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to-day beoause because he is is able to recognize his son at at aa great distance even though he is is dressed in in rags. ragsÂŤ The father runs runs to to meet him, him, and when they come together the father embraces the son and kisses him again and again. again. And the son says -son: Father, Father, II have sinned and II am no longer The younger son: worthy be called son. worthy to to be called your your son.

But the the father does does not not listen. listen. He cannot cease kissing him and embraoing embracing him. him. There is is not an angry word or any suggestion of reproaoh. father. reproach. We see only the great heart of aa loving father. And when they were approaching the house the father called his servants, saying -servants, father: The father:

Bring hither the fatted calf, calf, and kill it; merry. it; and and let let us us eat, eat, and and be be merry. Wipe to scene. to the next scene.

feast taking place outside the house is is in full full course. course. The The feast son is is seated next to to his his father in the place of honor. honor. He younger san feet. And now the father has on new clothes and new sandals on his feet. finger. Everyone Every one is is filled with joy and puts aa golden ring on his finger.

laughter echoes through the air, air, accompanied by song and music. music. At some distance from the men's party the girls and young women from the farm are enjoying their folk dances. dances. this moment the elder son arrives. arrives. He has been out in in the At this fields and is is late. late. Surprised at at hearing the song and music he calls fields servants, asking -one of the servants,

Elder son: son:

mean? What do these things mean?

Servant: Servant:

back. Your brother has come back.

Elder son: son:

How did he look?

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Servant: Servant:

Miserable. Yery Very poor indeed. indeed. Dressed in in MiserableÂť rags. rags.

Elder son: son:

Then what is all this?

Servant: Servant:

oalf. Your father has killed the fatted calf.

son: Elder son:


Servant: Servant:

Because he has received him home again safe sound. and sound.

anger. The elder son's face is filled with anger. Servant: Servant:

Are you not coming to meet your brother?

son: Elder son:

No. No.

The servant goes to the father and tells of his conversation

brother. with the elder brother. Servant: Servant:

Your son has come in from the fields. fields.

Father: Father:

Is he not coming here to bid his brother Is welcome?


I asked him to come but he said he would not.


I asked him to come but he said he would not.

The father is disturbed and goes to the elder son.

The father is disturbed and goes to the elder son. Father: Father:

do you not come and meet your brother? Why do

son: Elder son:

Father, 10, lo, all these many years II have Father, served you, you, neither transgressed II at at any time your oommandments: and yet you never commandments: gavest me aa kid, that I might make merry kid, I with my friends. friends.

Father: Father:

me. You never asked me.

son: Elder son:

to hear): hear): But as as soon as (pretending not to this YOUi your son was was come who has devoured your !!VIng tn-narlots living w with harlots you have killed for for him the fatted oalf. calf.

at the son for for aa long moment and the answers answers The father looks at

mildly --

(52) (52)

Father: Pather:

Son, I Son, you are ever with me, me, and all all that I have is is yours. yours. It It was was meet that we should .. make make merry, merry, and and be be glad: glad: for for this this your your was dead, dead, and is is alive again, again, and brother was was is found. found. was lost and is

The father waits. to face. face. waits. For aa moment father and son stand faoe face to Then, Then, on aa sudden impulse, impulse, the son turns around and goes his way out into the fields. expression. fields. The father looks after him with aa sad expression. feast. And the older son crosses the field, field, Then he returns to the feast.

passing the piough-drivers. plough-drivers. While the son is is crossing the the fields fields many thoughts orowd crowd his mind, chief of which is is that he has been wronged. mind, wronged. He is is vexed and is giving such aa party for for his good-foroffended that his father is family. He feels feels that he has nothing brother who has disgraced the family. because his his father apparently prefers this fool to himbeen deceived bec~use this fool self. One might well conclude that his father had only one son, son, the self. for whom the family homestead was not good enough. enough. But even one for though his his father had lost his his head, head, he the elder son would retain his senses senses and keep things moving in in proper fashion. his fashion. this the following is is heard -During this Commentary: Commentary:

Jesus concluded: More joy shall be in Heaven Jesus ooncluded: over one sinner who repents than over 99 repentance. just persons who need no repentance.

stone-fence. Behind him, him, some disThe elder son sits down on aa stone-fence. away, is is aa shepherd with his boy and aa dog at at the head of the tance away, sheep. The shepherd is is hailing him: him: Shalom. Shalom. But flock of aa hundred sheep. Eut does not not hear him. him. the elder son does In the distance is is heard the the song and music from the farm, farm, but In

this this sound dies dies away little by little and is is replaoed replaced by the sound


himself. of the reed pipe which the shepherd is playing to divert himself. In following the shepherd and his sheep by means of a semicular panorama we leave the elder son, son, and behind the shepherd and his 100 sheep we see Jesus and his disciples« disciples. We stay with them and the

picture. shepherd and his sheep leave the picture. ... •••

disoiples: Andrew, Andrew, Jesus is sitting surrounded by six of his disciples: John and his brother Jacob, Jacob, Philip, Philip, Bartholomew Bartholomew (Nathanael) (Nathanael) and Matthew. Peter, who presently arrives, arrives, Matthew. They are waiting for Peter, accompanied accompanied by five other new disciples disoiples chosen by Jesus to follow him. are: Thomas, him. These are: Thomas, Jacob Jaoob (the son of Alphai), Alphai), Taddai, Tadda1, Simon SimoD the Canaenaean and Judas ish Querijoth (from the town Querijoth). Querijoth). All of them apparently have been drawn from the middle-classes. middle-olasses. At the time of Christ the middle-olasses middle-classes were partioularly particularly interested

in spiritual and religious matters. matters. character and temper. temper. The most reThey were very different in oharacter Peter, great hearted, hearted, staunch in his markable of them was certainly Peter, Jesus, strong and weak at the same time, time, but profoundly loyalty to Jesus, sincere. His brother Andrew was was as as sinoere sincere as as Peter and was was more sincere.

calm and gentle. gentle. John and Jacob were hasty and violent and therefore thunder". Thomas was soeptical sceptical and cautious, were surnamed "Sons of thunder". cautious, courageous. Nathanael had once been aa sceptio sceptic but also straight and courageous. was now aa faithful faithful believer in Jesus. Jesus. Of Judas we we w111 will speak but was later. later. As Peter approaches Jesus, Jesus, who who is is sitting on on aa stump of aa tree, As tree, he introduces the the new disciples one one by by one, one, and each in in his his turn, turn, he kiss him as as aa sign of of love and respect. respect. kiss

(54) (54)

Thomas: Thomas:

go. II will follow you wherever you go,

Judas: Judas:

II too will follow you wherever you go. go.

Jesus then speaks to Jaoob, Alphai. Jacob, the son of Alphai. Jesus: Jesus:

Follow me. rp.e.

Jacob: Jacob:

Let me go first and bid them farewell, whioh farewell, which dwell at my home. home.

But Jesus said unto him -Jesus: Jesus:

No man having put his hand to the plough, plough, and looking baok, back, is is fit fit for the Kingdom of God. God.

Jacob, Jacob, the son of Alphai, Alphai, smiles, smiles, signifying his loyalty and kisses Jesus. Jesus. Then Jesus speaks to Simon the Canaenaen -Jesus: Jesus:

Follow me. me.

Simon: Simon:

Let me first go and bury my father. father.

Jesus: Jesus:

dead: but go you and Let the dead bury their dead: preach the Kingdom of God. God. preaoh

Simon the Canaenaen nodded assent and kissed Jesus. Jesus. Then Taddai

approached Jesus. Jesus. Taddai: Taddai:

II will follow you wherever you go. go.

He kisses Jesus. Jesus.

After this soene scene Jesus rises. rises. The disoiples disciples gather about him and he speaks to them. them. Jesus: Jesus:

holes, and the birds of the air Foxes have holes, have man has has not not where where have nests; nests; but but the the Son Son of of man to lay his head. head.

This he says in order not to raise false hopes in his followers. followers.

(55 ) (55)

discouraged them he promptly But as if being sorry for having discouraged adds -

Jesus: Jesus:

life, what you But take no thought for your life, shall eat and what you shall drink. drink. Is not not the life more than meat, meat, and the body more than the raiment?

The disciples nod thoughtfully and together with Jesus they

way, talking as they walk along• along. continue on their way, From far away the tinkling of the sheep-bells is heard. heard. • • ••••

A A short scene soene of the shepherd at the head of his flock, flock, leading

it it over the hills to new pastures and speaking familiarly to the sheep in a strange rhytmic language that is is somewhat akin to the sounds made by the animals themselves. themselves. • • •• ••

Jesus and his disoiples disciples talking as they walk along. along. points to the sky, sky, and all the disciples look in that Jesus pOints

direction. direction. "kingfishers" are ciro1ing circling above their heads. Two beautiful "kingfishers" heads.

Jesus: Jesus:

fowls of the air: air: for for they sow Behold the fowls not, neither do do they reap, reap, nor gather into not, barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds feeds them. them. barns;

thoughtfully. The disciples nod thoughtfully. Jesus: Jesus:

are you not much better than they? And are

again, smiling. smiling. The disciples nod again, •••

Another short scene of of the the shepherd at at the the head of of his his flock

(56) (56)

of sheep. sheep. Boy. Boy. Dog. Dog. •• ••••

Jesus and his disciples talking as they walk along. along. Jesus points at the meadow carpeted with flowers of wondrous oolors. colors. Jesus: Jesus:

Consider the lilies of the field, field, how they grow. grow. They toil not, not, neither do they spin. spin.

flowers. The disciples look at the flowers. Jesus: Jesus:

Therefore, take no thought of how you shall Therefore, be clothed, clothed, for your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. things. But seek you first the Kingdom of God, God, and all these things shall be added unto you. you.

Jesus and the disciples continue their walk. walk. •... ••

The shepherd with his flock. flock. Dog. Dog. sheep. He realizes that Suddenly he misses one of the younger sheep. is helpless out in in the the hills. hills. Therefore he leaves aa single sheep is boy, knowing there is is no risk for them the entire flock with the boy, together. Then he goes to find the lost sheep. as long as they keep together. sheep. another, calling and listening, listening, but without He runs from one hill to another, success. He calls again and at at last aa bleating is is heard. heard. He runs in success.

the direction of the sound and in aa ravine he finds the sheep. It sheep. It rock. The shepherd helps has aa foot pinched into aa fissure of the rock.

it it out, out, hugging and oaressing caressing the little animal. animal. Then he puts it on his shoulders and carries it it back to the flock and soon after all are headed for the sheep-fold. sheep-fold. •... ••

Jesus and his disciples walking toward the sheep-fold. sheep-fold. They

(57) (57)

stop and and by by means means of of aa panorama panorama we we see see the the sheep-fold, sheep-fold, surrounded surrounded stop by aa stone stone wall wall on on the the top top of of which which thorns thorns are are placed placed to to prevent prevent by wild beasts beasts from from attacking attaoking the the sheep. sheep. Our Our shepherd shepherd from from the the preceding preceding wild scene arrives arrives with with his his flock. flock. He He still has has the the wounded wounded sheep sheep on on his his scene he enters enters the the sheep-fold sheep-fold followed followed by by the the flock. flock. shoulders as he We turn back to to Jesus and his disciples and hear hear him him saying saying -_ We Jesus: Jesus:

"Verily Verily II say unto you: you: he he rejoices rejoices more of that that sheep, sheep, than of the ninety and nine which whioh went went not astray. astray. Even so is it not the will of of your Father which whioh is in heaven, heaven, that not one of these little ones should perish. perish.

Once Onoe more we turn back to the sheep-fold sheep-fold and see the shepherd, shepherd, havi~g left his sheep in charge of the keeper of the fold, fold, after having

leaving and shouting to the keeper that he will be back in the morning to fetch the sheep. sheep. The keeper of the fold stands in the door. This is is narrow because the sheep are counted by passing under door. aa stick as as they are let in. in.

We turn back to to Jesus and his his disciples and hear him saying _ We

Jesus: Jesus:

Verily, II say unto you, you, II am the door of of the Verily, sheep. I am the door: by me if any man enter sheep. I the door: if in he shall be saved, and shall go in and in he shall saved, shall go in out and find find pasture. pasture. out

he indicates indicates they they are are to to go go and find find shelter for for the the night. night. And he •... ••

At some some distance distance from from the the sheep-fold sheep-fold four four or or five five shepherds shepherds are are At

camping camping around around aa fire. fire. Our Our shepherd shepherd approaches, approaches, eager eager to to share share his his experiences experiences with with the the others. others. He He is is looking looking forward forward with with pleasure pleasure to to speaking speaking at at great great length length about about the the event event of of the the day. day. Dogs. Dogs. Our shepherd: shepherd: II lost lost aa sheep sheep to-day. to-day. Our

1. 1. Herd: Herd:

But you you found found it it again? again? But

(58) (58)

Our shepherd: shepherd: Yes, Yes, fortunately. fortunately. 2. 2. Herd: Herd:

Sit down, down, and tell... tell •••

Our shepherd sits down and begins his story. story. •... ••

Jesus and his disciples are walking through aa village. village. Their way leads them beside aa stone-wall. stone-wall. They can see aa farm house inside the wall. is aa hay-barn. hay-barn. From within the wall. Not far from the house is

house is is heard aa womants woman*s sweet voice, voice, singing softly and lulling a baby to sleep. sleep. Jesus and his disciples stop to listen. listen. Then Jesus speaks to Peter -Jesus: Jesus:

Go and tell them that we will spend the night at house. at their house.

While Peter enters the house Jesus and the others go to the barn, t he disciples, disciples, barn, where the disciples lie down on the hay. hay. One of .the Nathanael, speaks Nathanael, Nathanael: Nathanael:

Have you ever heard the parable of Moses and the sheep?

The The other disciples have not heard it and Nathanael continues Nathanaels Nathanael:

Once while Moses was tending the sheep of father-in-law, aa young kid ran away. his father-in-law, away. to look for it and found it in Moses went to ravine, drinking from aa well. well, When when Moses aa ravine, said: II did not know reached the sheep he said: thirsty. II think you must be that you were thirsty. now. And he took the kid up and tired now. carried back... back •••

Taddai: Taddai:

And after that?

Nathanael: Nathanael:

After that God said to Moses: Moses: because you have shown pity II make you the herdsman of flock, the people of Israel. my flock, Israel.

(59) (59)

In the meantime Peter has met the young farmer who, who, with Oriental hospitality, bids Jesus and his disciples welcomeÂť welcome. He and his wife (whose voice we have heard lulling her baby asleep) asleep) make

meal. preparations for a meal. home. In the barn the eleven disciples have made themselves at home. 1s only after the reWithout drawing attention Jesus leaves and it is absence. Peter reasons that he turn of Peter that they notice his absence. pray. And one of the disciples looking through the has gone out to pray. a lonely cross-bars at the back of the barn can see Jesus praying in a place. place. All the disciples are filled with awe because of the loveliness of his countenance. countenance. They long to be able to pray in the same manner. manner.

a simple meal: meal: milk, milk, bread, bread, figs and dates. dates. The farmer announces a oomes back. back. He The disciples have just finished eating when Jesus comes and then the farmer bids them good night. night. As tastes a a cup of milk am

soon as he has retired Peter approaches Jesus saying Peter: Peter:

Teach us to pray. to pray.

nods, and the disciples gather around him. him. And he speaks Jesus nods,

unto them. them. Jesus: Jesus:

pray, enter into your closet, closet, and When you pray, door, pray to to your when you have shut your door, father, who is is in in seoret, secret, and your father father, sees in secret, secret, shall reward you openly. openly. who sees this manner therefore pray you: you: After this Father which art in in Heaven, Heaven, hallowed be Our lather thy name. thy name. Thy Thy Kingdom Kingdom come. Thy will be come. done in earth, as it is in Thy will Heaven. be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And ourour debts, we forgive our Giveforgive us thisusday dailyasbread. debtors. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our And lead us not into temptation, but deliver debtors. us from eTil. And thine lead usis not temptation, deliver For the into Kingdom, and the but power, and the glory, tor eTer. us from e v i l . Amen. For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

(60) (60)

As As Jesus gives them each article of the prayer the disciples repeat the words after him. him. After "Amen" rises, "Amen1' there is is aa devout silence. silence. Then Jesus rises, wishes them good-night and they all go to their rest. rest. •• ••• •

Without moving the camera the preceding scene in evening light light. dissolves softly into aa new scene of the hay-barn in morning light.

rise. Jesus and the disciples awake and rise. •. ••. •

The sheep-fold seen from within. within. At dawn the herdsmen come to fetche their flocks. flocks. Our shepherd is among them. them. The keeper of the door. Outside one of the shepherds is is singing fold has opened the door. call, and his sheep (and only his) his) are hurrying out his special call, door, slipping out one by one. one. They have to go under his toward the door, stick, which enables him to count them. them. The other sheep do not move stick, but wait patiently for for the call of their own herdsman. herdsman. •• ••. •

The farm. farm. In the courtyard. courtyard. The disciples are up and washing their hands and faces. faces. While some are washing, washing, others carry water in buckets from the farm well. well. •• ••. •

A road. A A shepherd with his flock of sheep. sheep. Log. Dog. Three carriages A road. laden with lime-stone from aa nearby pit are passing. passing. The carriages are drawn by donkeys. donkeys. The stones are intended for aa new building in town. process of being erected on the outskirt of the nearby town. •• ••• •

washing, Jesus and his diSCiples The farm. farm. Having finished washing, disciples sit down at aa table which the farmer and his wife have set for them in the courtyard. courtyard. Placed before them is is butter, butter, milk, milk, cheese and large

(61) (61) bread. Before eating one of the disciples say grace. grace. baskets of bread. •• ••• •

The three carriages laden with stones for for the new building. building. The drivers cursing and shouting. shouting, •• ••• •

farm. Jesus and his disciples leaving the farm as as the The farm.

farmer and his wife bid them farewell. farewell. •• ••• •

The three carriages arrive at the new building. building. A A dozen people are working on it. it. The walls have already reached aa considerable height. The builder himself is is standing on the top of the building, building, height. singing in order to keep up the spirits of the masons and their helpers. For aa moment the builder stops singing as as he shouts to the helpers. stones. Then he resumes drivers with their carriages to unload the stones. singing. The masons are busily occupied with their work. his singing. work. Solid

planks are placed from the ground to the upper part of the building and the workmen use these in carrying up the necessary material: material: stones, water, water, mortar, mortar, etc. etc. There is is also the noise of the chisels stones, stonecutters. Beside the building is is aa lime pit. of the stonecutters. pit.

•• ••• • is situated at the junction of two The new building is t 0 roads, roads, one

running south and the other west. west. One of the workmen suddenly notices aa procession coming from the South. South. At At its head are some of -the "the elders" elders" from the nearby garrison, leading his horse town and with them the commander of the garrison, bridle. He is is not aa Roman, Roman, this part of the country being by the bridle. territory, but is is aa Gentile and a outside the Roman military territory,

Antipas. commander of the mercenaries in the service of King Herodes Antipas.

(62) (62)

At aa respectful distance the procession is is followed by aa crowd of people, people. A boy, A boy, sent ahead for reconnoitering by one of "the elders'*, elders",

comes back hurriedly, hurriedly, announcing that Jesus and his disciples are coming on the road from the west. West. "The elders路 elders" confer with one another and with the commander and they decide that "the elders" elders" first. They therefore go on and meet Jesus at the shall meet Jesus first. junction. junction. All the laborers on the new building have ceased working is happening in the and stopped singing and are gazing at what is street. street.

One of "the elders" Jesus. elders" speaks to Jesus. 1.elder: The I.elder:

Do you see that man there?

commander. Jesus looks in the direction of the commander. 2.elder: The 2.elder:

is the commander of our town. He is town.

Jesus nods. nods. 1.elder: The l.elder:

is very dear to him He has aa servant who is is sick and about to die. and who is die.

at "the elder". elder". Jesus looks inquiringly at

The 2.elder: 2.elder:

He wishes you to help him in the hour of need. his need.

The 3.elder: 3.elder:

He is is worthy of being helped for he loves our nation and he has built our Synagogue. Synagogue.

The l.elder: 1.elder:

Can he come and see you?

Jesus: Jesus:

Yes. Yes.

come. The elders beckon the commander to come.

(63) (63)


and My servant lies at home sick of palsy and tormented. grievously tormented.

speaks. Jesus looks at him instantly and then he speaks, Jesus: Jesus:

I will come and heal him. him. I

The commander looks greatly relieved but says Commander: Commander:

I am not worthy that you should come under I my roof: roof: but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed. healed. For I I am a man under authority, authority, having soldiers under me: me: and I man: Go, Go, and he goes: goes: I say to this man: and to anothers another: come, come, and he comes: comes: and to any servant: do this, and he does it. servant: this, it.

When Jesus heard this, this, he marvelled, marvelled, and looking around at at

"the elders" elders" and the disciples he said Jesus: Jesus:

Verily, Verily, I I say unto you, you, I I have not found faith, no, so great faith, no, not in Israel. Israel.

Then Jesus turns to the Commander, Commander, saying Jesus: Jesus:

way, according to your faith, faith, so Go your way, will it be done unto you. you.

is hesitant for for aa moment as as he looks at Jesus. The commander is Jesus.

Then Jesus repeats: repeats: Jesus: Jesus:

Go your way. way. Your servant lives. Go lives.

believes, and mounting his horse he rides Then the commander believes, away. away. ••.. ••

A crowd of people have gathered round Jesus, Jesus, and from all A to speak to to them calling him: him: Lord, Lord, Lord. Lord. sides they beseech him to

Laborer: Laborer:

Come up us. up here and teach us.

(64) (64)

And Jesus begins walking on one of the planks that leads from the ground to the upper part of the building. building. With the new building as speak: as background he faces faces the crowd and begins to speaks Jesus: Jesus:

Why call you me: Lord, Lord, Lord, and do not the me: Lord, things which II say. say. Therefore, Therefore, whosoever hears these sayings of mine, mine, and does them, them, II will will liken him unto unto aa wise wise man, man, which built his house upon aa rock; rock; And the rain descended, and the floods came, came, and the descended, blew, and beat upon that house; winds blew, house; and fell not: not: for it was founded upon aa rock. it fell rock. every one that hears these sayings of And everyone mine, and does them not, mine, not, shall be likened unto aa foolish man, man, which built his house upon the sand: sand: And the rain descended, descended, and floods came, came, and the winds blew, the floods blew, and house; and it fell: fell: and great beat upon that house; fall of it. it. Therefore, Therefore, not every was the fall man, that says unto me: Lord, shall man, mel Lord, Lord, Lord, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but but he he that does the will of my Father which that does the will of my Father which is is in Heaven. in Heaven.

When Jesus had ended these sayings, sayings, the people were astonished. astonished. As As he came down from the building many sought to touch him, him, for virtue went out of him. back. him. But the disciples held them back. Just as as Jesus and his disciples were leaving the place the town, by name Jairus, ruler of the Synagogue of the town, Jairus, came to meet him, and when he saw him he besought him greatly, greatly, saying him, ruler: The ruler:

My little daughter lies death: pray you, you, come death: II pray come on her, that she may be on her, that she may be shall live. live.

at the point of and your hands hands and lay lay your healed, and she healed, and she

him, and much people followed him and And Jesus went with him,

thronged him. him. •• ••• •

In some intercalated scenes we have seen the commander on horsehome. At his arrival the servants meet him almost back making his way home.

(65) (65)

joy. beside themselves with joy. Commander; Commander:

How is he?

Servants; Servants:

lives. He lives.

servant. He is The commander hurries into the sick room of his servant. appetite. The commander sitting up in bed and eating with a "good appetite. servants. inquires of the other servants. Commander: Commander:

When did he begin getting well?

a turn for the better only a The servants explain that he took a short while ago. ago. (This "miracle" "miracle" is convincing proof of the unique suggestive power possessed by Jesus and is a a classic case of mental healing by "absent treatment". treatment". The patient is is away from the healer and knows nothing of what is him. For this reason the is happening to him. healer has and undisturbed opportunity to affect the subconscious mind which in return is ready to cooperate in restoring health is is aa great adto the body. body. Obviously it is vantage to be in aa position where the ofttimes doubting and skeptical consciousness interfere, as as it is is not aware of cannot interfere, of is taking place). place). what is Jesus, accompanied by the ruler of the Synagogue and the Jesus, disciples, is is on his way to the town. town. They are are surrounded by aa crowd, crowd, disciples, him, everybody trying to get near him at at the same time. thronging him, time.

.. . .' The The roof roof of of aa poor poor house. house. Hens Hens and and chickens chickens are are running running about. about. A woman is is sitting on the floor, floor, protected against the sun by aa tentA cloth. Grains of rye are are spread on trays for for drying. drying. A A hand-loom is cloth. corner. A A younger woman, woman, the the daughter, daughter, is is on her way up set up in aa corner. the outer staircase with aa cup of of milk for for the the mother. mother. After deliverdeliverthe the milk she she sits sits down at at the the hand-loom and starts starts weaving. weaving. The ing the

(66) (66)

picture is is centered on the mother. mother. While she is is sipping her milk the following is is heard. heard. commentary: Commentary:

A A certain woman which was 12 years diseased with an issue of blood and had spent all her living upon physicians neither could be healed of any, any, was nothing bettered, bettered, but rather grew worse. worse. When she heard of Jesus she said within herself: herself; If II may but touoh touch garment, II shall be whole. his garment, whole.

Suddenly the noise of the crowd is is heard. heard. The daughter rises and runs to the parapet of the roof, roof, looking in the direction of

the noise and then shouting at the mother Daughter: Daughter:

That must be Jesus ••• yes, Mother, Jesus...yes, Mother, it is Jesus. Jesus.

is listening with excitement. excitement. Then she calls the The mother is

daughter -woman: The woman:

Gome and help me. Come me.

The daughter helps her to her feet and then assists her down staircase. Onoe Once in the street the woman runs on unaided, unaided, making the staircase. Jesus. She comes in the press her way into the crowd surrounding Jesus.

behind Jesus and succeeds in touching the hem of his garment -- and she feels feels in her body that she is is healed. healed. Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone But Jesus, him, turned about saying saying... out of him, ••• Jesus: Jesus:

Who touched me?

He looks questioningly at those behind him but no one answers. answers. heads. They do not Peter and they that are with him shake their heads. all and Peter speaks to him, him, saying -understand the meaning of it all

(67) (67)

Peter: Peter:

and You see the multitude throng about and say: who touched me? press you and you says

Jesus:s Jesus

Somebody Somebody has has touched me, me, for for II perceive perceive me. that virtue is gone out of me.

thing. And Jesus looked around about to see who had done this thing. woman, when she saw that hiding was useless, useless, came forward fearfearThe woman, truth. fully and told him all the truth. woman: The woman:

I_ touched you - and I I have been healed. healed. I

at her with compassion. compassion. Jesus looked at Jesus Jesus:s

Be of of good comfort. comfort. Your Your faith faith has has made made Be you whole. whole.

The woman took her leave and ran most of the way home. home. ••.. ••

While Jesus yet spoke to the woman there came from the house of the ruler of the Synagogue aa servant who had been sent with the following message. message. Servant: Servant:

is dead. dead. Why trouble you Your daughter is the Master any further? further? the

Jesus heard this, this, he spoke to the the ruler of the SynaBut when Jesus gogue, saying gogue, Jesus: Jesus:

Be not not afraid, afraid, only believe, believe, and she shall Be be whole. be whole.

The intention of of Jesus Jesus in saying this this is is to to encourage the The father and and to to inspire him with faith faith and hope, hope, removing all all fear fear father

and doubt. doubt. He He succeeds and the the father father believes implicity in Jesus Jesus and in his his power as as aa healer. healer. •••

((68) 68)

The poor house with the roof. roof. The daughter is is waiting for her mother who now appears, appears, breathless with joy and excitement. excitement. The woman: woman:

II am healed -- Jesus made me whole. whole.

She runs upstairs quickly and the daughter embraces her. her. (Among psychiaters it is is aa well-known fact that women suffering from certain psychic diseases are often afflicted with abnormally prolonged and violent menstruations. menstruations. Doubtless the blood-flux of the woman in the Gospels was caused by aa mental derangement, ment, originating with aa tendency to hysterics.) ics. ) •... ••

Jesus came to the ruler's house and in the courtyard, courtyard, just inside the gate, gate, he met the flute-playing minstrels and the mourning for the funeral. funeral. He spoke to them with women who had been summoned for

authority saying Jesus: Jesus:

Give place. place.

He and his disciples entered the courtyard and he spoke again to the minstrels and the wailing women -Jesus: Jesus:

Why make you this ado? The maid is not dead. dead.

Surprised, they stop playing and wailing and look inquiringly Surprised,

at the ruler who now gives them to understand that they are not necessary. In the meantime needed and that he will send for them if necessary.

Jesus has given his disciples instructions to close the gate after the minstrels and not to let anybody in. in. Then he chooses Peter, Peter, John, John, and Jacob to follow him into the house, leaving the others at the gate to ,prevent prevent unbelievers from house, house. Judas is is vexed because he has not been chosen to entering the house.

(69) (69)

him go with Jesus and attempts to follow him, but Andrew makes him Jesus'1 orders must be obeyed, obeyed. understand that Jesus room. The 12 year old daughter is lying Jesus enters the sick room. bed, apparently dead. dead. At the side of the bed is the mother, mother, in her bed, silently. She looks up when Jesus and her husband enter. enter. weeping silently. friends, mostly women, women, who The room is filled with relatives and friends, according to common custom have been summoned summoned in order to be present

death. at the moment of death. head-coverings. Others have Some of them have taken off their head-coverings. covered the lower part of the face to the upper-lip. upper-lip. As As a a sign of mourning they are all sitting or lying on the floor, floor, having taken

off their sandals. head. They are sandals. Some of them lay aa hand on their head. unrestrained in their mourning and their eyes are washed with tears. tears. Woe, woe my sister, sister, woe is is me. Wails of woe are heard: heard: Woe, me.

When Jesus comes in he sees how they weep and wail for the maid and he says Jesusj Jesus:

not, she is is not dead but sleeps. Weep not, sleeps.

is dead they shake their heads and some of Knowing that she is unbelief. them smile in unbelief. puts them all all out of of the room and they go into the courtJesus puts

yard and stay with the the disciples. disciples. The father father and mother do do not understand why their relatives The friends who have come to to pay their respects to to their daughter and friends are put out out of of the the room but they do do not interfere. interfere. They commit themare to God -- and to to Jesus. Jesus. The The father goes goes to to the the bed, bed, putting selves to his hand under the the cover and touching the the feet feet of of his his daughter. daughter. They his

(70) (70)

are are cold like ice. ice. He and his wife look at at one another, another, but putting their faith in Jesus, prayer. Jesus, join in aa silent prayer. The purpose of Jesus in putting the relatives and friends friends out of the room was was to create an atmosphere of faith faith by eliminating every tendency toward doubt and unbelief. unbelief. For this this same reason only his three most faithful disciples were admitted to the the sick-room, sick-room, together with the father and mother. mother. But Jesus had yet another reason for for putting the weeping and wailing relatives out was, by affecting the out of the room. room. His His task was, mind, to revive the the spirit of the lifeless girl. girl. His subconscious mind, first thought therefore must necessarily be to get rid of the negafirst

tive influence of the atmosphere of death and mourning and replace it by aa positive and favorable influence such as as' would be found in it hope, faith, faith, and confidence. confidence. By doing so he made an atmosphere of hope, mind, still accessible, accessible, susceptible to telepathic the subconscious mind, c ommunic at i on. communication.

For aa while there is is complete silence in the room. room. All All eyes are turned toward Jesus and the maid. are maid. As As soon as as Jesus feels feels that he has the subconscious mind of

the maid under his control, control, he puts his exceptional and mysterious mysterious force. He approaches the the bed, power of suggestion into force. bed, takes takes the it is is still cold -- and speaks to her hand of the maid -- it Jesus: Jesus:

Talitha qumi. qumi.

That means: arise. means: II say unto you, you, arise. the room are are watching intently, intently, excitedly. excitedly. Now all Those in the all

of them look at her. at the maid and her spirit actually returns to her.

(71) (71) moves, opens her eyes, eyes, then she rises and walks. walks. "And they She moves, were astonished with a great astonishment."

maid, but Jesus speaks to the mother The mother embraces the maid, Jesus: Jesus:

eat. Give her something to eat.

girl. The The mother hurries out to find some food for the girl. is kissing and caressing his daughter. daughter. The mother comes back father is fruit which the girl eats while sitting on the bed. bed. with some fruit aside, cautioning him not to speak to Jesus takes the father aside, place. anybody of what has just taken place. Jesus:s Jesus

See that that no no man shall shall know know of of this. this. See

Jesus always impressed upon the people he helped the importance healing. Why did he of not speaking to anybody of their miraculous healing. do this? do this? Because aa man who has been healed by the power of suggestion to undermine very often meets with doubt and unbelief unbe1ief which threatens tu thus bring the return of the psychic causes the faith of the man and thus of the disease. of disease. Jesus and his his disciples take take leave of the maid and her mother, Jesus mother, the father father accompanies them to to the the gate. gate. The The relatives gather while the

around them asking many questions. questions. Voices: Voices:

Has she she come come to to life again? again? Is Is she alive? alive? Has

The father: father: The

Yes, she she is is alive. Yes, alive.

Jesus: Jesus:

that she she was was not not dead but but slept. II told you that slept.

Jesus and the the three three disciples, disciples, joining the the others others at at the Then Jesus

gate, gate, go go on on their way. way. •••

(72) (72)

The sick room. room. The daughter, daughter, while eating the fruit, fruit, is exhaustively questioned by her mother (The apparently dead girl is is doubtless a case of suspended animation. animation. Such cases occur even in the western countries much believed,) more frequently than generally believed.) From the courtyard of the house of the ruler of the Synagogue aa side side door leads out to to the the street. street. The The relatives leave the the house door. The camera is is placed in the street and facing through this door.

this exit. exit. The ruler of the Synagogue is is standing in the door seeing the relatives off. camera, off. They go to the right while the camera, placed on aa truck, truck, is is moving to the left, left, passing people walking and shopping. shopping. Among the people we notice aa couple of young girls standing in front of aa shop. shop. Two Roman soldiers try to flirt with the girls who only scold them and make them feel feel sheepish. sheepish. The camera continues, corner. continues, turning aa corner. Moving along the street the camera picks up two Pharisees and them, except the artisans who we notice how people rise and bow to them, are allowed to remain sitting. sitting. The camera stops in front of aa wine girls. There are shop and we enter the shop together with the two girls. five girls, girls, prostitute"sitting prostitutes, sitting around around and and drinking drinking with with four or five companions. The make-up of the girls is is according to the some companions. day. Their eye-lids are daubed with black and there customs of that day. is henna on the nails of their jewel-laden hands. hands. Their hair is is anointed. One of the girls even has golden ornaments fixed in her anointed. nostrils. The girls and their friends friends are gay and jubilant; nostrils. jubilant; some drunk. One of the girls however does not take part are exceedingly drunk. merry-making. Her name is is Ruth and she sits staring moodily in the merry-making. space. One o~ of the young men tries to tickle her, her, only to be into space.

(73) (73) away, and and another receives the the same treatment. treatment. One One of the the pushed away, to the the young men men that they are are to to leave Ruth alone. alone. girls indicates to two Pharisees are are just passing on the the street the the girl calls to to As two a story she she has has heard recently and and she she begins telling it. it. mind a 1. girl: 1. girl:

A girl, girl, you you know... know ••• a a girl like one one of us, us, A a young student, student, soon to to was in love with a become a a Scribe. Scribe. But But he he did did not not care for for her... her •••

2. girl: girl: 2.

Why not?

1. girl: 1. girl:

He ssaid a i d she was "unclean". She was h u r t and hurt she would avenge h e r s e l f on him. Can you herself imagine what she did?

others: The others:

No, no. What did did she do? Tell Tell us. us.

1. girl: 1. girl:

stole h is p r a y e r - s t r a p s and, going to She stole his prayer-straps going to the Synagogue, showed them tto o tthe h e elders elders s a i d : "Look, for for llack a c k of of money he gave and said: me these." me these."

The others: others:

Well - and what happened?

1. girl: 1. girl:

You see: s e e : He He denied, but the elders e l d e r s would b e l i e v e him. not believe

girl: 3. 3. girl:

And then?

1. 1. girl: girl:

he went up up to to the the roof and and jumped off. Then he off.

The others: others:

And died?

1. 1. girl: girl J

died. And died.

2. girl: girls 2.

Poor fellow. fellow.

1. girl: girl: 1.

Poor? II do do not not know; knows the the scribes -Poor? Pharisees too too -- are are always always so so hard are they not?

and the and the upon us, us,

(Jeneral approbation. approbation. General has not not listened to to all all this. this. She is absorbed in in her her own Ruth has he is own thoughts. The The girl is is weary of of aa life spent in in drink and and sin. sin. She thoughts. She like to to begin aa new new and and better life but but does does not not know how how to would like

go go about it. it. She She is is lonesome and and unhappy and and longs longs for for some dependdependable support to to which she she can can cling. cling. Tears Tears come come into into her her eyes. able eyes.

(74) (74) Suddenly she rises and leaves the wine-shop. wine-shop. The other girls look after her, her, shaking their heads. heads. They know from their own experience bow she feels. how feels. In order to break the silence one of the other girls story. starts telling another story. •... ••

At aa square nearby Jesus is is speaking to the multitude. multitude. The Pharisees we have seen in the street are present. present. They do not miss any opportunity of studying Jesus and of listening to his teaching. teaching. There are also some young revolutionaries. revolutionaries. One of them is is more others. contemplative than the others. By means of aa Panorama we approach Jesus and hear his voice. voice. Jesus: Jesus:

If you forgive not men their trespasses, trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. trespasses. But if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also trespasses, forgive you. you.

Then Peter asked Peter; Peters

How oft shall my brother sin against me, me, and II will forgive him? Till seven times?

Jesua, Jesus s

seven. Not seven times, times, but s.venty seventy times seven. Therefore judge not, not, and you shall not be judged. not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, condemned. Porgive, Forgive, and you shall be forcondemned. forgiven. given. •... ••

We We leave the meeting and see the girl named Ruth standing broken-hearted in the street. street. •• ••••

We go back to the meeting. as interested as meeting. The Pharisees are as the revolutionaries in the preaching of Jesus. Jesus. Jesus s Jeaus:

Give and it shall be given unto you, you, for with with the the same same measure measure that that you you mete mete withal withal it and it shall shall be be meaaured measured to to you you again. again. Ask, Ask, and

(75) (75)

it it shall shall be be given given you. you. Seek, Seek, and and you you shall shall find. find. Knock, Knock, and and it it shall shall be be opened opened unto unto you. one that you. For For every everyone that asks asks receives. receives. And And he he that that seeks seeks finds. finds. And And to to him him that that knocks knocks it it shall shall be be opened. opened. While While Jesus Jesus is is speaking speaking the the girl girl named named Ruth Ruth has has walked walked over over to to

the square. square. She She listens listens to to the the words words of of Jesus Jesus and and her her spirits spirits rerethe vive. A couple of old men try to restrain her as one of them saysvive. A couple of old men try to restrain her as one of them saysmdm~: Old mans

This is not for girls like you. you.

Ruth does not care. care. She presses forward until she finds a place

preacher. where she can clearly see and hear the preacher. sermon. Jesus has finished his sermon. The Pharisees look at each other and shake their heads. heads. Again Jesus has shocked them. Simon, speaks and says them. One of them, them, named Simon, -

Simon: Simons

is dinner time. time. II will go and bid Jesus It is come and eat bread with us. us.

The suggestion meets with general approval because it offers The news with the the popular teacher. teacher. them an opportunity of exchanging news This is is once once again proof of of the the good feeling existing between Jesus Jesus This

and the the Pharisees. Pharisees. While the the other Pharisees Pharisees go go on on ahead Simon Simon makes makes his his way While

through the the crowd and and approaching Jesus, Jesus, says says -Simons Simons

Master, II have have prepared prepared aa dinner dinner for for some some Master, friends and and we we desire desire that that you you would would sit friends at meat meat with with us. us. at

Jesus accepts accepts the the iny1tation, invitation, takes takes leave leave of of his his disciples, disciples, Jesus

and and goes goes to to the the house house of of Simon, Simon, the the Pharisee. Pharisee. •••

(76) (76)

Ruth has been standing nearby. nearby. A A great change has come over her. There is her. is still aa feeling of heavy pressure upon her but the words of Jesus have inspired her with new hope and confidence. confidence. If only she could receive his forgiveness. forgiveness. But how should she approach him? Hoping that some opportunity will arrive she follows Jesus and distance. Simon the Pharisee at at aa respectful distance. •... ••

For aa few moments we follow the group of revolutionaries leaving the meeting. meeting. Because of the danger of spies they choose their words carefully. carefully. But it is is easy to tell they have been greatly impressed by the words of Jesus. Jesus. 1. revolutionary: revolutionary: 1.

He gets more and more followers. followers.

2. revolutionary: revolutionary: 2.

And he makes people listen... listen •••

3. revolutionary: revolutionary: 3.

...and them.• ••• and inspires them

Yes, words, words. But what we need is 4. revolutionary: revolutionary: Yes, words, words. 4. action. action.

2. revolutionary: revolutionary: 2.

Hush. Hush.

The revolutionaries of the town have been summoned for aa secret afternoon. meeting this same afternoon. ••.. ••

The luxurious house of Simon the Pharisee. Pharisee. The Pharisees are just arriving from the meeting. meeting. Slaves and servants attend them. them. sandals, wash their feet and anoint them, them, so They take off their sandals, surprising. The that the anointment of the feet of Jesus is less surprising. heads. While this is is going on they are servants also anoint their heads.

excitedly discussing the preaching of Jesus. Jesus. 1. Pharisee: Pharisee: 1.

Have you ever heard anything like that? Seventy Seventy times times seven~ seven?

2. Pharisee: Pharisee: Mere phrases. 2. phrases.

(77) (77) 3. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee:

Then Peter was more reasonable with his times. seven times.

4. Pharisee: Pharisee: 4.

times. The Law says three times.

3. Pharisee: Pharisee: 3.

At any rate you must draw the line somewhere.. where

5. Pharisee: Pharisee: 5.

I have tried to I to understand him but hut II cannot. cannot. I give I give it it up. up.

6. Pharisee: Pharisee: 6.

I. So do I.

1. Pharisee: 1. Pharisee:

I do not understand why people cling And I him. to him.

5. Pharisee: Pharisee: 5.

Nor do II because there is is no plan in his hie teaching. teaching.

4. 4. Pharisee: Pharisee:

Just so. so. All terms are blotted out. out.

is wrong. 3. Pharisee: 3. Pharisee: Right is wrong. And good is bad. bad.

2. Pharisee: Pharisee: 2.

He is is aa babbler. babbler.

6. Pharisee: 6. Pharisee:

Yes, and aa hair-splitter. Yes, hair-splitter.

When they finish their preparations they enter the dining-room dining-room.• •... ••

Simone house. house. A Jesus and Simon the Pharisee arrive at S1mon's A little arrives. She remains out, out, undecided as as to just what to later Ruth arrives. do. do. •••

Simon. Slaves meet them with water for washing their Jesus and Simon. oil for for anointing their heads, heads, but Simon, Simon, possibly because feet and oil does not stress outward ceremony, ceremony, indicates with he knows that Jesus does that they will will not not be be needed. needed. He He and and Jesus Jesus are are just entering aa nod that the dining room as as aa newcomer arrives. arrives. Simon hurries off to him, him, the the slaves to come with the the water and the kisses him and beckons the oil. Simon and Jesus Jesus now enter the the dining-room where the others are oil. at table waiting for for the host. host. Jesus is is invited to lie already lying at down. Now the the latest arrival also enters the the dining-room and Simon down.

(78) (78)

points out to him aa place at table. The first course is at the table. is served. served, •• ••• •

is still debating her course of action. Outside the house Ruth is action. The is taking root in her mind that she will not get rid of The idea is

her burden of sin until she she has has made aa confession to to Jesus and his pardon. pardon. Finally she makes up her mind and enters the received his house. house.

••.. ••

The The dining-room. dining-room. Ruth has has slipped unnoticed through the maze of Jesus. The of servants and entered the the dining-room, dining-room, moving toward Jesus. Pharisees are are disturbed at at seeing this this woman of bad repute entering the room. was unseemly that that aa woman approach the men's table. table. room. It It was With stern looks looks they watch the following scene between the girl and Jesus. Jesus. It It should be pointed out out that the entering of the house of aa Pharisee by the the girl was was dangerous. dangerous. But she willingly ran the risk of arrest in order to . see Jesus. Jesus. She is is standing at at the the side of Jesus. Jesus. At At first first she is is discouraged by the disapproving glances of the Pharisees. Pharisees. Then her is comforted. comforted. For aa moment she is eyes meet those of Jesus and she is at aa loss loss for words. at words. Then suddenly she begins to cry and the the hot tears trickle down her cheeks. cheeks. She feels feels depressed and unclean in tears Jesus. Finally two words pass her lips. lips. the presence of Jesus. Ruth; Ruth:

Forgive me. me.

the best of her. her. She falls falls down at at the feet Her emotion gets the

of Jesus, Jesus, wetting them with her tears tears and kissing them passionately. passionately. She looks for as she for aa cloth with which she can wipe his feet feet but as does does not not find anything suitable she gathers her dishevelled hair into her hand and wipes away the the tears. tears. She has has ceased her crying

(79) (79)

and and now she she takes takes out out of of aa fold fold in in her her garment an an alabaster alabaster box box of of ointment with with which she she anoints anoints the the feet feet of of Jesus. Jesus, No No words words are are spoken during during this this scene. scene. The The Pharisees are are amazed though though silent witnesses. witnesses.

Simon does does not not say anything but but in his his own mind he he is is certain that Jesus Jesus could not be be aa Prophet because if if he he were were aa Prophet he would have known who and what manner of woman this Jesus, this was. was. Jesus, his thoughts, thoughts, speaks kindly to to him. him. reading his Jesus: Jesus:

Simon, Simon, 째1I have something to to say to to you. you.

Simons Simon:

Master, say on. Master, on.

Jesus; Jesus:

There was aa certain creditor who had two debtors: debtors: the one owed five five hundred pence, pence, and the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay, pay, he fifty. frankly forgave them both. both. Tell me therefore, therefore, which of them will love him most?

Simon understands the purpose of the question but he has no choice: he must give the answer Jesus expects. expects. choice: Simon: Simon:

I suppose that he to whom he forgave most. most. I

Jesus: Jesus:

rightly. You have judged rightly.

girl, motioning her to rise, rise, and saying to Jesus turns to the girl, Simon Simon Jesus: Jesus:

I entered entered your house. house. You This woman saw that I gave me no water for my feet, but she has washed washed gave me no water for my feet, but she has my feet with tears and wiped them with the hairs my feet with tears and wiped them with the hairs of her her head. head. You You gave gave me me no no kiss, kiss, but but this this woman woman of has not not ceased ceased to to kiss kiss my my feet. feet. My My head head with with oil oil has you did did not not anoint, anoint, but but this this woman woman has has anointed anointed you my feet feet with with ointment. ointment. Wherefore Wherefore II say say unto unto you: you: my her sins, sins, which which are are many, many, are are forgiven, forgiven, for for she she her loved much, much, but but to to whom whom little little is is forgiven, forgiven, the the loved same loves loves little. little. same

And once once more more Jesus Jesus turned turned to to the the girl and and said -And

((80) 80)

Jesus: Jesus:

Your sins sins are are forgiven. forgiven.

The The trembling lips lips of of the the girl girl reveal reveal her feelings. feelings. She She tries tries to to utter some some words words of of thankfulness while tears tears of of joy fall fall from eyes. Jesus Jesus continues continues -her eyes. Jesus: Jesus:

Your faith peace. faith has has saved you. you. Go Go in peace.

With an angelic smile to to Jesus Jesus the the girl leaves leaves the the room. room. The forThe Pharisees shake their heads. heads. Once again Jesus Jesus has has forsins. Who does does he feel feel that he is? is? given sins.

It It is is evident that aa breech between Jesus and the the Pharisees is developing. developing. is

.. .

. • • •

We see just aa glimpse of the girl in the street. street. Her poise We is evidence that she has won back her self and self confidence is respect. respect. •• ••• •

The secret meeting of the revolutionaries takes place in an abandoned corn-mill. corn-mill. The walls are coated with the white corn dust that also covers the floor. floor. The Phantom-like querns have not been

in use for a a long time. time. We listen to the following conversation 1. revolutionary: revolutionary: 1.

I I believe in him. him. I I believe he is the are ' waiting for. Messiah we Messiah we are waiting for.

2. revolutionary: 2. revolutionary:

So do I. I.

3. revolutionary: 3. revolutionary:

If he would only proclaim herself our leader. leader.

4. revolutionary: 4. revolutionary:

Is he a leader?

5. not. His plan is not revolutionary: I I am afraid he is not. 5. revolutionary: like our our plan. plan. like

( 81) (81)

6. revolutionarys revolutionary: 6.

Has he a plan?

revolutionary:s 7. 7. revolutionary

He has !!2. no_ plan. plan.

revolutionary: 2. revolutionary; 2.

But he says the time is at hand. hand.

6. revolutionary? revolutionary: 6.

When and how?

5. 5. revolutionary:

No, No, he is not the man the Prophets spoke of. spoke of.

1. 1. revolutionary:

Then, what about his miracles? They Then, cannot be explained explained away. cannot be away.

3. revolutionary: 3#

To-day he has raised one from the dead. dead.

2. revolutionary: 2.

I believe he is the son of God. I God.

4. 4. revolutionary:

It remains to be seen. seen.

6. revolutionary: 6.

time. In due time. •• ••••

Ruth has decided to to return return to her her father and mother, mother, living living on Ruth the family the town. to the the the family farm, farm, some some distance distance from from the town. She She returns returns to


farm the afternoon. mother is the house. house. She farm late late in in the afternoon. Her Her mother is alone alone in in the She is the daughter is all all astonished astonished at at catching catching sight sight of of the daughter whom whom she she had had considered lost forever. forever. Their eyes meet, meet, but no one speaks. speaks. Then the ithout saying word she the girl girl goes goes to to aa corner corner of of the the room. room. Without saying a a word she discards all of her jewelry: jewelry: necklaces, necklaces, armlets, armlets, anklets, anklets, and the finger-rings. finger-rings. The The mother, mother, who who cannot cannot take take her her eyes eyes off off her her daughter, daughter, finally finally breaks breaks the the silence. silence. The mother: mother:

Have you come back?

Ruth: Ruth:

Yes, Yes, mother. mother.

mother: The mother:

To stay here with us?

Ruth: RutlJ:

Yes, mother. mother. Yes,

house. The mother At this moment Ruth's sister approaches the house.

joyously calls her. her. The mother: mother:

here. Your sister is here.

(82) (82)

The sister: sister:


The mother: mother:

Who else. else.

The sister approaches Ruth who avoids her kisses and asks her Ruth: Ruth:

Will you help me to a a bath?

The sister: sister:

Of course II will. will.

The mother, mother, exceedingly happy, happy, nods approvingly and says The mother: mother:

You know it is is the Sabbath?

Ruth: Ruth:

Yes, Yes, mother. mother.

The mother: mother:

II will go and tell father. father.

house. The two sisters enter aa room in an She leaves the house. out-house. Here is aa pit which, which, when filled with water, water, is is used out-house. ueed

by the women for the ritual bath which is taken after menstruation some other reason they have become "unclean". "unclean". The two or when for aome

sisters start filling the pit with water. water. •... ••

The mother finds finde . the father f a t h e r in i n the field f i e l d and tells t e l l s him the the

He becomes as happy as his h i s wife wife who hurries h u r r i e s back to t o the the good news. He i n order order to t o prepare prepare the Sabbath-meal. Sabbath-meal. house in •. .• .•

We see now scenes from the bathing and scenes of the mother Sabbath-meal. It is to be aa feast. feast. The father in the preparing the Sabbath-meal. field. He greets his daughter and meantime has returned from the field. home. It is is all very simple and without welcoms her back home. manners. Then they gather sentimentality, according to Oriental manners. sunset. around the table and wait for sunset.

Horn-blowing from the

Synagogue is is heard. heard. Thanking God the mother lights the candle. candle. The father pronounces the Proverb of Solomon, Solomon, the homage to the good

(83) (83)

ff.) wife (perhaps to be replaced by Proverbs 31.10 ff.) Rejoice with the wife of thy youth. youth. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe, roe, let her breasts satisfy thee at all times, times, and be thou ravished always with her love. love. Ruth is asked to say Grace. Grace. Then they sit down and begin

bread. eating after the father has broken the bread. •. • • ••

The preceding scene of the Sabbath eve in the home of Ruth dissolves softly into a scene taken in a cornfield. cornfield. There is a

close up of the corn with the wind and the sun producing beautiful rhythmical waves. waves. This close up dissolves softly into aa scene showing Jesus and his disciples passing through aa cornfield. cornfield. In Palestine at at that time the seed was was sown so carelessly that much of it fell fields. Some of the disciples are fell on paths that crossed the fields.

humming aa hymn. hymn. As As the disciples were hungry they began to pluck the ears of

corn and to eat, hands. eat, rubbing the corn in their hands. this and one of them spoke to Jesus. Some Pharisees saw this Jesus. 1. Pharisee: Pharisee: 1.

Behold, why do do your disciples on the the Sabbath Behold, day that which is not lawful? day that which is not lawful?

answers before Jesus Jesus can speak -Peter answers Peters Peter:

we are are hungry. hungry. Because we

2. Pharisee: Pharisee: Have Have you not not read in the the Law? Law? 2. Jesus has has approached the the group of of Pharisees. Pharisees. He He now takes takes aa Jesus seat on aa stone. seat stone.

((84) 84)

Jesus: Jesus:

Have you not read what David did when he was was hungry -- how he went into the house of God and did take take and the Shewbread? God and did and eat eat the Shewbread?

1. 1. Pharisee: Pharisee:

His His life was in danger, danger, but the the lives of your disciples are not in danger. your disciples are not in danger.

Jesus: Jesus:

On the Sabbath days days the Priests in the Temple blameless. Temple profane profane the the Sabbath Sabbath and and are are blameless.

3. Temple. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee: Your disciples are are not Priests in the the Temple. 4. the Law to destroy the the Law. Law. 4. Pharisee: Pharisee: You use the Jesus: Jesus:

The The Sabbath is is made for for man and not man for the Sabbath. the Sabbath.

2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisee:

We was no We agree, agree, but in this case there was reason to violate the Sabbath. reason to violate the Sabbath.

Jesus: Jesus:

The Son of Man is is Lord also of the Sabbath. Sabbath.

3. Pharisee: If you were the the Son of Man you would have 3. Pharisee: blamed your disciples. blamed your disciples.

Jesus rises rises and, and, having answered the Pharisees, Pharisees, indicates to the disciples that they are are to follow him. him. But before leaving he says Jesus: Jesus:

this means: means: "I "I desired If you had known what this sacrifice" -- you would not mercy and not sacrifice" have condemned the guiltless. guiltless.

4. Pharisee: Pharisee: Now you use the Law. 4. use the Prophets to destroy the Law.

Jesus makes no reply and he and his disciples leave the place. place. (The tone of the remarks quoted above is (The less friendly than before, before, but only aa shade less at all all hostile. hostile. This This way of sharper and not at is the ordinary way of Rabbinical discussing is problems. And as as the debating of theological problems. strict observance of the Sabbath was aa matter the greate' greatest of the s t importance to the Pharisees they strongly defended their interpretation of the Law and the Scriptures, Scriptures, and from their right.) point of view they were right.) The preceding scene dissolves softly into aa close up of corn wind, and this close up again dissolves softly into waving in the wind, •••

(85) (85)

representing harvesters cutting the corn with a new scene representing sickles. sickles. The harvester harvester catches a bundle of ears with his left hand,

cutting it off with the sickle in his his right hand. hand. He puts it away away cutting bundle. The bundles Qundles cut off are sheafed sheafed together, and catches a new bundle. generally by girls and young women. women. The sheaves are loaded loaded on the generally oarried to the threshing floor. floor. This scene back of a donkey to be carried dissolves softly into ... •••

a close up of the donkey with the sheaves, sheaves, framed by the gold of the sun. sun. This close up again dissolves softly into ... •••

a floor. This is is as as aa rule situated a new scene of the threshing floor.

on a a large piece of elevated ground, ground, surrounded by a a low wall. wall. Here floor. Donkeys or oxen the sheaves are untied and spread out on the floor. oxeD to aa sledge, sledge, studded on the underside, are hitched to underside, and with the sledge. The animals are first blindfolded thresher standing on the sledge. round. A A girl or boy in fun is is standing and then driven round and round. thresher. Other girls or boys armed with on the sledge beside the thresher. rakes turn the the sheaves on on the the floor floor so that the grain can be rakes out. This scene dissolves softly into trampled out.

·.. ...

close up up of of the the corn, corn, which which after after the the threshing 1s is swept swept totoaa close in aa heap on on the the threshing floor floor, for the the winnowing. winnowing. gether in , ready for

This This close close up up dissolves softly into •. ••• •

scene representing representing the the winnowing, winnowing, which which also also takes takes plaoe place on on aa scene the threshtng threshing floor. floor. For For the the winnowing the the thresher has has to to wait wait for for the wind from from the the West, West, and and for for this this reason reason the the threshing threshing is is always always aa wind done east east of of the the village village to to avoid avoid the the chaff chaff being oarried carried away away in done the direction direction of of the the houses. houses. The The winnowing-shovels oast cast the the grain grain the

(86) (86)

up into the the air and, and, while the wind is is carrying the light chaff

away toward the the Eastern corner of the threshing floor, floor, the grain is is gathered on the ground at at the the feet feet of the thresher. thresher. This This scene dissolves softly into •• ••• •

aa scene scene representing in in the the foreground aa heap heap of of sunlit sunlit grain grain and in the background the chaff being burned in aa fire, fire, which can be seen from afar. afar. be During the harvest -- and threshing scenes, scenes, the rhythmical song of the harvesters and threshers is is heard. heard. This This song dies dies away little by little, little, and during the last scenes the voice of John the Baptist speaks the following Commentary: commentary:

But there stands one among you whom you know not, not, and he will thoroughly purge his floor and will gather the the wheat but the the chaff he will bQrn burn with fire fire unquenchable. quenchable. ••.• •*

The preceding scene dissolves softly into aa scene of the interthe Synagogue, Synagogue, starting with aa panorama of an ornamental ior of the frieze decorating the walls and showing stylized sheaves of corn. frieze corn • this panorama we hear voices. voices. The camera is is approaching . During this

Jesus, Jesus, sitting in the chair of the preacher. preacher. To To his his right are are his disciples; to his left the Pharisees and some scribes. scribes. The Synagogue is the crowd we the revolutionis filled with people. people. In the we notice the aries. aries. the Pharisees. Pharisees. One of Jesus has just begun aa discussion with the is asking the following question -them is 1. Pharisee: Pharisee: 1.

do, that we we might work the What must we do, works of God? God?

(87) (87)

answered -Jesus answered Jesus: Jesus;

This is the work of God, God, that you believe in him whom he sent. sent.

So many false Messiahs have made their claims in recent years

Pharisees, with good cause, cause, could question his divine that the Pharisees, mission. Therefore one of them asked mission. 2. 2. Pharisees Pharisee:

What sign can you show us that we wo may see and believe you? you.?

4. 4. Pharisee; Pharisee:

^ur Our fathers did eat Mannah in the desert; desert, as it is written. written.

2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisee:

Moses gave them bread from Heaven to eat. eat.

3. 3. Pharisee; Pharisee:

What can you do?

Jesus has been smiling as as he listened to the words of the Pharisees. He shakes his head indulgently as Pharisees. as he answers -

Jesus: Jesus;

Heaven. Moses gave you not that bread from Heaven. But my Father gives you the true bread from Heaven. Heaven.

at each other. other. To To their uncomprehending uncomprehending The Pharisees look at

minds the the words of Jesus are are just another paradox. paradox. Jesus, realizing that the the Pharisees have not understood his his Jesus, words, continues -words, Jesus s Jesus:

The true true bread of of God is is he, he, which comes comes The gives life life unto the the down from Heaven and gives world. world.

One of of the the Pharisees, Pharisees, entering into into the the spirit of of what Jesus Jesus One

is is saying, saying, requests requests -5. Pharisee: Pharisees 5.

Then give give us us this this true true bread. bread. Then

(88) (88)

Jesus answers but this time he does not address the Pharisees but the congregation Jesus: Jesus s

II am the bread of life. life. He that comes to me me s~all shall never never hunger; hunger; and and he he that that believes believes in in me me shall shall never never thirst. thirst. For For II came came down down from but from Heaven, Heaven, not not to to do do mine mine own own will, will, but the is the will will of of him him that that sent sent me. me. And And this this is the that the will will of of my my Father, Father, that that sent sent me, me, that everyone everyone who who sees sees the the Son, Son, and and believes believes in in him, I will him, may have everlasting life, life, and I raise him up at the last day. day.

The people have been listening attentively but the Pharisees themselves. Approaching the Pharisees we hear one of whisper among themselves. them, others, saying them, who is speaking aa little louder than the others, -

3. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee: How is is it that he oan can say he came down from Heaven?

Jesus turns toward the Pharisees saying Jesus5 Jesus:

Murmur not among yourselves. yourselves.

Again Jesus addresses the congregation -Jesus: Jesus:

I you. He that believes in me has I say unto you. life. II am that bread of life. everlasting life. life.

faces of the The people are ready to believe in Jesus but the faces

Pharisees show that they are are not convinced. convinced. One of them who till now has kept quiet, quiet, breaks the silence. silence. He is is aa very old man leaning upon two crutches. crutches. He has aa long white beard and white hair and a sharp face. face. His deep set eyes look fanatically at at Jesus as as he shouts 6. Pharisee: Pharisee: 6.

letters, having never learned? How know you letters,

silent. They do not wish The other Pharisees tell him to be silent.

((89) 89)

the the discussion to to fall fall to to the the level of of merely attacking personalities. personalities. Jesus answers answers quietly and with restraint, restraint, respecting the the extreme Jesus age of of the the man. man. old age Jesusj Jesus:

My doctrine is me. is not mine, mine, but his his who sent me.

The The old fanatic would have answered again but hut the other Pharquiet. isees persuade him to keep quiet.

At At this this moment aa man enters the the Synagogue. Synagogue. He has aa withered arm. It is is the right arm which hand or most probably aa withered ~. limply. Someone makes room for for him and he sits down. hangs limply. down.

(Apparently it is is aa case of lameness with atrophy, the psychic cause of an incipient atrophy, which doubtless can be traced back to a case of hysterics. hysterics. The fact that the lameness is is limited to aa single limb proves that the lameness has an hysterical origin.) origin.) As As the man enters the Synagogue all eyes are fixed on him not only with compassion but also with curiosity. curiosity. People wonder if Je-

sus, Pharisees, is is going to heal sus, in spite of his conflicts with the Pharisees, the man with the withered hand. hand. The Pharisees just wait to see what is going to happen. happen. Their faces have expressions of forced indifference. ence. Jesus, Jesus, sensing their thoughts and also the hush of expectation

congregation, rises and speaks to the man with the withered in the congregation, hand Jesus: Jesus:

Rise up and stand forth in the midst. midst.

Everyone in the congregation, congregation, and especially the women, women, crane their necks in order to see better. better. The man with the withered hand has stepped forward and is now

(90) (90)

standing in front of the platform. platform. Jesus turns to the Pharisees and says Jesus: Jesus s

II will ask you one thing: things is is it lawful on the Sabbath day to do good or to do evil to save life or to destroy it?

Once again Jesus has put so subtle aa question to the Pharisees answer, for if they answer that they are unable to give an immediate answer,

according to the letter of the law the people will accuse them of hard-heartedness. Therefore they keep silent and say nothing. nothing. hard-heartedness. hand, saying Jesus then turns to the man with the withered hand, -

Jesus: Jesus:

Stretch forth your hand. hand.

The man first makes some vain attempts to raise his arm, arm, while him. Then he suddenly is is aware of aa change Jesus looks steadily at him. arm. It feels feels as as if the nerves and muscles of the arm are in his arm. will. He makes another attempt and is slowly beginning to obey his will. fingers. Finally the able to raise the arm and move the hand and fingers. is restored whole as as the other. hand is other. are amazed. amazed. Smiles of joy and happiness can be seen on all All are weep. People gather round the sides and many of the women begin to weep.

man who has been healed to congratulate him. him. But they are told to be silent for for Jesus is is speaking again. again. Pharisees, saying Jesus addresses the Pharisees, Jesus s Jesus:

you, that What man shall there be among you, fall into shall have one sheep and if it fall the Sabbath day, day, will will he not lay aa pit on the hold on it and lift it out? How much then is aa man better than aa sheep? Therefore it is is lawful to do do well on the Sabbath days. is days.

(91) (91) Jesus has stepped down from the platform. Pharisees, platform. But the Pharisees, who fear that the influence of Jesus will become too great, great, decide to give him an answer. answer. One of them, them, the most reasonable and most moderate, moderate, rises and addresses the congregation. congregation. Everyone listens respectfully. respectfully.

5. 5# Pharisee: Pharisee: We are as as happy as as you are that this man has have has been been healed. healed. But But we we ask: ask: would would it it have been "to do evil to kill", kill", if the been "to do evil or or to if the healing healing had had been been postponed postponed till till to-morrow to-morrow • • •?

3. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee: Or only till to-night when the Sabbath is over?

5. 5. Pharisee: Pharisee:

There was no danger of life and therefore there there would would have have been been no no harm harm done done by by waitwaiting ••• (with emphasis) And we would ing. . . (with emphasis) And we would' not not have profaning the have offended offended God God by by profaning the Sabbath. Sabbath.

The Pharisee steps back and Jesus does not have any chance to reply because aa priest has already gone to the platform and begins immediately pronouncing the Aaronic benediction, benediction, with the congreimmediately answering: gation answering:

Amen. Amen.

Synagogue. After the benediction the congregation leaves the Synagogue. was much murmuring concerning Jesus. Among the people there was Jesus. said, he is is aa good man, man, while others said, said, the Pharisees were Some said, right. right. While the crowd is is leaving the Synagogue the Pharisees gather

in aa corner to discuss the measures which will have to be taken concerning Jesus. Jesus. 5. Pharisee: Pharisee: Come Gome and let us us talk matters over. over. It can5. oanway. not go on in that way.

The others: others:

No, no. Certainly not. not. No, no.

5. Pharisee: Pharisee: We have patiently tolerated his wild sayings 5. is now going too far. but he is far.

(92) (92)

6. 6. Pharisee: Pharisees

(the speak. (the old fanatic) fanatic) Let him speak.

5. 5. Pharisee: Pharisee: No, No, we will not let him speak. speak. Now we we_ will speak. speak. 2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisee:

You are are right. right. His teaching is. is an insult to our Law and to our Traditions. Traditions.

1. Pharisee: Pharisee: 1.

danger to our faith. And aa dang~r faith.

5. Pharisee: Pharisee: If his his doctrine gains ground among the 5. population population all all that that we we have have built built up up will will fall down. fall down.

4. 4. Pharisee: Pharisee: Yes, Yes, we must keep an eye upon him. him. 5. Pharisee: Pharisee: More than that we must keep aloof from him 5. out and and warn warn people people against against him. him. Let Let us us go go out and see Come. and see what what he he is is about. about. Come.

They Synagogue. 'They leave the Synagogue.

... ...

Outside, Outside, on the steps of the Synagogue and on the square in front front of it, it, people have gathered. gathered. Some have come with those who are sick. sick. Jesus moves among them, them, comforting them. them. When the the Pharare isees come out Jesus is is talking with aa man who isees out from the Synagogue Jesus for years years has been deaf and dumb. dumb. The Pharisees draw nearer in order for is going on. to watch what is on. The wife of the sick man explains to Jesus the reason her husThe

band has come. come. The wife: wife: The

is deaf, deaf, and he has an impediment in his He is speech. If you put your hand upon him, him, he speech. will be healed. healed. •... ••

The The sick man stammers out out some unintelligible sounds but his eyes plead with an eloquence his lips are are not able to put into words. words. (The sick man has probably at at some time had (The serious psychic psychic experience, experience, resulting in aa serious

(93) (93)

aa wish to to escape escape the the realities realities of of life. life. To To aid this this desire of escaping from life (of is unconsoious) unconscious) his subwhich he himself is conscious mind has caused his sense of his faculty of speech to cease hearing and his functioning, thus functioning, thus aiding him in avoiding other people. people. Such cases of derangement of sensibilities, originating with a certain sensibilities, a fit of of hysterics, hysterics, 1s is believed by modern fit psychiaters to be healing). be curable by mental healing). The wife of the sick man demonstrates how deaf he is is by beating together two pieces of wood, wood, making aa sound like aa shot. shot. The man does not move. not move.

The first first thing Jesus does (that aa modern mental healer also would do) do) is is to separate the sick man from the the crowd, crowd, especially from the hostile influence of the Pharisees. Pharisees. Only the the wife is is allowed to follow when Jesus guides him to a place where they can be unto to a disturbed. disturbed. Here Jesus makes him sit sit down. down. The eyes eyes of Jesus rest upon the eyes eyes of the sick man. man. "Then he puts his fingers fingers into his ears, and spits, spits, and touches his tongue. tongue. And looking up to to Heaven, ears, Heaven, he sighed and said unto him: him: "Ephaphatha", "Ephaphatha", that is is the Aramaic word for "Be "Be opened." opened." The eyes eyes of the sick man have alle this for this time been at the face face of Jesus. Jesus. Now aa ohange change takes place. staring fixedly at place . His face becomes deadly pale. falls into a so that his wife has face pale. He falls a swoon so to him. After aa few seconds he is is taken with aa violent fit fit of to aid him. convulsions, so so that the wife must make use of all all , her strength to convulsions, down. He tells them he is is suffering from terkeep him from falling down. in the head, head, particularly in in his ears. ears. He turns his head rible pains in to right and from right to to left, left, and he does does this so so quickfrom left to

ly that it it is is not not possible to distinguish the distorted features features of face. The wife would drag him away but he makes signs to her to his face. stay. Suddenly the the convulsions cease cease. stay. . For aa while he sits with a look. Then he raises his head and looks about as as if if listening downcast look. to some distant music. music. His wife is is looking at at him with astonishment, to astonishment,


saying The wife: wife:

Can you hear now? now?

The man only nods as as if if he does does not not wish to to be disturbed. disturbed. wife: The wife:

Can you speak too? too?

The man does not not answer at at once. onceÂŤ He looks at at Jesus, Jesus, smiling gratefully, gratefully, and then he catches the the hem of Jesus' Jesus' cloak, cloak, kissing it. it. Only then does does he turn to to his wife and answer her question -man: The man:

II am healed. healed.

He rises rises and goes back to to the square in in front front of the Synagogue

where he is is besieged by the multitude who ask him all all manner of questions. questions.

When Jesus returns the crowd gathers around him, him, being astonmeasure. Men in in the crowd say -ished beyond measure. 1. man: man: 1.

all things well. well. You make You have made all both to both the the deaf deaf to to hear, hear, and and the the dumb to speak. speak.

2. man: man: 2.

It was was never so so seen in in Israel. It Israel.

3. man: man: 3.

Is not not this this the son of Dav1d? David? Is

Pharisees, who are standing on the steps leading up to to the The Pharisees, Synagogue, seize the opportunity to to interfere. interfere. The most moderate of Synagogue,

them steps forward and begins speaking 5. Pharisee: Pharisee: Hearken: Hearken: he casts out out devils, devils, but only with 5. the help of of Satan. the Satan.

the weight of the accusation and Jesus realizes immediately the is in in danger of losing his popularity, popularity, but he faces faces the that he is danger. danger.

(95) (95)

Jesus: Jesus:

You say that I I cast out devils through Satan. Satan. But if Satan cast out Satan, Satan, he is is divided against himself, himself, how shall then his Kingdom stand?

He pauses. pauses. The crowd looks in the direction of the Pharisees but they do not respond. respond. Therefore Jesus continues Jesus: Jesus:

But if I I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, God, then the Kingdom of God has come unto you. you.

Pharisees. Jesus turns toward the Pharisees. Jesus: Jesus:

But I I say unto you, you, that every idle word you speak, speak, you shall give account thereof in the day of judgment, judgment, because he that is not with me, is against me, me, is me, and he that gathers not with me scatters. scatters.

to that of Jesus has spoken with aa force force and energy similar to the Prophets of old. the old. Doubtless he has carried the day. day. The crowd is is with him. him. The position of of the Pharisees is is only weakened when the fanatic one voice. one raises his voice. 6. 6. Pharisee: Pharisee: You dare to to teach us us_ who read the books every day. You books every day. You should should cease cease abominable doings and not deceive abominable doings reckless and not deceive people speech. people with with your your reckless speech.

divine your your the the

The other Pharisees do do their best to to stop the the old man but but he resists them until until he he has has finished, finished, when he leaves the the square -resists the sound of of his his crutches against the the stones stones of of the the pavement can the be heard for for some some distance. be distance. are not The Pharisees even though they have suffered aa setback are to give give up. up. One One of of them steps steps forward, forward, saying to to Jesus Jesus -disposed to 2. Pharisee: Pharisee: Once Once more more we we ask you to to show us us aa sign 2. that we we may see see and believe you. you. that

(96) (96)

And Jesus Jesus answering -Jesus: Jesus:

And II say unto you: you: there shall no sign be given unto this this generation. generation.

He is is about to to leave but but when he would make his way through the people they cling to to him and will not not let him pass. pass. Yet he would have aa final final word for for the Pharisees. Pharisees. Raising his hand and in aa loud voice he says says -speaking in Jesus: Jesus:

Heed the words of the Prophet Isaiah: Isaiah: bechosen. He hold my servant whom II have chosen. not strive, strive, nor cry, cry, neither shall shall not in the the streets, any man hear his voice in streets, victory. till he send forth judgment unto victory.

Then he went away with his disciples. disciples. But the crowd, crowd, impressed by the the strength and the force force of Jesus, Jesus, does does not not leave the place but continues discussing and debating the sayings of Jesus and the of the the deaf and dumb man and of the the man with the miraculous healing of hand. They also discuss the dispute with the Pharisees. withered hand. Pharisees. the Pharisees. Pharisees. Among Some side with Jesus while others side with the

those who side with Jesus we notice aa group of revolutionaries. revolutionaries. They have always accused the Pharisees of being luke-warm and to-day they have been inspired by the actions of Jesus. Jesus. They whisper among themselves -2. revolutionary: revolutionary: 2.

You see: see: he has great power over the people. people.

4. revolutionary: revolutionary: Yes, Yes, he was was like another man to-day. 4. to-day. 1. revolutionary: revolutionary: That is is what II said; said; he he is is aa born 1. leader. leader. 3. revolutionary: revolutionary: 3.

A man of action. A action.

5. revolutionary: revolutionary: 5.

we could only get him on our side. If we side.

2. 2. revolutionary: revolutionary:

If? shall. If? We shall.

(97) (97)

4. revolutionary: 4.

And if he refuses? And

1. revolutionary: 1«

We will urge urge him. Come. Come.

5. revolutionary: revolutionary: 5.

- at once? Now -

2. revolutionary: revolutionary: 2.

Why not?

by In order not to attract attention ·they they move slowly and one by gone . one in the same direction that Jesus has gone. • • ••. •

Jesus and his 12 disciples go to the house of Peter, Peter, who carefully locks the door. door. In addition to the twelve there are a few other followers who until now have considered themselves as disciples of Jesus though not belonging to the inner circle. circle. They are disturbed because of the preaching of Jesus and are murmuring

themselves. among themselves. 1. believer: believer: That was a 1. a hard saying. saying. 2. believer: 2. believer:

Who could hear it it without being offended? Vilio

Jesus heard them murmuring in in this this fashion he turned to When Jesus

them and asked -Jesus: Jesus:

it offend you? you? Did it

3. believer: believer: 3.

It offended the the Pharisees. It Pharisees.

Jesus: Jesus:

But did it it offend you? you? But

do not not answer. answer. Jesus Jesus oontinues continues -They do

Jesus: Jesus:

What if if you you shall shall see see the the Son Son of of man man ascend What up where where he he was was before? before? up

They do do not not answer answer but but the the words words of of Jesus Jesus appear appear blasphemous blasphemous They

to to them. them. Jesus Jesus continues continues -Jesus: Jesus:

The words words that that II speak speak unto unto you, you, they they are are The spirit, and and they they are are life. life. But But there there are are spirit,

(98) (98)

not. How is is it some of you that believe not. no faith? that you have no faith?

Jesus has spoken and then turns turns his face face away. away. Now those to whom he has spoken feel feel offended because of his rebuke and with faces they decide to to leave the room, room, some of them shaking scowling faces to themselves. themselves. "And they drew away and their heads and muttering to

left the house". house". Jesus realizes that he is to know is facing aa crisis. crisis. He wishes to how those in the inner circle feel. feel. Therefore he decides to to put twelve" to aa test and let them make their choice. choice. Have they "the twelve" too beginning to to waver? faith or are they too

He says unto them -Jesus: Jesus:

Will you also go away? away?

about, studying the faces faces of the other disciples. Peter looks about, disciples. Then he answers -Peter: Peter:

Master, e believe Master, to to whom shall we go? go? We you have the words of eternal life... life •••

Again Peter looks about to him. to see if if the others are with him. All of them nod assent. assent. Only Judas is is hesitant in in giving his approval. approval. •... ••

of the common people who trust in Outside the house aa crowd of

Jesus have gathered. gathered. In In their center is is the group of revolutionaries. They begin to to cry out, out, insisting that Jesus show himself. aries. himself. Jesus indicates to Peter that that he is is to out to Jesus to go out to them. them. is outside the other disciples, disciples, curious to to know While Peter is

(99) (99)

what is is going on, on, approach the half opened door. door. They are deeply interested in in the conversation taking plaoe place outside. outside. Now Peter returns and, and, after looking the door carefully, carefully, turns to Jesus and says Peter: Peter:

. They wish to make you their leader. leader.

The other disciples are watching the face of Jesus closely. closely. All of them have, kinghave, to some extent, extent, been dreaming of an earthly kingdom in positions. in which they would hold prominent positions. Jesus does not answer and Peter continues -Peter: Peter:

They believe God has sent you to free Israel from the Romans. Romans.

The face of Jesus bears a a troubled look. look. He realizes that up is aa failure. failure. No one, one, not even to the present moment his mission is disciples, understand his teaohing: teaching: that the kingdom of God is his disciples, kingdom. He He also realizes realizes the the danger he is is facing if aa spiritual kingdom. his activity as aa religious teaoher teacher and preaoher preacher unites him with to be be hostile to to the the Romans. Romans. aa political party known to

With an expression of sad resignation Jesus studies the faces him. Then Peter speaks again, again, this time with aa smile -about him. Peter: Peter:

They said that if you would not heed their come and take you by demand they would oome king... force to make you aa king •••

"king" causes Jesus to put aside the many thoughts The word "king" to give that have been racing through his mind and forces him to moment. He arises, arises, saying with attention to the needs of the moment.

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Jesus of Nazareth [2:4]  
Jesus of Nazareth [2:4]  

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