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ove at first sight has been the slogan in the

world of entertainment. And we are not talking

automotive trade forever. But the testing part is

just movies here, there’s more to entertainment

to create a long-lasting relationship and sustain

than the 70MM screen in this issue. We have

the love affair for decades. As we turn two

television series, sports, songs, books, comics,

this summer we’d like to believe that even our

cartoons… everything that has entertained you

relationship will head on the same lines as you

over the years.

have with the brand – Mercedes-Benz.

The three-pointed-star is one of the most

The three-pointed star embodies values such as

recognisable global brands in the world. It’s

panache, luxury and perfection — all of which

true that the automotive movement through MB

we have tried to incorporate in our magazine as

started more than a century ago but today the

well. Just how MB has set world-class standards

brand is much more than just that. MB is also a

in innovation, design, et al, we constantly

huge part of the entertainment world. The two

work towards bringing out an edition that

have worked in synergy for decades now. The

has the same essence as our brand. We aren’t

classic Mercedes-Benz models have all made

content just to meet the required standards but

a name for themselves in the entertainment

believe in going a step ahead always to bring

industry. Arguably no other automaker is

you something which is out-of-the-box. And

represented in the world of entertainment on a

this couldn’t have been possible without your

similar scale. The range of models featured, the

endless support.

purposes they are used for, the generations of

In these two years we have created our own

models in movies and shows, and the countries

identity and carved a niche for ourselves.

where they are depicted is truly extraordinary.

And as we celebrate two successful years, we

Over recent decades, everybody be it from

thought of doing something special for you.

the world of cinema to animation to comics to

Many ideas floated in our minds… but the one

literature and more have offered a fascinating

we zeroed in on was how Mercedes-Benz has

slant on the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

changed everyone’s life forever. For MB it was

From exquisite vintage models to dependable

not a question of creating shapely, functional

taxis, elegant sports cars to prestige sedans,

individual automobiles, but of generating a

the qualities of Mercedes-Benz have been

brand identity at the same time. Today the brand

highlighted in a variety of genres. Mercedes

has not only been tremendously successful at

automobiles have become ingrained in the

creating iconic beauties, it is deeply embedded

psyche and landscape of both real life and reel

in our lifestyle as well.

life. That’s what we are going to explore in this

And that’s the mantra for our second

special issue. Hope you’ll enjoy flipping through

anniversary. We celebrate Mercedes-Benz in the

our anniversary section.

The journey of Janis Joplin’s iconic song Mercedes-Benz

Inside this anniversary section


Film fraternity’s love affair with the three-pointed star MB’s special relation with Formula One Art inspired by Mercedes-Benz