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Main road directions that connect this region with other regions are the state road A3 (Veles – Stip – Kocani – Delcevo – Bulgarian border), and the state road A4 (Sveti Nikole – Stip – Strumica). There is currently construction of a highway on the part of the state road A3 Sveti Nikole – Stip, with which this region will be connected to the modern











reconstruction and superstructure of the section Veles – Kadrifakovo on the state road A4. The existing condition of part of the state network of A roads A4 (Stip – Radovis) and A3 (Stip – Kocani – Makedonska Kamenica – Delcevo – Bulgarian border) is in relatively bad state because of the damaged lanes and the inappropriate technical elemets that exist on these sections. Certain sections from the regional road network R1302 (Delcevo – Pehcevo – Berovo – Bosilevo), R 1304 (connection with A3 – Vinica – connection with 1302), R1205 (Kratovo – Probistip – connection to A3), as well as certain regional roadways from the second category R 2345 (connection to R1304 Dragobrasta – Bigla – connection to A#) and R2431 (Stip – Karbinci – Zrnovci – Vinica – Kalimanci) are also in relatively bad condition. The condition of a big part of state A roadways and regional ways is not in accordance, not only with the economic development requests, but also with the safe traffic standards. Because of not investing and insufficient maintenance of the road network, access to the main road corridors is difficult for part of the minicipalities in the region. In the Eastern mountain region the local road network is insufficiently developed and a greater part of the local roadways are in insufficient quality which is a consequence of insufficient maintenance and insufficient investments. On certain sections the quality of the local road network is at such a low level that it also represents a potential danger for normal traffic flow. Maintenance of the local roadways is insufficient and inappropriate, which is a result above all of the shortage of financial means. In the last few years part of the local roadways is reconstructed and superstructured (5%). The density of the road network in the Eastern mountain region is 0,47 and is smaller for 17% of the density of the road network on the level of the Republic of Macedonia. Road infrastructure in the Eastern mountain region in relation to the road infrastructure in the Republic of Macedonia. Table no. 22 39

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation