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Callahan Welcome

~Welcome to the world of

CEO & Publisher Ben Callahan

Dream Magazine~

Brittany Callahan Photography Elbert John

Where our dynasty has begun to unwind. We have taken the average men’s magazine to a new level with some new faces & a reinvention of PrettyGirlSwagg. This issue we wanted to show love to

Events Embassy UK

Rho Photos Duane Johnson Micha’L E Photography Martin (NuReign) Drysdale Kazmere Photograph Tiffany Fernandez


some of the most innovative photographers, MUA’s & Stylists that the world has to offer. As promised we have featured some of the most stunning woman from all over the globe U.K to the Carribeans.

Make Artist/Stylist Naliriss Nashua Brenda Nadolny Deeva Glam Benita Stephens

Digital Imaging Ben Callahan

Inside you will find the true Executive Editor

definition of “Beauty”, in the sexiest lingerie fitted to every curve these Goddesses have to offer. These tantalizing vixens will have you imaging the

Brittany Callahan Dream (ISSN, 2157-149X) Nov/Dec 2010 VOL. 2 is published quarterly by Dream Enterprises. Single copy price $8.99 in both US and

Canada. Submissions


photographs, illustrations, and

unimaginable & leave you

manuscripts are considered unsolicitated materials and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the sent items. All rights

dreaming about our next issue.

reserved. Reproduction in whole without written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited.


Do you have what it takes to be a featured Dream Vixen? Better yet the Cover Model? If so, please submit a brief Bio & 3 pre-submission photos to include 2 full body and 1 headshot:

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Model: Cynthalia Bella Photography: Elbert John Make up/Stylist: Naliriss Nashua





DREAMV Introducing Height:5’9� Measurements: 34-25-41 Eyes: Brown

Cynthalia Bella

Cynthalia Bella is 100% percent Haitian and a certified dimepiece. She was born and raised in Boston MA where she started modeling in fashion shows and tap dancing at a very early age. She inherited the family lifestyle of looking fabulous and staying glamourous. Simply stated, a true fashionista. With the brains and the beauty on her side, the possibilities are endless. Cynthalia truly enjoys connecting with my fans, friends, and all that this industry has to offer. Be sure to stop by her page anytime. Keep in touch for the latest news and updates. Be on the lookout for the official site SexCBella Hugs and Kisses XOXOXXO!!!!! Celebrity Model Features: * feature * feature *Enfluenz Magazine-model feature * of the month *Bossup Bunnies Magazine-Model Feature 10


DREAMV *PurpleCityDreamGirls.Com-Model Feature * Beauty of The Day *Jamn 94.5’s Akrobatik Sports Rap Up Calendar 2010-Featured Model *Swagga Magazine-Model of the *Time 2 man Sexy of the week – http://www.time2manupcom/?p=2485

*Stiletto Talk Magazine-Model Feature *Louis Williams Birthday Bash-Model/Host *Illwear Fashion Show- Model *Andy Jaques Fashion Show-Model *Beantown Beauties Calendar Event-Model ~Thank you to all of my fans, thank you for all of your support! Special thank you to Mr. & Mrs Callahan for an amazing feature in Dream Magazine~ My fans can reach me @: ​ (Coming Soon) 12







Model: Karleen Kay Photography: Events Embassy UK, London Make up/Stylist: Karleen Kay




“I’m a very sexual being, I love sex & I’m famous for speaking on that topic”





DREAMV Welcome Ms. Karleen Kay, a brand new face in the industry let’s get to know what you have in store for us on your journey to being a glamorous vixen. D: So when did you get your first break in the modeling industry? K: I got my first break into the industry when I was at a club and a well known model in London Eden Black approached me and told me that Buffy the Body and Dwayne Darden were coming to London, and they were going to hold a competition. The winners were awarded a photoshoot for Summer Bunnies and Candy Mag. I thought I’d give it a shot although im not really competitive. Iv’e always loved glamour modeling I have stacks of Smooth Magazine’s that I think are really beautiful and creative. I admire all the work that goes into it, the photography, the styling, the makeup, even the retouching. Most people hate it and think it’s false advertisement, however I just think its about enhancing the image and making it perfect, after all it is Glamour! D: Inquiring minds want to know what is your ethnicity & where are you from? K: My mother is Caucasian English and my father is Black Jamaican D: Have people changed their prospective of you since you have become a public sex symbol? K: Before I got into the industry I didn’t really mix, I had a really tight group of friends. Being that we saw the same people in the clubs I didn’t really experience negativity. Now Iv’e become more outgoing and kind of put myself in the forefront of judgment, I get to see and hear all the other opinions on what I do. My friends and family love it but some people are disgusted by it! But I have so many supportive friends and family that all the negativity is pushed to the side. D: What are your goals as a model?

K: I’m just going to stay doing me, I won’t conform to what anyone else’s idea of a decent woman is to be successful, because that would go against everything I stand for which is realness! There is a lot of stigma surrounding models, many people think models are dumb, stuck up and more special than they are. I like to prove them wrong. Being addressed in a respectful manner I will talk to anyone ! even if a person doesn’t agree with something I have to say or do. 22


DREAMV D: Where do you live now and what do you do for fun there? K: I live in East London and I like to party! I also love music in fact I’m the biggest female Mobb Deep fan you will meet from London! In terms of partying my favorite genre of music is house and minimal techno. I love it we can rave all night, all morning and all day!! Then sleep for two days lol D: What kind of guy gets your attention? K:Sexy guys with swagger! I like confident men but not cocky, I hate that with a passion. Most importantly I hate guys who don’t respect women. D: Are you a sexual being? K: I’m a very sexual being, I love sex & I’m famous for speaking on that topic on facebook! D:So what exactly are your views on Sex? K: I think about sex a lot, I take the meaning of the phrase “SEX LIFE” quite literally, in terms of being in a relationship it’s a very important part of it, & a lot of time & effort should go into it. You should have two wardrobes one for your everyday life and one for your sex life! Lol D: Have you ever posed nude, if not do you plan to? K: I have never posed nude and I don’t plan to, not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but I actually like myself with a few stitches on!! Like I said it’s glamour baby!! D: Thank you for coming through, lastly where can your fans find you? K: My website will be launching early 2011, so they can find me on my website.




Model: Mileena Hayes Photography: Rho Photos Stylist: Brenda Nadolny


DREAMV Mileena Hayes is in the building!! You have so many fans that want to know all the enticing details of what you have in store for us & the thoughts within that beautiful mind! D: Can you give us an introduction to Mileena Hayes? M: Of course!! Mileena Hayes is a hard working Video Vixen, Model, and Designer who puts her all into whatever she sets her mind to. “I refuse to lose”. D: So many people want to know how did you get started in the industry? M: It all started with music, I was an artist (r&b) in the game since the age of 14 . That opened the doors to fashion for me. By the age of 17 I was dressing models for small fashion shows. I started to get approached at these events as a model, it’s like no one had a clue I was the designer. I ended up giving it a try and here I am.... My intentions were not to be a video vixen it just happened. I feel blessed!! D: And blessed you are! Now what exactly is your nationality & where are you from? M: I’m from CT, I’m multi ethnic, my Mom is Puerto Rican and my Dad is Black / Italian. D: Wow well that explains your exotic features! So you seem to be a very multi-talented and creative person, what other talents hide behind that beauty? M: I have my clothing line I’ve been working on for a little while. I will be featuring a few items on my website launching December 2010. The line is based on lingerie, it’s very unique and sexy! D: That’s amazing we wish you much success. Speaking of sexy, with you being in such a sexy business. Are you a sexual person?
 M: Yes!! Yes!!! Sometimes I pick fights just to intensify the sex experience later. Hahaha! Sex is Iike a drug to me, I can’t get enough. I love the way it makes me feel. D: Really? Can you recall the craziest place you’ve had sex?



DREAMV M: Do I have to choose just one? Lol! Ok, In the club, in a very dark corner, it was amazing till some drunk guy (don’t know if he saw us) started pissing on the wall next to us lol it was crazy! D: Very interesting! So being such a sexual person, have you ever hooked up with a female, if so how was the experience? M:Yes I have, the experience was amazing.... the thrill..... just because it was a female, it turned me on in different ways . D: Now that’s sexy! Now taking part in girl on girl action, do you enjoy Oral Sex? M: O MY GOD!!!! Best question in the whole interview lol. Of course! It’s my favorite part of fore play. I enjoy giving it as well, I love making my man feel good! D: I’m sure you are a guys ultimate fantasy! On another note You look very familiar. Where have we seen you before?
 M: You might have seen me in the Trey Songz ft Fabolous “Say Aah”, Red Cafe ft Fabolous “Im ill”, Lloyd Banks “Beamer, Benz, or Bently”. Redman & Method Man “Mrs International” videos and more. Magazines I’ve been in XXL, King, Smooth, Blackmen, Maxim En Espanol, Hip Hop Weekly, Straight Stuntin, LowRider Girls, and more. You can check out spreads and behind scences galleries on my Facebook, Myspace, and my website D: Amazing resume’, How was it being featured & leading lady in Trey Songz feat. Fabolous “Say Aah” Video? M: It has been the best video I’ve been in to date. I had sooo much fun and wasn’t expecting to be the lead lady. It was like seeing my dreams unfold in front of my eyes. D:Now being such a sex symbol in the industry, how do men react to you when they see you in public? M: Like they never seen a girl before lol I’ll just call myself a “neck breaker” lmao ;-)





“I love to kiss, lick and suck”


DREAMV D: LOL, with all the “Neck Breaking” action I’m sure lots of thoughts cross their minds. Let’s entertain a few with some sexual facts about you! M: Well let’s just say I love to kiss, lick and suck. Hahaha! D: MMmmm feast your minds on that gentlemen! Have you ever had any strange requests from any fans male or female?
 M: I’ve never really had strange request just typical request like my panties, I’ll be selling all items I wear on my website ;-) D: A website Yes what we all have been waiting for! What can we expect from your upcoming website ?
 M: The name speaks for itself. You’ll just have to find out, log on www.MileenaHayesXposed. com see for yourself ;-) D: With such a promising career in modeling, designing & being an overall mogul. What is your ultimate life fantasy? M: To fulfill all my dreams to their potential, to be at a stage in my life where I have good health, success and happiness. D: Well Mileena it has truly been a pleasure going behind the scenes with you, any final thoughts for your fans? M: Thank you for all your support it means so much to me. I’ll keep bringing the heat! Just keep the fire blazing ;-) A very special Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan for this lovely feature in Dream Magazine, much love to you! D: The pleasure was all mine, lastly where can your fans stay updated on your upcoming events & features? M: Be aware of all the Mileena Hayes Imposters out there!!! I can be reached on all of my “REAL” sites:** ** *Mileenahayesxposed- YouTube chanel*




Model: Queen Riese Photography: Duane Johnson Make-up/Stylist: Queen Riese


“The Bad Girls Club because its spontaneous and just crazy”


DREAMV Welcoming Queen Riese into the world of Dream Magazine. Please introduce yourself to your fans! R: Hey everybody!!! I’m the Queen Riese and you might have seen me in Straight Stuntin, Enfluenze and/or on over 15 websites. D: Nice, breaking your way right into the industry! Very different alias, how did you come up with the name Queen Riese? R: Riese is a nickname that I’ve had for years and I put the queen in front because it just fits! D: Ok so let’s get a run down of your stats: How old are you? What are your measurements and where are you from? R: Well I’m 25, my measurements are 34-25-40 and I’m from Columbus, OH. D: So being in the industry for a while with all of your features we have seen various shoots that you have done, but what kind of themed photo shoots are you interested in doing that you have yet to conquer? R: I’m open to almost all ideas. I would really like to do a airbrush photoshoot. D: That’s different sounds very sexy! In the modeling game sexy is a must so do you enjoy being sexy and what kind of things do you do to stay that way? R: Of course. I think every female loves to feel sexy. I don’t try to do anything in particular to be sexy. I do think one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel sexy is by pampering yourself. D: Yes that is truly important, so where do you see your modeling career in the next five years? R: I want to have at least 20 mags under my belt as well as video cameos, several hosting gigs and shot with the best photographers in the game. D: So with a rewarding career path in modeling have you ever considered posing nude for any features?



DREAMV R: No that’s just not my thing but I don’t knock those that do it. D: Understood, now to let a little fan curiosity out of the bag. If you could hook up with any female celebrity, who would it be and why? R: Amber Rose because she is uniquely beautiful, has a great sense of style and does her own thing. Very sexxxy. D: Great choice, I agree. Now you seem to very outgoing so let’s ask you this, If you could appear on any reality show, what would it be and why? R: The Bad Girls Club because its spontaneous and just crazy. D: Any reality show appearances in the near future and what can we expect from Queen Riese in 2011? R: LOL not at the moment, however so much more to look out for including my website, Magazine & video features, & upcoming event hosting. D: So it is true you have a website launching, what can you tell us about it? R: Yes I’m finishing up getting all my content together for my website. It will be very sexy and diverse. Come check me out for a peek D: Well thank you for taking the time to reveal some of what your fans can expect from Queen Riese. Any final thoughts for your fans? R: Thanxxx for all the love and support you’ve shown over the years. I really appreciate it and I never take you guys for granted. Thanks to Dream Magazine Mr. & Mrs. Callahan for allowing me this wonderful feature & beautiful cover. D: No problem we enjoyed you, lastly where can your fans find you? R: I can be personally reached @ or D: Keep a look out for Queen Riese on the Rise!!





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Model: Barbie Delacruz Photography: Micha’L E Photography Make-up/Stylist: Deeva Glam Addicts studio L.V



Introducing Barbie Delacruz

Name: Barbie Delacruz  DOB: October 23rd, 1980 Hometown: Southern California. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Stats: 34D-25-37 Fun facts ;) Loves sports Has a thing for nerds Loves to read and watch scary movies Barbie Delacruz started her career due to her exotic looks and Barbie doll like figure, which were things that encouraged her to pursue a modeling career. At 20 she  relocated to Las Vegas to where she worked as a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. After being spotted on set at one of the shows SPORTSbyBROOKS, a popular online sports destination, invited her to work as a model for them and she immediately accepted the offer. Since then she has been seen in many music videos, pictorials, print ads and fashion shows around the world. Barbie’s popularity continues to rise from day to day and she is one of the most beautiful Urban models on the west coast, having a very huge number of local as well as international fans, she’s heading for nothing but success. An independent, reliable, focused yet easy-going individual “Barbie” goes for what she wants. With her sensual looks and bubbly personality she brings glamour, professionalism, and diversity to every assignment.   Special thanks to the hottest photographer in Las Vegas Micha’L E Photography, Without a doubt my girl “DEEVA” over at Glam Addicts studio L.V. for painting me beautifully. Also many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan of DREAM MAGAZINE.




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MODEL: Creole China Doll (Kitty Kennedy) PHOTOGRAPHER: Martin (NuReign) Drysdale CLOTHING: Drizzle Lingerie & Treats


DREAMV We have the infamous Creole China Doll blessing us with her presence in Dream Magazine! For those that don’t know this Creole beauty here is your ultimate chance. D: Take a moment to properly introduce yourself to your fan? C: I am a 32 year young celebrity model from Louisiana (I’ll be 33 in Feb 2011)! I started in the business over 14 years ago, which was way before there was even such a thing as urban modeling! I’m self managed, self promoted, self invested, basically self-made. I manage two models, & serve as a consultant to many aspiring models. Photo retouching is my passion, which I do for myself, my models, photographers & magazines. I’m also EIC of Silk Magazine. D: Very impressive, you are the true definition of a Mogul! So tell us how did you come up with the name Creole China Doll? C: It was an easy choice for an alias because I embrace my CREOLE heritage & identify myself as such. CHINA DOLL was chosen because they’re delicate, beautiful, expensive & continue to gain value over time… like me. D: Such a beauty hailing from Louisiana, how has things changed for you in your hometown of Louisiana since your big success? C: In my opinion I don’t think it’s changed. Sure, people recognize me & some come up to me & ask if I really am who I am (imagine that!). But I’m used to people staring, pointing, whispering, etc. It’s been that way since I was a teenager. D: You seem very humble & down to earth, so what is the biggest misconception people have of you? C: Most people think I’m unapproachable. They would be right. Lol! No, that’s not true (smile). I’ve never met a stranger, but that doesn’t mean I want to be your friend either! D: With so much beauty in the modeling game, what sets you apart from other models in the industry?

52 30

“Do not sell your soul or your body for anything in this business�


DREAMV C: I don’t think there’s another model right now that simultaneously holds the 4 positions that I’m in, so that in itself puts me in a league of my own. I am talent (model), I manage talent (manager), I beautify talent (photo retouching), and I publish talent (editor-in-chief). D: That’s very sexy, beauty & brains! What is the experience like being Editor In Chief of a magazine and also being a top featured model? C: It’s kind of surreal. It keeps me on top of my game tho, because I know every time I get in front of the camera as a model, I know my own material must be on the same level as what I myself would publish in Silk. As Editor In Chief of Silk Magazine, I’ll settle for no less than upscale content & upscale looking models. D: Now has your role as Editor changed you perspective on modeling? C: No it hasn’t changed my perspective at all. The same standards I live by as a model are the same standards that guide me as an editor. D: Ok well sounds like you got the game on lock, What other projects have you done and what do you have on the horizon? C: I have been blessed to be published in print as well as digital. Aside from that I’ve done lingerie modeling, face modeling, promotions, & fashion shows. I’ve been in a music video before (Lil Wayne) & would actually like to do more. I wouldn’t mind doing hosting either. Upcoming projects are more magazine features, a calendar, website, registering my mgmt company with the state of Louisiana, my own T-shirt line… too many things to name. D: With so much experience under your belt, lastly what advice can you give aspiring models? C: Do not sell your soul or your body for anything in this business. Take your time, be persistent, promote yourself, & keep positive people in your circle. Most importantly invest in yourself! You must also network with people who can actually make a difference in your life. Having the right connections will open doors for unlimited possibilities. Dealing with jack-leg people will get you NOWHERE! C: Fans: The best way to contact me visit and 34 tana






Model: Kai Lei Photography: Kazmere Photography Make-up/Stylist: Kai Lei


“I would like to have sex in an elevator! Preferably a glass one, the idea of being caught or seen excites me�


V Celebrity model Kai Lei has stopped by Dream Magazine to give us the insider of what she has going on in the modeling game right now. Can we get personal & find out what Kai Lei the model has been up to? K: Of course, let’s go!! D: So you been in the game now for almost 2 years! How was your 2009, your first year of modeling? 
 K: It was fast!!! Lol I did a shoot practically 4 days out the week, gained a lot of exposure and learned a lot! D: Now being in front of the camera as often as you are, you have to be able to excentuate your sexiest feature. What is yours & why? K: My eyes. They are naturally green and change colors. They’re also small and chinky which I think gives me a sexy bedroom eyes sort of D: Other than your naturally beautiful eyes, what sets you apart from other models? K:

I think physically I have a different look than a lot of the models that are already out right now. I think I owe that to being African American and Samoan. I am a goofy person, I love to make people laugh and smile. I’m very humble and very kindhearted. D: Samoan/African American very nice!! How has your diverse background & exotic features helped you in your modeling career thus far? K: I personally have never heard of anyone model wise, being the mixture that I am , I think it gives me and advantage because I am bringing something different to the table. D: Is it true that you started in the industry as a make up, why the transition? K: I was asked by one of the photographers I did (and still do) makeup for to get in front of the camera and try it out. I actually still do makeup now, I think modeling has helped me out tremendously in my career as a makeup artist as well. When I got to shoot 9 times out of 10 I did my own makeup and if they photographers like it they usually hire me to do makeup on other models as well.


V D: Multitalented I see, so other than MUA work & magazines, what other type of modeling assignments do you get? K: I do a lot of public appearances with event hostings! So the clubs have become sort of my second home ;) D:Ok so let’s get a bit more personal & venture into the enticing side of Kai Lei. Would you consider hooking up with a female celebrity, if so who would it be and why? K: LOL, well Rosalyn Sanchez is the only woman who ever has a chance with me. That woman is gorgeous …her lips ,her eyes, her teeth, her hair, even her accent is pure perfection. She is flawless in my eyes. D: Well if Ms. Sanchez reads this & contacts you let us be the first to get the inside scoop lol. Now do you have any unfulfilled fantasies? K: I do actually, I would like to have sex in an elevator. Preferably a glass one. The idea of being caught or seen excites me!! D: Wow, enough said! So our sources tell us you have a website coming out, can you tell us what we can expect? K: YES!! we are going with a whole “Bionic Woman” theme for the site and I’m super excited! I will have posters for sale and my upcoming calendar on there as well. It should be dropping January 2011. D: Well I’m sure your fans are anticipating the launch! It was a pleasure to have you with Dream Magazine. Any final thoughts for your fans? K: I just want to thank each and everyone for their support, love and kind words. I appreciate and love you all more than you will ever know! Special shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan for an amazing time & feature in Dream Magazine ;) D: Anytime, come back soon for some upcoming events. Where can your fans stay updated? K: * ** * **




Model: Nicole Sweet Photographer Tiffany Fernandez Make-up/Stylist Benita Stephens


DREAMV Nicole Sweet, sounds so innocent but yet so fierce! Let’s dig deeper into who the industry’s newest vixen is!! D: Ms. Sweet your fans want to know more about who “Nicole Sweet” is, will you grant us access? N: Access Granted, ready when you are!!! D: Inquiring minds want to know, are you as sweet & innocent as your name states? N: I think I am very sweet. Now for innocent, I’m not so sure about that one. Never really heard that but I have been told that I’m Sweet. D: What do you think sets you apart from other models in the industry? N: I know exactly what I want, and I don’t mind working for it. I also have NO intention of sleeping my way to the top. I think I have the drive and focus to get there. D: With so much drive & determination to make it to the top in the industry, is modeling where you see yourself in five years? If so, what kind of modeling do you want to focus on? N: I absolutely LOVE modeling and would love to be doing it in 5 years, if everything else falls into place. And Glamour modeling is my passion. I love my body and I think everyone else should love it too. Lol. No, I’m kidding. I just enjoy the simplicity of glamour modeling. Me in my bare essentials! D: Speaking of your “Bare Essentials” What’s your favorite body part? Why? N: My legs! I love that they’re long! D: During your modeling career, What else do you hope to accomplish besides magazine features? N: I’m definitely interested in doing music videos and album covers. I really appreciate music and the influence it has.


“I think I am very sweet! Now for innocent, I’m not so sure about that one”


DREAMV D: Well we wish you well with that accomplishment. Just to kill some curiosity your fans have. Can you tell us an interesting sexual fact about yourself? N: We’ll that’s for me to know, and for them to find out ;) D: LOL ok, so answer me this, What’s your favorite part on a man? N: Lips, believe it or not lips can tell a lot about a man. If his lips are crusty, he probably can’t keep up with himself. D: So gentlemen Ms. Sweet has spoken, moisturize those lips before approaching her for an autograph ;) D: We want to Thank you Nicole for showing Dream so much love, any final thoughts for your fans? N: “Be yourself everyone else is taken.” Special thank you to Dream Magazine Mr. & Mrs. Callahan for taking the time to grant all access to my fans, hopefully now those unanswered questions have been entertained! D: Thanks to you as well, lastly where can your fans stay updated on your public appearances, features & upcoming events? N: You guys can log onto facebook and search my name and agency Addicted Models, and also, Follow @addictedmodels and @sweetluvnicole on twitter





Photography: Studio-Shawn Model: Aisika Mai Make-up/Stylist: Aisika Ma






Introducing Aisika *The Lady Boss*

Hometown: Bangkok Thailand Measurements: 36D-28-38 Sign: Sagittarius

Aisika was born in Bangkok Thailand. She began her modeling career in 2008. This Asian sensation moved to the United States in 2009 to find more opportunities as an Asian model. Aisika currently resides in the city of Angels which is only fitting for a “Lady Boss” as herself. When Aisika isn’t making it happen in front of the camera she is working hard in school for accounting. This combination of brains and beauty enjoys spending time with friends and family, when she’s not practicing yoga, working out, cooking or creating her own recipes. With her busy lifestyle, and relentless determination it’s no surprise that Aisika aspires to be one of the best Asian models ever. Aisika has been featured on the reels of over 20 photographers, some of which are; Howard Harris, Shawn Ellis, Ron Rowland, Donnell Marsh, Jonathan Ortiz, Kelvin Craver and David Vendenge. Aisika hopes to inspire others to love themselves and reach for their dreams. Be on the look out, this orient express is going full steam ahead! Thank you to all my fans & supports, special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan for giving me this opportunity to be apart of Dream Magazine.



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