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"Gangster" Dwight Schar funding Elon University?

Dwight and Martha Schar are the biggest donors of Elon University in North Carolina. The Schars have contributed $13 million to the university to provide lead funding for the

recently expanded School of Communications facilities and a new convocation center scheduled to open this fall under their family’s name. In 2014, they pledged $12 million, the largest single gift in Elon University history. It is not clear how much of that has already been paid, as Elon refused to share details about payment schedules for the charitable contributions it receives. Being the biggest donors of Elon, the Schar family has special privileges and protection of reputation when things come messy, especially when their son, Spencer Schar gets involved and intentionally assaulting fellow students. As according to a police report, Spencer Schar, under the effect of alcohol, assaulted two females and punched another man, who wanted to calm him down. His parents, quickly intervened and cleaned things up, saving their's reputation. As being the biggest donors in this university, the Schar's had a special treatment when justice had to be served, so their son got suspended for one semester, while the other student was suspended for two semesters. Fair enough, right? But this beautifully described, with parks, trees, benches, fountains and "birds-of-paradise" tweeting around like in a fairy tale university, Elon in fact is described as "flat out sucks" and a "diploma mill and disgrace" place by the students. According to the students, the Elon University in North Carolina is a "complete waste of time and money" as students only care to get "Cs" and even the professors aren't real professors at all, while everyone is focused only in partying and most of the people attending this university are drug addicts.


What kind of university is Elon? Funded by a "gangster", producing drug addicts?

Dwight Schar, the businessman accused of "gangster behavior" and extortion funded Elon University $13 million, getting his name tagged at the university's hall and providing his family with special treatment when law is broken. But is it really worth it? As students shared their experience, that most people are doing drugs and have enough money to sustain a drug habit, what kind of citizens this University is producing? Is it on a same parallel with their biggest donor, Dwight Schar, that was accused by his partner of extortion and gangster behavior?

Students review:

"Elon flat out sucks"

Epic loss elon flat out sucks i no longer tell anyone i went there. place is a diploma mill and disgrace. bankrupt your parents at some other college,” reads one review from the site. Another reviewer gave a more in-depth review that explained some of the problems at the school: “If you’re a full pay C/C+ student, your admit rate is 100% here. Almost everybody here was at or near the bottom of his/her high school class, including a huge number of bottom of class private high school two and one year repeaters. This place is truly a joke. A degree from Elon has next to zero value in the workplace or grad schools. The courses and work are a ridiculously easy, grades are a joke. My middle school was more challenging, and I was near the bottom of my hs class. I didn’t try at all, had poor grades, bad SATs, and I still got in to Elon. Now that I’m here, and I matured a little, especially compared to all the carnival clown students around me, I realize that this school has zero respect in the workplace and at grad schools. The only opportunity I will have will be a sales associate at a mall. Elon is a diploma mill of the worst order, and everyone knows that it is pathetic joke. I ruined my resume forever by listing this school on it. Every employer and grad school will just laugh at me.”

A review posted on StudentReviews.com shared: "Being at Elon is a nightmare. the school is extremely misleading. They make the campus seem nice with flowers and fountains. big effing deal. Then your lied to about pretty much everything

the school has to “offer.” classes are a joke; this school doesn’t have anything together. One professor cancelled weeks of class and I had to drop the course. It’s a mess here. A school that wants to be an “up and coming” and a “top” university but really is only average, if that. I enjoyed my high school classes more than the classes here. Elon has nothing to offer, is known for nothing and I assure you, as I write this from the airport terminal dreading going back for “winter term”, you will not get anything out of being at this school. I can learn more on my own, by working and being out in the real world, which is simply not Elon.”

Dwight Schar, accused by partner of “gangster behavior” and extortion, involved in numerous scandals from deceiving customers to retaliating and intimidating is funding Elon University, a school that is producing drug addicts and low quality students?