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Students use different lingo that adults may not understand

Written by Shelby Grego t is a frequent occurrence that adults may overhear students chit-chatting in the hallways. However, it is even more frequent that adults may hear these conversations, but really not understand the meaning of them. This is because of the trendy slang that is currently being used inside the high school aged demographic.


p r o b s h e a t

A short abbreviation of the word probably. “I probs won’t be able to make it tonight, I have tennis,” sophomore Ashley Forstner said.

What one would say when an object was especially enjoyable. “Liberty North basketball is heat,” junior Ian Sanderford said.

s k e t c h d e u c e s k i


When a situation or person seems like nothing but trouble. “That party last night was super sketch,” senior Hattie Zelenak said. Another way to say peace out. “As I left the classroom, I threw up my deuces,” junior Brad Slobodink.

l e d i


When someone accomplished something well. “I was playing baseball and killed it at the plate,” junior Paul Sherwood said. eagle’s view | page 7

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