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Hometown Weeklies | Thursday, February 23, 2012

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South Lyon man charged in hit-and-run By Lonnie Huhman Correspondent

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office issued a warrant for Kevin Alexander, 43, South Lyon, in connection with the fatal hit-and-run accident on Dec. 3 that caused the death of Joshua Green. After reviewing the Northville city police department’s investigation, the prosecutor has charged him with failure to stop at the scene of an accident result in serious impairment or death. According to Northville City Detective Matt Clemence, this charge has a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. The police department said on Jan. 20, Alexander, along with his attorney, turned himself into the Northville City Police Station. Clemence said Alexander realized the day after the 1 a.m. accident what had happened after hearing about it in the news, specifically on television. The department said Alexan-

der has been forthright and cooperative with the investigation and voluntarily surrendered the suspect vehicle. He had been keeping it in his garage since the incident, police say. According to the police department’s report, that late night Green and two other friends were walking along Griswold Street toward downtown Northville to visit Brick’s, a local bar on W. Main. Reportedly, Green had been drinking and was engaged in an argument with one of his friends when he unexpectedly stepped out into the street from the sidewalk and was struck by a car heading south on Griswold. The driver of the vehicle did not stop even though one of Green’s friends chased after it on foot. Green later succumbed to his injuries while at Botsford Hospital. The report stated Alexander explained that he had been at Brick’s Bar with a friend, when the friend became ill due to overindulgence. He drove his friend

home and was returning back toward downtown when he said his car was struck by an object on Griswold. At the time, Alexander alleges that he thought the persons on the sidewalk had thrown something at his vehicle and therefore he did not want to stop, according to police. A Michigan State Police Accident Reconstructionist responded to the scene to assist in the investigation, and from the debris found at the scene the suspect vehicle was identified as a 200711, black Honda, CRV EX-L. During the investigation, the Northville department alerted all collision shops and part suppliers in southeast Michigan and throughout the state. Officers then began the task of visiting all the owners of similar vehicles within the area. The department thanked the news media for their assistance in this investigation and said without their help, this investigation would likely still be unresolved.



orthville Township police again see a spate of driving while license suspended violations. There were four incidents reported from February 8-10. One occurred on Feb. 8 and had a 43-year-old Southfield man cited after being stopped near the intersection of Haggerty and Seven Mile roads. The police were running checks on vehicles to see if they were stolen or if the registered driver had warrants. A check on the Southfield man stated he had a suspended license and arrest warrant. It also stated he had a “No Driver” designation. He was arrested and later posted bond.

Seven Mile trespassing


ccording to Northville Township police reports, the common reason given by individuals trespassing onto the Seven Mile Road property is thrill seeking. One recent incident took place on Feb. 7 when an officer spotted, while driving westbound on Seven Mile, flashlights near or in the first floor of the main building. The officer then used night vision to better observe the trespassers. A 20year-old Shelby Township man and 21-yearold Troy woman were cited for trespassing after they crossed back over toward the Northridge complex. They said they were there “just for the thrill of it.” Another incident on Feb. 12 involved four male subjects. They also said they were drawn to the “spooky” site after hearing stories from friends.

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38-year-old Livonia man was arrested for his third drunken driving offense after being caught speeding along Eight Mile Road. The police observed the man going 60 mph in a 40 mph speed zone on Feb. 6 while on patrol. The man was also observed swerving and driving erratically. Upon making contact with the man the police detected the odor of intoxicants on his breath. The report stated the man had trouble with the field sobriety tests and refused to take a preliminary breathalyzer test. After that he was placed into custody on suspicion of driving intoxicated, and he was also cited for refusing a PBT. A further check of the man revealed he had three previous alcohol convictions and two suspensions. A search warrant was obtained in order to draw a blood sample from the man. The department is seeking a warrant for the OWI and driving on a suspended license.

Larceny attempt


n Feb. 8 an unknown suspect was spotted by witnesses as he attempted to steal from a vehicle that was parked in the lower structure of the E. Cady Street parking area. The suspect is a white male. He was also observed by the vehicle owner, a 38-year-old Farmington Hills woman, as she approached the car. Once she was around 25 feet away the man decided to flee. Nothing was reported missing. The woman thought the car was locked, but police found no evidence of a forced breakin. She said her electronic key fob’s battery did need replacing, so police assume it was not locked at the time. Compiled by correspondent Lonnie Huhman


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