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Diseases Caused by Cigarette Usage

Diseases Caused by Cigarette Usage

Tobacco is becoming a daily usage item even for youngsters nowadays. I have seen even small kids are using cigarettes just because they have seen their elders doing so. Every 2nd person is addicted to tobacco and can not leave it for good. Hence it is mentioned on every packaging "Tobacco is injurious to health. It causes hazardous diseases." But people don't learn from it and keep using tobacco.



Following diseases are caused by the usage of Tobacco Lung Cancer COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Heart Disease Stroke Asthma Reproductive Effects in Women Premature, Low Birth-Weight Babies Diabetes Blindness, Cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration Over 10 Other Types of Cancer, Including Colon, Cervix, Liver, Stomach and Pancreatic Cancer

Why Tobacco use is increasing?

Most of people think that making styles while using cigarette, and ejecting smoke from the mouth is cool. This is why the usage of tobacco is also increasing and children are using it because they see their elders use it. Some people are forced by their friends or company they sit in. But they do not consider the end result of becoming a patient.

It is clearly mentioned on cigarette boxes that it is injurious to health but I don't know why people don't heed to this advice. If these people know how much they are causing trouble to themselves and to the people around them. As a father is using cigarette in the house, it is not only him whose health is in danger. His daughter, son, and his wife are also in danger of such diseases.