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Session Guide

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What to Expect


How to Prepare


What to Wear


The Studio


Before & After


Final Product


good time! Seriously this is really, really

During the shoot, we laugh, drink wine and

fun! I have posed for two of these

listen to music. You will be sore the next day

sessions myself and I know it can be very

from twisting into all sorts of fun poses. but

nerve wracking to parade around in your

the outcome is well worth it.

panties. I am fully aware that most of my brides are not models. The good news is you

These shoots are for anyone! All shapes and

don’t need to be. I give a lot of direction and

sizes are sexy and should document it. Yes, I

help you feel as comfortable as possible.

do retouch your photos to help with stretch marks, acne etc., but I won’t make you look



We drink wine while getting hair and makeup

like a totally different person.

done in my studio. It’s a great time to pamper yourself. I will take care of getting

I will never post your images online or on

a hair and makeup artist for you, as part of

social media without your permission. Some

your package. I work closely with several

girls are comfortable only having a few

very talented women who have done many

images posted. It’s great for other girls to see

of these sessions for me.

what it’s like to have this sort of shoot done; I’d love to use your images!



here are a lot of things to think about

Spend a little time in front of the mirror

before your session. Get a mani pedi; it

practicing how to move and seeing what it

doesn’t need to be a bright or loud color but

feels like to make a face you like and how to

it can. Have a pamper day before the shoot.

hold that face. Practice having soft ballet like

Shave, lotion, tweeze... the whole shebang.

hands. You don’t need to have this figured

Get your hair cut or dyed if that is your thing.

out and I will definitely help, but it’s nice to have seen it for yourself before the session.


ou don’t need to spend a ton of money,

Think about what jewelry you’d like to wear

sometimes you will already have these

and also what shoes, bring a pair of heels

things in your closet. Look for sheer, lacy or

you feel sexy in. If you don’t have any, go to

see through tops or dresses. Thin tank tops

nords rack and find a pair you love.

or off the shoulder shirts can be very sexy. This shoot is for you, bring your style and Think of what your man likes and role play,.

your feel, there is no right or wrong on what

Bring a suit and take it off piece by piece!

to wear.

Maybe splurge on one nice piece of lingerie, possibly a one-piece from Victoria’s Secret :) Visit my pinterest page: www.pinterest. If you have sexy lingerie or a whole lingerie


outfit, bring it!

to get inspiration for your session and to see the types of clothing or lingerie you may want in your shoot.


Studio THE


y studio is location at 4950 Washington Street, Denver. It’s in the project angel heart building

and is called “The Studio”. It’s a natural light studio, complete with a bed, many fun couches and benches and a hair and makeup bar. We have privacy screens, music, wine and a great time waiting.





he shoot isn’t complete without your images in a little black book! To see your

There are many options to print, plus a photo box filled with images. It’s a great

images printed and have something to give your man is priceless.

present for birthdays, christmas, or the wedding day.

Boudoir Sessions – 45 minute session

– 30 edited digital files – Online viewing gallery – Professional hair & makeup




Sexy Black Book – 6x8, 10 pages – custom design – approx 30 images


Boudoir Look Book