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Celebrating Women In Business The kitchen Sink Vol. 1 Issue 28

Happy Thanksgiving

Mycha’s Corner

The Kitchen Sink

With Covid-19 numbers on the rise, this year's Thanksgiving will be like none before. In Oklahoma Thanksgiving is a time for family, to connect with those we don’t see every day. Most important for my family? It is about the food. Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving foods, for my husband it is about the turkey and pie. For my sister it is about the green bean casserole, the kids are always about the rolls and desserts. After a long debate, my family agreed to a virtual Thanksgiving.

I think the most important step would be to pick a method for video chatting. There are a bunch of different services depending on your phone/tablet, internet provider. My family uses Facebook messenger just because everyone has Facebook, and it is pretty easy to use. But don’t forget about Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, Alexa Portal. There is something out there for every skill set. I would put the most tech savvy person in charge of this aspect of your Virtual Thanksgiving.

I have heard from my friends they are enjoying visiting their families, but you can only talk about so much before they are over it and ready to do something different. I thought I would share some activity ideas for hosting a virtual event. Like all good parties, having a plan for the day of what everyone wants to do together will make everything run smoother. Get with your family and make a schedule together, maybe not everyone will be able to be online all day. So, have a schedule and a plan that works for everyone. For example, plan 9am- 11am as Grandma’s cooking lesson.

Get in the kitchen together and have a cooking class. Watch grandma make her famous stuffing then someone else can teach the group to make another favorite. Being apart doesn’t have to mean you can’t still get that wonderful kitchen time together. So, gather around in your separate kitchens, teach and catch up with your family.

Games! Plan a few games to play together. Bingo, Pictionary, Virtual scavenger hunt. There are too many games that can be played virtually. I can’t even name them all. Watch the parade, football, or movies together. Anything that gets your family participating together and having fun together is the whole point of thanksgiving.

In a time where so many people, families are divided, Thanksgiving is a chance to reconnect. A chance to move forward in harmony and pie. Love your people.

Happy Cleaning
Mycha Rose

My name is Mycha and I am twelve years old. I love to read, draw and create activities for other kids like me. Join me each month as I create a free downloadable activity for you to enjoy either by yourself or with your family.