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Facts About Girls and Concussions you Might like to Know before you compete this Year!

If We Don’t… Who Will?

Girls are two times more likely to

suffer a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury than boys are.


most of the research and education is aimed at boys’ sports.

That is

why, one of America’s leading Brain Injury in youth sport advocacy groups, has

brought forth Atalanta’s Pride. The message is clear. Girls are being

hurt in record numbers. Therefore the time for action is now!

“Looks Can be Deceiving” Concussion and Brain Injury has all but ruined the life of our Director Tracy Yatsko; former High School Athlete turned Activist.

Girls have a much higher percentage of TBI then boys do in Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Softball. Concussion Rates in Girls for Soccer is 2 times more then that of boys, 1.6 times higher in Basketball, and 2 times greater in Baseball/Softball. Girls are more likely to report injuries but the symptoms for girls with concussions versus boys do tend to be more subtle. At least 40% of Girls will return to play before the concussion has resolved itself. Different Symptoms for Girls: Girls report Symptoms that are more likely to include Drowsiness and Sensitivity to Noise then boys who seem to display symptoms of disorientation, confusion, and amnesia. Girls’ necks are not as muscular and therefore are not able to absorb and react to severe blows as well. The female brain therefore takes the shock from a blow mush more severely. Girls tend to be less educated on the risk of concussion. This applies to athletes, coaches, and parents too! 22870 NW Alder Street, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 Phone: 503-799-8383 Fax: 503-214-5506 E-mail: brainchampions@gmail.comAtalanta’s Atalanta’s Pride Director: Ms. Tracy Yatsko 570-778-8548

Girls Concussion and Youth Sports Education • Prevention • Advocacy Atalanta is one of the few mortal heroines in Greek Mythology. She possessed great athletic prowess; she could run, hunt, shoot and wrestle almost as well—if not better—than any man. What she stood for guides our efforts now to stem the tide of the most dangerous and deadly injury plaguing girls in youth sports. Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injuries suffered while competing.

Ms. Tracy Yatsko; Program Director Mr. Dirk T Knudsen; Founder / Co-Director

Only you can help Make it Better

All The Info You Need is available from our Friends at: HeadsUp The CDC Has Terrific Materials.

Join The Pride

There are Major Differences that Impact Girl’s who get concussions and brain injuries

The Legacy of Change Begins Now The Atalanta’s Pride Program starts now with all of us

While almost all research and education on Concus-

changing the way we do things. Here are a few highlights of

sions is based on data collected on boys, there are

what we are asking from our girls.

major differences. Symptoms girls experience are

different and knowing that is crucial. Girls are known to play with a competitive instinct and will

battle to succeed which exposes them to head injuries. The desire to not report and injury and appear

strong and “play through the pain” is prevalent

Change Has to Start Now

amongst girls. This is a very dangerous reality.

The number of young women participating in sports is at the highest level ever.


so are Concussions and Brain Injuries.


show that the occurrence of Concussion and Brain •

Injury has risen almost 450% in 11 years in the High School ranks alone. Yet to date these most deadly

and damaging of all Sports Injuries have been treated as trivial.

Now we know that Girls ages K-12 are at the greatest risk of any segment . Atalanta’s Pride is the first educational program to address the risks and challenges unique to girls and to look at how we can turn these devastating statistics around. The Time for Change is Now and we need you to make a commitment to help us. Together we will succeed in making sports safer for all girls and make sure we empower them, their coaches, and parents with information they need to succeed in this goal.

Change Starts With You

Studies show that at least 40% of Concussions suffered by girls are not reported. In addition girls suffer 5 times more headaches then boys do. They are more likely to write off a concussion as just another injury, and not realize it could be something much worse. Girls have biological, sociological, psychological, and anatomical aspects of their make up that put them at greater risk then boys. Yet they are the least talked about group in terms of Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Join us by signing up to help at

Make Use of the CDC Heads Up For Concussion Educational Materials. Get trained by watching any of the approved online educational videos and take the online quizzes. Talk to Parents and Coaches at your school and ask them if there is a good Concussion Management plan in place. What will your team or coach do if you or a teammate is hurt? Talk about the risks with your team. Become knowledgeable about the unique things effecting girls in sports and take ownership. Commit to self reporting and to reporting team mates who are showing signs and discussing symptoms on and off the field/court. Work within your community to educate and promote safe sports and sound concussion policies in your league and school districts. Help us raise the Standards of Care and expectations of our Coaches, Trainers, Administrators, and Parents too! By signing up at the website you are agreeing that you are affiliating with Atalanta's Pride to do your best to further our efforts to prevent TBI's and Concussions. We will issue you a letter of Public Service and Community involvement that you can use on your resume for college or work now and in the future.

By helping us you are helping to save lives and improve the life of athletes now an in the future and protect all of the things we love about sports.

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