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Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

Inspired by constructivsm, this music video has various elements that are juxtposed in a way that will interact with the music. There are objects that reoccur constantly such as sonar waves, targets and machinery. All of which move in a way that I would like to replicate some how in my own animation.

The Backgrounds include textures with rough edges, newspaper cut-outs and smudges which all give them this aged feel. I want to make sure that my video doesn’t look to clean as it won’t reflect the style and content of my manifesto.

Left - Death Ray, 1925 Below - Watches, 1923

The poster for One-Sixth Part of the World was the basis for the cover of “Take Me Out”, also by Franz Ferdinand. Rodchenko was one of the founders of Constructivism, working as a painter and designer. “One has to take several different shots of a subject, from different points of view and in different situations, as if one examined it in the round rather than looked through the same key-hole again and again.” The uneven and dynamic shapes are quite striking and is a style I intend to adopt in my Manifesto.

Alexander Rodchenko

Gustav Klutsis A lot of the work coming from the constructivists was influenced majorly on political propaganda, being introduced shortly after the 1st world war. This is reflected heavily in through the colours and the elements brought into the composition. Here you can see a lot of red and blacks being used to effect with the strong imagery and photos that follow; Many of these original designs show large imagery of hands in different positions and/or leaders, giving a strong sense of power.

Klutsis worked in a variety of experimental media. He liked to use propaganda as a sign or revolutionary background image.


Dave Wharton Manifesto

dave wharton manifesto

Dave Wharton Manifesto

Dave Wharton Manifesto


DAVE WHARTON MANIFESTO Here are a few fonts I’ve been texturising in Illustrator. I’ve started to think about how these will interact with the different object I have in the frame.

El Lissitzky Another important figure of the Russian Avant Garde. The use of strong shapes and black and reds is prominent once again and reflected the state of the Soviet Union at that time.

Beat the whites with the reds, 1919

A selection of the textures I’ve been working with over the type and illustration/vector

...More Inspiration

Some of the shapes I started to design and apply to my animation.

Manifesto Development  

A selection of storyboards and research showing the evolution of my Manifesto.

Manifesto Development  

A selection of storyboards and research showing the evolution of my Manifesto.