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Rock ’n’ Roll, Redefined

They may have been raised by one of the most infamous men in rock ’n’ roll history, but sisters Alexandra and Theodora Richards, daughters of legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and supermodel Patti Hansen, are just about as down-to-earth as any girl next door.

During our cover shoot in New York City, the women danced around to ’90s rock while photographer Philip Gay snapped them in their element, modeling some of summer’s hottest trends. Sure, the clothes were extraordinary, but the sisters’ other favorite part of the day was getting to hang together.

“To work with Alexandra so intimately is such a beautiful moment,” says Theodora. “We don’t get to work together on things like this all that often, so this was really special.”

Below, the It girls share their thoughts on style, their famous parents, and how they’ve each come into their own as adults.

How do each of you describe your style?

Theodora: I’m eclectic when it comes to fashion; I like a little bit of everything, from punk rock to elegance and grace. When it comes to my style, I can be colorful and in your face and loud, but it totally depends on my mood.

Alexandra: I don’t take as much time putting an outfit together. When I do, I can take hours. I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I love the new high-waisted straight-leg Levi’s. What they’re doing at the moment with women’s empowerment is really great. Having a product with a purpose is what this year is about, I feel.

Has your dad influenced your style?

Theodora: He’s definitely influenced my style. I think I have a stage persona because of him, for sure. He gave me this freedom and love of clothing. It’s given me a zest for life. I have a general love of style.

Alexandra: Because he’s so comfortable in his style and what he wears, I think that’s a huge reflection on what I wear. I think also for women to feel confident in what we wear is so important. Big smile, and hold your own.

Item you’re most likely to steal from your sister?

Theodora: Her accessories are insane—I steal them often! They’re not flashy; they’re delicate and fun to stack.

Alexandra: She steals my jewelry. I know that because I will go over to her place and find it! She’ll usually steal one earring, not two, so I guess that’s a style as well. I don’t really steal makeup, but when I’m out doing errands and I stop by, I do use her makeup. She’s going to love hearing that in this interview. That’s touché for the jewelry!

Do you raid your dad’s closet?

Theodora: I raid his closet all the time. He gets mad at me! We do it to each other. The definitive piece I steal is a silk cotton-blend button-down top from the ’80s with skulls and swords printed on it.

Alexandra: Not so much anymore, but he works a lot in these YSL button-down T-shirts, so those kind of end up in my closet. I wear them, but then I get them dry-cleaned for him, and I put them back.

What has your mom taught you about skincare?

Theodora: She always taught us that less is more. She was taking care of her skin since day one.

Alexandra: She’s always taught us to go get facials every few months because things build up, so I think that kind of routine is a good lesson for everybody. Especially living in New York, it’s always good to cleanse and detox.

Theodora, you model, and you’re so good on your radio show, “Off the Cuff” on SiriusXM. Who are you dying to interview next?

Theodora: I’d love to interview Billy Idol. And Ric Ocasek from the Cars. For me, music is what ties me to this earth.

Alexandra, you’re an artist, model, and DJ, but you’ve got so many amazing things up your sleeve. What’s next for you?

Alexandra: Music supervising is a goal I’ve been working on, so doing stuff for TV and film is something I’m trying to get into next. It’s amazing the platform that DJing has been able to offer me. I’m also part of an ocean conservation program called Project Zero and just designed a long-sleeve sweatshirt with all the proceeds going toward restoring the mangrove trees. There’s a lot of layers to this onion!

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Photography by PHILIP GAY
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