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Midwifery Consultant - Caring for New Mothers The duration of a pregnancy, the birth of a baby and its postnatal care are most crucial for the well-being of both mother and infant. Parents are expected to make tough and important decisions on how to care for the mother during her pregnancy; whether to opt for public support services or private establishments? Whether regular check up from a GP would be sufficient or if the services of an obstetrician would be required? Whether they should opt for a birth Centre or home birth? Whatever the situation may be - nothing beats a system and pregnancy experience founded on personal guidance and consideration during the antenatal, birth and postnatal period. This is where a private midwifery consultant can provide continued support and care for expectant mothers and their families.

The term midwife stands for “with woman” and refers to a special health care professional who offer both antenatal and postnatal care to childbearing women. Midwives act as partners to such women for the duration of their pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal stages, providing one-onone interaction, education, support, and care. They are trained to intervene only if necessary in the birth process and in accordance with a mother’s wishes. They can work in relation with the obstetrician, providing the best support and guidance to mothers all over Australia. Midwifery consultants can refer women to obstetricians and other appropriate health care and medical professionals if the care required by the mother does not fall under their scope of practice.

Midwives and Mothers Australia, MAMA, operates to provide this specialised and continuous care to families across Australia. MAMA also facilitates antenatal education classes in an effort to provide new mothers with information and tools to improve their pregnancy and assist with birth and postnatal care. Calm Birth classes follow the belief that “pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events”. Expectant mothers are taught the techniques of relaxation, breathing and visualisation to encourage a stress-free and prepared pregnancy, labour and postnatal period. In addition, Childbirth Education classes seek to educate expecting mothers in safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. Whether it is antenatal care or postnatal guidance, MAMA offers a wide range of services that aim to provide affordable midwifery care, which is now endorsed by Medicare. Through this

committed support for Australian women and their families, they hope to improve this underresourced sector of Australian health care. For more details visit us at

Midwifery consultant caring for new mothers  

The duration of a pregnancy, the birth of a baby and its postnatal care are most crucial for the well-being of both mother and infant.

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