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Before you is the second edition of the anthology CHOREOGRAPHY. Yet again we want to expand and build a rich and complex understanding of the term. A diversity of voices active in the field of dance and choreography in the Nordic countries are made visible. All texts are newly written for this anthology, and all are written by artists. Through sharing reflections and issues, choreography can be approached as its own field of knowledge. We, as an independent editorial based in Oslo, make use of this anthology to reach out and contribute to a larger Nordic disciplinary community.

The initiative behind CHOREOGRAPHY stems from an interest in the language that artists themselves can develop. The writers are in different stages in their approach. Yet they are united in their attempt to find a productive way to relate to language, so that language can be used for what they need in their artistic carriers. Where some master and make use of an academic form to ask questions and create change – others put forward the aca- demic as exhausted for possibilities and are searching for new forms and expressions.

The anthology is an initiative to support and lift critical perspectives regarding choreo- graphic practice, as well as structures that we as artists are dependent on. The ambition is to protect a space for reflection that we expe- rience as threatened, that is to say the thinking from and around the artistic works. In a time where most artists live with constant demands of self promotion, self-staging and circulation, we experience this as all the more important. When knowledge is shared, more of us can take part in the conversation.

We can challenge and destabilize established truths, and new terms and definitions can come into existence.

The diversity is limited, our orientation insufficient and some texts that should be here are not. To us this points towards new editions that make space for even more new voices.

Some issues have felt acute. In summer 2017 we discussed how it was important to make visible different feminist approaches in our field. This was right before #Metoo, and in the aftermath of the movements of autumn 2017, it is different both to write and read these texts. The question is how to practice feminism in solidaric ways, and make happen a persistent conversation regarding structures in the art field that discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or class.

In a time where the public conversation is ever more polarized and popularized many are asking the question of what art is or should do. To expand each individual’s reality through developing language, increasing knowledge and sharpening the critical reflection, is our contribution to the conversation.

Solveig Styve Holte creates, performs and investigates dance and choreography through performances, texts and exhibition works. Current works as Lightness: Fleire, the solo ÆØÅ in ABOUT with Ann-Christin Kongsness and Flakkande røynd with Rannei Grenne all investigate collective working-structures and different approaches to historical archives. Holte has contributed to several publications, worked with the public and professional programme at Dansens Hus, has two kids and lives in Oslo. For more information see: www.choreography.no

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