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Layering a Space: Creating a Room that’s Cohesive and Dynamic

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By Casey Howard, Principal, Casey Howard Designs, Inc.

When you think of a “layered look”, what comes to mind? With colder autumn weather on the horizon, perhaps you think of an outfit that combines multiple pieces of clothing whose purpose is to keep you warm as well as looking stylish. Just like with your clothes, creating a layered look in a room shouldn’t be bulky or busy. Instead, it should be a space that feels complete through the interaction of an array of components that complement each other creating a harmonious space, one that is both classic and unexpected.

But where to begin? A great way to create a layered space is to play with old and new pieces, and in this bedroom we did just that. The side tables and mirrors possess a traditional charm with their intentional distressing and classic lines. When it comes to the lamps, however, we opted for a more modern and organic look instead of continuing with the antique feel. While different styles, these pieces create a cohesive look that is simultaneously vintage and modern.

Cozy, creative, classic design aligns in this master bedroom. Photo by Lauren Edith Anderson.

The designing doesn’t stop there. The brass floral light fixture above adds just the right amount of unexpected flair, echoing the brass trim on the mirrors, and becomes a stellar focal point. You don’t always have to go with the ordinary pendant light — design outside the box! And even though this particular light is on the funkier side, it still reads “classic”.

Mixing and matching different materials and textures adds dimension to a space while still maintaining a unified design. While the overall color palette for this room is more neutral (for a very calming feel), it’s by no means dreary or drab! The rich textured fabrics on the headboard and pillows add warmth to this cozy room.

Yes, the main function of a bedroom is for relaxing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of whimsy to your space! By playing with old and new pieces and combining different materials and textures, you create a comfortable and chic layered space — one that’s unified but still has eye catching elements.

www.DanvilleLivingCA.com @DanvilleLivingCA #DanvilleLivingCA