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EASA008 /// ireland /// letterfrack /// issue 02 /// thursday, august 14 2008



(Conor did stop the rain yesterday, just as he promised during the NC meeting)

In a rainy NC meeting yesterday in the temporary lecture space, many of the NCs noticed the long faces of our organizing team. And we didn’t like that. As one of the Finnish girls very wisely said, it was only the weather that was causing the major problems. Everything else is just great or even more than great (HOT! showers in EASA – that’s almost the eight wonder of the world, the food is amazing as well). And we don’t need much to be satisfied as long as the wokshop side of EASA is going on just fine as well! Everyone seemed to be busy the major part of the day today, exploring the surroudings, brainstorming, listening to the lecturers (major greetings to mr Brian Anson) discussing ideas and actually doing the physical work. Everything is just going on! And the hardworking organizers are finally smiling… did the sun help? Whatever the reason, just remain that way. We love to see the Irish enjoying the event just as much as us, their warmly welcomed guests. Despite enjoying the workshops being so busy, we also can’t wait for Sunday excursions! Lof people seem to be signing up for the Inishbofin Island – maybe it has something to do with the words “beach” and “pint” in the description… Fishing might be interesting as well!


After the superbusy Thursday, tomorrow, i.e. Friday, will be a bit more chillaxed. Only one lecture and it will be about lighting! 11 AM sharp in the Events tent.

a few questions to make your head spin, inspired by the lovely irish weather: Isn't it ironic that we don't speak our neighbours anymore, because we can order a cup of sugar on line? Isn't it ironic that ironic and iconic are only one letter apart?

The host of the lecture is professor Maria J Pinto-Coelho, a Portuguese architect and lighting specialist. She has helped the organizers of EASA008 secure a consignment of high tech lighting equipment for use during the Assembly. All workshop tutors interested in artificially lighting to their projects - you should be there!

Isn't it ironic that we take a holiday away from school and spend it in front of a computer? Isn't it ironic that anti-globalists have to wear sneakers as well? Isn't it ironic that we want to change the world, but at the same time think Dubai is the best place in the world?

After the lecture the workshops will continue their flow all the way down the dinner, after which the first of the numerous National Evening will happen. Big time. It will be hosted by the Central Europeans and the Scandinavians. Schnapps...

isn’t it ironic that we want to change the world, but then we get really fucked off our faces, you know, like every evening?


Hi Joe! Sorry to trouble you Paul is not replying can you ask him to reply to his Mums text and email Steve his Dad. The moral: Call your parents. Don’t embarass yourself among fellow participants!

Stay cool and sta y tuned – see you tomorrow!

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Bikinis and sunglasses last year in Greece have gone forever. Instead, this year’s EASA is very much like Glastonbury or any other major mufest. A variety of wellies for your eye pleasure...

Paul Farrell (UK) €30 Letterfrack hardware store “I miss my mummy”

Leanne Martin (Ireland) €15 Dunnes “The weather is never normally like this, you should only need them on a farm”

Ossi Konttinen (Finland) €30 Letterfrack Hardware Store “They breathe, they are comfortable”

Irina Balunenka (Balarus) €10 Pennys Dublin “They were very cheap, a perfect choice, but they are too big ” Goran Jovanovic (Croatia) €19 Dublin “I swapped one with my friend, we were drunk.”

Elsa Deconchat (France) €22 Office Dublin “There were none in my size in Pennys”

Alkistis Thomidou (Greece) €30 Clerks “They are very well made. I have Burlington socks also”

Marko Vukovic (Serbia) €10 Gardening Shop, Serbia “I was warned to bring them”

Andreas Nordstron (Sweden) €20 Shitty Sports Store, Dublin “They are great but they don’t breathe.”

Derya Aguday (Turkey) €35 Dublin “They were expensive, but I have chocolates on them”

Elisa Maceratini & Virginia Lombrici (Italy) €10 Pennys, Dublin “We don’t like them, it was an emergency, they smell.”

Ceren Kilia (Turkey) €23 Dublin “This is the first time I’ve worn them, you don’t need them in Turkey.”

Irish phrase of the day. Ni heolas go haontios! [knee hyeo-luss guh hain-chiss] You cant know me without living with me! 2

PAIN AND JOY Today we saw the first patch of Letterfracks blue sky. Natalija and me were so excited that we just had to go on a bike excursion round the area. So we borrowed the bikes from the organizers which are great by the way and headed to enjoy the “good weather”. Of course after 2 minutes we hit the road the sky decided his lunch break was over. By the time we reached Kylemore Castle the rain reached our underwear. The Klemore Castle is an astonishingly beautiful building built between 1863 and 1868 as a private home for the family of Mitchell Henry, a wealthy politician from Manchester. Next to it there is Kylemore Abbey which is a miniature replica of Norwich Cathedral, made from local green Connemara marble, and the Victorian walled garden. The entrance fee for students is €7.50. After laughing for 15 minutes at each other (the “I have just poured a bucket of water on my head”

style was special) we decided not to enter the Castle and chose to go to the beach!!! It was raining. In was windy. It seemed like a good idea. So we took the main road and ended up in Lettergash. I have to admit I left my soul there (*from a Slovenian phrase meaning I almost died) while Natalia went like a rocket. But the scenario was really worth it. The rocky coast, the Atlantic ocean, the green hills and sprayed sheep. It was just beautiful. In the meanwhile it stopped raining and when we sat on the beach to eat our lunch sandwich the sky opened and a little ray of sun shone right onto us (“waaaaaaa”). There is a reason why the organisers have chosen this location for EASA 008. The lanscape is fantastic, full of tecture and live colours, the villages are sweet, the people are lovely and the weather makes the grass green. What more could you wish for! Oh yeah! We saw our first mosquitos...

- the sky is actually BLUE in this picture!

- Nina


Yesterday night a blast of energy seems to have gotten into the easa people. After fully packing the Bard’s Den the

party moved into the lounge. Filthy electronic music was provided by Dutch DJs de Sjerf & de Zondagscock AKA Stef

and Marten, and by iPod hero Jakob from Denmark (AKA the Viking). I have been promised to be played in beer for this ad-

vertisement. Whoever missed the biggest party event so far… SHAME ON YOU! - by Nina

Irish phrase of the day #2. Ta an aimsir go halainn inniu [taw an eyeim-shur guh haul-inn inn-you] The weather is beautiful today. 3

WEATHER FORECAST Very unsettled weather with further periods of heavy rain expected. Rain will become widespread and heavy Friday night. Very wet and humid on Saturday with rain in all areas, heavy and thundery at times and possible totals of 20 to 30mm overnight Friday and during Saturday with flooding likely in places.

GLASSES LOST! A pair of black glasses was lost somewhere int the tents! WATCH LOST! Brown and yellow leatherstrap. MAIL LOSTIES AND FOUNDIES TO

Please return found stuff to the infopoint.

Since all EASians love music, and pretend not to be idealists anymore, let’s combine those things and read these lyrics by the Stranglers, one of the best band ever to come from the great town of Guildford, UK. Inspired by Brian Anson. “ Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an ice pick That made his ears burn Whatever happened to dear old Lenny? The great Elmyra, and Sancho Panza? Whatever happened to the heroes? Whatever happened to the heroes? Whatever happened to all the heroes? All the Shakespearoes? They watched their Rome burn Whatever happened to the heroes? Whatever happened to the heroes? No more heroes any more No more heroes any more Whatever happened to all the heroes? All the Shakespearoes? They watched their Rome burn Whatever happened to the heroes? Whatever happened to the heroes? No more heroes any more No more heroes any more

FACTS AND FIGURES ABOUT SOME EASA COUNTRIES PT.1 Azerbaijan 5 PPL @ EASA Capital Baku Official languages Azerbaijani Demonym Azerbaijani Area Total 86,600 km² Population 8,676,000 (91st)

MACEDONIA 7 PPL @ EASA Largest city Skopje Demonym Macedonian Area Total 25,713 km² Population 2,038,514 (143rd)

BELARUS 6 PPL @ EASA Capital Minsk Official languages Belarusian, Russian Demonym Belarusian Area Total 207,600 km² Population 9,689,800 (86th)


ARMENIA 5 PPL @ EASA Capital Yerevan Official languages Armenian Demonym Armenian Area Total 29,800 km² Population 3,229,900 (135th)



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