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Powerful Woman of God I am Empowered, Encouraged, and Enlighten by the support you all have extended to me over the years. I can only make things better and keep it moving for Greater. I have created many avenues for you to keep up with me as I embrace this Movement in Divine Connections. In Deuteronomy 8:18 God says he gives us power to get wealth. Power can also mean creativity. This means to me there is no limit to the creativity to do what we need to do and encourage others while we are doing it. So I am connected with some Divine resources that I can provide a platform to share your business, church event, and empower you in this journey call life. We all need to be encouraged. These resources included Divine Con-

nections Magazine, Newsletter, Internet show, mobile app, custom qr code, and promotional items for your church or business.




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Marketing Itex Network 4 Marketing

October 22, 2012

October 24th, 2012

November 15th, 2012

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Jewelry Party

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Greater Cleveland Ave.

4200 Penny Rd.

Moving to Mobile

Panera Bread


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“Your heart is the central part of your body, with out it nothing else matters!” Nellie A. Wosu

Cari Pearl & Ms. Sherri Brown Cali Pearl and Managing Partner Ms. Brown received her training and expertise in financial services by working for two of the largest brokerage firms on Wall Street. She has since expanded her Wall Street experience by becoming Managing

I believe that it is only right and fitting for us to share a word with one another, a word of encouragement thr ough the trials, tribulations, triumphs and victories in our very own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

it is not functioning prop-

Phyllis Avery is a Coach, Author, and Speaker with special emphasis on Career Development and Emotional Wellness for Women Professional Affiliations include Board of Directors for Psi Chi and SIOP


retirement planning and estate planning. Ms. Brown is committed to educating women about the importance of saving and investing as it takes commitment and education to become the women we are all destined to be.

Min. Nellie Johnson

The heart is the central part of the body. When

Mrs. Phyllis Avery Phillips “Overcome little girl syndrome”

Partner of the Cali Pearl Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Greensboro, NC. Ms. Brown specializes in advising career and professional women in the areas of comprehensive financial planning,


erly all other things are out of order. A word can put the heart at rest. A word can bring joy to the heart. A discouraging word can place the heart in pain and agony. So we must choose our words cautiously. In Proverbs 15:13, we are told: "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, But by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken."

It is time to mend our broken hearts. It is time for healing and a new way. A new life. A fresh start. Today is your time to be renewed. No matter where life may have led you, today, I am here to let you know through this word of encouragement, that you are loved by the Most High.

(Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologist) Phyllis received the 2011 Volunteers service Award for her service as a mentor for Big Brother and Big Sisters is an Administrator for Black Women Empowered and

is available for workshops, discussions and keynotes.

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Mrs. Jeannette Hampton (Homes of Honor) The Hamptons are founders of Liberty in Christ Fellowship Outreach Ministries in Greensboro, North Carolina. They have been married for 40 years. Their ministry focus was and continues to be "tearing down walls that separate and divide"

through marriage and Homes of family counHonor seling, mentoring teens and children suffering from severe emotional prob-

helping empower families to build strong communities in order to change the culture to impact our world for the next generation.

lems . The Hamptons are committed to

Tamara Dix Author of Whispers from my Father Restoration Through Conversations with God Tamara founded Naomi’s Care Ministries in 2008. Naomi’s Care nurtures the spiritual, emotional and social development of all seeking freedom from their past searching for an understanding of how a relationship with God works. Tamara believes in

being armed with the necessary tools to change life as we know it and find that great plan God has for us. Series teachings include: Private Prayer – Public Power, But He Loved Her – Sexual Sin, Soul Ties and Promiscuity, Breaking Hearts - Recog-

nizing Unhealthy Relationship Patterns and Becoming a Woman of Kingdom Influence.

“Private Prayer Public Power”

Ms. Shaunielle Foster Footsteps To Follow is here to allow children to develop into the next step ahead without feeling left out. Motivation to keep them heading in the right direction from ages 2-18. We provide the guidance that is need for the next footstep. Our mission for Footsteps to Follow is to create our children of today into our future of tomorrow. In a way that confidence strengthens their

soul, lifts their spirits, encourage their inner beauty and promotes fun and exciting moments in their lives! We aim to empower and motivate all children the Triad area with the tools needed to achieve all of their goals. Some issues that our children face are low self esteem, fear of failure or embarrassing situations could keep them from facing life issues and taking on op-

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portunities and here at Footsteps To Follow...we guide them in the right direction. The main objective of a child motivation is to understand the root of the problem that causes a child's particular behavior. The power we desire for our chilMs. Black North Carolina dren is not the outward power that USA 2012 bullies have over their victims but the inner power that a truly strong & CEO of Footsteps to Follow person has over the direction of their own life.



“Shepherding your flock in the digital age” BUSINESSES/ORGANIZATIONS “ Moving your business through mobile”

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Call to Register Forum will be in Winston-Salem, NC We can build you mobile site and create your promotional items.

Nov. 15

ITEX NETWORK JOIN ME OCT 24TH An evening of fun, networking, bartering, speakers and hearing about the latest BUZZ Learn about the fastest way to increase your spending dollars with a centuries old tradition now adding a high tech touch: BARTERING with ITEX Triad.

The evening will include: Door prizes. Learning about Bartering the ITEX way! Networking with the Triad business community. Fun educational professional speakers.

Growing in our local Triad is a system that can help you to save money as well as earn it by just taking your hard earned money and making it work within the local economy.

Avery Henderson

John Faircloth/ Angel Guerrero

Door Prizes and much more! Do not miss this great opportunity to make you business get seen, referred and prosper with ITEX Triad! For information call 336-403-5426

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