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Local resident makes litter picking cool

Local resident makes litter picking cool

It’s not rubbish to pick up litter

Eastleigh resident Rachel O’Brien wanted to clean up her local area; she began by picking up rubbish that she found whilst walking her dogs and now has a website encouraging others to join her.

In her commitment to the zero-waste/plastic free community Rachel reduced her personal waste and plastic consumption by using refill stores, finding plastic free veg, limiting purchases and reusing items.

She said: “Being a conscious consumer is a huge part of helping our planet and if we have the privilege of choice we should use that to make more eco-friendly choices.”

In her blog, Rachel shares her journey of helping the environment and encourages others to get involved with litter picking bingo. Once participants mark off all the items during the month, the winner receives an eco-friendly prize.

Rachel is pleased with what the Council is doing to motivate people to be more environmentally aware; from food waste collection bins to litter and fly-tipping reporting. There are areas that Rachel would like to see improved; like increasing cycle paths and introducing electric bike hire schemes to encourage people less able to cycle which could help ease traffic problems around the Borough.

Read Rachel’s full story: eastleigh.gov.uk/MLPC

Picture above: (Left to right) Rachel Sadd, Farihah Choudhury and Rachel O’Brien