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Tiszavirág Folk Dance Ensemble Hungary

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Our ensemble was founded in 2016 with dance groups located in Deszk, Szeged and Röszke. Currently, almost 250 dancers belong to the ’Tiszavirág family’.

The leaders of the ensemble are Gábor Tóth and his wife Katalin Goda, both of them Örökség (i.e., Heritage) award-winning folk-dance teachers.


The main patrons of the ensemble are the Deszk Község Népművészetéért Alapítvány (i.e., Foundation for the Folk Arts of Deszk) established in December 2005 and the ÁGOTA foundation located in Szeged. (ÁGOTA stands for: Foundation of Vulnerable Youth and Youth Living in Foster Care).

The Foundation for the Folk Arts of Deszk aims to support the collection of our folklore values, in particular to explore, preserve and pass the traditions of our region (Dél-Alföld, i.e., Southern Great Plain) with a strong emphasis on the operation of the folk-dance groups and the expansion of the dance house movement.

Our closest connection to Szeged now is through our cooperation with ÁGOTA foundation. They provide a place for dance rehearsals in their community and cultural center in Szeged. The foundation established a special place at Tass-Alsószenttamás called ÁGOTAFalva (i.e., ÁGOTA Village), which has become the permanent location of our preparation for performances and for summer dance camps.

We are very proud of our own festival, called Rözögtessük mög, a festival of solo and couples’ dances of the Southern Great Plain, organized for the third time in 2022.