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Around Edmond

Salvation Army & Quail Springs Mall to host the Angel Tree Program

Serendipity Market Holiday Open House & 20th Anniversary Celebration Serendipity Market is celebrating our 20th year in business on November 19th! We opened in Oct of 1991 as Crafter’s Mall USA. Our old location was on 33rd and Boulevard. Everything was handmade at that time. The premise of the mall was where you could go to a craft show everyday of the year. In 2004, the Mall became “Serendipity Market”, where you can “Discover Your Style”! Four years later in 2008, we moved to the current location at 917 E Danforth Rd (next to Ted’s). You will still find handmade, restyled and repurposed items. But you will also find a wide array of fashion, home decor and furniture. The Styles range from Traditional, Country French and Coastal Decor to Shabby Chic...You will always enjoy the most diverse shopping experience and find unique and unexpected treasures for your home! Our customers tell us that our mall is “An Affair of the Heart” everyday! The mall is also a great place for those creative people who would like to have their own business without the issues of maintaining and staffing a store. With so many talented dealers offering a huge variety of merchandise at great prices, this is truly an ever changing place! We’d like to thank all our customers and dealers for their continued support of Serendipity Market. You are welcome to come by to join the in-store celebration of our 20th year Anniversary on Nov. 19th! We’ll have hourly Door Prizes, refreshments and a Gift Certificate Drawing. Special deals on Facebook will be going on for the whole November to our Facebook fans. 917 E Danforth in Edmond 405-340-8869 Mon thru Sat 9:30Am to 6:30pm Connect us with on Facebook for information and special deal alerts!

I’m Just Sayin Gifts Holiday Open House Thursday, November 17 - Please help us Celebrate our Second Anniversary! Located at Broadway & Waterloo We’ll be open 10:00a.m. - 9:00p.m. and have Refreshments, Snacks, Drawings and Discounts throughout the day. Back by popular request, my friend from Private Quarters will be in-house from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.! 04

The Salvation Army uses Red Kettle donations for services to the Central Oklahoma area, capped off by its Christmas assistance program. Last year, Central Oklahomashoppers donated more than $430,000 to the Red Kettles, the most ever raised in the area. Throughout the past years, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma continues in its mission of “Doing the Most Good” and has seen an increase in services. The Salvation Army depends upon Kettle donations and other fundraising efforts throughout the Christmas season to help feed, clothe and shelter people all year long. . The Salvation Army will once again provide toys and clothes to 2,000 families in Central Oklahoma through the Angel Tree program with Angel Trees located at both Penn Square and Quail Springs malls. Gifts are also given to nursing home residents. The Salvation Army and its officers are deeply committed to carrying out its ministry not only during the holiday season, but year round, said Major Proctor. “Although our visibility is more heightened during the holidays, it is important that the community knows that our programs are ongoing,” said Major Proctor. “We all need to come together to revitalize and strengthen the core of our local community by ‘Doing the Most Good’ and offering support any way we can. Rumble also brings the community together, so he is a perfect fit for our Christmas outreach.” To volunteer to ring bells or for more information about Christmas programs and events planned by The Salvation Army, call Heide Brandes or Lois Green at 405-246-1100. Paid bell ringing positions are also available, although volunteers are preferred.

Around Edmond


Edmond High School Football Schedules EDMOND MEMORIAL

09/02 09/09 09/16 09/23 09/29 10/07 10/14 10/20 10/28 11/04

7:00 pm @ Santa Fe (Edmond, OK) L 6-31 7:00 pm @ Stillwater (Stillwater, OK) L 14-42 7:00 pm Edmond North (Edmond, OK) L 0-47 7:00 pm @ Putnam City North (OKC) CG W 31-24 7:00 pm Moore (Moore, OK) CG W 13-10 7:00 pm @ Choctaw (Choctaw, OK) CG W 18-14 7:00 pm Eisenhower (Lawton, OK) CG L 7-38 7:00 pm Midwest City (Midwest City, OK) CG L 52-7 7:00 pm @ Norman North (Norman, OK) CG L 52-14 7:00 pm Yukon (Yukon, OK) CG L 35-0

09/01 09/09 09/16 09/23 09/30 10/07 10/14 10/21 10/28 11/04

7:00 pm @ Southmoore (Moore, OK) 7:00 pm Choctaw (Choctaw, OK) 7:00 pm @ Memorial (Edmond, OK) 7:00 pm @ Del City (Del City, OK) CG 7:00 pm Mustang (Mustang, OK) CG 7:00 pm Putnam City (OKC) CG 7:00 pm @ Westmoore (OKC) CG 7:00 pm Lawton (Lawton, OK) CG 7:00 pm @ Santa Fe (Edmond, OK) CG 7:00 pm Grant (OKC) CG

09/02 09/09 09/15 09/23 09/30 10/07 10/13 10/20 10/28 11/04

7:00 pm Memorial (Edmond, OK) W 31-6 7:00 pm @ Yukon (Yukon, OK) W 38-28 7:00 pm Midwest City (Midwest City, OK) L 0-20 7:00 pm Westmoore (OKC) CG W 42-35 7:00 pm @ Lawton (Lawton, OK) CG W 40-36 7:00 pm @ Mustang (Mustang, OK) CG W 35-6 7:00 pm Grant (OKC) CG W 67-0 7:00 pm @ Del City (Del City, OK) CG W 33-14 7:00 pm Edmond North (Edmond, OK) CG W 31-21 7:00 pm @ Putnam City (OKC) CG W42-24



Edmond Santa Fe: City Champs & Division Champs Congratulations are due to the Edmond Santa Fe football

team for rebounding from a 1-9 season last year, to a 9-1 season this year and bringing the 6A Division 2 Championship

W 42-10 W 41-7 W 47-0 W 45-7 W 27-13 W 35-0 W 27-13 L 18-15 L 31-21 W 57-0

home to Edmond. To win the Championship, Santa Fe, had to

beat North in the final Edlam game, and they did so, thanks to their effective offense and some key missteps on Northâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s part. The good news is that both Santa Fe and North are heading

to the playoffs and both should win their first round games. Santa Fe faces Lawton Eisenhower at Wantland. And North will play Yukon.

The bad news is that in the second round North will most

likely face Tulsa Union, and Santa Fe will have to play Jenks.

Jenks and Union are arguably the two best teams in the state

and to get past them to move onto the third round of playoffs will be a huge feat--an upset of mammoth proportions.

Come Join Our Bootcamp Every Monday, Call Haley Ray (405) 761-4790 Wednesday & 17200 N. May Ave. Suite 400 In Edmond Friday From 6 to 7 am And Saturday From 8 to 9 am 05


Health & Fitness

Tips For Holiday Exercise Melissa Cox, M.S. (The Shape Project)

Holiday schedules and eating amidst the merriment can wreak havoc on your waistline and well-developed exercise

of all those empty treadmills while everyone else is fighting the mall crowd.

routine. Staying on track with your workout program

Tip 4: Plan a Thanksgiving Day event. This is your

becomes a challenge with all the social commitments that

chance to start up a new tradition of playing football or

accompany the holidays. This is the time to develop a

baseball with neighbors, friends, and family. Also, the

strategy to stay in shape as you balance hectic schedules,

competition will lead you to work even harder and get a

more time in the stores, unhealthy food staring at you at

great workout.

those holiday parties, and taking intentional time to keep yourself from becoming completely fitness-derailed.

Tip 5: Become an expert in multitasking. Combining your holiday errands with physical activity is a great way to

Follow these tips this holiday season to avoid the most common resolution come January 1st.

keep moving and staying fit. Go against the norm and park a farther distance from the mall entrance. At home, take a

Tip 1: Participate in a 5k. This time of year there are lots of organizations that feature holiday themed walks and

15-minute break from baking to do some jumping jacks, squats, or push-ups.

runs. Think Turkey Trot and Santa Run. Not only will you

Tip 6: Avoid overindulgence at holiday parties. There

burn lots of calories on race day, but you will keep active

are several things you can do to protect yourself against

training for the event.

going overboard. First, use a plate instead of constantly

Tip 2: Exercise together. The holidays mean spending

snacking throughout the party. Also, go for the low-calorie

time with friends and family, which provides ample

foods, such as lean chicken, fruits, and carrots, first. Allow

opportunity to get moving together. Exercise bonds and

yourself a moderate portion of something rich and satisfying

allows time for quality conversations and achieving goals

later on in the party.

with those you care about. If it’s too cold outside, put on an exercise DVD!

Tip 7: Register for a spring athletic event. Go big like a 10k or a half-marathon. This will keep you training and

Tip 3: Do your holiday shopping online. Less time in the stores equals more time for you to hit the gym! Also, think

focused throughout the winter months. Wishing everyone a fit and healthy holiday season!

Now you can shop at Sears without heading to the Mall! Appliances • Tools • And Much More Locally Owned & Operated By Daniel & Susan Bercaw 3409 South Broadway, Suite 100 In Edmond


(405) 286-3440

Follow Us On FaceBook & Twitter

BOOT CAMP LOCATIONS: Mitch Park Hafer Park Stars and Stripes Park

Contact Melissa Cox at 405-496-5891 Email: twitter: @theshapeproject facebook:


In Business

8 Ways To Network For The Holidays By Jessica Miller-Merrell No matter who you are or where you work, networking is the key to a successful career and future in the business of doing business. Sixty-five to eight-five percent of all jobs are found as a result of networking. It’s never too early to start or too late, and the holidays should be no exception. Being a small business and entrepreneur, I know the value that networking can bring. What’s most important in the business of networking is to go where the people are. And where your people are relies on who those people, your target clients, customers, and business actually are. I spent a lot of time my first 6 months after leaving my corporate position spending time networking where I felt comfortable instead of where my people really were. This is the single most important aspect of networking and is often overlooked. Once you’ve identified where the people are, these eight ways can elevate and target your job search or business in a meaningful and effective way. *E cards. Send out free internet Holiday cards to your network. has a large variety of interesting and work appropriate cards to engage your network at no cost to the send or receiver. *Use the Blog. Use your blog to interview your top client prospects or companies as a way to develop a truly unique relationship that makes way for referrals, business, and new friendships. Most everyone likes to see their names in print or media. Take advantage of the unique opportunity you offer as a blogger and form of new media. *Host a Holiday Open House. Either at work or at your home. Clients, friends, and colleagues can visit and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, wine, or sparkling cider while building new relationships or catching up with old friends. If you have a blog, take advantage of the opportunity it brings. *Hit the Holiday Party Scene. Make the rounds to all

the holiday events and bring a stack of business cards. Never miss an opportunity to make a lasting impression. No, business cards? Follow up with a nice personal note via LinkedIn or Facebook to help solidify the personal connection. *Demand Attention. Drop by personalized and homemade holiday gifts to your network. Mix your favorite blend of coffees and package in a custom bag with label. Don’t forget to include your contact information and business card. Schedule and afternoon or two to make the rounds and let the job offers pour in. *Coffee Talk. Invite a colleague or friend for coffee and let your job or business intentions be known. Remember to focus on engagement and conversations before business. It’s the personal connections that set you apart from your competition. *12 Days of Christmas. Create a marketing event highlighting yourself using the 12 days of Christmas. Make a game out of it and take advantage in the popularity in gamification. Ask for 12 referrals or new contacts from your network for 12 days or create 12 signature marketing materials to distribute to your network. *Say it with Snail Mail. Take part in the traditional method of distributing holiday cards using snail mail. Select marketing materials to make a lasting impression. Bottom line. Get out there and get moving. The biggest mistake I see in the job search and in business is people waiting for the opportunities to come to them instead of taking the bull by the horns and bringing the party and business to them instead.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR CEO of Xceptional HR Author of Tweet This! Twitter for Business & writer for Fortune Magazine

$20 Off If You Mention This Ad!

Phone: 348-2442

Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 101 East Hurd, Suite F (1/2way between Blvd. and Broadway)


In Business


Small and Simple Things… By Jeffrey Taylor, Attorney at Law One of my most cherished and beloved memories stems from a time in my childhood when my parents opened their small home to a stranger for the Christmas holiday. As I recall, it was near my tenth birthday. My life was alight with the wonder of Christmas. My twin brother and I poured ourselves over the Sears catalogue, bookmarking and circling the items we openly coveted. My parents, devout in the Christmas tradition, but often devoid of many funds, strived to their abilities to provide fulfilling and satisfying Christmas holidays. As most parents know, some holidays were successes, made magical by the “perfect” gift, while others flopped because of the often-tight funds. As Christmas Day approached, I overheard my mother and father engaged in a heated discussion. It was probably an argument, but naïveté blinded my ability to recognize the subtle scolding laid by my mother. Earlier in the day, my father, a medical professional, had encountered an elderly gentleman whose life lay in shambles. Somewhat of an alcoholic, and perpetually dirty, the gentleman wandered into my father’s medical practice by happenstance. Dad treated the man for his ailments, prescribed some medication, and passed him back onto the world. Feeling that he could do more for the man, dad kindly invited the patient to be part of our family for Christmas. The two exchanged addresses and arranged a time when my father would pick up the man on Christmas Eve. My father often lives by the mantra, “sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission,” and thus, my mother’s slight fury upon learning of the self-made plan. Christmas quickly approached. Dad confirmed the arrangements, and mom added the extra place setting and stocking to the mantle. I remember travelling with my father in our two-door sedan and parking before a tattered shanty house, that made our place look like Hurst Castle. Dad escorted the shuffling man from the home to our car, carrying his cane and knapsack. We rode in semi-silence the 30 minutes to our home. Graciously my mother greeted the man, introduced my siblings, and showcased our small bungalow. Since he would spend the Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with our family, mom showed him to his room, and allowed him to settle his things.

We passed the short period before dinner gawking at the colorful tree and presents tucked underneath. Our family gathered for a traditional Christmas dinner, and settled in for the children’s reenactment of the Christmas story. The gentleman watched in fascination and amusement as we shared our religious joy of Christmas. We excitedly tucked ourselves into bed, and let the sugarplums dance in our heads. Christmas morning was the usual blur. The man didn’t bother to “spoil” our time, sleeping in until the commotion settled. He meandered in sometime later. Mom had prepared some small Christmas tokens: a stocking with candies and a present, an umbrella, and a book. The gentleman took the gifts and stared at them with wonder. As he softly caressed the stocking, our guest meekly mumbled, “I’ve never had a Christmas stocking before. This is the greatest Christmas present ever.” Tears streamed down his weathered cheeks, and he embarrassingly wiped them away. The awkwardness that filled my world wasn’t matched by my parents. They felt the true measure of their kindly action. Although I could never tell you the man’s name, describe his life’s work, or even recant his full description, I can vividly describe the childlike expression and heartfelt gratitude on his face as he lovingly caressed his first Christmas stocking. My dad’s impulse to invite this stranger to share their beloved holiday had forever changed a man’s life, and has forever made an impact on me. My parents’ selfless love for others exemplified the meaning of the holiday season. This holiday season I encourage you to take small and simple actions, and make lasting, life-changing impressions on others. Let us not forget that “by small and simple things, are great things accomplished.” I wish you and yours a blessed, safe and memorable holiday season.

Jeffrey Taylor is an attorney with Absolute Legal Services LLC, in Oklahoma City. He provides small businesses and individuals with answers to their legal issues. You can contact Jeff at (405) 748-0318 or via email at contact@ 09


My Home

Modern Marvel Wow was the first word that came to mind when walking

in to Jeff Click’s 2011 Parade of Homes Peoples Choice

Winner. The Great Room is an amazing sea of neutral grey’s

(4 tones to be exact) that soothe the senses immediately. And

with the openness to the kitchen, the media niche, plant niche and fantastically modern fireplace, nothing compares to it for functionality, style & comfort. It’s style is second to none.


My Home


Spaceage Dining We love the name of this model and it’s kitchen is

anything but Mello! From the amazing use of space with the built in’s to the buffet with the wine refrigerator,

Jeff Click Homes made this the kitchen to have. The

best design element and use of space, hands down, is the

breakfast bar which seats 7 around the island. Definitely stop by to see this model in the Silverhawk Addition on Penn & 173rd, it’s a must see! 11


My Yard

Take It Outside This is the backporch and fantastic outdoor living setting at the new Mello model by Jeff Click Homes. True to Jeff Clickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visions of past, this porch just begs for friends, family & fun in a unique enviroment! You can see this beautiful outdoor masterpiece at the Silverhawk Addition, off of Penn & 173rd!


PATIO CREATIONS by MARK, INC. Mark A. Garvey (405) 751-6275

w w w. p a t i o c r e a t i o n s . c o m 9346 N. May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK

Visit Our Showroom at Britton & May Patio Covers - Screen Rooms - Arbors - And More! 13


Metro Food & Drink

Millie’s Table Candied Sweet Potatoes This dish should be a staple to every home in the metro, and often is homemade by many with old family recipes. I would, someday, LOVE to give the recipe for Millie’s Candied Sweet Potatoes, as they are some of the best I have ever eaten!!! At Millie’s Table, on Danforth & Santa Fe, you can order the entire Thanksgiving Meal or a la carte. If you don’t have a good sweet potato recipe, this is the solution. You can go to or call 330.9156 to get more information. Be sure to place your order by Nov 17th then pickup on either Nov 22nd or Nov 23rd.


Here is what Millie offers for Thanksgiving Meal includes: 8 – 10 lb boneless turkey breast herbed gravy & cranberry compote mashed potatoe casserole cornbread stuffing candied sweet potatoes classic green bean casserole dinner rolls Your choice of two desserts (such as Chocolate Pecan Pie, Double Crusted Cranberry-Apple Cobbler, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, Cherry Pie, Luscious Lemon Pie) COST: $175 for 10 – 12 servings $115 for 6 – 8 servings (this option comes with only one dessert) Smaller serving sizes available upon request A la carte items also available upon request

Metro Food & Drink

Holiday Egg Nog Ingredients: 2 cups milk 2-1/2 whole cloves 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 6 egg yolks 3/4 cup sugar (light rum to taste for an adult drink) 2 cups light cream, half & half or heavy cream to taste 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg


Directions: 1. Combine milk, cloves, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla, and cinnamon in a saucepan, and heat over lowest setting for 5 minutes. Slowly bring milk mixture to a boil. 2. In a large bowl, combine egg yolks and sugar. Whisk together until fluffy. Whisk hot milk mixture slowly into the eggs. Pour mixture into saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for 3 minutes, or until thick. Do not allow mixture to boil. Strain to remove cloves, and let cool for about an hour. 3. Stir in rum, cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and nutmeg. Refrigerate overnight before serving. With this recipe, you can really play around with ingredients for taste, and for an adult drink you can add rum to taste. This uses cooked eggs for safety, but remember that children and seniors should be careful when it comes to ingesting egg products. 15


Shop Edmond

Renaissance Day Spa

RENAISSANCE SALON & SPA Renaissance Salon & Spa is the perfect place to stop in for a mini facial, express pedicure, a buff & polish or a rejuvinating massage, just in time for your long list of holiday parties! This charming 100 year old farmhouse is located at 10440 N. Broadway Extension just off of Britton. Give them a call to make an appointment at 751-8888 or visit them online at to order gift certificates in the comfort of home!

For professional piano lessons from an accredited instructor, contact Rebecca Yeager of Grand Scale at 405-317-8303 or send an inquiry to $20 off with the mention of this ad! What are you waiting for?!

Our Sisters’ Closet is a quality resale shop that supports the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter. We are excited to be in Edmond where the community is welcoming us with open arms. You are invited to visit our “Resale Boutique” at 101 E. Hurd (3 blocks N of 2nd and 1/2 way between Broadway and Boulevard. Tues - Sat 10-5 348-2442 Whether you shop or donate, you will be welcomed. We recently moved our OKC location to the Walnut Square Center I-240 & Penn. If you enjoy quality resale shopping, we invite you to visit our South Our Sisters’ Closet Boutique.

I’m Just Sayin’ Gifts and More carries candles, home accessories and decor, housewares, handbags & jewelry and infants & toddler accessories, as well as full selection of seasonal accessories. You can also find amazing items from local artisans. Store hours are Monday - Friday 10:00a.m. - 6:00p. m. and Saturday 11:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. Holiday Open House on Nov. 17th!!! Stop in to this boutique in North Edmond located at 121 East Waterloo Road at the corner of Broadway & Waterloo in The Market at Cedar Lake! If you’re looking for something specific, give Sidney a call at 405.285.7210 Be sure to follow at Facebook @Imjustsayingiftsandmore

Rebecca Yeagr is the owner and artisan behind Simply Twisted and she can be found at Facebook as well as I’m Just Saying Gifts & More. She creates beautiful beaded & vintage jewelry, hand knit scarves, and some of the most creative cards for everyday to holidays. You can visit her website at for examples of her work.

Edmond Antiques is located at 17 S. Broadway in Downtown Edmond. Stop in and say hi to Pam, and to check in for some amazing and very unique antiques, estate sale items and home decor just in time for the holidays! Stock is always changing, so be sure to stop in often. Follow Edmond Antiques at Facebook and if you are in need of something specific, give them a call at 405-471-5555.

Be sure to stop in to Edmond’s own locally owned Sears store on 33rd St., just next to Charleston’s, where you can find appliances (great sales with installation!), lawn equipment, barbecues, treadmills, tools, tv’s, and more! If they don’t have what you need, they can order it for you! Stay in Edmond & save on name brands such as Kenmore, Craftsman & more! Follow them at Facebook @Sears Hometown Store Edmond, OK or at Twitter @ SearsHTEdmondOK


Shop Edmond


THE BEEF JERKY EMPORIUM The Beef Jerky Emporium is your grilling headquarters with 2 inch dry rubbed steaks, spices, rubs, cobbler fillings & more! Their giftbaskets make great hostess & holiday gifts! Stop by the Edmond store. which is located at 810 Danforth, next to Hobby Lobby, for an amazing selection of anything you may need for this years cookout with family and friends! And check for them online at Facebook @TheBeefJerkyEmporium!

LOTSA NOODLES Located on Memorial just south of the AMC Theaters Quail Springs Mall, Lotsa Noodles is a great place to stop with your family for a casual & fun dining experience. From their Kids Eat Free Mondays to the excellent selection on their menu at a terrific price, Lotsa Noodles will become a family favorite! Try the all new ravioli dish & pizzas! They also have catering available for your party or corporate needs! Their food is freshly prepared and they have anything from pasta, sandwiches, salads ~ You’ll the casual atmosphere! You can follow Lotsa Noodles at Facebook & Twitter @LotsaNoodles for daily upates & specials!

EDMOND WINE SHOP Whether you are looking for unique beer and wine selections for your tailgating or holiday party, or your are new to selecting wines, the employees at Edmond Wine Shop are all very helpful and educated on every wine they carry, so don’t be shy, ask away! Keep your eye out for them at Twitter & Facebook @EdmondWineShop! Located on 15th & Boulevard and open Mon– Sat. till 9 pm!

SWEET PEACE Stop by Sweet Peace to see the amazing selection of cold weather gear from Peace Frog & tons of amazingly affordable gifts for all ages! Now carrying Jelly Belly Sodas in 8 flavors! Sweet Peace is located on Danforth Rd. just west of Santa Fe at 1333 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 111, has a great selection of gifts & candy. You can also find jewelry, tshirts, hoodies & caps, stuffed animals & more! Their hours are Tues - Wed: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Thurs - Fri: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm and Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and don’t forget to follow Sweet Peace at Facebook!

Aaron’s Gate Country Cottages

Enjoy the holidyas in the country at any one of the 5 amazing cottages at Aaron’s Gate Country Cottages located in Guthrie, just a few minutes north of Edmond. Located on a beautiful wooded 10 acre property, you can relax with the outdoor jacuzzi’s or just relax indoors in front of the cozy fireplaces and with a massage spa package, a candlelit breakfast and more. To book a reservation, visit or call 405-282-0613. 17


Shop Edmond

POLE POSITION RACEWAY Be sure to stop into Pole Position Raceway in OKC on 2905 N.W. 36th St. in Oklahoma City, OK or give them a call at 405.942.2292 for track availability for personal or corporate parties! Great team building opportunity! Their hours are Sunday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. & Friday – Saturday 11 a.m. – Midnight

Paint Your Art Out is hands down Edmond’s party headquarters. This is a really fun place for your Girls Night Out, Kids Parties, Team Building exercises & corporate parties. Artist lead sessions mean absolutey anyone can be an artist! Visit for their current calendar of paintings and to register online! Located at 100 N. Broadway right in the heart of Edmond!

MILLIES TABLE CATERING & More Millies is now taking orders for Thanksgiving Meals!!! And don’t forget about Hot Meals to go on Mon., Tues. & Thurs.! Give Millie a call at 330-9156 by 2 pm and your meal will be ready to go between 5 & 6pm! Located at 1333 W. Danforth Rd in Edmond! For more information, visit her website at

Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast

Reserve your room at the Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast just in time for the holidays and stop in to see the unique finds at the Arcadian Gift Shop for unique holiday decor & gifts! Conviently located at 1st and University, just across from UCO. To book a reservation, which usually book up quickly this time of year, visit or call 405-348-6347.

We offer affordable & stylish accents, re-styled furniture, fun jewelry, unique decor & gifts for every room and every taste! Be sure to stop in to see the fun & original holiday items the vendors have in stock for Fall!! Our Location: 917 E Danforth Rd, Edmond (Across from Ted’s Cafe Escondido) and you can call us at 405-340-8869

FUNKY MONKEY For Funky, Trendy, Fun Clothing for everyone in family, stop in to Funky Monkey at 14101 N. May Avenue Ste 113! Save every Monday with FB Tote Day and while shopping online at With designer clothing by Flowers by Zoe, Juicy & True Religion and 7 for All Mankind for Men & Boys, there’s something for everyone with amazing sales going on! Open Monday through Saturdays from 10 to 6 pm! Be sure to follow along at Facebook and at Twitter at @Funky__ Monkey 18

Holiday Gifts Now In!

Dry-Aged Steaks - Hand Made Tamales Herberts Cajun Specialties - Hot Sauces - Salsas Dry Rubs - Seasonings Holiday Giftbaskets Ready to Buy & Custom “And as always... THE BEST JERKY ON THE PLANET!” 9346 N. May Ave Britton & May OKC, OK (888) 751-6275

810 W Danforth Danforth & Kelly Edmond, OK (405) 359-8200

Mon-Sat 10-6 4405 SW 3rd St. I-40 & Meridian OKC, OK (405) 949-9000


Field Trip

Washington DC For history buff’s

everywhere Washington DC

is like Disneyland. There is

so much to see and do there

that a weeks stay almost

isn’t enough time to do it all.

From the monuments and the

buildings to the museums and the Mall, Washington DC is a

city that will leave you in awe. Just some of the “must see”

attractions include the White

House, Arlington National

Cemetery, all the Museums of

the Smithsonian, the National Art Gallery, the Lincoln

Memorial, the Washington

Monument, the memorials

for the WWII, Korea and the

Vietnam wars and the Capitol building.

Then there are the more

infamous sites around DC.

Like the Watergate Hotel and Fords Theater. You stand in

the places where history was

made. Like the spot on the

steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a

Dream” speech. Washington

DC is one of those places that

every American should visit at

least once in their lifetime.


Field Trip



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Amy Urbach’s Support System For Blended Families By Chris Hultner When divorced couples, with children, get re-married and the two families integrate, a whole slew of problems can arise. There is a lot to consider in these new blended families that often gets overlooked or ignored. Things that have to be considered are dynamics of the relationships between the children and the introduction of a new parental figure. There is often a lot of leftover baggage from the previous divorce that needs to be resolved. A sad fact of our society today is that almost half of all marriages end in divorce, so this, by default, happens a lot. Blended & Bonded is a new organization started by Amy Urbach with the goal of pairing newly blended families with information and resources to help them navigate through the issues that arise in blended families. We sat down with Amy to get her story of how Blended & Bonded came to be. Tell us about yourself...what do you do, what is your background...etc?. My husband, Eric, and I have been married 5 years. Between us, we have 5 kids. Currently, my kids’ ages are 20, 16 and Eric’s kids are 13, 9 & 7. We chose not to have any together before 22

we got married. Eric is a lawyer in the Edmond/OKC Metro. I recently left being on staff at, where I had worked for the past 5 years. I decided it was time to focus on Blended & Bonded full time, as well as some other things I am very excited about. When did you get a divorce? I divorced when I was 30 years old, after ten years of marriage. How did it effect your kids? My kids were 5 and 9 when my ex-husband and I divorced. In the beginning there were some rough times and the kids were caught in the middle. I’m thankful that season was short lived and that my kids adjusted well. I attribute that to the fact that their dad and I were able to move past our anger, bitterness and personal feelings, for the sake of the children. We have been able to co-parent successfully for many years and my kids thank me for that often. They understand and recognize that our efforts to be the best parents we can be, yet not under the same roof, have been good for them. We are able to sit together at kid events, have graduation and birthday parties together and communicate on a regular basis regarding issues when needed. After your divorce you meet a guy (Eric) who also happens to be divorced, with children of his own. What were some of the challenges during the relationship when two sets of children were involved? The biggest challenges in the beginning, and still, do not pertain to the blending of my and Eric’s kids together. The

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biggest challenges have been with co-parenting issues with Eric’s kids’ mother. Eric’s separation and divorce was much more fresh before Eric and I met. Mine was five years in the past. With Eric’s failed relationship, there were still traces of the negative feelings that were familiar to me when my ex-husband and I separated. However, our kids blended beautifully from the start. They have all become friends and supportive of each other. We have been blessed because I have learned from listening to other parents, that our success with blending the kids together is not always typical. What were the main challenges with the ex spouses during the early stages of this new relationship? The main challenges of a new relationship are usually with the adults. Kids seem to adjust fine, if the adults act right. A challenge, that was soon overcome and ultimately a success, was Eric’s relationship with my ex-husband. Eric knew his role and respected my ex-husband as my kids’ dad. My ex-husband recognized this and, although Eric and he are not best friends, they are able to shake hands and have light conversation when we’re all together. There does not seem to be any anxiety with the kids when my ex-husband, his wife, Eric and me are together. I would like to be able to tell a similar story about my relationship with Eric’s ex-wife, but I can’t. During the early stages of my new relationship with Eric and his kids (and even today), our relationship is strained and practically non-existent. I’m hopeful over time, common ground will be found and the tension can be relieved. As the relationship progressed with you and Eric how did the children adapt? We are very fortunate that all of our kids were able to blend well. We would make sure that we had all the kids at the same time so we could spend time together as a family doing family things. I’m not sure if the age differences helped or not, but they have all maintained good relationships over the years. What were the kids (both sets) reaction when you guys decided to get married? My kids were totally cool with it. I don’t think his kids were really old enough to process what was going on at the time. What were the ex spouses reactions? No reaction really from my ex-husband. I think he was indifferent and had been remarried for a few years, plus he was comfortable with Eric. Eric’s ex-wife wasn’t as approving, though. She would have to tell you, but I suspect it was because


I was going to be around her children. I wasn’t going anywhere and would be assuming the step-mom role. What were some of the unexpected challenges of being newly married and starting a blended family? Once you get married, all of you move in together, merge homes, things, space, lives. People that once weren’t your family suddenly are brushing their teeth in the same sink as you. Ron Deal, author of The Smart Step family suggests it takes 7 years, or more, for a blended family to develop into a family unit. It does vary from family to family but each person has to determine their speed at which they blend with the others. Kids aren’t “in love” when the family unit is formed, but mom and dad are already at another level and sometimes expect this instant connection for and with the kids. What is your parenting role with his kids and vice versa? Is there a balance you have to maintain or lines you don’t cross? Each blended family has to determine what works best for their family. Ron Deal also suggests that you don’t instantly assume that the kids should or would want to call a stepparent mom or dad. This is an endearing term that should only be used for their mom and dad. Now, when a mom or dad is not active in a child’s life there is usually and exception to this. A stepparent can take on the role of friend, aunt/uncle and yes a mom or dad. In our case, because my kids are older Eric is very much a friend to my kids, there has been little he has had to involve himself in the way of discipline and day-today guidance. He is great at offering them advice when needed and they appreciate it and listen to him when at times they may not listen to me. Because Eric’s kids are younger and were young when we married, there has been more opportunity for me to be involved in the day-to-day guidance and even discipline. I’ve never felt the need to spank, nor do I think that’s my place. Eric does a great job of communicating to the kids that he has given me the authority to use on his behalf and that they need to respect me as an adult. How do you handle holiday schedules and what are some of the challenges with a blended family during the holidays? Holiday schedules are always a challenge. Early on kids are being taken from one routine, one tradition, one family and thrown into multiple places to visit, multiple people to determine how they fit in to the scenario and what about my other parent that I won’t be with for the holiday and how will they feel about it. It’s important to consider all of this during the holidays. For the most part, holidays should be very clearly lined out in your child custody agreement, if not you should consider getting all of 25


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that in writing. The first year you celebrate a holiday as a family, it’s not really a “tradition” but as you celebrate make note of what worked and what didn’t. Be prepared to modify the next time and keep expectations in check. As the years go on and you have 2 or 3 or 4 Thanksgivings/Christmases/4th of July’s/birthdays etc. under your belt, then you can look back at the things you did as a tradition and an expectation sets in for the years to come. Do some of the things you did before you remarried and find new traditions to do together as a family. My kids and I always made Christmas cookies and decorated them, we still do that but now as a blended family we have added making gingerbread houses to

different story, I began to realize the issues and challenges blended families face and the need for basic tools and resources. I founded Blended & Bonded in 2011 after recognizing a need by the growing number of blended families for information to make blended family life easier. I am passionate about helping other blended families grow, connect and bond. What events do you have coming up for Blended & Bonded? Step mom Retreat with Laura Petherbridge author of “The Smart Step mom” January 20-22 in Richardson Texas. Register at How can other blended families contact Blended & Bonded

holiday tradition as well. How long have you and Eric been married and how does everyone get along now, ex spouses included? As I mentioned above, we’ve been married for 5 years. My ex, his wife, Eric and I are all able to get along great. Getting along with Eric’s ex-wife and husband is still difficult. What is Blended & Bonded? Connecting blended families to professional resources to assist them with the common challenges blended families face. It is Blended & Bonded’s mission to equip blended families with the information they need to become successful, bonded families. What prompted you to start Blended & Bonded? Eric and I married and became a blended family in 2006. I have two children and Eric has three. While everyone has a

or get involved? If you are a blended family or know a blended family, chances are you have witnessed firsthand the challenges they may face. Your contribution to Blended & Bonded will support blended families and provide recourse they may not have had access to before. Blended & Bonded is a registered 501C3, so all contributions are tax deductible. If you are interested in volunteering your time please contact Amy. If you are a professional service and would like more information please contact Blended & Bonded for more information.



Holiday Lights & Events

Holiday Lights & Events Guide Your Guide To Holiday Fun In Edmond & The Metro


Holiday Lights & Events

A Driving Tour Of

Edmond’s Best Neighborhood Holiday Lights


One of our favorite things to do during the Holiday’s is drove around and look at all the cool Christmas lights. It goes a long way in helping us get in the Holiday spirit. Here in Edmond there are a lot of neighborhoods that go all out with their Holiday cheer and it reflects in their efforts with their light displays. We have spent countless hours drive through Edmonds neighborhoods looking for the most festive lighting displays in town. And from those drives we have compiled the map above. If you know of any cool, well lit neighborhoods that we’ve left off the map, please shoot us an e-mail at 27


Holiday Lights & Events


Corner of 19th & Ollie near Mest Park. One of the coolest Christmas light displays set to music we’ve seen. There’s a parking lot adjacent to the house where you can park the car, set your radio to the house’s station and be amaxed at the light and music choreography. This is a must see.

Nichols Hills between Penn & Western and Wilshire & NW63rd. This square mile has the best house lights in the entire metro. The best of the best Nichols Hills light displays can be found around the Grand Blvd. Park area.

The Chesapeake Campus just south of NW63rd on Western. Make sure you have your sunglasses handy as you drive south on Western towards the Chesapeake campus. Each year Chesapeak strings up thousands of LED lights on every tree on the campus and the result is an awe inspiring rainbow of color. If the lights at Chesapeake don’t get you in the Holiday spirit, nothing will.


Holiday Lights & Events


EDMOND HOLIDAY EVENTS Nov 25th - Edmond Outdoor Ice Rink opens at Festival Market Place Dec 1st - Edmond Electric Parade of Lights steps off from the UCO campus at 6:45 pm in Downtown Edmond at 6:50 Dec 3rd - Dickens Day in Downtown Edmond with merchants dressed in Dickens style Dec 3rd - Edmond Historical Society Gingerbread House Contest Dec 2, 9, & 16th - Edmond Schools Strolling Carolers Dec 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 & 18 - Strolling carolers, music, food, free Christmas wagon rides. Dec 10th - Mr. & Mrs. Santa – bring your camera @ Wilson Rocking Horses 10 S. Broadway DOWNTOWN & BRICKTOWN HOLIDAY EVENTS Christmas tree lighting ceremony: 5:15 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 25 on the Bricktown Canal, right off Mickey Mantle Drive. Holiday River Parade: Nov. 25. The parade starts at 6 p.m. Free Bricktown Water Taxi: Ride free from 6 - 9:30 p.m. every Thursday through Sunday between Nov. 25 and Dec. 18. Free museum Sundays: Nov. 27 - Oklahoma City Museum of Art (415 Couch Drive) & American Banjo Museum Dec. 4 - American Banjo Museum & Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum Dec. 11 – OKC National Memorial and Museum & OKC Museum of Art Dec. 18 - Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum Saturdays with Santa: Myriad Gardens Pavilion on Nov. 26, Dec. 3, Dec. 10, and Dec. 17 from 1 - 4 p.m. The Bricktown Canal Lights: Lighting Ceremony Nov. 19 Automobile Alley Lights on Broadway: Nov. 25 – Jan. 1 between NW 4th and NW 10th Street along Broadway Avenue. Segway Santa: Watch for tweets from @DowntownOKCInc to find out where and when to get extra special prizes from Santa. Free Crystal Bridge Sundays: Nov. 27 and Jan. 1 (including Christmas Day) from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Snow Tubing: Redhawks Field November 25 - Jauary 1st. 29


Events Calendar

December 2011





















- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant / 5100 SE 33rd St. - Cocoa & Carols / Hardeman Auditorium

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Dickens Christmas / Downtown Edmond

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Dickens Christmas / Downtown Edmond

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place >>>CHRISTMAS>>>


- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Student Jazz Ensemble Concert / UCO Jazz Lab

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Holiday Concert - Edmond Community Chorale / First Christian Church - OC Music Recital / OCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Recital Hall

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - OC Music Recital / OCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Recital Hall

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

Events Calendar


















- Author - Jay Upchurch / Best of Books - Mayor’s Tree Lighting & Essay Contest / Shannon Miller Park - Parade of Lights / Downtown Edmond

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - OC Music Recital / OC’s Recital Hall - Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant / 5100 SE 33rd St.

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - One-Act Festival / Pegasus Theater, UCO

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place


- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru - WinterGlow / Nigh University Center - UCO Choral Ensembles / Mitchell Hall Theater - Gingerbread House Contest / Edmond Historical Society & Museum

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - One-Act Festival / Pegasus Theater, UCO - Route 66 Sightings / Best of Books - Dickens Christmas / Downtown Edmond - North Pole Holiday Adventure / MAC at Mitch Park


- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place - Dickens Christmas / Downtown Edmond

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place

- Express Ice Skating Rink / Festival Market Place >>>NEW YEARS EVE>>> 31

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