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Celebrating Women In Business The Kitchen Sink Vol.1 Issue 15

Back To School

The Kitchen Sink

August means back to school for most families in Oklahoma. Even with Covid-19, this year is no different. I want to be clear on where I stand on this important topic - whether you are choosing to homeschool, sending your children back to school or online school, I know these are hard choices and I want to say good for you. Everyone is doing what they feel is right and difficult choices are being made all around. So, support your friend's and family's school choices. My first tip is how to keep track of masks, kids loose them quickly. The answer? Lanyards. I attached my son’s reusable mask to a breakaway lanyard. I plan on getting one for each day of the week. This ensures he will have a clean mask each day. You can also attach a hand sanitizer to the lanyard depending on your child’s age.

I have heard from a few parents that they worry about how to sanitize backpacks, library books, and car seats. For car seats and backpacks I would recommend investing in a spray bottle and 70 proof rubbing alcohol and spray down your car and car seats when you get out. I would spray the backpacks and leave them on the porch for 30 mins or so. As for library books DO NOT spray them with anything, you could damage them. You can wipe the covers down with Lysol, but the schools and public libraries have a system in place to sanitize them. I do not know about your family, but my kids are stain magnets. I am a big fan of Oxi clean, I like to add a scoop in every wash. With the children, I like to spray their clothes before I put their laundry in the basket, by the time I get their laundry washed it has sat long enough that the stain comes right out.

I know this is a particularly stressful time for us all, so please remember the only thing we should be spreading right now is Kindness.

Happy Cleaning