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WEEK OF JULY 12-19, 2006


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CORRECTIONS In last week’s Downtown Fullerton issue, the word tattoo was misspelled in the “Tattoo or Not to Tattoo” article.


Week of July 12-19, 2006

Calendar Week of JuLY 12-19


Learn to Swim camp  

Type of Event: Youth Programs Starts:  Jun 19, 2006   9:00:00 AM Ends:  Aug 11, 2006   7:00:00 PM Open to all swimmers from beginner to experienced, Learn to Swim is a water safety/group swim instruction program for children six months old and up. There are four two-week sessions Monday-Friday or one eight-week session on Saturday. For more information, call 714-278-PLAY.

Cover art from

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Art Camp  

Main Line: 714.278.3373 E DIT O R IA L Fax: 714.278.4473

Type of Event: Youth Programs Starts:  Jun 26, 2006   9:00:00 AM Ends:  Jul 21, 2006   4:00:00 PM

News Editor

These two-week sessions are designed to help students ages 7-14 explore the excitiing world of art, drama and creativity. Session I is June 26-July 7, while Session II runs July 10-21. Cost is $475 ($20 discount for CSUF faculty/staff) per session. There is an extended care option available from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. for $535. For more information, call 714-276-2796 or 714-278-5836.

Julie Anne Ines Asst. News Editors

Adam Levy Sports Editor

Laurens Ong Photo Editor

Songha Lee

Titan Youth Sports Camp

Type of Event: Youth Programs Starts:  Jun 26, 2006   9:00:00 AM Ends:  Aug 04, 2006   5:00:00 PM

Kevin Rogers Copy Editors

Joe Simmons

Kevin Rogers / Summer Titan

Michael Ocampo Internet Editor

Grant Paulis

Saves The Day frontman Chris Cocley stretches his vocals to the max while singing to the crowd during the Warped Tour stop in Pomona, Calif. Catch out the rock ’n‘ roll issue in two weeks.

Faculty Adviser

Tom Clanin


AD V E R TI S IN G Fax: 714.278.2702 Director of Advertising

Emily Alford Assistant Director of Advertising

Lesley Wu Classified Manager

Rich Boyd Production Manager

Keith Hansen National Sales Executive

Jackie Kimmel Distribution

Santana Ramos Account Executives

Kat Dela Cruz, Kathleen Cisneros, Stefanie Membrere, Sarah Oak, Scott Macleod, Beth Stirnaman, Lesley Wu Production Designer

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Dan Beam Adviser/Business Manager

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Titan Youth Sports Camp is an all-day camp that offers various sport-related activitites to children from kindergarten to 8th grade. Camp runs from 9 a.m.5 p.m. with extended care options from 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Campers can also register for morning or afternoon sessions only. Six one-week sessions available. For more information, call 714278-PLAY.

University News

Construction on Rec Center to Begin Construction is set to begin on the university’s $40.6 million Student Recreation Center. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place on July 20 at 10 a.m. at the construction site located west of the campus’ Kinesiology and Health Science building. The ceremony will feature university officials like President Milton A. Gordon and Vice President of Student Affairs Robert Palmer. All construction and future operation costs of the center will be supported by student fees and revenue generated through facility operations. The two-story center will total 95,000 square feet and will feature a rock wall; a 22,000-square-foot multi-court gymna-

sium; 15,000 square feet for a cardio/weight room; an outdoor leisure and lap pool; and a multi-media cardio room. Campus Program Renamed Cal State Fullerton’s Continuing Learning Experience has become an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to honor the foundation built on campus over the course of almost 28 years. In addition to offering its ongoing slate of programs geared toward retired and semi-retired individuals, the institute at CSUF is now part of a network of 93 Osher institutes — including 17 within the CSU and those at all UC campuses — in 39 states.

Professor Heads to South Africa Mary Joyce, Gianneschi Professor of Nonprofit Marketing at CSUF, will travel to Grahamstown, South Africa, as a participant in the “Prospects for Quality of Life in the New Millennium,” the seventh conference of the International Society for Qualityof-Life Studies. The conference is from July 17-20. Joyce will chair a session on “Quality of Life of People Living With Disabilities,” which will feature presentations on community-based rehabilitation, impact of mobility impairment in various countries, societal impact on individual disabilities and use of narratives to elaborate health and well-being data.

Governor’s Budget Good News For CSUF BY Julie Anne Ines Summer Titan News Editor

Gov. Arnold Scwharzenegger’s signing of the new budget was a shot heard around the Cal State system, but its affects will hit closer to home here at Cal State Fullerton. In addition to providing enough funds to keep undergraduate students from paying the proposed 8 percent fee increase and graduate students from paying the 10 percent fee increase this fall, Schwarzenegger’s budget has kept CSUF from losing approximately $1 million to $1.5 million and many full-time students, said University President Milton A. Gordon. In fact, the budget may allow for more students on campus as it provides the Cal State system with $61.6 million for a 2.5 percent enrollment increase. For this year at least, CSUF’s plans will not be derailed due to lack of state funding. Because of the governor’s budget the university can now “go ahead with

the plans that [it’s] already made,” Gordon said. But that doesn’t say much about the state of student fees for fall 2007. While the governor’s budget is paying for the student fee increase this year, Gordon said that the Cal States don’t know whether the state will pay for the increase the following school year. Despite this uncertainty of the distant future, the university may rest easy for now knowing that a sizable portion of the nearly $2.8 billion of state General Fund revenue will come to the campus. Exact distribution figures for the individual universities are not yet available. But Paul Browning, a spokesman for the Cal State Chancellor’s Office, said that CSUF’s high enrollment is a “good indicator” of just how much of the billion-dollar pie it will get. This past year, CSUF had the highest enrollment of the 23 Cal State campuses, second only to Cal State Long Beach.



Week of July 12-19, 2006

Courtesy of CSUF ARMY ROTC

2nd Lt. James Griffith, a recent CSUF graduate, earned many honors while in the ROTC program.


Grad Climbed to Top of ROTC Recent graduate received many awards, inspired classmates while at CSUF BY Cindy Robles For the Summer Titan


rmy 2nd Lt. James Griffith, 29, who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science, is nearing his goal of saving and bringing men home from war. It was on Sept. 11, 2001 when Griffith’s educational career took a turn in a different direction. He was taking classes at Orange Coast College when the World Trade Center was attacked and war in the Middle East broke out. “After 9/11 and after the U.S. got involved in Afghanistan and then Iraq, I remember I kept seeing the names of dead privates scroll on the TV,” said Griffith. “That was the point when I wanted to save men and bring them home.” Griffith transferred to Cal State Fullerton in 2002 as a political science major and considered joining the military. Two years later, he joined CSUF’s Army ROTC program.

“From my own personal experience, I think that if you don’t have higher education, you reach a ceiling that you can no longer get up and over in any career,” he said. “I think everybody should try to go to school. I started at Antelope Valley College in 1993 and kept quitting so I know it’s hard to keep plugging away, but don’t get discouraged. If you keep it up, you’ll achieve your goals.” He moved his way up through the ranks to be top cadet. As the No. 1 cadet at CSUF, he received many awards. Cadets are ranked at the beginning of their senior year to determine their duty positions for the upcoming school year. Among the ranking criteria are the cadets’ performances at a four-week leadership course, GPA, physical fitness, marksmanship and several other skills. At the leadership course last summer, held at Fort Lewis in Washington, Griffith performed at an elite level, said Maj. Robert Medina. As top cadet, Griffith received the George C. Marshall Award, an award given to the top 10 percent of Army ROTC cadets nationwide. Griffith also received the Omar Bradley Award, a cash scholarship sponsored by the Association of the United States Army.

This year, Griffith won the Gold Award, totaling $500, as well as a 9mm Beretta pistol for being the top cadet in the battalion. In addition, Griffith also received the National Sojourner Award, which is given to Army ROTC Cadets who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and patriotism. He was awarded a $100 cash scholarship and a medal. Griffith has not let up since graduation, as he has a busy summer ahead of him. He is currently at Fort Lewis for eight weeks where he is training and mentoring the next generation of army officers, Medina said. Griffith will continue training until he heads to Georgia’s Fort Benning for a basic officer leadership course. Griffith then will be heading to his permanent station as a military police officer in Fort Bragg, N.C., in January, and will remain there until he receives orders to deploy. Griffith was very active on the color guard team and volunteered his time to fundraising and community service events. Yoshira Mercado, 18, recently joined the Army ROTC program in the




Week of JuLY 12-19, 2006

Porn Industry Portrays Women as Sexual Objects Women in the adult film trade are still seen as little more than sex toys BY Adam Levy Summer Titan Asst. News Editor

Porn features beautiful women with perfect bodies engaged in sexual play, but this idealized eroticism is little more than treating women as objects to be degraded, some scholars say. “While some porn shows women as sexual subjects, that is, as persons who take the action and initiative to enjoy sexual pleasure, a great deal of porn shows women as mere objects to be abused, harmed and injured,” said Cal State Fullerton Philosophy Professor Mitchell E. Avila in an e-mail interview. Pornography has become mainstream. The estimated revenues of the industry — at $12 billion a year, according to Forbes — prove how integrated porn has become in our sex-starved, image-based society. It draws public ire from political and religious groups, as well as fascination from a pop culture that pedestals sex stars as the gold standard of sex appeal for others to follow. The actresses are a motley crew of attractive sirens who form a subculture celebrity faction representing a hedonistic element of these times. “Pornography used to be something we swept under the carpet — that is, nice men and women didn’t use porn, or at least didn’t admit it,” said CSUF Communication Professor Genelle Belmas in an e-mail interview.

The farm system of talent the industry cultivates presents an enigmatic paradox of innocence and corruption. Pretty young debutantes fresh off the bus from Podunk enter a trade where youth and beauty are valued at a premium. No little girls grow up aspiring to be porn stars, but so many find themselves knee deep in. It is a venture of extremes, with the high risk of disease and degradation or the high reward of fame and riches personified by porn superstars such as Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick. Both parlayed acting careers into multi-million dollar production companies. But for every Jameson or Patrick, there are literally thousands of women identified only through cheesy pseudonyms. They roll the dice in an avaricious workplace which pulls some into a netherworld where they are used, abused and objectified, not just in black-market snuff films, but rather in mainstream DVDs that ship in the millions. Belmas said social concerns about the porn industry have evolved from the time silicon was only used in computer chips. “Once upon a time, like in the 1970s, men were thought to be the victims of porn,” Belmas said. “In other words, show a man a porn video or magazine, and he could not control his base impulses. He had to go get some, and porn made him do it, whatever crime or deed he did.” Belmas drew upon her expertise of law and society, explaining how the public’s attention has refocused on the landmines women face in the industry, “Somewhere along the line, in the

1980s and beyond, we started to recognize that it is women who are more likely to be victimized — through coercion, rape, and worse. That’s still true today.” Avila pointed to the commercial marketing of porn as a chief indicator that women are objectified in the most culpable ways. “This is readily evident from internet porn where even “straight sex” is portrayed as described as ‘defiling,’ ‘injurious,’ ‘harming,’ and so on,” Avila said. “So it’s not just that women are shown having sex, but rather that the sex act is described as ‘ripping them open,’ ‘f---ing them to death,’ ‘leaving them bloody,’ and ‘raped and abused.’ On top of this, there are several porn genres which specialize in abusing women, including making them vomit, abusing them on toilets, urinating on them and so forth. Anyone with a computer can verify this in under two minutes.” A poster boy for the type of porn that egregiously depicts women in a humiliating manner is Rocco Siffredi, an actor nicknamed “The Italian Stallion.” Siffredi has gained status in the industry with his hard-line antics over the years. Co-stars in his films have been subject to stiff slaps in the face, getting their hair pulled and having their head dunked in a toilet. Siffredi has been honored with 40 awards in the past 15 years from the Adult Video News, porn’s equivalent to the academy awards. The consensus view of the insiders (under their stage names) at the Erotica L.A. convention on June 24 at the L.A. Convention center was that the

performers are not overtly forced into things they are unwilling to do, but often placed in an inauspicious one-way business negotiation. The compromise is essentially doing exactly what the producers command, or risk blackballing throughout the industry. Many of these women are ripe for exploitation due to their naïve inexperience. “You can’t take an 18 year old and expect them to survive in this business without good representation,” said Lori Lust, a 27-year-old porn actress in an interview at the Erotica L.A. convention. “The agents and producers will eat you up and spit you out.” Some of the actresses explained how they have to mentally detach themselves from what is happening to get though the shoots. “You get grossed out working with men you wouldn’t have sex with normally,” said Ms. Panther, a voluptuous black porn actress in an interview at the Erotica L.A. convention. The 20 year old is using her porn earnings to finance her education, as she is an economics major at Cal State Long Beach. She spoke with droopy dark eyes that conveyed a sense of disenchantment. “I feel objectified at times; they can be old, fat and sweaty; sometimes you just have to shut it down,” she said. Savannah Stern is a 20-year-old Portland native who specializes in interracial films. The brunette explained how she had trudged through unsavory sexual experiences to get a paycheck. “When I go to work, it’s work, different from when you have emotions involved,” Stern said. “I’ve had my share of bad partners, guys that couldn’t keep their dick hard or girls

with nasty smells.” Not all women readily concurred that their profession is one of objectification. Naomi, a 22-year-old starlet who appears in films for Platinum X, is so breathtakingly gorgeous it seemed she was in the wrong place. When asked if she believed women were objectified in adult films, she responded that she didn’t believe that was the case. “I wanted to do it, and did,” Naomi said. “I love being able to enjoy hot and kinky sex.” Belmas, an expert on Constitutional and Media Law, expressed a sense of tolerance towards further regulation of the industry, assuming certain standards are upheld. “I would protect it but I would punish any creators who harm anyone for the sake of the pornography, or any who use underage actors in the creation of the work,” Belmas said. “If it can be demonstrated that a person entered into the project without coercion and was sufficiently compensated for the work, I cannot see punishing either the actors or the creators. If anyone’s forced, raped, harmed in any way, or defrauded, then go after the perpetrator with the full force of the law.” All in all, at the heart of this issue lies an enigmatic dichotomy between two publics, one decrying the retrograded manner in which women are depicted in porn, and another consuming it in large doses complete with expiration dates and three digit identification numbers. Within legality, the industry will continue toe the line of objectifying women all the way to the bank.


Week of JuLY 12-19, 2006



Three Girls, Three Different Positions 1. The Drive-In

Your parents may have done it, even your grandparents may have done it, but it’s a little harder to hook it up in the 23-seat, stadium-style theatres we have today. Believe it or not, drive-in theatres still do exist, and they are just waiting for a happy couple to come enjoy. You may have to go to the Inland Empire for a good time here, but check out to find a nearby location.


2. On the Rooftops

Any building will do, but I suggest one with a view. You may want to head on over to downtown LA or even one of the hotels near Disneyland for some firework spectaculars. This is especially fun if there’s a crowd below who won’t see you, but you can see them.

Places Where You May Not Have Done It BY Kirsten Alto For the Summer Titan

You may have gotten it on in the standard not-the-bed places, like the airplane bathroom. But you may have been in those places so often they aren’t too unique anymore. So, what are some new unique places to have sex? Anywhere other than the bed will probably make sex hotter and less predictable for you and your partner. But if you’re craving some different unique places, these five places can make for quite a romp.

4. On Stage

3. On a Farm

Don’t go thinking only those in the Midwest can have this kind of good time! A mere 30 minutes from CSUF around Chino are some good ol‘ fashioned farms complete with cows, goats and some fields. Some of these are privately owned, so if a home is attached, try another one or just stay beyond the fence in the tall grass for the same atmosphere. Don’t think the cows will mind!

Many local public parks have small amphitheatres — think CSUF’s Becker Amphitheatre — and a late-night role play of a romantic Shakespearian love scene may be just what you need to spice things up. Pretending there’s an audience to impress will no doubt up the ante on any sexual performance.

5. Under the Stars

Try it at any of the places above, or just try it in your own backyard. For a rustic vacation without leaving the house, try just grabbing a sleeping bag, a tent and your other half, and setting up camp in your backyard — or even your patio or balcony if you live in an apartment — and make love under the starry sky. After a hot day, the cooler nighttime air will be a nice break from the steamy bedroom of students who can’t afford air conditioning.

Cal State Fullerton students discuss abstinence, intimacy and being “good girls” BY Rachel Douglass For the Summer Titan


nyone who has ever seen Mel Brooks’ “History of the World” may remember King Louis XVI’s interaction with Mademoiselle Rimbaud. “What do you mean you don’t do it?” he asked in disgust of her desire to abstain from the pleasures of the flesh. “Of course you do it. We all do it. We love to do it. I just did it and I’m ready to do it again.” Many college students find this notion of “doing it” habitually comes as naturally as breathing. But for a determined few, abstinence is the only way to go.

Heidi Hurst, a 22-year-old Cal State Fullerton theater major, has chosen to abstain from sexual activity until her wedding night. For her, the choice was introduced with her Christian upbringing and later developed into something she embraced for herself. She explained that while her choice to stay a virgin may be a difficult one, it helped her establish boundaries for her dating life. Hurst realized her choice is not for everyone, she said. “Sex needs to be practiced in the right context, for me that context is marriage,” she said. Currently, Hurst is in a serious relationship where she and her partner set up the boundaries. Their relationship is full of intimacy on an emotional and physical level, but “intimacy does not necessarily mean having sex,” she




Week of JuLY 12-19, 2006

Rachel Douglass / Summer Titan

Onlookers stare as an exhibitor at Erotica LA at the Los Angeles Convention center shows of some of her more private parts. The convention draws both adult industry professionals and fans.

Erotica Convention Exposed Weekend event allows industry professionals to meet their fans BY Rachel Douglass For the Summer Titan


he stench of debauchery was in the air and the cleavage ran deeper than the Grand Canyon at the 10th Annual Erotica convention in Los Angeles. Porn stars, strippers, producers, fans and press all gathered in the giant room at the L.A. Convention Center for a three-day trade show about sex! The aroma of lubricant and lip gloss filled the air as huge speakers blasted an almost-deafening trance beat throughout the hall. Girls shook their stuff and giggled as a plethora of drooling men gawked at them. They loved it, or at least they pretended to. At first sight this convention looked like any other, with rows of booths set up with commerce in mind. This easily

could have been a Star Trek convention, save the larger than life-size posters of world-renowned porn star Jenna Jameson and the hand-blown glass dildos that can withstand extreme pressure without shattering. The trade show did not just display screwing for fun — but rather a business and a lifestyle that spills over from the walls of the convention center into everyday life. All the desires of the flesh were welcome. Everyone there had something to sell, with some selling themselves in name, body or both. A giant hot pink poster with yellow lettering reading “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” nearly dominated the entryway of the hall. Intrigued, scantily clad men and women paused to receive a very bright version of the New Testament. The booth was sponsored by XXXchurch. com, a church that reaches out to convert porn stars and others that have fallen into what the church believes is a wayward lifestyle to Christianity. “I think it’s sad that they do it. It’s

because they have low self-esteem and seek attention,” said Lacy Warner, a 21-year-old student representing the church. Everyone in the booth was positive and cheery, considering that they were in a place that many churches would

deem socially unacceptable. Acceptable or not, they were trying to get their message out through the distribution of the flashy Bibles. The ministry stood out like a sore thumb in the sea of sex-themed merchandise.

“A lot of them drink and do drugs to numb [their] pain,” Warner said. “But no one ever said ‘I thank God for all of the good coke I get.’” In an ironic twist, a pair of gay-porn booths was set up next to the cheery Christian group. In the barely legal men’s booth there were DVD’s of gay-porn flicks that featured young men who had their lips puckered and chests waxed for



Week of JuLY 12-19, 2006



Songs That Set the Mood BY Marissa Armstrong For the Summer Titan

Ready for a little summer loving? Of course you are! But are you prepared? There’s the ambiance of lighting and location to think about, and it’s never a bad idea to get creative with food. Strawberries never seem to fail, especially when accompanied by chocolate or whipped cream. But most importantly, you have to have the right musical soundtrack to set the mood. Now this can be a very stressful decision, as there are so many songs to choose from, and they all set a different vibe. What is a stressed-out, sexcrazed college student to do? First, decide the mood you want to set. Will it be an intimate romantic evening with your loved one, or do you just want a little bump ‘n’ grind? For a more romantic experience, slower songs with a personal touch are the way to go. Choose songs that tell your lover how you feel about them. Slow remakes of older songs you both love are always a nice touch. Here are some ideas.

Delicate Matters An exhibitor displays an unbreakable handblown glass dildo in the convention’s exhibit hall Photo by Rachel Douglass

“All Mine” – Portishead “Be Like Water” – Sara Fimm “Beautiful” – Me’Shell Ndegeocello “Breathe Me” – Sia “Colorblind” – Counting Crows “Come Away With Me” – Norah Jones “Come To Me” – Bjork “Destiny” – Zero7 “Everything” – Lifehouse “Glass Vase Cello Case” – Tattle Tale “I Drive Alone” – Esthero

Who Would Jesus Do? Members of XXXchurch. com promoted the message that “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” at the Erotica LA convention. Photo by Rachel Douglass

“Just Like Heaven”– Katie Melua “Secret” – Maroon 5 “Sweet the Sting” – Tori Amos “The Look of Love” – Chris Botti

Maybe you’re not into all that mushy stuff, or maybe that’s just not the “mood” you are in. Or maybe you’re more into songs that tell them what you want to do to them instead of how you feel about them. And that’s okay too, as there are plenty of songs to get your grind on to. Here are a few options to get you started. “Anywhere” – 112 “Bump N’ Grind” – R. Kelly “Freak Me” – Silk “Grind On Me” – Pretty Ricky “I’ll Make Love to You” – Boyz II Men “Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye (just can’t beat a classic) “Luxurious” – Gwen Stefani “Nice & Slow” – Usher “Nobody” – Keith Sweat “Oh My God” – Pink “One In A Million” – Aaliyah “Red Light Special” – TLC “Say Yes” – Floetry “So Anxious” – Ginuwine “Sweet Lady” – Tyrese Maybe you’re feeling a little indecisive and want some good loving with a little freak on the side. Try starting with the romance, and then ease into the funk. Play around with the order of the songs to get a good flow going and add some of your own favorites for a more personal touch. Hey, we can’t do everything for you!




Local Sex Shops Deliver Whether you want a gentle touch or a good spanking, these shops have the goods BY Marina Zarate For the Daily Titan

While sex shops were once taboo, they have become a part of mainstream society, advertised and displayed in the open. They are no longer places characterized by images of dirty old men in trench coats and dark sunglasses sneaking in to rent late-night porn for solo gratification. In fact, men and women enter and exit sex shops at all hours of the day, be it out of curiosity or the need for experimentation. People flock to these centers of pleasure to learn about sex, to buy gag gifts or even to have a fun night out with friends. That said, who has the best adult entertainment at the best prices? Here is a reference guide to sex shops in and around Fullerton that provide the most bang for their buck.

A Touch of Romance

A Touch of Romance, located in Brea on Imperial Highway, is the overall best sex shop. With a large glass display that wraps around the building touting women in lingerie and masking the store’s true content, A Touch of Romance is located between the Brea Mall and Downtown Brea. The shop carries a large selection of virtually every item needed for sexual contentment or adventure, including lingerie, dildos, pleasure swings, instruction manuals, lubricants, candles and anything else that could awaken the senses for a more pleasurable sexual experience. Marcela Fausto, a shopper and Cal State Fullerton student, commented on her reason for visiting the shop. “Well, my boyfriend is going to Mexico for a month,” she joked. “Besides, I don’t think people should be afraid of their sexuality.” The only drawbacks are the expensive prices, as pornographic film prices range from $10 to $45, with an average price of $35.

Erogenous Zone

Erogenous Zone is located a few blocks from campus on Orangethorpe in Fullerton, with an excellent selection of party gifts as well as a variety of low-price pornographic films. The store also carries a mini library of erotic books in the form of how-to guides and steamy novels. Erogenous Zone has an extensive collection of gag gifts, which are good for bachelor or bachelorette parties or simply to make someone laugh. Novelty items such as penis-shaped straws and naughty birthday cards line the front of the store. The priciest pornographic film was $25 and the cheapest was $8. According to the store’s owner and CSUF alumnus, Bob Soutar, the goal of the shop is to provide a variety of products and information to customers. “We’ve been in Fullerton for 29 years, and we have an extensive knowledge on products that makes people want to come back,” he said.


Spanky’s adult film store has wallto-wall collections of virtually every pornographic movie ever made. Located in Santa Ana, Spanky’s is the one-stop shop for a pleasurable solo night at home. Every small, cramped aisle is lined with row upon row of videos to rent or buy. Renting a video costs about $4, while owning a DVD starts at $14.99 and can cost up to $45. Along with the selection of porn, the shop carries dildos and vaginas resembling those of famous porn stars. Perhaps a sign of the predominantly male clientele is the fact that behind the shop is a mural of four men: one choking a chicken, another spanking a monkey, another waxing a rocket and yet another with a large right bicep. Erogenous Zone owner, Soutar, estimates he has an average of 500 to 700 customers a week in his shop. With these figures, it is obvious that sex shops are an entertaining way for people of all ages to let go of inhibitions. Whether there for a giggle, a fun night out with someone else, or even an evening alone, sex shops provide an escape and a chance to learn something new.

Week of JuLY 12-19, 2006

Myspace or Yours? Meeting love interests through online communities is a growing trend By Jenny Houser For the Summer Titan

People have seen it in the news, and more than a few have a page of their own. has become a fastgrowing online community and has opened new possibilities in the dating world. “Given the popularity of Myspace, it only makes sense that it would be a haven for meeting peeps,” said Chip Bumgardner, 37, from Lake Forest. Bumgardner had several failed attempts at dating women he met on Myspace. “I hate online dating. I had a few bad experiences with a few really, really freaky people,” Bumgardner said. Still, he set up his Myspace page and continued to meet new singles. “I tried to go out on four or five dates, and all of them were tragic,” he said. “One girl showed up ay my house with the police and paramedics after one date because she thought I killed myself. I told her that I just didn’t want to talk to her, and I thought she was psycho.” The comical tales of woe continued. “Another girl walked into my house and took her clothes off and sat on my couch naked. She didn’t even tell me her name,” Bumgardner said. “And yet another girl told me I was ‘astrologically perfect,’ among other strange comments.” After nearly giving up on the online dating scene, Bumgardner received a message from Kelly Jones, 36, who was also new to the Myspace world. “Before I opened up the message, I thought she was going to be another random Internet stalker,” Bumgardner said. “We exchanged phone number and started talking on the phone before agreeing to meet for the first time,” said Jones. Even while Jones was skeptical about Myspace dating at first, she knew there was an immediate con-

nection with Bumgardner. His fiancee, Pichi Albright, 27, “In the age of technology in which never expected a serious relationship we live, I think a lot of people are re- to develop out of Myspace. alizing that it is very difficult to meet “I live in Illinois, so I was sure new people. The Internet has pro- there would be no possible way anyvided an alternative way in meeting thing long term would come out of people and in our this,” she said. case, it worked!” more or less “One girl showed up at “I she said. went into it with “We fell in love open mind, my house with the police an on a Ferris wheel and if anything, I and met through excited about and the paramedics after was Myspace,” Jones meeting someone said. “For the first I had things in one date because she time in my life common with.” I feel that I am However, Althought I killed myself. I bright with exactly who I also warns should be with.” about meeting told her that I just didn’t people on While Jones and my Bumgardner lived space. want to talk to her.” relatively close to “I’d be the first one another, Rob to say, ‘Be careFernandez of Coto ful!’ Be smart de Caza had a difabout it. Don’t ferent Myspace Chip Bumgardner, Lake Forest give out personal dating experience. information such Fernandez, like as addresses and many others, never thought he would phone numbers, even last names unmeet a significant other on the Inter- less you’re sure it’s safe,” she said. net. “The flipside of meeting someone on He used his Myspace page to net- Myspace can be terrible.” work and make new friends. After reWhether someone’s friends list ceiving a message from a woman on includes 1,000 people or just a few, Myspace, Fernandez met his current there’s a chance that they might just fiancee, but there was only one issue come across a profile that catches in their way. their attention for a new love inter“I thought if she was looking to est. talk to me, she must be local,” Fernandez said. “It never occurred to me that she was in another state.” After realizing his new love lived in Illinois, he knew it would take some time before he was able to meet her in person. Fernandez hopped on a plane and flew to Illinois to meet the love of his life in person after talking on the phone and online for nearly two months. “Now she is moving out to California,” Fernandez said. “I’ve known her for five months and I’ve only seen her in person for a week. And yet we’re moving in together and talking about marriage.” POSITIONS FROM PAGE 5

said. Hurst pointed out that it is very difficult to not engage in sexual intercourse while living in a culture that is highly sexualized. “The fact that men are encouraged to have sex bothers me,” she said. “Male virgins are a very elusive species.” While men are known as the more sexually aggressive of the two genders, women today are emerging as a sexual force to be reckoned with. CSUF graduate Samantha Stirewalt, 21, is a good example of this trend. “I think women can enjoy sex as much as men, but are largely objectified, by not only gender roles, but by

CONVENTION FROM PAGE 6 their love scenes. Onlookers stopped and stared. And almost every single type of woman was there. There were big breasts, small breasts, big butts, small butts, women in wings, women in wigs and women with whips. Smiling at her booth was Pandora, a leather-clad dominatrix, firmly gripping a red leather whip. She claimed her clients mostly are married and successful businessmen. “I bring them down to earth,” said Pandora. “They want someone in control of them because they are in control of so much.” This hall, crowded with eager onlookers, was a whirlwind. Equally as diverse as the entertainers were the entertained. The crowd varied from old to young, male and female. The convention enticed the sexually deviant to the sexually curious. College boys and old men rubbed shoulders, snapping away pictures of the sexy entertainers, as the porn stars smiled for the camera and allowed the onlookers to pose with them. They excitedly chatted about their careers. “I love what I do because the girls are hot and the sex is always good,”



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societal influences and portrayals on “I think intimacy is having the abilwhat is deemed as appropriate and ity to share in one another’s lives comnon-appropriate sexual behavior,” she pletely in various aspects and levels, said. and not necessar“I think women can Stirewalt began ily on a physical having sex in colbasis,” she said. enjoy sex as much as lege while in a moHowever, the nogamous relationphysical act of men, but are largely ship. Although she sexual intimacy admitted to some does not come objectified.” sexual episodes that without strings she could have lived attached. For Samantha Stirewalt without, these misStirewalt, there Fullerton Student takes have taught is always a level her lessons that have of emotional inshaped her into the person she wants volvement, regardless of true feelings to be, she said. for her partner. These lessons gave her a better unVoicing another feminine perspecderstanding of herself, not only sexu- tive, senior Ashley Nguyen, a 21-yearally, but also mentally and emotional- old business major, has been sexually ly. Like Hurst, Stirewalt explained that active since the age of 17. for many women intimacy can occur She said that she feels that women outside of sexual relations. can be sexual with partners that they

do not necessarily have feelings for without objectifying themselves. “It is less pressure and you can let all your sexual inhibitions out without complications. When you are in a normal relationship, you don’t make as much as an effort because you know what person is in your life on a regular basis,” Nguyen said. Nguyen said that life as a single woman in a sexual relationship is difficult. She has found society to be divided between the theoretically correct and incorrect ways that women should enjoy sex, she said. “We are either good girls or whores,” she said. “People like me, that are in the gray area, are torn between both sides.” All three women have different degrees of sexual experience, but they agree that intimacy, sexual or not, is part of human nature.

spring and credited Griffth as being a major inspirational figure. He helped her, taught her how to swim and always encouraged her to do her best, she said. “He was always motivating. He influenced other people to do anything they wanted to do,” Mercado said. “James is one of the most mature and natural leaders I have ever had a chance to work with in the Army,” Medina said. “I am confident that he will be very successful and will positively impact the lives of hundreds of soldiers and their families.” In the future Griffith said he would like to work as an Army police officer for 20 years before retiring and pursuing a staff job with an elected official in Congress.

said Brooke Banner, a stunning 22year-old blonde who has appeared in over 100 titles since breaking into the business four years ago. Banner’s supermodel good looks have garnered her work with Vivid, a distributor generally regarded as the gold standard in the industry. “I get special treatment all over,” said Lori Lust, a 27-year-old actress.  “I get into places I never dreamed of and meet famous people I never would have met on a daily basis. Some parties, I meet many mainstream actors and we party. “ Lust, a tall blonde with piercingly blue eyes, competed as a fitness competitor in her native Michigan. Her road to the adult movie industry was paved through swinging before hitching her trail out west in hopes of a lucrative career in the porn industry.

on “The Howard Stern Show” where she did naked squats while lathered up in cooking oil. Lust’s previous professional endeavors included a house-cleaning business and retail management. She said that her name is one of the fastest growing in the industry — an industry where someone can be in one day and washed up the next. Despite this, Lust and her promoter have dreams of grandeur for the future. But they are not alone. A majority of the porn stars interviewed all pointed to careers behind the camera as directors and producers, careers that seem to be the only option for tired and used-up porn stars. Most of the porn stars seemed falsely enthusiastic about their careers. More than half of them said they couldn’t see themselves leaving the industry. Thus, the change from starring in porn to producing it.

But it seemed that “production” was a programmed response. Talk to porn stars about their careers and they will tell every gruesome detail, but ask about their personal lives and for the most part they completely wall up, as none of the interviewees cared to comment on their family lives. For those who were accustomed to the underworld of the legal sex trade, the convention was no big deal, but to the inexperienced eye the event was like a foreign country, with foreign customs that continued through the night and the weekend. The convention center now is free of thong-wearing strippers and strapon sporting mistresses of the night. The moaning has faded into the walls, and the cameras illuminate the napes of necks and cleavages of breasts elsewhere. Erotica is gone, until next year.

“At first, I was a swinger and put my ad on the swingers board and had 1000 e-mails in one day,” Lust said in an e-mail interview. “After that I thought I should get into modeling; Then from there, into adult modeling because the offers were so good,” she said. Like many others, the entrepreneurial beauty has hustled to make herself rich and famous via her Web site,, where she features access to a multitude of erotic pictures and videos with a $20 monthly membership. “I like sex and it shows on camera,” Lust said. “It’s not fake for me.  I actually like having sex on camera and in front of people, so I’m not nervous.” Lust also has increased her visibility in the industry by hosting events at the Playboy Mansion and an appearance

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