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We have no clue what those bloody Spaniards were thinking, but it’s obvious the idea was completely buzzcocked. 600 liters of the annoyingly sweetening fruitaliscious liquor to be distributed over 6 british blokes. Not before long the nipple twisting mania got started, eliminating all little that was left of everybodies inhibitions. Making it the perfect opportunity to test the new party spot: the Gym! After the roof failed to really pump up the jam and the tent is always finished at five to twelve, this was the ideal place for Billy to test his new dress and for UK to finally squeeze that package in some sexy tights. The gym proved to be a great place for those two elctrocutie dutchies, allthough apparently the french wished for some more salsa. Maybe they just did not drink enough, leaving the spanish with a wooping 300€ profit in their backpocket for another Sangria-Night! Does not matter spanjards, it was awesome, thanks for the mindmelting hangover.

reminder for the ladies: tights are not pants... this also applies to Sam from the UK.


Sam Patterson (UK) lost his dignity, you may go look for it, but it most likely just died out of misery. Billy Mooney (IR) lost his female Virginity right after the Auction- we only found one left nipple of his body! Cecily Weeks (IR) lost her Green Cup, its the same huge thing Helen-Rose Condon (IR) is carring around the entire time during EASA. Joe Frame (UK): If you find him high-5 him!


True Romance. We believe lots of people found their EASA Flirt, since National evening is almost at the End, the Sangria Party even helped out with that! One Green Cup half full of Sangria, claim it back or we ll drink it. Too many racist remarks on the walls. Where’s the EASA-spirit in that?



The Question of the Giorno after Sangria Party WHAT IS YOUR BEST HANGOVER CURE?

Hugo (FR) Rune (DK) Olga (SER) Ralitsa Stoynova (BUL) Rakija - spirit made of plum (my A beautiful girl. And an English 2 Litres of water before bed and There is none. DDD. Wash your mouth, then the Breakfast. grandmother makes it) pill, then shower and massage your head. Then the spiciest kebab in Pavle (SER) town, and get rid of everything inside Not waking up. Ever you. 30 mins. Toilet. A good one

Thomas (BEL) Keep Drinking

Gamze (TUR) Taking showers

Dijana (MKD) Conor (IRL) Something White.... like Dioralyte before sleeping earplugs (rehydration salts for diaoherra with electrolytes)

Sean Feenney (IRL) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hanna-Maria (FIN) Earl grey tea

Donnchadha (IRL) 2 aspirin, 1 burnt toast, Lucozade, black and white pudding, and a shot of gin.

Matt (UK) Hair of the dog. A bit of guiness, I get gas from lager and I like thick things

Matt (UK) Sven (GER) Ciara (IRL) Fried eggs, a coke, tea, and Have a shower, brush my The blue crash mat in the yogurt. Works everytime. teeth, then “Konterbier� gym Except here.

Clemes (AT) Water, 5 Litres minimum

Cecili (IRL) Jan (NL) Ice berger Ice cream - vanilla ice Waking up early with a newspaper cream sandwiched between 2 bis- and an expresso cuits, its all cold and like hmmm, and your head is all hot and its all cold


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