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Inertia are back with the brand new album “Deworlded”. A result of 3 years working in the studio developing the band’s songwriting and production techniques, bringing together a unique mix of Electronic sequences, harsh rhythms, crunching guitars and dark song structures to present the band’s best work to date. Deworlded is a journey through life and the unknown, where in the darkest of periods, the human mind can find happiness by “Deworlding” itself from it’s current state. To take a step outside of your world to really see what needs to change to bring about bliss. This album is about life, thoughts, darkness, happiness and spirituality. Inertia bring together their 4 high profile members to create this ground breaking record. Reza Udhin (Killing Joke), Alexys B (Electro Falco), Kneill X (ex Killing Joke / Killer B Movie) and Andrew Lowlife (Swarf).

Tracklisting: 01. Deworld 02. Anticulture 03. Feed 04. Feline Fantasy 05. Repeat & Follow 06. Alien 07. Strange Familiar 08. Gone 09. Fallout 10. Round and Round 11. Capture

your upcoming album previous efforts. „Deworlded“. First please introduce you What is behind the album titel? and the Band shortly. Reza: Deworlded means to take a step out of Reza: The band is myself, your World in order to look around at your Reza Udhin.. I do most of life and see what needs to be changed.. the production, writing, It really comes from being in a dark place or male vocals and general time in life, when you can’t see a visable studio work. Alexys B who answer to some of life’s downfalls.. It somealso does writing, female vocals and live times only takes some concentration and drums. Kneill X who plays guitar and An- focus to see what is going on around you and drew Lowlife who plays live keyboards. to find an answer. While I have been on tour with the other Alexys: Hello readers! band I am in, Killing Joke, we discuss alot of these matters openly and we all were quite The past 3 years you worked on the new fascinated by a book called „Dark night of album. How did you experience this time? the souls“ by Thomas Moore.. The idea of Deworlding comes from this book. Reza: Well in the last 3 years I have done quite a lot of music work, in production, Do you already had the feeling that you writing and performing with different pro- have to flee out of your world? jects, from Inertia to Killing Joke. And for me those experiences really came together Reza: Not for any one particular reason.. i on this album. think everyone has that feeling every now It was also an album where we had no pre and then throughout their lives.. And I conceived ideas.. we didn’t set out to make think it’s good to keep a clear controlled an Industrial album or EBM album or mind when these occurences happen. whatever.. we just wrote and recorded what naturally came to us and the end product is How much of your personality is in the new „Deworlded“. album? Alexys: I took a little step back from music to focus on my career as a special effects make-up artist. I was on a film contract for two years which didn’t give me a lot of time to work on music. A lot of what I have contributed to Inertia (until March of this year) has been very little so it all had to be put together in a very short space of time for me for ‚Deworlded’. That’s not to say I haven’t been involved in music all together. I have been performing live as Electro Falco, an ebm tribute band to Falco and I am also rehearsing to sing live with Attrition.

Reza: A lot.. this album is written from the soul.. Lyrically and musically. Beginning of 2010 you released a pure cover album entitled „Kloned“. How did that album fit in the production process of „Deworlded“? Was it like a welcome distraction?

Reza: „Kloned“ was a fun idea that we have always had in mind to do.. A full album of covers! We have always been partial to cover versions.. a lot of our previous albums have You made the statement that „Deworlded“ covers on them and we have contributed to is your most mature album so far. In which countless tribute cover albums. So, we way does it differ from the past albums? thought iwas time to do this fun project. It has no connection to „Deworlded“, it’s Reza: Again, it is a product of what came purely fun and yes a welcome distraction! naturally to us. Maybe we’ll do part 2 one day! I think the album still retains the core elements of the Inertia sound, but it has a How did you manage to combine Artists much more matured song writing structure. such as Falco, Depeche Mode and Elvis Bandmembers: For instance, there are no harsh distorted Presley on one shared cover album? Reza Udhin vocals on this album.. This album has a lot Alexys B more deep melody and even has quite a few Reza: It was just songs and artists we have Kneill Brown vocal harmonies, which we have always admired over the years.. I love Depeche Andrew Lowlife been a bit weary about with previous al- Mode and Elvis Presley.. Alexys is a big fan bums.. of Falco and so on.. I think we did a good But again, it came naturally for this record. job of creating an Inertia twist to each Hi Reza, thanks for taking some time to an- I really think this album flows from begin- song.! swer us a few questions about Inertia and ning to end perfectly and better than our 16

There is no identity to alot of the newer bands coming into this scene, which i find upsetting.. as this scene was all about originality and experimentation in the beginning. I still like a lot of the older bands like Portion Control, Nitzer Ebb, DAF etc.. they are still coming out with good stuff.. And some of the newer bands like Covenant and Combichrist have their own identity.. But unfortunately, the rest I have no interest in anymore.. I haven’t given up on the scene, as I still scan it for the odd good tune here and there.. We run our own club night in London called „Hard Drive“ and we spin anything that we like within the Industrial and dark scenes.. I like what Thomas is doing with Nachtmahr, so we drop a couple of his tunes into the mix during the night.. We also run our own label, Cryonica Music, and we release anything that is interesting to us.. so a lot of the bads on our label, we enjoy as well!! Bands like Swarf, Blue October UK, Knifeladder, Fiction 8 are bands which i think are really making a difference in one way or another. What do you think about the current scene in England? Reza: Lots of good live concerts, courtesy of Slimelight and Flag Promotions.. but I see the club dancefloors also as saturated.. not very interesting. I tend to favour old school clubs.. ! At the moment you plan only one releaseconcert in london. Will there be a tour in the near future? Reza: We have done quite a few concerts this year which has given us a chance to try out the new material in clubs, which has been doing really well. We have one release show in London in November, then we plan to tour the UK, Europe and the USA next year. And as many festivals as we get offered!! So, club promoters and festival organisers.. get in touch!! Alexys: We are influenced by all the bands that we covered as many may or may not agree we should. Once we were on a tour with a band who angrily said to us ‚You are an EBM band, you should only listen to EBM music!’ Any good musician will listen to a variety of things and be influenced by the music that is all around them. Kloned is an homage to those who have helped us become the band that we are today.

Reza: For me, when we first started, the scene was a lot more underground and stripped back.. A lot of the music was really done for the love of the scene and dark elements of underground culture. I really enjoyed it, particularly when we used to play old East German cities just after the wall came down.. Those concerts were absolutely amazing and crazy! It was a place and time I would never forget. Since 18 years now you are making music. Now I see the scene as quite saturated.. How would you describe your development there are too many bands doing EXACTLY and the development of the scene since back the same kind of music.. So much so, that then? you can’t tell a lot of the bands apart..

The last words are yours: Reza: Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new album! Alexys: Thanks for listening and we hope to see all of you very soon! © PromoFabrik 17



ter. One of the stories that was shared with us happened during the renovations in the administrations part of the building (old butcher shop) and it actually took place on Halloween night of 2007. Two men were working on the wiring and one stood on a ladder while the other steadied it. The man on the ladder felt a tap on his shoulder followed by a cold sensation that rushed through him. The name Rachel immediately came to him and he was so sure of this that he asked everyone the following day if the name meant anything to anyone. No one knew anything of a Rachel, but that would be the name that they would use to refer to the ghost anytime they thought she was present. Renovations finished up and the theater would be reopened as the Lyric theater and the first show would be in December of 2007. More shows would follow of course and in February 2009 during a show a performer would be seen by the stage manager during a show distracted as she did her performance. The stage manager sits in the

Lyric Theater Investigation By TristaLou James and I (OKSU) had the great pleasure to investigate the Lyric theater in Oklahoma City. Back in the 30s the theater was known as the Plaza theater. It was built in 1930 and opened it's doors in 1935. It was a large theater for the time and could seat up to 200 people. It was also the first theater in Oklahoma City with air conditioning. It would have many years of service to the plaza district and even would give the district it's name, but in 1979 it was finally closed. For many years the theater stood abandoned and every once in awhile it served as a place of shelter for the homeless. Some stories have been heard that the homeless even thought it was haunted. After many years of abandonment the theater was bought in 2000 by the Lyric Theater of Oklahoma Inc. along with the building next to it that is rumored to have been a butcher shop and with some of the things that were shown to me that is a very good assumption. Renovations would soon start af20

balcony and the performer would tell her that after the show that she was not alone in the balcony. The performer told her that she saw someone else up there sitting behind the manager. This balcony area would be the area that the projectionist would be in the old theater. Could this maybe be the projectionist still carrying on, maybe watching and remembering the films he once helped show in his time? James and I did our investigation the night of September 23, 2010. We were the first team to have the honor of investigating. We were given the tour of the place and told the same stories I just told you. We set up two cameras. One on the stage and one that we took along with us. We had three voice recorders one set up in the administration offices, one up in the balcony, and the last we took along with us. We took emf readings and temp reading through out the investigation. We had no abnormal emf or temp. As for the voice recorders we caught to unexplained evp's. The first was captured during our tour as we entered the theater entry hall from the administration offices. It was a Class C evp meaning that it is heard, but what is being said is unknown for sure. To me it seems to be a male voice screaming "I'm in the.....". I can not make out the rest and am not even sure of the "I'm in the" part. The second was captured while entering the administration

offices from the theater entry hall. This evp is a Class B meaning that, what was said can be heard and most of the time the same thing can be heard. It is a female voice saying "Don't open". We were going through a door at the time. Guess she didn't want us to come in. As for video and pictures they did not yield any evidence for a haunting. So all in all we had a great investigation. I loved the history that the site has and how it meant so much to the community and still does due to the time and effort the Lyric theater put into the building. One thing that I noticed and really loved is that the Lyric Theater also had a passion for keeping the history alive. There are three spots in the theater that are forever trapped in time. The first two are down in the basement of the theater that is now the dressing area for the actors. The first is numbers that were on the wall that read "6-535" and some old newspaper that is plastered on a beam on the ceiling. Both seem to be untouched and things have been built around these pieces leaving them to tell their history. The last was a nook in between one of the doorways that have bottles inside. These elements were so nice and made the place all the more interesting. I believe that they might have a

haunting, but we can not say for sure due to the lack of evidence. Maybe in time with more investigations of the theater we can know for sure.

of them potentially being haunted, but also because I find them so interesting. Aside from the paranormal I am the Regional Manager of Promotions for Darkfaery Subculture Magazine. I help run the Darkfaery Girls and do interviews for the magazine. I love what I

About OKSU: Studies of the unexplained, from the paranormal to unusual creatures. We are a husband and wife team that started investigating the paranormal since '07 when we had joined a local OKC team. Due to scheduling difficulties we had to leave the team. Since then we have been doing investigations on our own. Our investigations are the traditional investigations you see on most of the paranormal shows, but we also do some mini investigations during the day. Most people don;t realize that if a place is haunted during the night it is also haunted during the day, uness of course it is risidual then time of day can play a factor. James Wilmot- Trista Wilmot- 26- I have always had a love for the paranormal since childhood. I would love to know more about who these spirits were in life and learn their do and it's amazing how many interesthistory. History is something that I tru- ing people we see. ly love and I think we could learn a lot from the past. One hobby I have is to go with my husband to find the old Oklahoma Ghost towns. Not just because



Where have all the scary girls gone? by vira dee undead Well it seems they have gone to the group, The Underground Horror Girls. A small gathering of lovely ghouls whose purpose is to entertain, horrify and promote conventions and shows. These lovely ladies of the night have lately been spotted at the various Underground Horror Conventions and are founded by the Art Sunday Artist Agency, who got all these dazzling dolls together for our horror and entertainment. These ladies seem to have it! Brains and beauty. And if you are not careful they may eat yours. One of these Horror Girls is Natasha Lynn, who had the pleasure of shooting (with a camera of course). She's lovely, knows how to pose and can produce one hell of a photo. Being as it is getting near to the spookiest day of the year, Natasha and I went all out for a Halloween themed photoshoot. Anyone interested in contacting the Underground Horror Girls can contact them at undergroundhorrorgirls. Check out these lovely lady who can not only model, but bake one hell of a cupcake and bring the fun to any outing! In this articles exclusive photo-shoot, here is the lovely Natasha Lynn, Underground Horror Girl. Be prepared to be impressed and a little spooked. 23


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