking out a B-25 and a C-130 in the static display and enjoying the shows put on above (continues)



by the Raptor and old war bird Panchito, as well as the US Navy’s pride and joy, the Blue Angels. So when I learned Aluminum Overcast would be visiting the island again this past fall, I was looking forward to having another opportunity to see the old girl. Much to my surprise and delight, I was invited to join a media flight. We would also be joined by Bill Russell, WWII veteran who served as a bomber pilot, and would

have a chance to talk with him and fellow veteran David Blackshear, Sr. about their experiences. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The B-17 was designed by Boeing Aircraft Company in response to a 1934 Army Air Corps specification calling for a four-engined bomber at a time when two engines were the norm. It was intended to attack strategic targets by precision daylight bombing, penetrating deep into enemy territory by flying above the effective range of antiaircraft artillery. Turbo-supercharged radial engines would enable the necessary high-altitude performance, and heavy defensive armament would provide protection against attacking fighters. A Norden bombsight (developed in great secrecy during the 1930s) would ensure accuracy. The B-17 entered small-scale production in 1937 and by the time the U.S. entered the war in 1941, the modified plane was equipped with turrets in the upper fuselage, belly, and tail. All but the 36


tail turret were power-operated and mounted with a pair of machine guns. The B-17G later added a “chin” turret under the nose. This level of firepower made the B-17 a formidable opponent for enemy fighters, especially when flying in tightly stacked defensive formations for mutual protection. The plane was operated by a crew of 10, including pilot, copilot, navigator-radioman, bombardier, and gunners. The plane generally flew at 25,000-35,000 feet (depending on the bomb load), putting it above the worst of the German anti-aircraft artillery. In the face of determined fighter opposition, however, Bill Russell squadrons of B-17s proved WWII veteran unable to fight their way unescorted to targets deep inside Germany without incurring excessive losses. Deep raids were called off in mid-October 1943 and were not resumed until February 1944, when long-range escort fighters such as the P-51 Mustang became available. A 4,000-pound bomb load was typical for long missions. For shorter distances at lower altitudes, a B-17 could carry up to 8,000 pounds, plus more on external racks beneath the wings. Increased bomb loads were extremely effective in attacks on German aircraft and oil industries before the Normandy Invasion and in later “carpet-bombing” raids to support the troops. They were a critical part of the Allied victory in World War II. Today, of the nearly 13,000 B-17s made, only nine are presently airworthy, and there are fewer than 50 complete surviving airframes in existence. Aluminum Overcast, which never saw combat, is owned by Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and the overhaul and restoration of the airframe took more than 10 years and thousands of hours by staff and volunteers. She is used today for tours and flight experiences to keep the history of the Greatest Generation alive for current and future generations. The staff and volunteers who man the tour and

pilot the plane are wonderful and are extremely dedicated to keeping this piece of history alive. To quote Mr. Blackshear, who was a bomber crew navigator, flying conditions for the bombers were (and are) “Primitive. There were no stewardesses or in-flight drink service. The seats aren’t padded.” When you’re inside the plane and you see the thin metal frame, it really is like an aluminum can hurling through the skies. It’s easy to imagine how frightening that must have been high above enemy territory with the constant threat of attack. Mr. Russell and Mr. Blackshear also both stressed how young the crews of these planes were. The pilots might have been in their 20s as they required more years of training were likely in the service longer, but many of the bomber crew members were still in their teens. If you were short and had a smaller build, you were needed to fit in the tiny tail gun turret or ball turret. Seeing them up-close, and the doors that access them, you wonder how anyone could fit! Experiencing the bombardier’s-eye perspective from the seat in the “chin” turret, I was first struck by what an incredible view they had, flying above the earth, almost entirely surrounded by glass — and how vulnerable that must feel when you are the target. No wonder these crew members bonded as brothers and have such a strong connection with other men who also did what they did. Both Mr. Russell and Mr. Blackshear said, “We lost so many.” They remember. We all should remember. The EAA keeps the memories and this history alive by preserving vintage aircraft like Aluminum Overcast and offering these flight experiences. The World War II Home Front Museum on St. Simons Island does the same through exhibits detailing wartime experiences with recorded recollections, and by inviting veterans like Mr. Russell to share their stories with others. If you’d like to come listen, he’s there on the second Tuesday of the month, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. We owe it to the Greatest Generation to keep their courageous feats and fighting spirit alive.




New Year’s resolutions? So yesterday! You are enough the way you are! That said, the new year is always a great time to break with the routine, to revisit some habits, to renew your commitments, to keep what is serving you and drop what is not. Practice self-love, care enough about yourself to eat good food and…exercise. No matter your age, being active has many benefits, from better health to brain function and sleep quality. But knowing it’s good for you doesn’t always mean it’s easy to add exercise into your routine. Since 2000, The Club has been meeting members with expertise, equipment, and extensive programming to help reach that goal. A great experience drives people into their unique facility and empowers them to live happier and healthier lives. In order to help you get into a routine that includes working out, The Club and The Clouds Yoga Center have identified 20 benefits that your

7. There’s strength in numbers. 300+ classes per month from which to choose.

2. Get lifted in the free weights room.

8. Get your rear in gear by trying the new Schwinn spin bikes.

4. No excuses, only endorphins in the cardio room. 5. Build some sweat equity in the dedicated hot yoga studio 6. Dance like everyone is watching in Zumba® class.

We’re a sunny little joint that’s big on friendliness & fresh flavors. Serving everything from southern comfort food to no boundaries international cuisine in a relaxed casual environment

The Club and The Clouds Yoga Center have also identified 20 reasons to join that your heart will love! These reasons are uniquely theirs, but could be uniquely yours.

1. Tone + Om. The Club includes a fitness center AND a yoga center!

3. Connect your body and mind in the yoga studios.


brain will love. Working out or practicing yoga regularly will dramatically increase your chances of getting fit. It increases energy levels and improves your breathing. With consistent effort, you create positive habits. Exercise can reduce body fat, build muscle mass, and keep your bones strong. This all contributes to improving your posture and physique and posture. Exercise decreases stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep. Health benefits include reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and dementia. It boosts energy, your memory, and your immune system. When you look better and feel better, it improves your selfesteem. Regular visits to The Club and The Clouds Yoga Center helps you meet people too. These sound like great reasons to start!

9. Get pumped in the Group Power class. 10. Team work is best. Play on a full-size basketball court. 11. Make waves in the yearround heated pool. 12. Get in the zone while your kids are enjoying the KidZone. 13. Soar in aerial yoga.

14. Shape it up in Pilates class. 15. Get some one-on-one attention with a personal trainer. 16. Sweat now, shine now in the steam room, sauna, or whirlpool. 17. Give your life some shape in the circuit training room. 18. Stay on the ball with a game of pickleball or racquetball. 19. Get on the fast (indoor) track. 20. Relax! Enjoy massage therapy for performance, health, and recovery.


Mon. - Fri. at 11:00 a.m. SERVING DINNER

Tues. - Sat. until 9:30 p.m. DINNER SPECIALS: Tostada

Tuesdays, Flip Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays AND AINL ST M NT E B A ED VOT ESTAUR D LIVING S R LAN AWARD S I T AN CE ELEG RS CHOI 2019 18, DE REA 2017, 20

So start a routine and stick to it. The Club can help you make a plan and follow it. Get a yearly membership instead of a month-to-month commitment. Visualize success: what will your “after” be? There are memberships to suit everybody, including corporate memberships. The Club is located at 2929 Demere Road on St. Simons Island and is open 7 days a week, Monday-Friday: 5:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. KidZone is open Monday-Saturday: 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday: 4:00-8:00 p.m., Sunday: 3:00-6:00 p.m. For more information, call 912.638.5600 or visit

1 4 0 2 R E Y N O L D S S T. B R U N S W I C K , GA 912.265.2007 Follow us on @indigocoastalshanty for daily specials






Celebrating 20 Years of Conservation

here are plenty of smart and creative ideas in the world, but it takes dedication and perseverance to transform an idea into a reality. It was just such determination, along with a spirit of generosity and community mindedness, that moved the St. Simons Land Trust from concept to the successful non-profit conservation organization it is today. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Land Trust’s founding. It has grown steadily over the past two decades since receiving one of its first donated tracts of land, 40 acres contributed in 2002 by the late Dorothy Gilbert in memory of her husband John. During her lifetime, Mrs. Gilbert was known to express the same desire shared by many 40


island natives who wanted to close the gate on St. Simons once they crossed the causeway. Their dream was that the island would remain as it had always been, with unpaved streets and canopy thick enough to climb from branch to branch from one part of the island to another. A place where summer vacationers cleared out and the sidewalks were rolled up during the winter and where traffic lights could be counted on one hand with fingers to spare. Despite that commonly held wish, the island’s number of mailboxes and stretches of tarmac have grown exponentially, but so has the amount of land protected by the Land Trust. They have successfully conserved 1,024 acres across the island – more than 25 times that initial gift from Mrs. Gilbert.

The Land Trust will be celebrating its 20th anniversary throughout the year, beginning on January 18 with the annual oyster roast. One of the most anticipated and popular community events in any year, the oyster roast tradition also began in 2000, when approximately 70 guests gathered at Village Creek Landing to mark the organization’s founding. St. Simons Island native Catherine Main, who was part-time executive director of the Land Trust at the time, thought that the signature event should reflect island culture and be a casual, outdoor occasion that brought people together. Thus, an oyster roast was held and the tradition commenced. The roughly 70 people who attended that first oyster roast at Village Creek Landing was a

H 2 O C R E AT I V E G R O U P

crowd far larger than the Land Trust expected. To accommodate increased attendance, the event was moved to Fort Frederica, a venue that added its own history and ambience. When the number of guests reached 600, the event moved once more to Gascoigne Bluff Park along the Frederica River. As attendance grew, so did the quantities of food and drink. “I’ve always been so impressed by the local restaurants,” says Frances McCrary, co-founder and former board chair of the Land Trust. “The oyster roast has always grown beyond us and keeping up with the amount of food wasn’t easy. Duane Harris, a chairman of the board at one time, and his wife Carol did a big shrimp boil back in the early days.” This year, 50+ restaurants and others will be providing everything from the bushels and bushels of oyster and shrimp-laden Low Country boil, to fried chicken, barbeque, and other Southern fare, including soups, plentiful sides like mac-andcheese, and delicious desserts. Now, as then, the oyster roast remains a community effort, with each requiring more than 100 volunteers. Many work with SSLT staff throughout the year to manage all the details of an event that last year hosted more than 1,200 people. “There are many great (continues)



John and Dorothy Gilbert

traditions around the Golden Isles, but my absolute favorite is the Land Trust Oyster Roast,” says Patrick Parker, President of Parker’s Company, the Premier Sponsor of the Land Trust’s 20th anniversary event. “It’s for a wonderful cause, of course, but the thing that sets it apart is how big it is and how many people come together to do the work necessary to make it a success. We’re very happy to be part of such a great event.” It’s not only the locals who love the Land Trust Oyster Roast. It was named one of the Top 20 Events in 2020 by the Southeast Tourism Society and this year’s 20th annual event promises to be the biggest and best one yet. Accord-

ing to Marty Moody, who has worked on the event intermittently since 2011 and served as its coordinator over the past few years, there is more community support for this year’s oyster roast than ever. This includes not only the many tasting booths and providers of food for the buffet, but numerous service sponsors who do everything from stringing the thousands of lights in the great live oaks at Gascoigne Bluff to providing recycling services. “Music has always been a part of it, too,” according to Frances McCrary. This year’s live entertainment will be provided by popular Golden Isles musician Michael Hulett. Michael is a top-rated and award-winning eclectic solo performer best known for his talent on the saxophone, but is

weather. But I really love Gascoigne Bluff as a venue, with the lights twinkling in the trees, it’s just so lovely.” Marty Moody agrees, saying that often during the night, she’ll stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and see how magical it all looks with the lights, the decorated tables, the cheerful volunteers in their red aprons, and the hundreds of guests. “It’s a time when the entire community comes together. It’s like nothing else.”

skilled at playing ten different instruments.

St. Simons on nearly 30 properties. As one longtime supporter said recently, “If we didn’t have the Land Trust, who else would be preserving this island?” We’re all hoping for another 20 years!

When asked about favorite oyster roasts of years past, Frances McCrary replies, “Each one is unique, especially because of the

There’s also no other organization like the St. Simons Land Trust. This community institution has been raising awareness about land conservation for 20 years and has acquired and protected more than 1,000 acres across

The 20th Annual St. Simons Land Trust Oyster Roast: DATE & TIME: Saturday, January 18, 5:00-8:00 p.m. LOCATION:

Gascoigne Bluff Park, St. Simons Island


Oysters - Low Country Boil – BBQ - Fried Chicken - Southern fare from more than 50 local restaurants and vendors - Beer - Wine - Live Music


$60 Land Trust members; $85 non-members. Call 912.638.9109 or order online at

Spring is coming! Help us make room for new styles … Sales happening store wide.


in Men’s Attire, Shoes, Ties


2019 Elegant Island Living’s Readers Choice Awards 42


600 SEA ISLAND RD., #8 M O N D AY- S AT U R D AY 1 0 A . M . - 6 P. M . 912.634.1521

Georgia Bailey Usry Office: 912-638-0406 Cell: 912-689-9300

IN THE NEW YEAR OF 2020, be so busy loving your life that you have no time for regret or fear. Love what you do, your new friends and new experiences making 2020 your best year ever! Georgia Bailey Usry loves where she lives with all the special experiences the Golden Isles has to offer. Visiting Saint Simons and Sea Island for fifty six years before becoming a resident gives her the advantage of knowing the history and witnessing the changes. Based on her knowledge of the area, one would call her a local expert. Helping clients and friends find the perfect home as unique as they are is her specialty. Coupled with DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty, Georgia offers a level of service second to none. Georgia and her daughter, Carolyn, are optimistic about the UGA Bulldogs in 2020!



t has been said if you want to find yourself you must first get lost. This past September, Judy and I again took that advice to heart, purchased roundtrip tickets to France, and began our journey to get lost. We always plan the beginnings and endings of our trips, but the real adventures lie in between, where we take each day as it comes and follow where the road leads us. Most often it is the unknown that is most rewarding. According to plan, beginning in Paris, we rented an apartment in Le Marais District located just two blocks from the Seine. For six days we walked the neighborhoods, trying to blend in, enjoying wine and food in the cafes and getting to know the locals. Apparently we were successful because on the fourth day, after three consecutive days of breakfast at a nearby bakery, the owner’s wife met us at the front door and gestured to have a seat and she would bring us our “usual order.” We felt as if we had become as Parisian as we ever would. Over the years we have been to Paris several times, but we have always been hurried, try-



ing to absorb as much as we could in a short amount of time. But this trip was different, a much more relaxed, slower pace. Our almost non-existent itinerary was flexible and changed from day today. Time was spent sipping lattés in little cafes, buying fresh strawberries from the outdoor market, sketching, journaling, and strolling along the Seine; and creativity was nurtured by visits to local art galleries. Toward the end of our Paris stay, we toured the Museum De Orsay, as we have many times before, to enjoy the work of our favorite impressionists in preparation for the next part of our trip: Provence. (continues)



From Paris we took the bullet train to the city of Arles, in the Provence region of southern France. Arles’ history dates back to the Roman empire, and it was also a popular hang out for such artists as Van Gogh and Gauguin, and later, Picasso. I spent the next six days in this ancient city setting up my easel along the cobblestoned streets to try to capture the scenes that Van Gogh must have experienced. Sunlight, clear and brilliant as it was, cast shadows that caressed the cafes and ochre-colored buildings. Couples walking, people sipping wine, and children and dogs running through the streets added to the scenes. On one occasion, after staking out a place to paint, I was informed by a local shop owner that the spot was an actual location where Van Gogh had set up his easel and painted one of his famous paintings. He pointed to a panel near one of the buildings marking the spot. After that, I noticed several places around Arles that were marked with the panels. Van Gogh has always been a great source of inspiration for me, and to paint in the exact spot where he had painted, made me feel as if his spirit was in me. Most of the buildings of Arles are protected as a World Heritage Site, and they still are as Van Gogh must have seen them. Our apartment was situated on the third floor of an old stone building. The windows overlooked an ancient

Roman theater, and just a few steps beyond was a Roman amphitheater; both were built in the first century AD and are still in use today. As I paint on location, some of my best critics are children. Children never hesitate to come right up and express their curiosity. In Arles, it was no different; children coming home from school in the afternoon would surround my easel, watch me paint, and ask questions. Language is seldom an obstacle since art transcends the spoken word. After a few days, they began to look for me along their route home. From Arles we moved on to Avignon by train. We rented a 300-year-old house in the center of the city, complete with a gorgeous courtyard where I could set up my easel. The house, with its aqua shutters and ivy-covered walls, was the perfect backdrop for a garden painting. Like Arles, Avignon is located on the Rhone River and is best known for the Papal Palace, the residence of the Pope and the seat of Christianity for most of the 14th Century. Avignon is a college town and has an energetic vibe in the restaurants and cafés that is a little different from other tourist destinations. The indoor market, Les Halles, was spectacular. Fresh vegetables, seafood, piles of spices and nuts, cheeses, wines, and breads provided endless subject matter for photographs and future paintings.

We rented a car for the remainder of our trip and headed to Aix-En-Provence. The first few hours of driving are always a challenge in a foreign country, but eventually we get comfortable with it. Throughout our journeys we take advantage of online travel guides to help us get the experience we are seeking. When we travel, Judy is in charge of navigation and has a knack for finding perfect subject matter. I tag along armed with my journal, sketch book and digital camera. As an artist, I am always looking for markets, cafés, gardens, harbors, and panoramic scenes. Aix is known for its wonderful outdoor flower market so we timed our arrival according to the market schedule. The day of the Aix flower market was sunny and bright; everywhere I looked umbrellas, people and containers of flowers were touched by the sun’s rays in an interesting way that would eventually end up on my canvas. As we explored, we sampled cheese, salami, bread and French pastries, and watched as artists set up their easels around the market area. We had been in Provence for a couple of weeks and realized we kind of followed a general routine. Mornings began with coffee and a croissant followed by a long walk, stopping frequently for photos and cappuccinos. For lunch we would sample local fare, or maybe we would visit a cheese shop later in afternoon, or enjoy

TIRE SALE 4975 Altama Ave. 912-265-8661

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an aperitif at a neighborhood bar. Painting sessions often occurred later in the afternoon as the sun cast shadows in a crisscross pattern on streets and buildings. We seldom dined before 9:00 p.m., corresponding to the life style of the French. When we travel, we try to leave home back in the states, and not bring it with us. So we adopt our schedules to match those of the people of the country we are visiting. Our café experiences were so memorable they inspired me to create, back in my St. Simons studio, a sequence of scenes of chefs and food as part of my Provence series of paintings. Following our stay in Aix, we drove to some amazing hill towns. Along our journey we passed the vineyards, olive groves, valleys and gentle flowing creeks and rivers that make the LouberounValley such a special place. One road took us to the delightful hill town


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describe Lourmarin as one of the most beautiful villages of France, and it definitely lived up to the hype. The tiny streets were lined with picturesque cafes, boutiques, and gelato shops, yet the pace was slow and quiet, and the residents warm and friendly. It wasn’t long before the village became one of our all-time-favorite destinations.

Ken painting at the 300 year old home in Avignon.

of Lourmarin. Many travelers stop for a day, but we liked it so much we made a four day excursion (an advantage of not having a set schedule). In searching the internet for a place to stay, Judy read about an apartment above a restaurant that sounded interesting. Upon finding the restaurant, the proprietor led us up the stairs where we settled in to a newly remodeled two bedroom residence, a perfect base for exploration of the area. Lourmarin is small, and it only took about 30 minutes to circle the entire village to scout for possible painting sites. The first day I set up my easel in an olive grove at the foot of a 15th century castle adjacent to the town. Guidebooks

Logan Jones Financial Advisor 1105 Fountain Park Circle Brunswick GA (912) 275-7506 48

Ginny Johnson Financial Advisor 219 Edwards Plaza St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-0200


A few hours drive to the east of the Louberoun region, near the Mediterranean coast, is the small commune of Saint Paul de Vence. One of the oldest medieval towns on the French Rivera, it is known best for its modern and contemporary art museums and galleries. We checked into a nearby hotel and spent the next two days exploring the more than sixty extraordinary art galleries within this ancient walled city. To our delight, we found two of our favorite Paris galleries, Bartoux, and Matignon, had locations here as well. One of the highlights of our visit to St Paul de Vence was dining at La Colombe d’Or. In 1940, the south of France was “free zone” bringing a variety of thinkers and artists to stay at The Colombe d’Or. Artists like Picasso, Miro, Matisse, and later Chagall, often traded art for food and lodging at the hotel. Today, the expansive art collection is considered one of the best in the world and a visitor to the premises has the opportunity to enjoy these extraordinary pieces as part of the décor as you dine.

Jeff Jones Financial Advisor 1430 Newcastle Street Brunswick, GA (912) 264-8865

Dale McNabb Financial Advisor 29 Coral Park Way, Ste. 102 Brunswick, GA (912) 267-9374

To end our journey, we knew we wanted to spend a few days on the Mediterranean. We looked for a place that was beautiful, not too crowded, with access to water and great seafood. We chose a small community located on a forested peninsula just east of Nice called Cap Ferrat. Unlike much of the southern coast of France, the craggy coastline around Cap Ferrat is remarkably unspoiled and has miles of accessible footpaths with glimpses of grand villas and gardens. The cafés lining the harbor in the center of the village was where we began each morning, sipping coffee and watching the fishermen prepare their small boats for their morning outing. Life on Cap Ferrat was slow paced and quiet, and the scenery was perfect for sketching and painting. Dining on fresh calamari and roasted fish and enjoying great wines ended each perfect day. Our French adventure was complete. As in times past, Judy and I found ourselves by getting lost. Change and new experiences energize creativity. Author John Shed said it best, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” In March, Ken will present a solo exhibition inspired by this trip; date, time, and location to be announced. You can see more of Ken’s work at, on Instagram @ken_wallin, and at Parker Gallery on St. Simons Island.

Will McKenzie Financial Advisor 559 Ocean Blvd. St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-6557

James Sexton Financial Advisor 3409 Frederica Road St. Simons Island, GA (912) 634-9796

Are Your Valuables Really Protected? by C h r i s Te m p l e t o n , M o r r i s & Te m p l e t o n I n s u ra n ce


rom antiques to fine jewelry, you

How do you know if you need this added pro-

example, your china cabinet breaking and all of

probably have more valuables in

tection? Take some time, look around your

your fine china shattering into pieces isn’t usually

your home than you realize. If

home and make a list of the most valuable and

covered by a standard homeowner’s policy, but it is

you’re like most people, there are

cherished items around you. Usually it’s your

protected when you schedule your valuables. You

certain treasures you own that

jewelry, antiques, fine art, collectibles, musical

also have the option to lessen the deductible or

you can’t imagine losing. Those irreplaceable pos-

instruments, firearms, autographed items, silver-

choose no deductible for scheduled items.

sessions may have a large price ticket, may have

ware or fine china, heirlooms, or even your wine

been gifted to you by family, or may be some-

collection. Then you will need to get those items

It is recommended that you complete an inven-

thing you deeply cherish. If a tragedy occurs,

appraised to dictate their full-coverage needs.

tory every year or so, as the value of certain items

are you prepared? Are those valuables protected? Surprisingly, home insurance may not protect

It’s all in the minute details

your trove in the same way a scheduled personal

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property endorsement will. That’s where Mor-


ris & Templeton Insurance comes in; they make

your homeowner’s insur-

sure you are covered.

ance may have a $2,000



sub-limit on what your Your homeowner’s insurance is still invaluable

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and very necessary. It covers the loss or destruc-

elry after a theft. But say the stolen piece of jew-

rises and falls. You may also acquire new items

tion of your home’s structure. It also protects

elry has a value of $3,000. If you do not have a

over time and need to add scheduled property to

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scheduled personal property endorsement, then

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en utensils, furniture and wall decor; but it may

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Debunking Myths About Varicose & Spider Veins by Robin Gilmore

Varicose and spider veins occur for many different reasons, and in people of many different ages. Here we’ll debunk some common myths about how we get varicose and spider veins, and explore some options for prevention and treatment.

I love to exercise. Does this contribute to varicose and spider veins? In both women and men, any strenuous exercise such as weightlifting, cross training and other modern forms of “going for it” can actually increase your internal pressures. When your abdomen, groin, upper thighs and calves are overworked, it can increase pressure on your inferior vena cava, the main vein that drains blood from the lower part of your body. When the blood flow is interrupted, blood doesn’t drain as well, which can cause swelling, cramps, spider and varicose veins, and may even lead to blood clots, and possibly even strokes. Remember: everything in moderation, and never start a strenuous physical exercise routine without checking with your primary healthcare provider first. I love to sunbathe. Can ultraviolet light cause vein problems? While it’s unlikely that exposure to the sun’s rays or even the light from most tanning beds can cause spider or varicose veins, overexposure to ultraviolet light can cause many skin problems. Of course, it’s always advisable to apply lots of high-value sunscreen before going outdoors. It’s also important to re-apply sunscreen

when you’re engaged in activities which cause you to perspire, like gardening, brisk walking, golf, or swimming. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause rosacea, also known as vascular blushing. This can make your facial skin look red and irritated. If you’re having varicose or spider vein treatments, it’s a good idea to avoid exposure to the sun for two to four weeks for best results. I usually sit with my legs crossed. Is this bad? While it’s very common for many people, especially in an office environment, to remain seated for long periods of time with crossed legs, the health risks of being sedentary are well documented. There appears to be some evidence that crossing your legs for long periods may increase the risk for such maladies as cold feet, leg cramps, and “pins and needles.” In reality, sitting in any position for long periods of time isn’t recommended. Moving from one position to another, or standing and stretching gently can alleviate leg and back strain caused by “over sitting.” Remember to exercise even for short periods, especially if you work in an office or sit most of the day; it’ll help stretch your muscles, improve your circulation and even make help to keep you alert during the work day. (continues)



I love my high heels. Are they the problem? You know you look terrific in heels; it’s why you love wearing them. Whether at work, shopping, strolling through any of our parks and museums, high heels are definitely the right fashion choice. Yet, while they look great, they may not be the healthiest choice for your legs. For starters, high heels keep your legs in a somewhat abnormal position. Overextension or over-contraction of any muscle is a recipe for discomfort. Imagine if you spent the entire day, or even a couple of hours with your arms extended, or folded across your chest. They’d be tired, sore and feel heavy and even cramped. Your legs have a pretty big job, no matter how you look at it. They carry you around all day, keep you balanced, and move you from place to place with hardly a whimper. When they do complain, it’s important to listen. Sore, achy legs can tell you you’ve overdone it, and it’s time to relax and change it up a bit. High heels can actually cause cramps and pain, so it’s best to wear them for brief periods, but they are not recommended for all-day wear. Does my weight affect my leg veins? What should I do if I’m a “teeny bit” overweight? Being healthy and fit is not a guarantee that you’ll never develop varicose or spider veins.

Exercising, living healthy and being moderately active are definitely the recipe for overall good health and a positive self-image. Those things are so important to us and those who care for us. Whatever strenuous activities you do on a regular basis, under medical supervision, that make you feel good, keep your internal engine running well, and keep your blood pumping are good. When we’re overweight, we tend to make poor food choices and be less active. Excess weight can cause a multitude of health problems, including cardiac and venous problems. Being healthy is the obvious choice. Additionally, being in shape can really improve the results of treatment for your spider or varicose veins. FOOD FOR THOUGHT:

On another note, varicose and spider veins keep you from wearing shorts or skirts, because no matter how shapely your legs are, you’re not showing them off with unsightly veins. That’s sad. Remember how great your legs used to look BEFORE those ugly vein problems? They can look like that again. The best policy is to be active, eat, and live healthy. If you’ve done everything right and still have spider and varicose veins, do something about it! Visit Dr. Greg Martin, one of the nation’s leading experts in the treatment of varicose and spider veins at one of his conveniently located offices in Brunswick or Valdosta. It’s all about your health, your looks, and your self-confidence, so don’t wait any longer. Most insurance accepted. Dr. Greg Martin, M.D.

As we age, our veins and skin become less resilient, and we become more prone to varicose and spider veins. Habits such as smoking, being overweight, and not exercising have all been blamed for vein problems in both women and men. It’s also thought that pregnancy, overexertion, and too much exposure to sunlight can also contribute to vein problems, and not only in the legs, but in much of the body. Vein problems can create not only varicose and spider veins, but also significant health problems.

Coastal Georgia Vein Center 650 Scranton Road, Suite C Brunswick, GA 31520 912.267.9550 Dr. Greg Martin, M.D. South Georgia Vein Center 3338 Country Club Road, Ste. Valdosta, GA 31605 229.259.9666

Complete Dental Care for Infants, Children and Teens. – NO REFERRAL NECESSARY – We take the time to attend to each child’s individual needs. Certified, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry 2487 Demere Rd., Suite 300 St. Simons Island, GA 912-638-9302

Happily Providing Children’s Dental Care for Glynn and Surrounding Counties for 25 Years! 54


Where We Care for Your Eyes

We Make all of our Lamps just for YOU 100 Sylvan Drive Suite 150 St. Simons Island

Large Selection of Eyewear & Sunglasses including Designer, Custom & Specialty

(912) 638-8344 Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

St. Simons Island 1626 Frederica Road St. Simons Island, GA 912.634.5711

Hospital 2500 Starling Street Brunswick, GA 912.261.4444

Brunswick 149 Altama Connector Brunswick, GA 912.554.2007

Lamp Repairs and Custom Lamp Design

Gift Items & Home Accessories

ENTERTAINING FAMILY & FRIENDS Or just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors


MAKE SURE YOU DO IT IN STYLE W I T H B E A U T I F U L LY D E S I G N E D A N D Q U A L I T Y F U R N I T U R E BRANDS WE CARRY: Breezesta, Chicago Wicker, Erwin & Sons Wicker, Lloyd Flanders

Wicker, Tropitone Furniture Co., Castelle, Oriflamme Fire Tables, Treasure Garden, Royal Teak, Windward Design Group, Gensun, Patio Living Concepts, Frankford Umbrellas

Located 1.7 miles East of I95 at exit 3 in the Three Palms Plaza in Kingsland.

(912) 729-1173 | | Open Tuesday – Saturday



W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G

TOUR TRADITION CONTINUES A 67-year tradition continues March 21 with the return of the Tour of Homes showcasing beautiful modern and traditional residences across St. Simons Island and Sea Island. Coordinated by the Christ Church Frederica chapter of Episcopal Church Women, proceeds from the tour are donated to area charities. Visitors from 37 states have attended the Tour, including multi-generations of families who enjoy the spring event annually. Along with 2020 Tour chairwomen Susie Henning and Tami Black, more than 400 volunteers and community members make this event a hallmark celebration of the Golden Isles. Two homeowners on St. Simons and four on Sea Island will open their residences to visitors while offering presentations of the homes’ architecture and design features from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.on Tour Day. Historic stops include Christ Church Frederica and the World War II Home Front Museum. For more information and tickets, visit

CAJUN FUN COMES TO VILLAGE CREEK Join Communities in Schools of Glynn County for JAMbalaya: a jammin’ benefit party with all the vibrancy of New Orleans! This annual fundraising event will be held on February 28 at Village Creek Landing from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Modern-rock five-piece mainstay Jupiter Coyote will rock the dance floor and New Orleans inspired eats will rock your taste buds. This will be a festive and exciting time for the whole family that you don’t want to miss! Tickets are $75 and will include a delicious meal of Cajun cuisine. Proceeds will directly benefit the CIS mission to reduce drop-out rates of our county’s students. To reserve tickets or for more information, contact Casey Cate at 912.223.4641 or Sponsorships are also available. Follow CIS on Facebook and Instagram. Grab your tickets and let the good times roll!

MUSEUMS ADD SUNDAY HOURS Climb the St. Simons Lighthouse for spectacular views and explore the exhibits and period rooms in the adjacent Keeper’s Dwelling, built in 1872. Discover the fascinating history of Coastal Georgia through rare artifacts, historical photographs, and interactives designed for the whole family. Also visit the World War II Home Front Museum a mile away to learn about our area’s extraordinary contributions to winning the war. Test your skills as a plane spotter watching the skies for enemy aircraft. Train to direct fighter pilots like the officers at Naval Air Station St. Simons. Build a Liberty ship to transport critical supplies to troops overseas. Experience all this and more through immersive galleries and interactives. The museums are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are now open from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sundays. Combination tickets are available. For more information, visit

Award-Winning Southern Cooking That will Bring You Back Best of 2019 Bread & Rolls, Crab Cakes, Southern Cooking, Sweet Tea, Vegetable Plate Selection

Because Barbara Jean and her family know how to get it done, just ask Coastal Living, Southern Living, Georgia Trend …

Barbara Jean’s Restaurant 2 1 4 M A L LO RY S T . • 9 1 2 . 6 3 4 . 6 5 0 0



Open Daily at 11:00 am

W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G

EPIC HUNT FOR A LOST WWII AIRCRAFT CARRIER On September 15, 1942 in the South Pacific, Japanese torpedoes slammed into the US Navy aircraft carrier Wasp, setting off a series of explosions, followed by uncontrollable fires. Later that day, the irreparably damaged ship was torpedoed and sunk by an American destroyer after all survivors had abandoned ship. Among those who died were four young sailors from Georgia. Earlier this year, the Research Vessel Petrel located the Wasp, resting at a depth of 13,800 feet in the Coral Sea. Award-winning British journalist Ed Caesar spent two weeks with the expedition and witnessed the discovery of the wreck. During Coastal Georgia Historical Society’s Annual Meeting at The Cloister on January 19, Caesar will bring to life the carrier’s last hours, using accounts from survivors, and describe the fascinating hunt for the ship. Free admission for Society members, $25 for non-members. Registration required at

A MYSTICAL EVENING Come out to Straton Hall for a night of “Mind Games.” Mentalist and Mystical Entertainer extraordinaire Michael Thornton will present jaw-dropping demonstrations of mind reading, precognition, clairvoyance, hypnotism, memory and mental acuity. With active audience participation, Michael’s show will get everyone involved in the exploration of the wonders of the human mind. Michael has performed for dozens of name-brand corporate events, as well as private events throughout the Southeast. His demonstrations offer unique and uncanny entertainment sure to fascinate and make viewers question their perceptions. The show will take place on Saturday, February 8 at 6:00 p.m. Ticket price is $40 and includes hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine or beer. Proceeds benefit Memory Matters, a local 501(c)3 organization that supports local families dealing with memory illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Purchase online at

COSMETIC & FAMILY DENTISTRY Highly Recommended. Highly Referred. Accepting New Patients. 58


912.638.9946 300 Main St. #102

MIX IT UP FOR MARDI GRAS A Merry Mixer: Shaking It Up to Benefit the Elizabeth F. Correll Teen Center, will be held on Saturday, January 25, at Halyards and Tramici restaurants. The Uncle Mike Band, one of Atlanta’s top party bands, will provide the entertainment. The goal, as it has been in the past, will be to raise funds for the Elizabeth F. Correll Teen Center. The Teen Center is in its 11th year of operation and offers a wide array of programs tailored for our area’s teens. These programs focus on everything from college-prep and career/training to recreation activities and one-on-one tutoring. The Center offers teens a safe place where they can grow and thrive and teaches them the value of being productive citizens in our community. Come out and laissez les bon temps rouler. Tickets are $125 each and can be purchased online at

5 T H A N N U A L S T. S I M O N S I S L A N D

Storytelling Festival


February 14-16, 2020 ~ Epworth by the Sea


Sheila Arnold

Andy Offutt Irwin

Anne Rutherford


- Best Antiques Elegant Island Living Readers Choice Award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Donald Davis

Emcee: Bil Lepp

Online registration and full bios available online:

(912) 638-1216 Located Between Redfern Village and St. Simons Drugs. Follow us on Instagram! @lcwantiques and @mcintoshcottage





THE 2019 RSM CLASSIC IS A WRAP! THE WEEK OF EVENTS CELEBRATING THE 10TH YEAR OF THE TOURNAMENT WAS FILLED WITH ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. From the Wiffle Ball Classic, where the PGA Tour Wives and their team cheerfully routed their Pro hubbies, to the sudden death playoff in which Tyler Duncan emerged victorious over Webb Simpson to take home his first PGA Tour win, there was plenty of excitement! Beyond the great golf, Darius Rucker, who performed at a VIP party and played in the YAMAHA Pro-Am, took time to visit with the kids at the Charity Putting Challenge, and at Saturday night’s concert, Matt Rogers and Cole Swindell both treated the crowd to a fantastic show. The tournament will return November 16-22, 2020 and we hope to see you there! 60




















AT THE CLOISTER ON SEA ISLAND, THE ST. SIMONS ROTARY CLUB HOSTED THE 9TH ANNUAL MEET THE PROS RECEPTION. Attendees were treated to a fun Q&A session with emcee Rick Styles featuring PGA TOUR players Hudson Swafford, Henrick Norlander, and Greyson Sigg. Last year’s RSM Classic winner Charles Howell III also made a surprise visit. 1. Destiny Ukawu, Paris Holman. 2. Lucia Gumaer, Sandy Turbidy. 3. Elizabeth Edwards and John Melloy. 4. Jennifer and Bob Broadus. 5. Jenny and Stan Humphries. 6. Clark and Linda Isaac, Elizabeth LeSueur, Betsy Barnes. 7. Anna K Marsfield, Jemiah Leek, Terri and Tate Simpson, Joe Leek. 8. Bryan Thompson, Deborah and David Wright. 9. Gary and Pat Smith. 10. Camille Adams, Brion and Beverly Trainor. 11. Doug and Ann Sharp. 12. Bert and Gail Flexer, Mike and George Cavellas, Carolanne and Chris Nelson. 13. Philip Andreae, Zerik Samples, Drew Holland. 14. Millard Allen, Skip Hilsman, Staci Bennett, Art Rollins, Brian Keebles. 62



Imber Medical Anti-Aging and Aesthetics Clinic is here to help you reach your goals. Imber’s 2020 Amazing specials!


1620 Frederica Road St. Simons Island, Georgia

IMAGINE PACKAGE Up to 60 units of Newtox Up to 2 wrinkle reducing fillers $2320   Now Only $1640   IMPROVE PACKAGE Up to 100 units of Newtox Up to 4 wrinkle reducing fillers Stem cell collagen promoting treatment with PRF $5000  Now Only $3400   IMPRESS PACKAGE Up to 100 units of Newtox Up to 6 wrinkle reducing fillers Stem Cell Collagen Promoting treatment with PRF Up to 12 Non-surgical facelift PDO threads $8400  Now only $5700   IMBER ALSO OFFERS: Painless fat reducing laser Non-Surgical eyelid lift Removal of Sunspots Physician Assisted weight loss Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Hair Restoration for men and women

Follow Us on

Did you know?

Imber Medical

Support Lynx

• Tall Ship Lynx does not receive any form of Government Financial Support

Tall Ship Lynx is owned and operated by the Lynx Educational Foundation A 501 c(3) Not for Profit Educational Foundation

• Lynx provides experiential learning to schools, Boys & Girls Club, Civi programs • Lynx has educational curriculum’s designed to Georgia State Standards

Lynx Educational Foundation P.O.Box 21384 St Simons Island, 31522 978.479.2197

• Lynx has sailed over 300 children in November with a December goal of 1500 at no charge! • Tall Ship Lynx is a purpose-built educational platform

Your Support is Appreciated so we can continue “Educational Excellence Through Tradition”

• Lynx has become part of the community by offering donation charters to other Not for Profits • Lynx relies on Donations, Weddings, Charters and Day Sail revenues

Mmember of Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Golden Isles CVB

• Lynx is a USCG Inspected vessel with a full-time professional crew

Support #SmallBusinessRevolution #Mybrunswick #Deluxe

Get involved, ask how you can help or ask how we can help you!



















GUESTS DONNED THEIR BEST BOOTS AND DUSTED OFF THEIR HATS FOR THE MOST FUN BALL IN TOWN: THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF SOUTH COASTAL GEORGIA’S BLUE JEAN BALL. Held on the grounds of Sinclair Plantation, this annual event helps raise funds to provide care and find forever homes for stray or abandoned animals. A delicious dinner, lively games, music by Suzy and the Bird Dogs, and an auction make for an entertaining evening. 1. Calvin and Elizabeth Collins, Stephan and Steffani Thompson. 2. Jeff and Celeste Jones, Mike and Marjorie Rogge. 3. Kathy Mullett, Peggy Wilson, Marc and Missy Neu. 4. Meghan and James Ozamiz. 5. Charlotte Hull, Vitor and Evanir Toniolo. 6. John Weaver, Virginia Schlegel. 7. Missy Weaver, Alexandra and Phillip Carlyle. 8. Deb and Bill Cody. 9. Dennis Hirstein, Karen Claspille, Mark and Robyn McManus. 10. Sube Beasley, Audra Rizzi-Gegg, Somer Whitlow, Staci Bennett, Katherine Cloud, Lauren Simmons. 11. Steve and Kate Boling, Kathi and Chris Hardy. 12. Lindsey Christian, Trisha Adams, Rich Krauss. 13. Michelle Brown, Tavia Harrison, Tori Payne, Tallie Pipkin. 14. Susan Hogan, Jillian Hollis, Dan Hogan. 64


Snore No More Treat Sleep Apnea with an Oral Sleep Appliance They are Small, Custom, Convenient & Comfortable FREE CONSULTATIONS, CALL TODAY! OTHER SERVICES: Sleep Screening Monitors Custom Sleep Oral Appliances Night Guards TMJ Treatment Most Medical Insurances Accepted Oral Sleep Appliance is Medicare Approved Dr. Suzanne Haley, DMD, P.C. Sleep Instructor at Glidewell Lab

Dr. Ashley Hill, DMD

F O U N D O N LY I N F I N E S P E C I A LT Y S T O R E S | 123 Main St. 912.638.3559






Come Catch our College and NFL Play-Offs, and Super Bowl Kick-Offs!

Winter is no match for our cozy, comfy cardigans.


Oysters, Beer, Wine Specials: 4-6pm




9 12-634-8884





Open Monday-Thursday 4 -10 p.m. Serving Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 228 Redfern Village, 912.634.6228





















HUNTER MACLEAN RECENTLY CELEBRATED THE GRAND OPENING OF ITS ST. SIMONS ISLAND OFFICE, located on Sea Island Rd., next to The Market at Sea Island. The firm is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, making it one of the oldest law firms in Georgia —an incredible achievement! And now their offices will be serving the Golden Isles from right here on the island. 1. Kelly and Patrick Webb, Bead Harmon, Nick Laybourn. 2. Catina Tindall, Wanda Dawson. 3. Jack Francis, John Rose, Michael Cush. 4. Fran O’Connor, Britney and Kevin Bongang, Joey Strength. 5. Taron Herrin, Jimmy Bishop, Marty Crabtree, Linda Milton. 6. Emily and Lee Davenport. 7. Donna Davis, Chris Jordan. 8. Zach Harris, Josh Proctor. 9. Lee and Lauren Hopkins, Kelly and Patrick Webb. 10. Russell and Cindy Jacobs, Tom Norton. 11. Bob Cunningham, Jack Markley. 12. Nick Laybourn, Shawn Kachmar, Patrick Richardson. 68








9 1 2 . 6 3 8 . 3 5 3 2 / D E E S I M M O N S I N T E R I O R S .C O M S A I N T S I M O N S I S L A N D • AT L A N TA

5500 Frederica Rd., Suite 2101 St. Simons Island, GA 912-268-4212 /








New Year, New You! Celebrating 2020 DIPRETA DERMATOLOGY NOW OFFERING THE MOST ADVANCED LASER TECHNOLOGY WHY PATIENTS CHOOSE NORDLYS ELLIPSE® IPL Patients can choose treatment with Nordlys Ellipse® IPL laser when they experience these common facial skin concerns: Rosacea Age Spots Brown Spots Acne & Acne Scarring Chastity Geiger

Port Wine Stains Uneven Pigment Sun-damaged Skin Veins/Vascular Lesions



Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 1007 S. Macon Street, Jesup, GA • 912.427.4344 •



















ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CATHOLIC SCHOOL RECENTLY HELD ITS ANNUAL CRUSADERS AUTUMN BASH AT THE KING AND PRINCE BEACH & GOLF RESORT. This evening that includes dinner, entertainment and a silent auction is the school’s largest fundraiser of the year. Proceeds support the school’s mission to nourish and enrich its students in a Christ-centered community while providing a rigorous academic program. 1. Amanda Murphy, Stephanie D’Amico. 2. Kane Frazier, Jenni Boczar. 3. Audrey and Brad Chapman. 4. Henry and Linda Cooper. 5. Carla Arias, Olynda Hull. 6. Amy Barr, Kevin and Tammy Kavanaugh. 7. Lauren Wenson, Maureen Hodor, Jennifer Kline. 8. Steve D’Amico, Robert and Rachel Marascalco. 9. Hailey Rojas, Fr. Tim McKeown, Rodrigo Rojas. 10. Lauren Sobala, Ashley Holmes, Erin Bors, Chris Sobala. 11. Tom Carden, Kim Holcomb, Lori Carden. 12. Justin and Elizabeth Crandall, Angela Scott. 13. Jason Carlin, Morgan Corbitt. 14. Michelle and Terry Mermann, Chris and Janet Gerhart. 74




2020 Demere Rd

| St. Simons Island, GA | 912.638.SOUL



DeLoach Sotheby's Company flower_Layout 1 12/12/19 9:44 PM Page 1

St. Simons & Sea Island’s Leading Real Estate Firm | mobile app text SIR to 87778 912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA MMXIX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Street in Saintes-Maries, used with permission. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

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ISLAND LIVING REAL ESTATE Advertiser Index - JanuaRy 2020

76 • DeLoach Sotheby’s

88 - 89 • Coldwell Banker Platinum

95 • Joy Wright / Lilmar Properties

77 • Directory

90 • Golden Isles Realty / Carol Pollock

96 - 97 • DeLoach Sotheby’s

91 • Ruth Heyward Beall / Kelli Osteen

98 - 99 • Al Brown Company

Humane Society 78 - 80 • BHHS Hodnett Cooper

Phoebe Hoaster

Luxury Listings / Condos / Listings

100 - 102 • Georgia Coast Realty 92 • Ann Harrell

81 • Pat Hodnett Cooper / Kelly Bennett

103 • St. Simons Land Trust 93 • Micki Carter

82 - 83 • Duckworth Properties

104 - 105 • Palmetto Realty 94 • Mac Sullivan / Dee Wright

84 - 87 • Sea Island Properties The following pages are submitted to Elegant Island Living Magazine by Elegant Island Real Estate, LLC. Reproduction of any photographs, artwork or copy prepared by Elegant Island Real Estate, LLC is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. all advertised properties are subject to prior sale or withdrawal without notice. Elegant Island Living and Elegant Island Real Estate, LLC is not a registered real estate broker, and this publication is not an effort to assist in the buying or selling of real estate. The advertisers and publishers are not responsible or liable for misinformation, misprints, or typographical errors. Real Estate advertised in this publication is subject to the Fair Housing act of 1968 and its amendments. all electronic files submitted to Elegant Island Living Magazine or Elegant Island Real Estate, LLC. become property of the publication. © 2020 Elegant Island Living. all Rights Reserved.

For real estate advertising information: Todd Baker, Elegant Island Real Estate, LLC | 912/506-3625 |

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912-266-7675 LeAnn Duckworth Broker / President

912-571-1051 Emily Slaughter

912-269-7512 Hannah Melton Associate Broker

912-996-3789 Stephanie Cook

912-266-5350 Tracey Gonzalez

912-222-1986 Alicia Howard

912-223-1946 Rebecca Strother

912-222-1878 Lori McCormick

305-494-0309 Ervens Oge

912-217-9076 Will Duckworth

912-577-1785 Nia Thompson

912-269-6108 Ginny O'Quinn

912-402-8594 Kacee McGowan

912-215-2021 Sara Altman

112 Hawkins Lane, St. Simons Island

227 Kings Way, St Simons Island

5/5.5/4,890 SF. Immaculate condition, stunning custom built home with expansive marsh views on almost 1 acre! Some of the many custom features include pine tongue & groove, custom cabinetry and cobbled edge Limestone throughout. $1,795,000

4/5.5/4,750 SF. Gorgeous custom build in the heart of Saint Simons. Exterior features include gated, salt water pool, sauna, outdoor fireplace and entertaining area, gorgeous landscaping, and more. Interior details include hardwood flrs and marble bathrooms. $1,595,000

1025 Captains Cove, St. Simons Island

507 Baisden Lane, St Simons Island

41 Glynn Oaks Lane, St Simons Island

3/3.5/2,280 SF. Construction just finished! The Cottage style home with a rocking chair front porch. This home features an open great room, dining area and kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, granite counter tops, and recessed lighting. $479,900

3/3.5/2,280 SF. BRAND NEW Coastal Beach Cottage within 5 min walk or bike ride to the beach, markets, restaurants, and nightlife. Board and Batten & tabby exterior with metal roof and attached garage with porches. $685,000

4/3.5/2,795 SF. This is the place you have been looking for! Located 1 mile from the beach, pier, and villages, this Brand New construction cottage is perfect for a vacation home or year round residence. Enjoy coastal living at its finest in Glynn Oaks. $719,900

4314 Eleventh Street - St. Simons Island

49 Glynn Oaks Lane - St. Simons Island

122 Township Bluff - St. Simons Island

3/3/3,021 SF. Charming one level home in the desirable East Beach community. This beach cottage has a split lay out with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Wonderful home to enjoy yourself or make an investment property. $849,000

4/3.5/2,986 SF. This is the place you have been looking for! Located one mile from the beach, pier, and villages this BRAND NEW construction cottage is perfect for vacation living or year round residence. $799,900

4/3/2,440 SF. The home is in mint condition and is a one owner home with an oversized master bedroom, home features hardwood and tile with the exception of one bedroom. Many upgrades throughout and is truly one of a kind. $484,900 • Mainland • 912-262-0366 • St. Simons • 912-342-4002

Duckworth 2 Jan_Layout 1 12/13/19 11:31 AM Page 1

Turning houses into homes... 508 Atlantic Drive - St. Simons Island

131 Limeburn Trail - St. Simons Island

1030 Captain’s Cove - St. Simons Island

3/2/1,284 SF. A perfect second getaway in Glynn Haven Estates- front porch has been done and the roof is new. Entire home has been repainted. Lots of storage both open and enclosed. $279,900

3/3.5/2,300 SF. This unit is fully furnished and has a private elevator- this home is located in Limeburn Village at Hampton Plantation. The view from the back patio is spectacular and is a great place to entertain. $364,900

4/3.5/2,868 SF. New Construction in Captains Cove. This cottage style home features an open great room, dining area and kitchen with all stainless steel appliances. Split floor plan offers master on main level and bedrooms upstairs. $573,600

1045 Captains Cove Way - St. Simons Island

2002 Sea Palms W. - UNDER CONTRACT

192 Perth Lane - St. Simons Island

3/3.5/2,350 SF. Currently under construction, this cottage located in Captains Cove features a split floor plan, master suite on the main floor, plus much more. You do not want to miss out on this one! $438,900

3/3/2,400 SF. MOVE-IN READY! This home has been recently renovated, with upgraded fixtures, fresh paint, and a newly sodded backyard overlooking the lagoon. $519,900

1.72 Acres. Over 1.7 acres on this lakefront home site in Frederica. Located in Phase II of Frederica Township with quick access to all that Frederica has to offer. $299,900

151 Pierce Butler Drive - St. Simons Island

204 St. James Avenue, St. Simons Island

1100 Arthur J Moore 101 - St. Simons Island

4/3.5/4,228 SF. Immaculate single story home with spacious open floor plan, two living rooms with fireplaces, travertine tile throughout; an enclosed in-ground pool and spa, all while sitting on over an acre of land. $749,900

/3/2,400 SF. Renovated marshfront home in Hamilton Landing. This home sits on 1.04 acre lot on a cul-desac. Upgrades include marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, gas log fireplace, plus so much more. $779,900

Luxurious first floor unit at The Villas at Frederica River with views of Gascoigne Bluff, Frederica River, and St. Simons Marina. $689,900

104 Turkey Point - Brunswick

98 Bartram Trail - Brunswick

304 Palmetto Street - St. Simons Island, GA

3/2/1,979 SF. Rural living at its finest! Well maintained split floor plan featuring an open concept layout with an upstairs bonus room all sitting on a half acre lot. $214,900

4/3.5/2,986 SF. Construction Complete! This split floor plan features both a family room and great room, interior features include hardwood, Ceramic tile, and granite counter tops in kitchen and bathroom, and a 3 car garage! $499,900

2/2/848 SF. New construction coastal 2 bedroom 2 bathroom cottage. This cottage features 2 complete master bedrooms and bathrooms. Perfect investment opportunity! $239,900

1607 Frederica Rd. Ste 103, St. Simons Island • 3441 Cypress Mill Rd Ste 203, Brunswick


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Each office is independently owned and operated. 507 Ocean Boulevard Suite 102 St. Simons Island, GA 31522

105 Alder Circle, SSI Awesome 4BR, 3BA island home for an incredible price! Situated nicely on large lot, this home offers main level Master BR, double sided fireplace, spacious kitchen & beautiful deck for outdoor entertaining! $379,000. Call Lesllie Hamrick, 912-270-8764.

15 Hidden Harbor Rd, BWK Pristine 3BR, 3BA condo w/captivating views of Troupe Creek! This fully furnished home boasts spacious living room, custom cabinetry, granite kitchen counters and so much more! $319,900. Call Lori Lynn, 912-202-2200.

290 Wild Heron, SSI Nice 3BR, 2BA home offering spacious living areas, 1st level master bedroom, living room w/vaulted ceilings & wood floors. Lots of outdoor space for entertaining. $435,000. Call Don Varnadoe, 912-222-2969.

106 Wesley Oaks Drive, SSI Lovely 4BR, 3BA home situated on .33 acre lot with so much to offer! Spacious eat in kitchen, Mother In Law Suite and beautiful outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining! $425,000. Call Elaine Marlatt, 912-2450232

144 Easy Street, BWK Great 3BR, 2BA home conveniently located near shopping and dining! High ceilings in lvg & dng rooms, breakfast are in kitchen & screened back porch. $146,500. Call Elaine Marlatt, 912-245-0232.

279 Bottlebrush, BWK - New Construction! 3BR, 2BA, split floor plan and lots of community amenities! $219,500. Call James Vivenzio, 912-222-1063.

Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners Welcomes Kelly Zachry - Brunswick Cell: 912-222-0639 Office: 912-267-0054

Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners Welcomes 1608 Bruce Drive, EAST BEACH, SSI Furnished 2 Story 3BR, 3.5BA home with garage apartment! Main house features open living space including den w/fireplace. All situated on a lovely treed lot close to the ocean. $750,000. Call Don Varnadoe, 912-222-2969.

Heather Joseph - Brunswick Cell: 912-506-4317 Office: 912-267-0054

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Each office is independently owned and operated. 1965 Glynn Avenue, Brunswick, GA 31520

Lot 4 Waters Bluff, Darien Great 2.5+ acre marsh front lot! Perfect for your dream home! Close to dining, shopping & other amenities. $75,000. Call James Vivenzio 912-222-1063.

930 Champney, SSI Unbelievable deal on a beautiful lot in Hampton Plantation! .44 Acres on the second fairway of the King & Prince Golf Course and perfect for building! $76,500. Call Ron Funkhouser, 912-602-9886.

23 Sutherland Bluff, SSI Beautiful .51 acre deep water lot on Blackbeard Creek! Cleared & ready to build your dream home and enjoy stunning views! $229,000. Call Lori Lynn, 912-202-2200.

Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners Welcomes 109 Coyote Lane, BWK Beautiful 3BR, 3BA home featuring family/dining area w/gas fireplace, high ceilings & plantation shutters throughout. Large screened porch overlooking the lagoon. Many amenities. $270,000. Call Lesllie Hamrick, 912-270-8764.

Derek Borg - St. Simons Cell: 912-217-0957 Office: 912-634-0404

277 Bottlebrush, BWK New Construction Home! 3BR, 2BA, split floor plan and lots of community amenities! $217,900. Call James Vivenzio, 912-2221063.

The Academy for Real Estate Education & Consulting Pre License Real Estate Courses Online and Classroom Settings Pre License class beginning January 20, 2020. Broker class beginning January 7, 2020. Contracts classes - January 7th, 9th, 13th, 14th & 20th Limited space! Call today for more information. 912-267-0054 or

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137 Newfield 4BR, 3BA home in desirable Harrison Pointe. Split St. Simons Grand unit #209 Ocean front complex with pool, hot 1205 Grand View Gorgeous 3BR, 3BA condo in immaculate condition overlooking the pool, lush landscaping with marsh views and offered furnished. Gated, salt water pool w/ zero entry, elevators & covered parking. Sea Palms Golf Course. $410,000

BR floor plan. Master suite with 2 guest BR on main with an oversize bonus rm w/ full bath up. Private yard w/ room for pool. Mid-south on the island and apx. 3 miles to the beach! $399,000

tub and private beach access. Best ocean views from the kitchen, living area and master suite. 4BR / 3BA, over 2,100 SF, upgrades galore! sold furnished. $1,150,000

112 Biltmore Beautiful views of Retreat Golf Course! 4BR, 4BA, 3,150 SF, built 1994, low maintenance stucco ext., open plan, kitchen remodel in 2018 with quartz counters, white solid wood cabinetry and many other upgrades. $749,000

114 Nature Pointe Lane Great family home! Offering 4BR, 126 Riverview MARSH & DEEP WATER…one of a kind property! 3.5BA, 2,993 SF, built 2014, open plan, top of line kitchen, master suite down, 3 guest BRs up along with a 2nd living area. Lots of outdoor space (scrn porch, patio) & room for a pool. $529,000

If you are looking for a home w/ MAGNIFICENT views, ability to fish & kayak w/ superb location… This is the home! 3BR, 3.5BA’s bonus room. $625,000

Carol Pollock • 912.996.2384 • Helping Buyers & Sellers Since 2001

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Experienced. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Phoebe Hoaster


119 CyPReSS Point, SAint SimonS iSlAnd One level living on a beautiful lagoon setting. Vaulted ceilings in living room overlooks open patio to lagoon. Formal dining room, powder room off foyer, den, morning room w/ see-thru fireplace to living room, sunroom to patio, 2 private guest bedrooms with private tile bath, master suite opposite end of home, walking closets, double vanities, whirlpool bath and separate shower. Bonus or 4th bedroom with full bathroom above the 3 car garage. Cell 912-269-5596 Freshly painted in and outside. New hardwood floors all ABR, ASR, CRS, GRI, through the house. Wet bar. Inground swimming pool and hot SRS, SFR, CDPE tub. Need to see! $1,195,000

1018 Sinclair Pointe - South end of Saint Simons This charming 3,487 SF home is both beautiful and spacious. It features a classic design and a great functional floor plan and a breezy screened-in porch. Hwd floors , granite, ceramic tile, recessed lighting, tray ceilings, custom cabinetry included. Exceptional overall attention to detail.The main level features an open living room and kitchen design (with Bosch appliances), a separate DR, and guest BR/BA — all of which are beautifully detailed.The spacious oversized master BR/BA is on the main level. Upstairs boasts 859± ‫ ׅ‬square feet of living space w/open stairwell to 2 BRs/BAs, a bonus room and open loft/tv room. A garden and courtyard with a gas fire pit adorns the back yard — perfect for entertaining.Located on high ground (In X-Zone) on the beautiful and serene midnorth end of St. Simons Island. $569,000

115 RoBeRtSon CiR, St. SimonS iSlAnd • $525,000

8 Palm Court,Village Area It is rare for one of these properties to come on the market. In a small gated community, 3 BR, 3 BA, 2,784 SqFt.This beautifully updated private condo is well-appointed with new appliances including washer and dryer in downstairs laundry.There’s an open Family Room w/Fireplace gas logs, Kitchen, Dining Room, and 10' ceilings. The Master Bedroom is downstairs and the Master Bath features a new shower and extra large double vanity. Upstairs has a sitting room /loft, another Master Suite with shower, soaking tub, walk in closet, and a really gracious sized 3rd bedroom – both with private baths. One car garage. Wonderful Island Location! Conveniently located off Mallery St near the St. Simons village, within easy reach of all the island's charms & treasures-its golden beaches, bustling village shops, aquatic recreations & legendary golf courses. Condos of this caliber are rarely found on Georgia's Golden Isles & are always in high demand. $595,000

Ruth H. Beall

Elegant Southern Living floor plan with 4BR/3.5BA home in West Point Plantation. Bonus room, study, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, double oven, gas appliances and more. Master bedroom located on main floor with his and her closets. West Point Plantation offers paved sidewalks, walking trails, playground, ponds and pool (coming soon). Call to schedule an appointment to see this fabulous property! Cell 912-270-2505

Kelli osteen

Visit: www. for a virtual tour and more info. 912-634-9995 | 600 Sea Island Rd. Ste 28, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

912-634-9995 | 600 Sea Island Rd. Ste 28, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

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Ann Conner Harrell 912-222-4002

PRIce Reduced

907 Beachview, SSI 3BR plus bunkroom / 4BA townhome overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and beach. Spacious rooms, high ceilings, deep molding and quality finishes. Tremendous storage closets and oversized garage. Views from the living areas and master suite are incomparable! Location between village and King and Prince is fabulous! $2,250,000

446 Saint Annie's, Frederica, SSI 5BR /5BA in private setting on 2.7 acres with a large lake across the street. French oak floors, intricate crown molding, brick floors in the kitchen and a master suite w/ marble bath on the main. A mother-in-law suite above the 3 car gar. Beautiful pool and all the amenities that Frederica has to offer. $1,495,000

496 River cottage, Sea Island 6BR/7.5BA River Cottage with incomparable views of Little St. Simons, the Hampton River and the Atlantic Ocean. Cruise from your dock 2 min over to where the Atlantic meets the Hampton River. Cast stone floors, 3 fireplaces and a sleek kitchen. Master bedroom and adjacent loggia have excellent views. $4,900,000

15 Fairway drive, SSI 5BR/5F2HBA overlooking Sea Island’s newly renovated Plantation Course. Quality construction features heart pine floors, Savannah Grey bricks, Coffered ceilings and a chef ’s kitchen. Spacious rooms flow to fabulous outdoor spaces. $1,595,000

Waterfront condominium, #211, SSI 3BR/3BA furnished condo with fabulous views of St. Simons sound is in most desirable, private Bldg. 10. Highest quality construction with steel framing, impact rated windows and doors. End unit has extra windows and best view. $599,000

4321 Fifth Street, SSI 4BR/4.5BA NEW Construction on a private lot with pool. Spacious master suite on the first floor. Upstairs has 3BR/3BA, sitting area, bunk room/office or exercise room. Upstairs porch to catch the breezes and downstairs covered porch overlooks pool. $1,375,000

125 Santa Maria circle, SSI 5BR/5.5BA home on estate lot. Oaks and two ponds surround well constructed home with cedar shake exterior, geothermal HVAC, and pine floors. Outdoor areas include Gardens with grilling area/fire pit and beautiful pool. Guest Suite over garage. $1,079,000

361 Major Wright Road, SSI 3BR/3.5 BA home in fabulous mid-island location on estate sized lot surrounded by more expensive homes, property is updated and beautifully maintained. Spacious rooms with all hardwood floors, nice millwork. Master on main. Smart buy priced at $625,000

1006 Ocean Boulevard, SSI 3BR/2BA recently updated townhome that is one street over from the beach in stellar location between the St. Simons Village and the beach. New windows, doors, flooring and appliances. Updated kitchen and baths. Fire pit and grill in common area. $465,500

125 Point Lane Oak canopied lot with extensive views on the lake in King's Point, a Sea Island developed subdivision located adjacent to the golf course at the 5 star Lodge at Sea Island. Build your dream home and catch breezes from the nearby St. Simons Sound. $450,000

Shrine Road, Brunswick, GA Excellent value for user or investor in this 4260 s.f. commercial building in walking distance to the hospital. All on one floor with generous parking, and easy to show! $325,000

123 Yacht club drive, SSI Marsh front on the South End of St. Simons, this lot is sold with a deeded dock slip on the Frederica River. It's in The Yacht Club, St. Simon's newest luxury, gated development with beautiful homes and landscaping. $365,000 | mobile app text SIR to 87778 |912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | SSI, GA MCMVII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

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Micki Carter 912-617-3807



11 SunriSe Way, St. SimonS oceanFront Renovated East Beach with breathtaking views from every room! This beautiful cedar shake home has panoramic ocean front views from every room. 4BRs, 4 full, 2 half baths, 2 additional rooms, 2 spaces, open kitchen with top of the line appliances, lower level finished entertaining area, two huge covered porches, 2 car gar & elevator. $2,450,000

1703 marinerS circle, St. SimonS iSlanD Beautiful 3BR, 2.5BA townhome in desirable Mariner's Landing. Floor plan is open concept living with the powder room, kitchen, dining and living areas located on the main level. Kitchen features a breakfast bar, white shaker style cabinets, granite counter tops, white subway tile backsplash and stainless appliances. Single car garage. $369,000

1192 Sea palmS WeSt Dr, St. SimonS iSlanD Enjoy single level living in this adorable 3 bedroom 2 bath tabby ranch style home. Beautiful hardwood floors and raised ceilings compliment the living, dining and kitchen area. The master bedroom is very spacious and has a large ensuite bath with double vanities and separate tub and shower. Impeccably maintained, recent updates. $369,000

30 WaterFront Dr #133, St. SimonS iSlanD This lovely 3 bedroom, 3 bath condominium has gorgeous waterfront and marsh views. The Waterfront at the Golden Isles Marina offers sleek granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, covered balcony, large pool with views of the water and a cozy fireplace. Live the Marina Village lifestyle! $539,000

1400 ocean BlvD #114, St. SimonS iSlanD Fabulous Views! This 1622 SF, 3BR, 3BA condo has been freshly painted. Located in the heart of South St. Simons this unit has amazing views of the ocean, lagoon and pool. The living, kitchen and dining space is open concept to take full advantage of the views. Open the doors to the spacious balcony, relax & enjoy the ocean breezes. $875,000

102 cypreSS point, St. SimonS iSlanD Gorgeous renovated Island Club home with lagoon views. Open plan, 4BR, bonus rm, 3.5BA, gourmet kitchen with custom cabinets and top of the line appliances, ground floor master ste w/ spacious bath/closet, study, media rm, screened porch, huge GR with vaulted ceiling, FP, and window wall overlooking the patio & lagoon. $1,145,000

1519 ocean BoulevarD, St. SimonS iSlanD Contemporary 3 bedroom, 3 and a half bath home located just steps to the beach with expansive panoramic marsh views. This very desirable location is an easy walk to the beach and village. Priced to sell at $899,000

117 Bay Berry circle, St. SimonS iSlanD Beautifully renovated home in Sea Palms on the Golf Course with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 half bath and apx. 3285 square feet of living space. Tastefully finished interiors and lots of curb appeal outside make this home a must see. $659,000

1706 Bruce Drive, St. SimonS iSlanD Original 1930s East Beach cottage. Renovated with new floors, kitchen and updated baths. The main house offers 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths, large open concept kitchen and dining, separate living room and den as well as a charming screened porch. Just steps to the beach! $875,000 | mobile app text SIR to 87778 |912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA MCMVII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

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Mack Sullivan 912.399.2309


113 Biltmore

940 Champney

• iSland cluB • BeautiFul 4BR Home • laRge maSteR • Split FlooR plan • BonuS Room • BeautiFul pool • gReat value • Recently Reduced!

• Hampton plantation • 3BR, 3Ba, 2526 SF • .44 acRe coRneR lot • Split FlooR plan • SpaciouS maSteR • cuStom kitcHen • landScaped yaRd • HttpS://


$499,000 | mobile app text SIR to 87778 |912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA MCMVII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

Dee Wright 912-230-6156

178 hampton point Drive, St SimonS iSlanD - Marshfront villa on large beautifully landscaped lot with 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 2 half baths, 3 fireplaces, tile floors, heart pine floors and wood ceilings. The gourmet kitchen has a large island and separate wine room, butler's pantry, Wolf cooktop and Sub-Zero refrigerator. There is a formal living room, circular dining room, family room, office plus 2 sitting rooms. Many custom features and imports from Italy, Turkey and Ecuador. Large open and covered patio porches and fabulous marsh views. $1,950,000 | mobile app text SIR to 87778 |912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA MCMVII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

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2012 Bruce Drive | Micki Carter 912.617.3807 | 5BR | 5.5BA The Enchanted Cottage is a magnificent designer East Beach custom home completed in 2017 & showcased on the 2018 Tour of Homes. Featuring sophisticated decor, open concept living, 11' ceilings, wood floors, gourmet chef's kitchen & is just a short walk to the beach.The gourmet kitchen has an over sized built in refrigerator/freezer, gas range, 2 dishwashers, & a large island. The dining space has room to comfortably seat 10. Large living room with a fireplace & wet bar. Screened Lanai w/ fireplace and pool. $2,499,000

118 East Twenty Third Street | Susan Imhoff 912.222.5686 | 6BR | 9.5BA Truly elegant 2nd row ocean home. Steps to the beach and less than a mile to all the Sea Island amenities. This impeccably maintained formal open living plan and high ceilings make this a perfect home for entertaining and present timeless style and understated elegance. An extension to Cottage 206 adds a separate guest suite and partial kitchen. Two laundry rooms, an exercise room, 2 elevators, sound system, and monitored security system. Every room in the house can be accessed by an elevator if desired. $3,750,000




277 Audubon Wynd 4BR | 4BA | Remarkable Golf Front Home Mary Hunt 912.217.1629 $420,000

907 Beachview Drive 3BR | 4BA | Spectacular Ocean Views Ann Harrell 912.222.4002 $2,250,000|

47 Dorsey Circle 1.87 Marsh Front Acres, Gated Community Terri Simpson 912.580.8754 $190,000




208 West Commons Drive 4 BR | 2 BA | Remodeled Kitchen Chandra Kendall 912.258.4233 $340,000

155 Old Plantation Point 4BR | 4BA | 9.5 Acre Mars Front Estate Adair Allen 912.571.6399 $2,495,000

113 Biltmore 4BR | 3BA | 2HB | Inviting Island Club Home Mack Sullivan 912 399.2309 $719,000

DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty | mobile app text SIR to 87778 |912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA MMXIX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

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Local Expertise, Worldwide.



307 West 50th Street | Amanda Duffey 912.222.3557 | 6BR | 4.5BA Priced BELOW appraised value! This expansive home d that has been beautifully renovated and well-maintained. Located on a large corner lot with beautiful mature oak trees. This home would be perfect for a buyer looking for a primary residence or an investment property with tremendous rental potential. Enjoy the private setting of the back yard from the screened porch, which is a great extension of your living space, and it overlooks the pool and beautiful landscaping. Master on main w/ large en suite bath. $2,200,000

178 Hampton Point Drive | Dee Wright 912.230.6156 | 4BR | 4BA | 2HB This beautiful Villa with stucco exterior and tile roof is situated on a large marsh front lot with views all the way to Cannon's Point. Spacious living areas consists of living room, circular dining room, family room, and fabulous gourmet kitchen with butler's pantry and wine room with tile floors. The kitchen has a Wolf gas cooktop, convection cooktop, 2 wall ovens, 2 dishwashers, a Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer and microwave. A covered patio and circular porch offers plenty of outdoor living areas. $1,950,000




1003 Sea Palms West 3BR | 3BA | Practice Golf Frontage Rayea Pieschel 912.222.4402 $549,000

118 Shipmaster Drive 4BR | 3BA | Immaculate, Golf Frontage Larry Delaney 912.230.0406 $385,000

200 Salt Air Drive, #168 3BR | 2.5BA | Elevator, Garage Maria Jennings 912.222.0185 $339,000




1306 Grand View Drive, #1306 3BR | 3BR | New Kitchen, Marsh Views Kate Danowski 912 222.0174 $449,000

633 Bartow Street 3BR | 2BA | Corner Lot near Village Anne Popham 912.399.3996 $495,000

123 Saint Andrews 4BR | 3.5BA | Total Remodel, Outstanding Views Nancy Wainwright 912.223.2821 $1,100,000

DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty | mobile app text SIR to 87778 |912-638-0406 | 2901 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island, GA MMXIX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.

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126 Cuyler Lane, Kings Point

233 Lake Cottage Dr, Sea Island Lake Cottages

Cottage 154, W. 18th Street

Best construction quality imaginable in this six bedroom West Indies lakefront home on 1.31 acres. All cedar line closets, hand scraped pegged pecan floors, two double garages. Elevator from garage. Great room with Rumford fireplace and wet bar, sun room with heated floors, a nationally featured Chef's custom kitchen, open breakfast area, dining room, richly wainscoted and finished. Lakeside screened porch with fireplace and wet bar. Master bedroom suite with exercise room is on the ground floor along with another guest suite. The first floor has four additional bedrooms, including a guest apartment, den with custom media center and wet bar. $2,995,000

Distant ocean views from this six bedroom, six bath townhome in the Sea Island Lake Cottages. Marsh front in gated community. Mizner-style stucco over concrete block, and clay tile roof.. Two car garage with two interior storage rooms, 18'9 x 16' and 30'8 x 16'. Elevator to all levels. Vaulted and 10' ceilings on the first floor, vaulted and 9' ceilings on second floor. Stone, marble and wood floors. Super quality finishes. Screened terrace with Viking gas grill. Views of Marsh, Sea Island, tidal waters and surprisingly the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.. Spacious community pool facility. $1,999,000

Sea Island's "Le Marais" has been restored. Cottage 154 was a national award winner named one of America's best small houses in the late 50's. Built as the personal home of a collector and connoisseur, the home has undergone a dramatic transformation to the preferences of prevailing tastes that allow comfortable and casual lifestyles without losing the graciousness of the original residence. Almost all new everything. Offering a rare commodity: room to spread out both inside and out. Six bedrooms, 6.5 baths.Truly one of a kind on Sea Island with expansive grounds of 1.1 acres. There's nothing else like it on the Island. $2,750,000

19 Darien Circle, Frederica

157 Kirkaldy Lane, Frederica

Cottage 292, W. 31st Street

This lakeside home exemplifies Frederica in its purest and best ways. Long views of the 400 acre freshwater lake. Using 300 year old timbered beams, the details are extraordinary. Totally open floor plan, views are enjoyed from the kitchen, dining, family rooms, screened porch and ground level master bedroom. The first floor provides 6 BR, 6BA, office w/FP, exercise room and open porch. A fully equipped carriage house has a spacious guest suite and kitchenette. 3 car garage and a motor court. Private dock for your boat. $4,950,000

Almost 3 1/2 Acres, Lot 135 offers 270' of direct lake frontage. This is one of the highest elevations in Frederica which allows for fabulous easterly breezes into the backyard, with unobstructed views of a large bass-filled lake. The street side of the lot is buffered with mature trees to give total privacy. The Building Envelope has been partially pre-cleared with a current survey, pre-paid soil boring test and sewer hookup permit. The Developer lots do not include these additional expenses. $419,000

Magnificent marsh and water views from this expertly sited 31st Street home. Three bedrooms and 3.5 baths in the main house, and 3 to 5 bedrooms in the Guest House, depending on how you use them. With two game rooms in the Pool/Guest House, pool and ping pong tables, table hockey, screened porch and a 42' x 15' covered porch pool side, the fun and good times await your family and friends at this custom designed cottage. The grounds and 40' “L� shaped pool are walled and landscaped for privacy. $3,300,000


40th Street homesite, Sea Island

Lot 18, Ocean Forest

Cottage 92, E. 33rd Street

Price reduced on this cleared building site on 40th Street. At .71 acres, 270 feet of street frontage and well buffered by green belts, you have plenty of room to work with your future Sea Island cottage. Walking distance to the beach on 36th Street. Lovely homes on Cook Avenue. An excellent opportunity. $595,000

Located on the picturesque 6th fairway of the famed and private Ocean Forest Golf Course, this building site is exceptional. Contoured and well vegetated, the Live oaks and palmettos are beautifully set among rolls of ancient sand dunes in this maritime forest. Public sewer and water serve this site in its peaceful and secure setting. The Ocean Forest neighborhood has its own full- time staffed gatehouse. You will know your neighbors: short term rentals are prohibited. The ambience of Ocean Forest is real. Come see for yourself. $900,000

Truly one of the most enchanting and picturesque oceanfront settings on Sea Island! This distinctive 7 BR, 7.5 BA brick home was built with an old world attention to detail. Lovingly renovated, retaining the graciousness it deserves. Endless ocean views from almost every room. An upstairs grand size sunroom with window walls and a spacious covered pool side veranda invite you to enjoy the ocean, beach, and water activities. You will never want to leave! $7,499,000

Al Brown Jan 2_Layout 1 12/12/19 10:06 PM Page 1

Lot 47, Hawkins Island

413 Pikes Bluff Drive, Frederica

Cottage 553, W. 38th Street

Hawkins Island is a rare island within an island. Reachable by bridge only and a fully staffed, full time guard house. Only 70 homes will grace this island, blanketed by ancient oak canopies and surrounded by salt marshes. Walking and bike paths, street lighting, underground utilities, Sea Island Club application rights. 1.31 acre marsh building site. Easterly exposure with lush hammock views. Thickly vegetated and well treed with mature live oaks. A rare price and a rare find in today's market. $299,000

Nestled in the woods, backing up to 500 acres of protected land surrounding a wood stork rookery, this home was custom built using reclaimed wood, 80 year old brick and a palette of natural, earthy colors that match the bark of the surrounding forest. A sense of warmth pervades. The GR w/FP, open kitchen, breakfast room lead to a screened porch. The ground level also has the master BR, office, powder room, locker room, Ceasar’s room with shower, and a 3 car garage. Upstairs are 3BR with private baths, TV room, play nook, wildlife observatory bridge and a recreation room with half bath & wet bar. 2.21 acres in an exceptional setting. $1,795,000

At 4,571 square feet, Cottage 553 may be the perfect sized seven bedroom home. The scale and proportions are excellent. Lovely street appeal, and the warm and inviting front porch and rockers set the tone. Combining casual living with a touch of formality, the Great room with two story ceilings provides views of the rear covered porch with brick floors and expansive pool. The dining room and sitting room have heart of pine floors that run throughout. The master and one guest room are ground floor. Five additional bedrooms, all with private baths, are on the first floor. The cottage has style and flair, and is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. $2,485,000

Cottage 296, W. 9th Street

Cottage 168, E. 27th Street

816 Hamilton Landing Drive, Hamilton Landing

Single story, pretty yellow stucco home with white quoins and green shutters. Landscaped with loving care and lush plantings. Four bedrooms, 4 full baths, 3,700 square feet plus two car garage. The spacious den/family room off the kitchen has pecky cypress paneling, fireplace and wet bar. With an adjoining rear patio, the room flows well as does the entire plan which includes a bright living room, separate dining room plus a sun room which is a delightful bonus with its adaptability as a garden room, reading room or play area. You’ll appreciate the warmth and love that this cottage exudes. $2,350,000

It’s a very short walk to the beach from Cottage 168 located on the east side of 27th Street and Sea Island Drive. Plenty of inviting, spacious gathering areas in this charming cottage for all your family and friends. Four separate private guest suites offering 7 BR and 8 full BA, including a 2nd floor bonus room addition of BRs and a den. The first floor master suite has 2 baths, a large sitting room close by and opens to the pool terrace. Renovated and updated kitchen/breakfast area is well done. Entertaining is easy around the large heated pool in the newly fenced backyard and brand new pavered pool terrace too. You’ll enjoy the comfort of this home. $2,475,000

Located on Dunbar Creek, this well planned stucco home is in excellent condition and offers the perfect layout for your active family. Easterly exposure on the marsh with a pristine oval shaped pool . 6BR/ 5BA, living room with high ceiling and fire place, dining room, office/nursery, and a completely finished out game room on the ground floor. The new kitchen shines brightly with Quartz counter tops, big island and pleasant natural lighting. Breakfast area/family room. The waterside deck and covered porch with swing Convenient to all Island locations and the mainland. $1,299,000

310 Forest Oaks, St. Simons Island Club

Cottage 207, W. 7th Street

Ocean Cottage 400, Ocean Forest

Superb single level home! Designers touch is evident from the stone floors to the dramatic ceilings and many outstanding architectural details. Open, renovated and re-designed floor plan. Inviting space includes a LR, vaulted beamed ceiling in the DR, open kitchen/ breakfast area and a family room with a FP. Several rooms open onto a very large columned veranda with a nice size pool, spa, waterfall and grilling area. Spacious master suite includes well-planned bath with a jacuzzi, large shower, separate vanities and nice size walk-in closets plus an exercise room. 3 additional bedrooms and baths. A short walk or bike ride to the Village and beach! $995,000

A masterful Johnny Shackleford redo of a classic 7th Street cottage that makes some thing very special. This 5 BR, 7.5 bath home will delight your senses and surprise you with the creativity and functionality of a very professionally planned residence. Clean, crisp lines throughout allow you to live and enjoy a floor plan that flows easily, open and casual, with each room bringing in natural light. A terrific blend of social and private areas, all in excellent condition and tastefully done. The rear grounds, private, fenced and well groomed, have a lovely pool and spa. Come see a traditional plan has been opened up. $3,300,000

Built on 1 1/2 lots within the gates in the private and protected world of Ocean Forest, this home reflects the love and caring of family ownership, tastefully decorated (and furnished) and custom built with the highest standards. Directly on the beach w/ a short path through the dunes. 6 BR, 5 BA, ample social areas. Open kitchen w/breakfast area plus fully equipped bar. Dining area, living room w/fireplace plus den w/ fireplace, both on the view side with pool. Exercise room w/ full bath. Excellent uses of stone, marble and wood throughout the residence. Elevator. One of the best locations on Sea Island. $4,995,000 unfurnished

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Teri Moore

135 Royal Drive This 3BR, 2.5BA home offers a GR with FP, formal DR, split plan & fenced yard. Com. has a deep water dock with boat hoist giving access to the Satilla River. Large stocked lake and 24 hr. surveillance. Access to I-95 & Jekyll Island. Call Dana. $239,500

234 West Commons Drive - All one level in a great subdivision, split 3BR floor plan w/ 2BA. Many features include a GR and DR, nice kitchen with breakfast area, screened porch overlooking a nicely landscaped back yard, a large laundry room and 2-car garage. $319,900

1726 Ocean Road - East Beach Breathtaking marsh front home with 6BR/7.5BA This home features 2 masters, beautiful marsh views from all porches, outdoor kitchen, and heated pool. Great buy for East Beach. Call for more details. $1,795,000

105 Grove Lane - The Grove at King City Beautiful Southern plantation style home in the village. 4BR with 4.5BA and 4,000 sf. French doors leading to multi-level balconies, elevator, hot tub, den with access to observation deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. $1,290,000

Dana Hill





W E NE IC PR Nancy Phelan


Karen Mumford




912.571.1948 1205 Reserve Lane St. Simons Island Great location. 3BR, 2.5BA townhome with custom upgrades include ceramic tile and hwd floors, granite counters, custom kitchen cabinets, SS appliances, 9 ft. ceilings, & more. Great rental potential. Easy to show! $334,000

Gated Exclusive Orange Hall This Mediterranean home features a large master on main level. Upstairs are two additional guest rooms each with a bath. Eat in kitchen, family room w/FP. Large butlers pantry and 2 car garage. $575,000

LD O S Ann Parrish

Desireé Varnedoe


Property Manager



1901 Bruce Dr - East Beach Spacious home with 3BR/3BA. Master on the main level and a two car garage. Well maintained and move in ready! Beautifully landscaped backyard. Great primary, secondary or vacation rental. This is a must see! $774,500

Emily Wages

Sarah Broyles

Rental Division

Rental Agent



1701 Dixon - East Beach Tons of charm! 3BR/2BA split bedroom floor plan. Spacious screened in back porch great for entertaining. Large back yard overlooks green space leading you to the beach! Perfect for primary, secondary or rental income! $850,000



905 Rose Cottage - Hamilton Landing Open plan with master suite on the first level, 2 half baths, and screened porch. Second level features 2BR with a shared bath and a 3rd room that could be used as BR / office. Bonus room over 2 car garage. $545,000 Call Teri.

Freddy Stroud Broker, CRS, GRI


200 Oyster Rd. - Brunswick Desirable country living at its best. 1 acre lot with 28 X 64 Mobile home with wood ship lap in living room and dining room. Very nice fireplace. New stove, refrigerator, microwave and AC. Metal roof is only 4 years old with a 25 year warranty. Shower and soak tub in the master shower. $70,500

105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island


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1409 S Windward - Sea Palms 4BR/4BA home on a private lot. Large master suite and two guest bedrooms on the main level. In addition, there is a large kitchen and additional room for a cozy den and a family room with fireplace. Remodeled in 2009/2010. $515,000

1519 Wood Ave - Tree Tops Great location! End unit. Easy beach access. 3BR/2.5BA. Nice sized BRs, storage, private patio for entertaining. Master suite on top floor with balcony to enjoy the nice ocean breezes. Currently in GCR rental program. $449,500

235 Medinah - Island Club 5BR, 5BA, 2HBA home on apx 1 acre overlooking the Golf Course. 9+ foot ceilings, 4 car garage with 2 garage bays climate controlled, gourmet kitchen, wet bar, 2 FPs builtin speaker system, large heated pool and much more. $1,200,000


936 Ocean Blvd. A classic 4BR/5BA beach cottage just a short distance from the ocean. Completely updated yet retains all the charm and intimacy. From the antique front door with glass to the third floor observation area, this house is surely a MUST SEE! $850,000

409 Beach Dr. Island Beach Cottage located close the beaches & Village. Family room, reading area, updated kitchen with breakfast nook, spacious master suite, and a nice mud/laundry room. Private outside enclosed shower. Live close to the South End! $550,000

507 Palm Harbor - Hamilton Landing Completely remodeled spacious 4 BR/3BA home. Main living area opens to large screened porch overlooking landscaped backyard with an observation deck to enjoy the marsh views! Pristine condition and move in ready! $850,000

Saint Simons Grand - Unit 218 This 4BR, 3BA condo has marvelous views and finishes. This will rent well or serve as an excellent primary or second home. HOA renovating now and current owners are covering costs. $1,210,000

118 Hawkins Island Circle 3BR, 3.5BA Mediterranean style home on Hawkins Island. Many custom features, large master suite on main, chef’s kitchen, vaulted ceilings, family room with fireplace, hardwood and tile floors, screened porch and swimming pool. 1,250,000

231 Beach Club - This condo is located almost at the end of the south wing at The Beach Club Condos. With ocean views from the MBR and LR, this updated/renovated condo is currently in a rental program with an excellent rental history. $455,000



117 Cypress Pt - Island Club This home offers 5BR/4.5BA with an open floor plan, the main level includes a formal DR, updated kitchen that opens to a keeping room and family room, a study and spacious master suite. Pool. Call for more details. $949,500

107 Peachtree - St Simons Heights Just a short bike ride to the beaches and shopping. One level, 3BR, 2BA. Features include a large family room with fireplace and a master suite with a renovated master bathroom. Flood insurance is not required. $375,000


19 Sea Oats Lane - Coast Cottages Live the vacation lifestyle year round in this exquisite beach villa. Everything you could ever want and more! 4BR/4BA, elevator, multiple deck levels include a roof top deck offering beautiful ocean views. Partially furnished. $1,275,000


1000 Sea Island Rd - Gascoigne #59 2BR/1.5BA. Easy on/off island location. Close to the Village and beach. Short term rentals allowed. Fireplace in the LR and a deck which over looks a lagoon. Move in ready and being sold fully furnished. Call Tina. $179,000

903 Ocean Blvd. Located on the south end of the island with easy access to the village, shopping, restaurants, and just a short walk to the beach. This subject property is currently rented with a great rental history. $850,000

4222 Third St. - East Beach 4BR, 3.5BA, 3 separate living areas, an open floor plan with lots of windows, a deck with spiral staircase leading to rooftop sundeck. Located just 3 houses from the beach access. A great opportunity on East Beach! $625,000

105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island


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Available Homesites West 43rd Street Sea Island -$900,000

4203 Ninth St - East Beach 4BR, 4BA, 2HBA beach home sits on over .5 acre of oceanfront land. The interior is a palate for your imagination. Soaring ceiling heights and a kitchen that is a work of art. Framed in steel exceed all hurricane standards. Oceanfront terraces and balconies overlook the pool and ocean. Much more to offer at this exquisite home. $2,975,000

1000 Mallery Street Unit M95 - Mallery Villas You don't want to miss out on this beautiful fully furnished condo. This end unit offers travertine tile (NO carpet), a sunroom with attractive built-ins, and a living room with built-in computer nook. Lots of storage and large closets. Enjoy the Community pool and grill out on your private patio. Close enough to walk and bike to the village and beach! $309,900

107 Saint Annies Frederica - $374,000 626 Oglethorpe St Brunswick - $10,000 123 Hampton Point Saint Simons - $88,500 1734 Ocean Road East Beach, SSI - $695,000 Lot 20 Sugar Mill - U/C Darien, Deep Water - $95,000 120 Fish Hall Rd Brunswick - $17,000 107 Jackson Court St. Simons - $219,500 103 Davison Lane Hawkins Island - $397,500 129 Rice Mill Hampton Plantation - $190,000 00 St. Andrews Glen Rd Waverly - $21,900

Teamwork. Experience. Professionalism. 912.638.1144

VacatIon | Long tErm rEntaLS | 800-639-1144

East Beach - Sixteenth Street 5BR/5.5BA. Breathtaking views. Amazing outdoor kitchen and private pool. Sleeps 10.

Village Area - May Joe Street 4BR/5.5BA. Walking distance to the Village Pier and Beach. Private pool. Sleeps 12.

King & Prince - St. Simons Island King and Prince ocean view villas. Call today to check availability!

East Beach - Twelfth Street Charming beach home steps away from the ocean. 4 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms. Private Pool and Cabana. Sleeps 10.

Thirteenth Street - East Beach 6BR/4.5BA. Located near Gould’s Inlet on East Beach with private saltwater pool and steps to the beach. Sleeps 12.

St. Simons Island - Ocean Road Amazing family friendly marshfront home with a private pool. Short walk to beach. Sleeps 14 and has 5.5 bathrooms!

We have 100 dierent properties to choose from! For more detailed information visit or call 912.638.1144

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Under ContraCt

1308 Grand VIeW dr - $489,000 Top floor, end unit, immaculate and well-appointed condo with great views from every room. 3BR/3BA with granite vanities, kitchen with island, granite counters, and SS appliances; two screened porches with tile flooring; and 10' high ceilings. New carpet in the bedrooms plus new gorgeous luxury vinyl plank flooring in the living areas; freshly painted; and new lighting fixtures. Sellers just installed a new HVAC system! There are two storage units, one outside front door, and one assigned unit in the garage. This very desirable gated community offers pool, hot tub, gazebo, grill, dog park, and elevators. Call Joy Wright (912) 230-0134.

200 CaPaLLton dr - $429,000

JOY WRIGHT 912-230-0134

Attention Horse Lovers! This 19.44 acre horse farm is perfect for someone wishing to board, train, and ride horses in a location that is close in but feels like it is far out in the country. Property has a 31 stall horse barn with plenty of tack facilities, beautiful pastures, a show type arena, a pond, two wells, and several great locations for a homesite. Pastures are sown in tiff 85 and tiff 9 type grasses. Glynn County, GA parcel ID numbers are: 0307384, 03-05305, and 03-19248. Call don Wright (912) 222-0133.

4332 FoUrteentH St - $949,000

912-638-4740 119 MaRIna DR ST. SIMOnS ISlanD, Ga 31522

Located on East Beach, the "Khaki Cottage" is only foot steps from Gould's Inlet and the beach. This custom built single family home features 4 bedrooms, 2 master suites with sitting areas, 3.5 bathrooms, 4 walk-in closets, 10' ceilings, heart of pine floors throughout and custom plantation shutters. This home is move-in ready. Soak up the afternoon breeze on the second floor covered porch in this low maintenance cottage. Call or text Gee Gee adams at (912) 223-1709

LEt uS hELP yOu PLAn yOur nExt VAcAtIOn Lilmar Properties is proud to offer visitors to St. Simons Island the highest quality and largest variety of vacation properties on the Island. We have been helping our guests make lasting vacation memories for over 15 years! Visit our website: or contact us today to book your next vacation. Experience the Lilmar Difference! - Adam & Beth Witt - Owners, Lilmar Properties

Property Management Discover your property’s true potential. Contact us today to learn more.

912-771-8099 or 110 Island Professional Park, Saint Simons Island, GA

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75 Years Later: A Confidential Photograph Yields New Information


orld War II drove advancement in technology that was unparalleled. One of the most significant innovations was known as Radio Detection and Ranging – RADAR. Even before the war, this technology was being developed simultaneously and in secret by several countries. Progress accelerated once the United States entered the conflict and realized the potential for both landand ship-based systems. In 1943, the Naval Air Station (NAS) on St. Simons Island was selected to be the Radar Training School for Fighter Direction Officers, who were assigned to Combat Information Centers (CICs) on board aircraft carriers and other ships. Candidates for the school were carefully chosen for their ability to function as human computers. They were trained to plot and quickly analyze complex radar information about incoming aircraft, then send fighter squadrons to intercept enemy planes before they could attack Allied ships. When Society researchers were gathering information for the World War II Home Front Museum, they went back to a series of photographs of NAS St. Simons training facilities that had been donated to the Coastal Georgia Historical Society in the 1980s. They discovered

that these images were originally used in the January 1945 issue of a confidential Navy publication entitled CIC. The issue contained a feature article on the St. Simons Radar Training School which described the courses and facilities on the island. Illustrations included “Demonstration CICs” built at the airport and the King and Prince Hotel to simulate the spaces devoted to fighter direction on board ships. The Society’s photograph of a “Demonstration CIC” shown here was included in the CIC article and was enlarged for display in the Home Front Museum. Due to the confidential nature of the photographs at the time, very little is known of the men pictured and they have been left unidentified since 1945. However, sometimes fate intervenes. Recently, Jeff Bragg of Marietta, Georgia, visited the Museum and identified one of the

young officers as his father, Alfred Bragg (far right, leaning over the plotting screen). While training as a fighter director on St. Simons, Alfred met a Brunswick resident, Martha Nelson Peddicord, on a blind date, fell in love, and married her six weeks later. Upon completion of his training as a fighter director, he was sent to the Pacific and served on an aircraft carrier until the war ended in September 1945. He was then assigned to Hiroshima before returning home. His final rank was Lieutenant Commander. Alfred and Martha were married for over 40 years, residing most of that time in Columbus, Georgia. He died in 1987 and she in 2016. Both are buried in Palmetto Cemetery in Brunswick. Take some time to visit the World War II Home Front Museum and look at the photos and listen to the stories, you never know how these pieces of our past may touch home for you.

Coastal Georgia Historical Society presents this article and images from our archives as part of our mission to tell Coastal Georgia’s inspiring stories. The Society operates the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II Home Front Museum, housed in the Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach. To learn more about the Society, its museums, diverse programs, and membership, please visit 106 E L E G A N T I S L A N D L I V I N G

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A monthly magazine devoted to the finer lifestyle on St. Simons Island, Sea Island and the Golden Isles of Georgia. Complimentary copies can...

Elegant Island Living - Jan 2020  

A monthly magazine devoted to the finer lifestyle on St. Simons Island, Sea Island and the Golden Isles of Georgia. Complimentary copies can...