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Meet the Pets of the Month: Lily and Lulu

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By Jenn Soine, Resident since 2008

Lily is a loving and protective 7-year-old Yorkie who loves to walk up the hill to San Domiano or on the trail to Peet’s Coffee. She likes to bury her treats in the backyard for later, chase every bird or squirrel she sees, and is the BEST listener. She sleeps at the foot of the bed or couch and makes sure Shane from UPS knows she is waiting for a bone when he drops off packages. She was born in Turlock on February 14, 2012 and joined her family at 3 months old as a rescue from the breeder. Because she wasn’t adopted early, she still has her long tail and perky ears which show every happy emotion she has to offer!

Lily, the experienced adventurer

Lily has been a true best friend to her owners since she joined her family. She loves to travel with them wherever they go, including long plane rides to Priest Lake, Idaho, Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington. She is experienced on the airplane and even showed her little sister, Lulu, the best ways to snuggle into the carrier and how to sneak treats with no one looking.

Lily became a big sister Memorial Day weekend, 2019, when Lulu finally was able to come home. Lulu was born on March 14, 2019 in Danville and is an unconditionally loving, fiercely playful Frenchie. She was born into an amazing home, The Penimann Family, and is fortunate to have her birth mother, Pearl, and brother, Rocco, still living right up the street!

Lulu, the amazing French Bulldog

Lulu has kept Lily on her toes since she arrived. Lulu loves to chase the tennis ball in the backyard for hours, chase Lily around the house (Lily pretends to be scared), and dig in the flower beds. She is terrified of the vacuum cleaner and sleeps under the covers with anyone in her family. Her signature snort makes her owners and Lily love her even more, as well as when she takes all of the toys out of her basket and leaves them all over the house. 

You might run in to Lily and Lulu anywhere in Danville, including the San Ramon High School field on the weekends, the Iron Horse trail, driving around town with their heads out the window, or at StarCycle!

Lily and Lulu are living the good life!

If you would like to nominate your pet (dog, cat, bird, reptile, etc.) for Pet of the Month, send an email to asullivan@bestversionmedia.com

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