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Big Tujunga Creek - A Great Campsite in Los Angeles The Big Tujunga appears to be a surprising location. It is close to a big city but definitely in a wilderness area and away from the bustle of the city. It can be accessed from many offshoots from the Big Tujunga Canyon Road, depending on whether you want to go to the higher reaches for the rapids, or to the lower end for calmer waters and more suitable fishing pools. Big Tujunga Creek is remote from stores and services and the nearest supply centre is a 7-11 about 18 miles away so taking what you need is prudent as vacation time spent driving back and forth is a waste of valuable camp time - especially as there is so much to enjoy in this area. Famous for its white-water rapids and fast flowing waters, the Big Tujunga Creek offers rafting, canoeing, and is stocked with trout when the water levels are high enough for those who enjoy fishing. For campers there are numerous camping facilities along the banks of the Big Tujunga Creek most of which require hiking to reach. As these sites are away from amenities, there are no facilities such as toilets and showers so it is a good idea to take along a portable camping shower - Rangers and fishermen alike do not take kindly at all to adding polluting detergents in the creek water! The creek flows quickly down the upper reaches and calms a little as it make its way down the valley. Whitewater enthusiasts should go there in the spring to experience the highest flow. The camping/hiking area is about 3 miles long so affords plenty of opportunity for campers to choose a site that suits them and the activities they intend to pursue. The creek itself has white water rapids to enjoy and Big Tujunga Creek, camping creek, wilderness creek all have stocked trout fishing available. This is not an area for the hiker-shy, the many trails around offer plenty of scope for those who enjoy walking.

Visitors can also enjoy hunting or target shooting for those who prefer their wildlife alive; there is a nearby wildlife refuge center to visit. The trails along and above canyon creek offer a great place to mountain bike as and the lower reaches offer mountain biking trails suitable for youngsters or the not-so-adventurous. The creek is a wonder of nature, with small canyons and pools and a number of pretty waterfalls. Overall there are numerous reasons to choose to visit this area, it has something for everyone outdoors - but as it is remote, remember to take essentials such as food, camping equipment and spare clothing. For those who want to enjoy the experience more, some small luxuries such as comfort mats, camping chairs and a portable camping shower can make slotenmaker amsterdam zuid a longer stay much more amenable.

Big Tujunga Creek - A Great Campsite in Los Angeles  
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