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Their Royal Majesties of An Tir

Kingdom of An-Tir

Tiernan Mor Dal Cais and Miranda Faoltiarna

Central Region The Shire of Dregate

Creakings September 2010

Dregate Shire officers Seneschal: Honorable Lord, Sir Lochlan MacLean Exchequer: Master Killian Carrick Chatelaine: The Shire of Dregate Herald: Lord, Squire Dalbach MacDara Arts & Sciences: Companion Osagarow of Karokorum Meeting Chronicler: Companion Osagarow of Karokorum Print Chronicler: Open Master of Stables, Equestrian, List: Lady Nora of Dregate Chamberlain: Open Iron Key: Lord Broc Aillig Gold Key: Lady Thorhalla Great Boke: Lady Mellisa MacCampbell Warlord: Honorable Lord Conual the Carrick Chirurgeon: Open Water Bearer: Open Web Master: Honorable Lord Cerdic Stuart

Shire Champions Heavy Armored Combat: Honorable Lord, Sir Lochlan MacLean Arts and Sciences: Lord Squire Dalbach McDara Bardic: Honorable Lord, Squire Ihon Macfearn Archery: Honorable Lord Senesu Rapier: Lord Squire Dalbach McDara Equestrian: Lady Nora of Dregate

Contents Upcoming Minutes Uppity Women Misc. Misc. Sept. Revel Game Corner Champions

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This is the September 2010, issue of the Creakings, a publication of the Shire of Dregate of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.) The Creakings is available from It is not a corporate publication of SCA, Inc., and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies. Copyright Š 2010 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. For information on reprinting photographs, articles, or artwork from this publication, please contact the Chronicler, who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.

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Upcoming Events September September Crown Border War September Revel Summers End

September 03-06 September 10-12 September 10-12 September 17-19

Glymm Mere Wealdsmere Dregate Krakenfjord

October Baron Dyon’s Memorial Tournament October 01-03 Gilbert O'Gormley Memorial Archery Fest October 08-10 Golden Swan October 08-11 Fall Equineox October 15-17 Octoberfest Toys for Tots Tourney October 16

Wastekeep Vulcanfeldt Appledore Cranehaven Wealdsmere

November Baroness’ Birthday November 6 Lions Gate Machiavelli and TUTR classes November 12-14 Danescombe Would you like to make an announcement? Send it to

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Dregate General Meeting Minutes August 30, 2010 Present: Lachlan, Conual, Senesu, Leonidas, Thorhalla, Aelfwynn, Kit, Dalbach, Khai, Teagan, Oso, Killian, Nattalie, Lachlan called meeting to order at 1:27pm Officer reports A&S- NTR Exchequer- 1290.36 in checking acct. The current reporting is confounded by Kingdom helping us with our numbers on the doomsday report. Killian and Runa are working with kingdom on the resolution. We’ve paid for some Revel expenses, and storage fees. Herald- no submissions since last report. Archery- NTR Marshal- unable to attend Seneschal- our shire reports are in and current. September Revel: Kai- Schedule is set up, will be sent to Cerdic for the website. Leona- gate, Oso nastycrat; Conual- archery defender tourney, Oso stickhorse race, Killian-heavy tournament, Andrew- rapier; Dalbach- feastocrat and breakfasts.Tavern night Friday night-Cerdic , Kai-signage. Site opens at 4pm Friday. Still needed-Servers for feast. Please contact Dalbach to volunteer. A discussion about Baronial status will be held at Revel. Championships: Oso-All champions are in charge of their tournaments. Proof of membership must be presented at the list tables or a member/honorary member will not be able to compete in the tournament. CalendarGeneral Meeting Sunday Sept 26th Omak Civic League park. 1pm fighter practice afterwards.

The Shire of Dregate Instant Tapestries Would you like to donate some favorite photos of past events? Submit them to the Creakings Clinton War 2000

Crowning the new King 2001 War Crown

Eowyn receives her AOA 2001

Herr Lyall brings a lot of guns to a knife fight. Ihon and Andrew 2005

Fur & Feather 2002

Ihon and Rhiannon 2005

Garvin and Killian, Heavy Championships 2006

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Uppity Women of Medieval Times By Vicki Leon

Eleanor of Aquitaine Throwing on some revealing gilded armor, rounding up a few thousand vas-sals and a couple of highsociety girlfriends in matching outfits, and riding off to the Crusades was just another lark for Eleanor of Aquitaine, easily the most glamorous household name around Europe in the twelfth century. Even given the fact she lived to be eighty-three, she crammed in an amazing amount of accom-plishment and adventure. To start with, she ruled as queen of France for fifteen years and queen of England for fifty more, producing ten kids when she wasn't busy with music, health care, or political maneuverings. A jet-setter 900 years before jets, Eleanor couldn't do just one thing at a time. While making her way to Jerusalem with husband King Louis on the Second Crusade, for instance, she noticed the carnage en route and founded a few hospitals to help out. That done, they moved on to Antioch, where Eleanor flirted with her uncle Raymond and other fun-loving royals of Syria. Damp-blanket Louie, meanwhile, shaved off his hair and beard-which moved the queen to say, "That chin is grounds for a divorce." Their marriage, which had produced two daughters, was eventually annulled; the Second Crusade, a major embarrassment despite Eleanor's contribu-tions, should have been annulled also. Now thirty, the new divorcee quickly wed nineteenyear-old Henry II, soon to be king of England. Was it real love this time? More like real estate: Their combined holdings included England and more than half of Francewhich really put a certain ex-husband's nose out of joint, as did Eleanor's ability to crank out male heirs with Henry. Soon there were eight little Plantagenets running around. This marriage turned out to be no bed of roses either, as Eleanor watched Henry get fatter and more faithless. In 1170, royally fed up with the philandering Plantagenet, she and daughter Marie turned their courts in France and England into troubadour-filled "courts of love," built around the premise that "true love is a game for single people." Passion might be fun and games, but Eleanor evidently found politics and war games more to her liking. At age fifty, she and two of her sons led her Aquitaine army against Henry. The king took it in double overtime and left the queen to spend her next fifteen years in jail. (Well, house arrest in one drafty castle after another-no day at the beach, anyway.) Once Henry died in 1189, Eleanor got out of lockup, and her favorite son Richard took the throne. Leaving Eleanor in charge of England, Ricky soon left for the Third Crusade, where Mr. Lion-Hearted managed to lose 95,000 out of 100,000 troops and get captured as well. Thanks to his ghastly performance, no one cared to raise his ransom. After Richard languished in a Vienna prison for two years, good ole mom had to step in, write hate letters to the pope, and hustle the 130,000-mark ransom herself. Although she'd never been keen on her youngest son Johnny (Henry's pet), Eleanor got him out of hot water, too, when he in turn became king of England. Nearly eighty when a rebellion against John flared up, she left her fireside, threw on her by-now deplorably unstylish armor, and led her own army to crush the opposition. A classy, take-no-crap, Katherine Hepburn of a woman whose zest for life never wore out, wouldn't you say? In a neat case of art imitating life, Hepburn herself won an Academy Award in 1968 for playing Eleanor of Aquitaine in that memorable and semi-accurate film, The Lion in Winter. Excerpted with most gracious permission from “Uppity Women of Medieval times� by Vicki Leon Please check out her other works at the website above. You will not be disappointed.

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Greetings As we head into the summer months, we see increasing reports of incidents happening at events, a lot of them involving alcohol and it's use to excess. Each and every participant is responsible for policing their own behavior and that of the members of their associated households. We need to take steps to ensure that our game does not devolve into a drunken frat party. We totally understand the desire to "have fun", "blow off steam" and generally "revel" at our events, however, we must take seriously any incidents resulting from such behaviour, especially those involving abuse, assault, vandalism, and any acts that will negatively effect the SCA in the eyes of the modern world such as authorities, land owners, and, it goes without saying, the media. Branch Seneschals, and their autocrat staff, should do everything reasonable to stay on top of this and to report any violations and infractions immediately. Any incidents with potential insurance claims and lawsuits also must be reported immediately. Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd Kingdom Seneschal, An Tir

"CONGRATULATIONS! After nearly 6 years of playing in the SCA, Tio (Sunesu) has finally decided to take his fighting commitment to the next level and has talked to Sir Osrik Wolfsbatr about taking him as a squire‌ and Oz agreed! Lady Teagan McKie

Dregate Champions Tourney October 1-3, Tonasket Rodeo Grounds. More information coming soon.

For all the latest information and schedules visit:

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From the Dregate Bylaws SHIRE CHAMPIONS: The Champions shall consist of Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Arts and Science, Bardic, and Equestrian. A person who has won the Champion's Tourney must be a local member/honorary member of Dregate. They are to be available as much as possible to defend the honor of all members of Dregate as well as be an exemplar of chivalry. The Champion shall be awarded the regalia of their rank that will be passed on to the following year’s champion, and a favor that is theirs to keep. Each Champion is responsible for organizing the next year’s championship, but may not compete in that championship. A person who enlists in a tourney must show proof of SCA membership and any required Kingdom authorization required for that discipline. The Champions must fight on the side of Dregate in times of war regardless of fealty or other affiliations unless otherwise directed by the Crown. The Twenty-Sixth Tournament of the Golden Swan October 8 - 11, 2010 Appledore - Cawston, BC Autocrat - HL Kendra the Undecided Wyndhaven Co Autocrat - HL Glynne-Rose Wyndhaven Judging Coordinator - HL Magdalen of Haphazard Manor The shire of Appledore invites one and all to join the estimable Ladies of the Golden Swan to celebrate scholarship and persona development during this event. respect the candidates and do their utmost to enable them to maintain their personas. The best way is to try to remain in persona yourself when the candidate is near. Tournaments: Armoured: On Saturday there will be the traditional Pas d'Arms for armoured, the traditional barrier is resurrected, ribbons will be available to all Ladies present in the gallery. On Sunday their will be the second annual Harvest Champion Tournament for Armoured fighters. Rapier: On Saturday there will be a prize Tournament. On Sunday there will be the third annual Cob's Championship Tournament. Feasts: On Saturday there will be a formal catered feast brought to you by HL Malcolm of Lamont and Mistress Elayne Greybeard, the bardic competition will be held at this time. On Sunday there will be a Potluck feast, we will be holding the Jawbone of the Ass competition. Everyone is encouraged to dust off their favourite puns, tales and songs to tease and entertain the populace, the Jawbone will be passed on to the person who is the favourite of the audience. Site opens at 4pm on Friday October 8,2010 and closes at 3pm on Monday, October 11, 2010. Site Fees: Adult: Non Member $22.00-Member (discount) $17.00 Youth (6-18) $10.00 Under 6 Free Family Cap $54.00 (+NMS if applicable) Adult Day Non Member $15.00 Member (discount) $10.00 Youth Day $6.00 Under 6 Free Family Cap Day $32.00 (+NMS if applicable) (Discounted Member fees reflect the NMS which is in effect for this event)

Golden Swan is a persona development challenge for female personas. The purpose of Golden Swan is to foster knowledge of the lives of women in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. A successful Golden Swan has acquired a level and depth of understanding of what a woman's life was like in a given time period that may be unequalled even in the highest academic circles.

Feast fee: $12.00 pre register $15.00 after October 1st

Prospective candidates must enter 12 categories. Eight are mandatory: Persona Development, Skills & Technologies, Costuming, Needlework, Calligraphy, Everyday Life, Courtesy & Etiquette, and Inspirational Behaviour. The candidate must also choose 4 of the following catagories: Games and Pastimes, Bardic, Dance, Survival Skills, Habitat, Food. All categories are open to anyone who would like to enter as individual contests.

Site Info: Name: Cawston Community Hall 2119 Main St. Cawston, BC v0x 1c0 Site address: Cawston Community Hall., 2119 Main Street Cawston Directions: Make your best way to Cawston which is located on Hwy 3 between Keremeos and Osoyoos. At the Amber light (Coulthard Road) turn left from Osoyoos, right from Keremeos. The next left is Main Street. One block down on the right side is a school located on the corner of VLA road. The next building on the right is the hall.

Golden Swan candidates are expected to remain in persona from Saturday morning until Court on Sunday, and will be subject to judging during this time. All other attendees are asked to

Please note: The location is camping friendly, with a nice hall to warm up in. There are flush toilets and running water. There is a grocery/liquor agent next door. Site is discreetly damp. Unfortunately absolutely NO PETS are allowed on anywhere on site due to rental restrictions.

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Annual September Revel 15 September 10-12, 2010 Camp Ortoha, Washington Autocrat: Lord Kai Dregate welcomes you to our annual revel, commemorating our shire's first event. Come find fellowship, relaxation and acquaint yourself with old friends and new. We will have Heavy fighting, archery, stick horses and our famous Dregate Feast and bardic. Feast tickets sold onsite Saturday. The site has bunk-style beds in communal cabins. For reservations contact Master Killian. Hot showers and bathrooms are on site. Please note there is a lake nearby so be cautious. The site is somewhat remote, please bring any special dietary items or meds that you require. The site is discreetly wet. Quiet pets, which are leashed and picked up after are welcome. AUTOCRAT: Lord Kai (Darius Thorne) CABIN RESERVATIONS: Master Killian Carrick (Kelly Cariker) SITE OPENS: 4:00 PM on September 10th and closes at 3:00 PM on the 12th. SITE FEE: Adults $12, 6-16 $6, and under 6 are FREE. Family cap of $36. SCA non member surcharge of $3 will apply. Make Checks payable to: Shire of Dregate SCA. FEAST FEE: $10. Children under 5 are free. SITE ADDRESS: Camp Ortoha- 8 Lost Lake Rd. Tonasket WA 98855 (note this address will not work on GPS or on the net- many signs will be posted) DIRECTIONS: There will be plenty of SCA signage! From the West, make your way to

Tonasket WA. From Tonasket, follow HWY 20 East for 16 miles and turn left at the Bonaparte Lakes Recreation Area. From the East, Republic side, follow HWY 20 West for 19 miles towards Tonasket and turn right at the Bonaparte Lakes Recreation Area sign. Follow the winding road for 7 plus miles. STAY ON THE PAVEMENT! Turn Left at the fork on the road towards Lost Lake then Left at the T intersection and Left again at Camp Ortoha.

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Game Corner TAFL An Ancient Viking Siege Game dating back to before 400 AD It was played throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, Germany, England, Wales and Ireland. The game was also sometimes called hnefatafl, meaning king's table. Historical tafl boards could have anywhere from 49 (7X7) to 324 (18X18) cells or squares. The Rules The following rules have been played a lot and seem to work pretty well. However, tafl is an ancient game that had many variations, so feel free to make any changes you feel might make the game fairer or more interesting. Board Layout The king is placed in the center. His men (the 8 dark pieces) are arranged around him in a cross (or a square if you prefer). The opposing men (the 16 light pieces) are arranged in four 'T' shapes in the middle of each of the four edges of the board. Moves All pieces move like the rook in chess - in straight vertical or horizontal lines. Pieces cannot jump each other, or take over another's space. Only the King may occupy the center square and the four outside corners, although others may pass through the center. Captures A piece is captured and removed when it is surrounded by two opposing men on opposite adjacent squares. This must be done by the opponent moving a man between two opposing pieces does not result in a capture. The king may participate in captures, but can only be captured when he is surrounded on four sides. Winning The king's side wins if the king reaches any one of the corner squares (some rules say any edge square, but most people find this too easy). The opposing side wins if it captures the king by surrounding him on four sides, or on three sides against the edge, rendering him unable to move. Optional rules: 1) Pieces may be captured by a single man against the board edge. 2) The corner squares of the board may be treated as brown (king's) pieces, and like the center square, no one would be allowed to occupy them except the king. An opposing piece could also be captured against a corner by a single man.

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The Shire of Dregate All Champions Event October 1-3 2010 Tonasket Rodeo Grounds, 35 Clarkston Mill Rd Tonasket Once again, Dregate locals and honorary members will meet in honorable combat for SIX championships- Archery, Arts and Sciences, Bardic, Equestrian, Heavy, and Rapier Each reigning champion will determine format for their discipline. Lists for each competition will be at gate, and proof of membership will be required to put your name on any list. There will be no exceptions, please come prepared. Campers welcome, fires allowed only to the extent the rodeo grounds grass will not be scorched. Tiki torches okay, provided they are attended. Horses not allowed on grassy area at any time. Dogs allowed, please clean up after them and keep them out of other gentle’s camps. Site fee: Adults $8, NMS(5$) applies. Children 15 and under $5, children 6 and under free. Single Day fee Adults $5, NMS (5$) applies Children 15 and under $3, children 6 and under free. No extra charge (or NMS!) for horses. Tentative schedule as follows- (if one tournament ends before tentative time, we will move to the next tournament.) Set up Friday October 1st, beginning 4pm. Soup and sop will be provided by autocrat. Tavern games and darts under shelter. Scavenger hunt for kids will begin. Saturday October 2nd Heavy inspection 10 am, Heavy tournament begins at 10.30 am. Reigning Champion: Sir Lachlan MacLean. Following Heavy tournament; Potluck lunch with Bardic Tournament to take place during this meal. Reigning Champion: HL Ihon Macferen. Please bring a potluck dish to serve 10. Rapier inspection 4pm, Rapier Tournament begins at 4:30. Reigning Champion: Lord Dalbach MacDara. End of tournament until dark: Equestrian practice and/or Archery practice Sunday October 3rd Equestrian warm up 9:30 am, Equestrian Tournament begins 10:00am Reigning champion: Lady Nora Arts and Sciences: right after Equestrian; between 11 and noon.. Populace bring your lunch and hear the A and S competitors discuss their entries. Reigning Champion: Lord Dalbach MacDara. Theme outline: make a tool your persona would use, give a brief synopsis of your persona, and document how the tool fits your persona. Archery: 2pm Reigning Champion: HL Senesu Chinua. Site clean up: right after Archery tournament until finished. Site closes 6pm. Autocrat: Companion Oso Ujin (mka Kim Jacobs) 509-486-1021 cell 509-846-3093

The Creakings September 2010  

The SCA Shire of Dregate Newsletter

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