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MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011


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MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011

Regents OK tuition rise


Students at Nebraska universities may have to start pinching a few more pennies to pay for their education due to the 5 percent tuition increase the Board of Regents passed during its meeting Friday. “I’d love it if we had a zero percent increase budget to work with,” North Platte Regent Bob Phares said. “It’s just not realistic.” Despite the increase in tuition, when it comes to education costs, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been in the bottom to lower third of universities in the Big 12 and is in the bottom of the Big Ten. “It’s still 19 percent lower than what our average peers are,” said Regent Jordan Gonzalez, the University of Nebraska at Kearney student body president. Regent Timothy Clare of Lincoln said he will have children who will be students at UNL in the fall but still voted to pass the increase. “I’ll bear the brunt of tuition increases, and I still think it’s

the best deal out there,” he said. While 5 percent might not look like a lot on paper, Elizabeth O’Connor, student regent for University of Nebraska at Omaha, said over the years students will feel the difference of this increase. “Education is important, and I know students are working hard to afford it,” she said. For students who receive need-based financial aid for school, Regent Bob Whitehouse, chairman of the board, said the tuition increase also raises that aid. “Those in greatest need will remain unharmed by this budget,” he said. Lane Carr, student regent and Association of Students of the University of Nebraska president, attended the meeting and can identify with how students feel about tuition increases. “As a student, it’s very hard to do cartwheels over any tuition increase,” he said, adding it’s a priority to make sure it’s possible for students to attend college. “I thank everyone in keeping the tuition increase as low as they can.”

During its meeting Friday, the regents also approved the construction of a new suite-style residence hall at 18th/19th and R streets to replace UNL’s traditional-style Cather and Pound halls. The $79 million project will begin construction in January and is set to open in June 2014. “Renovation would only add a few years’ life to Cather and Pound, and it wasn’t costeffective,” Phares said. Whitehouse said he has talked with parents of students who have lived in Cather and Pound and recognized areas for improvement. “There’s a definite need, and has been,” he said. “The timing is perfect.” Although Regent Chuck Hassebrook of Lyons, Neb., agrees it is important to offer nicer housing that meets student demands, he said traditional, more affordable housing is also needed. “Not everybody can afford what others demand,” he said. His main concern is that it might not be wise to convert


For the past 140 years, the Nebraska State Fair has been an integral part of the state’s history and tradition. Later this month, fair goers of all ages will have the chance to relive their favorite moments with the release of a new book that aims to capture the spirit of the fair and awaken nostalgic memories. “Nebraska State Fair” by Mary L. Maas is a collection of vintage and modern photos that chronicle the changes of the state fair from its start in Nebraska City in the 1859 to its displacement to Lincoln as a result of a 1901 state legislature vote to its Grand Island debut last year. With its plethora of photos, readers of any generation are bound to connect with some part of Maas’s book. “It would be hard to look through the book and not find an image of your community or someone you know,” said Lindsey Koepke, executive director of the Nebraska State Fair 1868 Foundation. Koepke granted Maas access to thousands of archived photos to search and scan for use in her book. She said Maas spent “days upon days” trying to find pictures she thought were a “true representation of what the fair was like.” The photos in the book capture the various attractions of the evolving fair, including bands and parades, circus acts, rides, vendors, car races, tractor pulls and 4-H projects. “The only thing I regret is that I couldn’t put more photos in,” Maas said. “There’s such a historical memory bank that it’s too bad there couldn’t be more … but I’m very pleased with it.” Maas, an active member of the Nebraska State Historical Society, said her idea for the book came about when she heard that the Lincoln fairgrounds were going to be sold to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“I thought the history should be preserved and the photos should be collected,” Maas said. Koepke said she loved Maas’s idea and that the foundation would have liked to do a similar project. “Mary took full range and did a fantastic job,” she said. Part of Maas’s goal in compiling the book was to evoke memories for those who have attended the state fair and to draw in those who have not. A lifelong resident of Stanton, Neb., Maas began attending the fair when she was very young and has witnessed the fair’s stages of change. “They kept trying to bring in bigger, better events,” she said, in an effort to keep regulars coming back and to attract newcomers. “I always thought they did a wonderful job.” The final chapter of Maas’s book displays photos of a personal trip to the fair’s debut in Grand Island last year. “I loved the whole venue in Lincoln because of the whole historical aspect, but Grand Island is fantastic also because the buildings are state-of-the-art,” Maas said. The new buildings are equipped with large screens so attendees can see various events happening around the fairgrounds, no matter where they are. “I was thrilled that she was able to include the first year in Grand Island,” Koepke said. “That was a historical chapter, a new beginning for the fair and for this area and how it’s going to continue to grow there.” Koepke said in her seven years working with the fair, last summer’s crowd in Grand Island was the most enthusiastic she has seen. “Central Nebraska really came together and supported not only the move of the fair but the continued growth of the fair,” she said. Last summer showed a record number of volunteers with 675 individuals helping with various aspects of the fair.



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“I think being in Grand Island, it’s going to pull the whole state in a little bit more,” Maas said. “We are thrilled with the book,” said Erica Winters, marketing specialist for Arcadia Publishing. “This one is really going to resonate with a lot of people, and the photos are great.” This is the second book Maas has published with Arcadia, the leading local history publisher in the United States. “I just hope that it pleases the people who see it, that it’s a book that really reflects what the state fair means,” Maas said. She said she believes the fair promotes the youthful activities of 4-H members, Future Farmers of America and those who love aspects of the fair such as the antique equipment, quilt work, food and photography. “There’s something there for everybody, whether you’re young or old, hobbies or not,” Maas said. “And if you don’t do the hobby yourself, you can go and appreciate what somebody else has accomplished.” “Nebraska State Fair” will be available at local retailers, online bookstores or through Arcadia Publishing at or (888) 313-2665 beginning June 27. A portion of proceeds from book sales will go toward the Nebraska State Fair 1868 Foundation, which continually strives for the overall improvement of the fair. The 2011 Nebraska State Fair will run Aug. 26 to Sept. 5. New entertainment this year includes: Aussie Kingdom, Street Beat Parkour Percussion, Showbot, the Living Vines, an Auctioneer Calling Contest and a Scream Contest. Other entertainment includes: The Band Perry, Larry the Cable Guy, Crystal Gayle, Jeremy Camp, LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson and Cheap Trick. For more information, visit

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New book chronicles University state fair history fights bed bug infestation BETHANY TRUEBLOOD




The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is continuing to monitor an area on campus for bedbugs after an incident on June 9. The university reported a small bedbug infestation in an engineering computer lab for faculty and staff. “We’re talking about a small area on the third floor of Nebraska Hall,” said Kelly Bartling, manager of news at UNL. The university and exterminators treated the area on June 10. “Since then, the university and the exterminators have continued to monitor that section,” Bartling said. “Nothing has been found outside of that first specific area.” About a week after the first bedbug treatment, the university is continuing to evaluate and have follow-up treatments, she said. “There isn’t any reason to believe there are bedbugs outside of that cubicle area,” Bartling said. There have been no reports of bedbugs anywhere else on

campus grounds, she said. Bartling said the room is still being used, but added there was not a lot of activity there. The area was closed off on June 10 when the room was sprayed and opened back up the day after treatment. Bartling said the university has asked people in the building to be alert and help monitor the situation to stop any spread of bed bugs. Students can also do their part by becoming educated on bedbugs and what they look like, she said. Pictures of bedbugs can be found at pest/bugs.shtml. If students suspect that bedbugs are in a residence hall, they should alert a Resident Assistant or a Residence Director, Bartling said. If people suspect a bug infestation in another building, they should call Building System Maintenance at 402-472-1550. “If there are (more bedbugs),” she said, “we’ll treat it again.” NEWS@ DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM

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monDAY, june 20, 2011

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editorial board members EMILY BLISS editor-in-chief BEA HUFF RHIANNON ROOT assistant editor opinion editor BOB AL-GREENE SARAH MCCALLISTER assistant editor copy chief

Tuition increase hard, but needed Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the University of Nebraska Board of Regents to pass its annual tuition increase, and time for students to shoulder a little more of the burden of budget shortfalls. For 2011-2012, the magic number is 5 percent. The Board of Regents met Friday to approve the increase. Last year, tuition went up 6 percent, and the year before that, 4 percent. So this is no surprise. We’ve done this dance before, and the trends point toward continued tuition hikes in the future. As Regent Jordan Gonzalez pointed out, even with the increase, Nebraska schools still have lower tuition than their peers in the Big Ten, which are facing their own budgetary concerns. For example, UNL’s funding flows from a combination of tuition, state appropriations and private donations. Schools like the University of Iowa are not so lucky: They draw no funding from private donors and face legislatures attempting to cut their appropriations. Thanks to donors and a friendlier state government, UNL’s situation is not as extreme as Iowa’s. At least, not yet. This round of budget cuts will likely pass, as they have every year since 2002. There surely will be sufficient moaning and groaning from the student body, but it’s important to understand the reasons behind these decisions. These are financially tough times for public universities, and tough times call for tough decisions. It won’t be easy for students to pay more, but there are no easy answers in this situation, as Chancellor Harvey Perlman and other officials have reiterated. The goal of a tuition increase is not to leave students out in the cold financially. This year, as in years past, there will be a rise in need-based financial aid, according to the Board of Regents Chairman Bob Whitehouse. The best students can do at this point is to get involved in the situation however they can. The University of Iowa’s student newspaper, the Daily Iowan, recently published an editorial urging students to write to their state representatives, letting them know how important funding is for public education. Iowa is further down the road than Nebraska right now, but it’s not too early for students here to contact state senators and do the same. Otherwise, the decisions left to the NU Board of Regents (and in turn, student living conditions) will only get tougher.

editorial policy The editorial above contains the opinion of the spring 2010 Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, its student body or the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. A column is solely the opinion of its author; a cartoon is solely the opinion of its artist. The Board of Regents acts as publisher of the Daily Nebraskan; policy is set by the Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board. The UNL Publications Board, established by the regents, supervises the production of the paper. According to policy set by the regents, responsibility for the editorial content of the newspaper lies solely in the hands of Daily Nebraskan employees.

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MTV shows glorify teen pregnancy


agazine covers across the country display the faces of girls from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Since appearing on the reality television shows, a number of these girls have become somewhat famous. But ... for what? These girls aren’t movie stars, pop stars or athletes. Instead, these girls have become famous for getting pregnant as teenagers. Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, just to name a few, have all been seen on many magazine covers. It’s hard to believe this is what has made these girls famous and difficult to fathom the morality of it all. As a child, you’re consistently taught about abstinence, the many forms of birth control and STDs throughout your school years. It’s strange to see the opposite of what you were taught being somewhat applauded. As someone who was never pregnant as a teenager, it’s a little frustrating to see these girls become famous for taking a path that every young girl in America was told not to. According to, Kim Kardashian wrote on her blog, “It seems that shows like ‘Teen Mom’ are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls. The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have become almost like celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!” FINALLY!

gabrielle lazaro For so long, I’ve felt I was the only one who thought this about these shows, and at last, someone has said something. Obviously, the media sell what’s popular and they can’t control the likes and dislikes of the population. But is MTV really sending the right message by allowing these shows to go on? Approximately 2.8 million viewers watched the season two premiere of “16 and Pregnant.” This is a monumental number of people, and there’s a good chance the majority of these viewers are young girls. Although the shows do illustrate the hardships the girls go through, the main thing they’re displaying is that these girls are on television. Many of the girls even got their own TV show along with the riches and fame that came with the popularity of it all. The idea of becoming a star has to be somewhat tempting to young girls. According to, “young ladies are so eager to be on reality TV that they are actually getting pregnant just to score an audition.” It is

heartbreaking that young girls would actually do something so drastic and alter their lives so completely just for the chance to be famous. And it’s not only heartbreaking for the girls: Think about the children who could possibly be born because of this. There are not only rumors of young girls purposely getting pregnant to be on the show, but according to both and, “16 and Pregnant” star Jennifer Del Rio allegedly got pregnant on purpose just to land a role on the show. The father of her twin sons, Josh Smith, claims Del Rio told him she was pregnant three months before she actually was so he wouldn’t wear a condom. These two have also been in the news for domestic violence against each other, according to Del Rio allegedly punched Smith in the face during an argument and Smith was seen kicking Del Rio out of his car, leaving her on the side of the road during their episode of “16 and Pregnant.” This is another great example of the type of people who are gaining ridiculous amounts of fame. Even if MTV were to cancel both “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” the stars of the shows are already in the media and will probably continue to be for some time. However, MTV would at least be stopping more girls from becoming famous for the wrong thing and killing any last ambitions other girls have of becoming pregnant to become famous.

Gabrielle Lazaro is a junior NewsEditorial major. Reach her at

Morgan crosses comedic line with homophobic rant


omedy is about taking it to the extreme. Haven’t you heard? We’re living in post-racism, post-sexism, post-ism America. All boundaries are demolished. Instead, we can focus without reservation on what comedy is about: making us face the uncomfortable head-on. There’s the approach of “The Office,” which amplifies the awkward tension we feel to highlight its (and our) absurdity. Or there’s the Zach Galifianakis approach, which pretends there is no tension and blurts the offensive in a deadpan, offhand way: “Have you seen that show on CBS called ‘The Amazing Race’? Is that show about white people?” But is there a line? For the most part, no. Comedy is meant to offend. We laugh when we’re caught off-guard, and by laughing, we question our own sensibilities. “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s politically incorrect Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” just swept the Tony Awards with nine

awards for this very reason. Then there’s Tracy Morgan. Photographer Kevin Rogers reported on his Facebook page that in a standup routine at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., Morgan said if his son was gay, “he better come home and talk to him like a man and not (he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice) or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death.” This was among many other statements, like that gay children “should not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.” Before this incident, I wasn’t afraid to admit that Tracy Morgan was my favorite thing about one of my favorite shows on television. Morgan plays an over-the-top egotist in his “30 Rock” character Tracy Jordan, which is really just a thinly veiled excuse to get the actual Tracy Morgan on camera. His TV character shouts lines like, “I once saw a baby give another baby a tattoo! They were very drunk!” The real Tracy Morgan, sprawled out on a desk during a live TV interview, lifted his shirt and impersonated

His rant was complete with references to lynching. Richards will likely never fully escape his remarks, but in the long run, they were inconsequential. Racism is still a prevalent issue, but we live in a society where pronouncements like Richards’ are abhorred as a cultural assumption. People shake their heads at how pathetic it is that some still harbor those thoughts, and they move cameron mount on. a pregnant woman. If you’ve ever Morgan’s tirade, on the other hand, confused character with actor, you was not only homophobic, but hateful may be forgiven. and specifically violent against those With a persona based solely on abused and most vulnerable. ranting where the absurd, shocking According to the “It Gets Better” and incoherent meet, the fact that project website, nine out of 10 LGBT Morgan managed to offend is almost students experience harassment at remarkable in itself. But in this case, schools, and more than one-third of he can’t simply be laughed off. LGBT children have attempted suiAccording to Kevin Rogers, Morcide. It’s not about whether the words gan’s “entire demeanor changed durare controversial, it’s about what those ing that portion of the night. He was words could cause others to think truly filled with some hate toward us.” is OK and what very real harm they It’s not unlike what happened to could cause others. Michael Richards of “Seinfeld” fame Unlike Richards, Morgan is also in 2006. During a set at an L.A. currently a star of a hit prime-time comedy club, Richards shouted racist comedy show. In the last few days, epithets at hecklers in the audience. many have called for his firing by

NBC. Free speech applies, but NBC would be entirely justified if they decide to fire Tracy Morgan. Free speech allows Morgan say whatever he wants and lets everyone else decide whether they want to associate with him anymore. It would be a strong message from NBC on an issue that is too often treated taboo. According to USA Today, Morgan has since apologized, joined with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and spoken about his own experience being the victim of homophobia when his father died of AIDS in 1987. Even though the apology was obligatory, Morgan seemed as sincere as his unable-to-be-taken-seriously persona allows. As long as he follows through and makes an honest attempt to stand up for gay rights, NBC and the public should be able to forgive and move on. I’ve come to terms that most

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monDAY, june 20, 2011

Omaha unites LGBTQA allies with weekend festival story by Brady Jones and Kim Buckley


rainbow of color will file through O m a h a ’s Old Market on Saturday morning as part of this year’s Heartland Pride parade, the culmination to a weekend of activities and entertainment. The annual LGBT celebration includes a variety of events, beginning with the Harvey Milk candlelight vigil on Thursday and ending with the parade and festival on Saturday. Royal D. Bush, this year’s Heartland Pride president, said the Pride activities give the area’s LGBTQA community a place to go for free entertainment and information. “It’s a place where the entire community comes together — regardless of orientations — to celebrate the diversity that lies within each of us,” he said in an email. Pride festivals and events have been held in many cities across the country since the gay rights movement gained momentum in the 1970s following the Stonewall riots in 1969. A lot has changed since then — gay marriage is now recognized in five states, including Iowa.

But those involved That is why Heartwith the movement land Pride organizers for LGBT equal rights have been working to believe there is still a build a more regional long way to go. That’s sense of unity instead where Pride events of focusing on a single come in: They aim to event in a single city. bring people together Steven Sorensen, secand build bridges with retary and a founding others, member b o t h of Heartwithl a n d The LGBT in and Pride, withsaid Necommunity has out the braska no chance of ever LGBT hopes commuto learn achieving equal nity. m o r e rights ... without the f r o m “The LGBT states help of others. c o m l i k e munity I owa , has no which ROYAL d. BUSH heartland pride president chance passed of ever a bill a c h i ev making ing equal rights, or same-sex marriage leending DOMA (De- gal in April of 2009. fense of Marriage Act), “There are a lot of baor passing ENDA (Em- sic initiatives that need ployment Non-Dis- to be passed before we crimination Act), with- get to where Iowa is,” out the help of others. he said. We simply don’t have Their initiatives the votes,” said Bush, would include basic who has been an activ- protection rights in ist and volunteer since housing and jobs, Sothe late ’80s. “We need rensen added. to do what the politi- “It’s been a long cians can’t seem to do: 30 years since we’ve reach across and ex- been dealing with tend a hand to others HIV/AIDS, and we and ask for their help, acknowledge we have find united ground more to do.” and grow forward to Part of that moveachieve common goals. ment is looking to the We don’t have time to future of the LGBT place blame — it is community. Many area time to move forward.” Gay-Straight Alliance

organizations will participate in the events. The Pride Players, a group of Omaha high schoolers who perform various bits of theater exploring issues facing LGBT youth, are this year’s Pride Parade Grand Marshals. “They are our future, and they have incredible talent and ideas to offer,” Sorensen said. And as they look forward, Pride organizers are working to mold and improve the Pride experience to keep up with the changing social dynamics. “Pride needs to catch up with reality, the rest of the world and ourselves to be a current, effective and useful tool for our communities across the country,” said Bush, an Interfaith Chaplain with Inclusive Life in Omaha. “It is time to build bridges with our allies, not walls.” Bush said he and other organizers aim to make the event “more than a stereotypical beer garden and drag show.” “Our communities are too rich with talent not to offer inclusive options for entertainment, marketing and information for all.” bradyjones@ kimbuckley@

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monDAY, june 20, 2011


Heartland Pride June 23-25 | Omaha June 23 Harvey Milk Candlelight Vigil when: 7 p.m. where: Douglas Country Court House Steps June 24 “Pure” White Block Party when: 8 p.m. where Flixx PRIDE Festival Grounds (10th and Pacific streets) how much: $10 in advance, $15 at the door June 25 CommUNITY PRIDE Parade when: 11 a.m. where: 10th and Farnam streets to 10th and Pacific streets United in PRIDE 2011 Festival when: Noon to 1 a.m. where: Flixx PRIDE Festival Grounds • Noon to 4 p.m.: Kids Korner and Pet Pride • 3 p.m.: Pet costume contest • 5 p.m.: $5 admission begins for evening entertainment including the Pride Players, 2010 PRIDE title holders, Crush Bois, Once A Pawn and Leslie and the Ly’s PURE PRIDE Weekend Passes are available for $20 and include admission to the Pure White Block Party, Saturday evening entertainment and Sunday pancakes and mimosas. Check for more details.

Star City Pride July 14-17 | Lincoln July 14 Opening Comedy Night featuring Lyp Schtick where: Club Blue July 15 Street Dance where: Panic Featuring Kristie Stremel July 16 Fifth Annual Star City Pride Festival when: 2 p.m. where: Panic Featuring performances by Alexandra St. James, Kristie Stremel and the 159ers and DJ Spence Love July 17 Post-Pride Show where: Club Q

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monDAY, june 20 2011

Band C AT C H I N G breakS E C O N D W I N D ups — A ­—

— s t o r y b y M I C H A E L T O D D ­—



courtesy photo

››Editor’s note: This story was also published on The reporter is working as both an intern for Hear Nebraska and a reporter for the Daily Nebraskan.

If Nebraska’s music scene were the universe of “Star Wars,” Tim McMahan would probably be Emperor Palpatine. He has been the publisher and editor of the online music magazine Lazy-i since 1998 for chrissakes. That’s 10 years before Google. No, he’s not evil nor is he a putrid color of green, but for this spry, young journalist, McMahan — a member of Hear Nebraska’s board of directors — is a shadowy blogger with a reputation that could seemingly make or break any band yet to achieve notoriety outside of the state. So when he says, “(Danny Maxwell) can now count himself among the top Omaha front men, all he needs is a pair of leather pants,” well, Maxwell’s new band New Lungs had better start shopping. Maxwell’s other band, Little Brazil, and his post as bassist within the Landon Hedges-led group wasn’t quite enough for him, and judging from McMahan’s praise, Maxwell has taken well to the spotlight. But you wouldn’t know it if you asked him, which the Daily Nebraskan had the chance to do. New Lungs will play the MAHA Music Festival Showcase in Omaha at the Waiting Room on Wednesday at 8 p.m. The festival itself will take place Aug. 13, and its crew is throwing preview shows like this one with MAHA performer Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship to build hype and give away tickets, T-shirts and merch.

Maxwell is just happy to be asked to join in on the fun, he says. daily nebraskan: I suppose before we start I just want to ask about your ringback song. It’s classical music, which kind of goes against what I hear your band is all about, punk rock and being loud, you know. danny maxwell: (laughs) Yeah, I get a lot of people making fun of me for that. Before that, I had another ringtone on there, and I just didn’t want to pay for it anymore. So that’s their default ringback. I should probably change it sometime. dn: OK, that makes sense. Anyway, to start off, tell me why you started New Lungs. dm: Well, I guess Corey (Broman) and I had played in bands before, and I just wanted to get back to that. I hadn’t played guitar for such a long time since I’ve been playing bass in Little Brazil. Then we asked Craig (Fort, bassist) to play, and it worked out. We’ve only played three shows, but we’ve been practicing since October or November. dn: How is the reception you’ve been getting from audiences so far? dm: Really good. We’ve been really excited and lucky enough to play shows like (the MAHA Showcase). It’s been great so far. dn: Good. Now, Lazy-i called you one of Omaha’s best lead men. What do you think it is about you that might give you that title? dm: Oh, I don’t know. I think he was just being nice (laughs). He said I had an earthy howl, which is funny. But I don’t know why. I have no idea. I’ll

just say he’s being nice. dn: All right, but you said you’ve been in bands before with Corey? That must help with New Lungs’ growth as a new band. dm: Yeah, Corey and I played in a band before that, right when I started playing with Little Brazil: This Just In. And we were in some bad high school bands like the one I played with Corey and Landon (Hedges) in, but that was a short-lived thing. But yeah, even when we started doing this, I had a couple songs prepared, but it’s been weird. Corey and I have been messing around and something comes together out of nothing. When we’ve sat down and actually tried to write, we’ve found difficulties, but the last three songs we’ve done were just someone was playing something and it turned into a song. And we’re going to go at things from a different perspective, too, with whatever we do next. dn: OK. Tell me about your years in Omaha’s music scene, how it’s changed and where you think it’s going. dm: Wow, um. It’s changed a lot as far as the venues and the music, the people, everything. Now it’s funny because I always thought of myself as a little guy, the little brother. Now I go out and feel like an older guy. I feel like the styles and the bands are kind of becoming staples. I think the way venues are set up now, despite the ones that have been taken away from us, there’s a lot of opportunity. dn: Since you’re a new band, do you have any recordings posted that would give people

— I F Y O U G O ­—

an idea of what you sound like? dm: The five songs we’re playing right now are all we have, and there aren’t any recordings. But we’ve recorded practices on four-track, and we do hope to get something more formal recorded this summer. dn: OK, and what are some of your other goals for the band? dm: As far as my role, I’m just singing and playing guitar. But I don’t know, not that there’s any boundaries with Little Brazil, but we’re open to everything at this point, so we’re incorporating instruments with triggers, whatever we might want to try. We might write around a sample or something. We might write something on synthesizer and loop it. But yeah, I think it’s open to a lot of unorthodox writing styles, but that’s my take on it. dn: That’s it for questions then. Is there anything else you want to add? dm: We’re just going with whatever happens. We weren’t looking to play a bunch of shows when we started in April, but I don’t know, we’re booked all the way into August now. It’s moving fast, and we’re trying to still write. That’s the next thing, write more songs, get recorded this summer and have something ready in the fall, maybe on cassette. Playing around town is what we’re doing. We’re thinking about doing some midwestern jaunts, if you will, with some other bands maybe next spring or summer. But just right now, it’s writing and recording. That’s all we have planned. michaeltodd@

MAHA Festival Music Showcase — Wednesday, 8 p.m. — Free for all ages The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St., Omaha

Neil Orians

The worst part of being in a band is when it ends. There is no such thing as a band that lives forever — everything will end. It’s one thing when the band falls apart. I’ve been in groups where members lose touch and everything just fades away. When members don’t fight to stay together and continue to create music, it clearly wasn’t worth the time in the first place. Sometimes members move on. Omaha-based Straight Outta Junior High disbanded for a while when its lead singer went through a divorce and decided to add stability to his life by getting a real job. Lincoln’s own JV Allstars went through similar circumstances where members had gone on to live “real” lives and pursue something else they love. My old band, the Heat Machine, is another example of that. The Heat Machine breaking up was a really rough time for all seven of us. Even though I was only in the band for about eight months, as opposed to the four years the rest of the band put in, the Machine had become a part of my life. Because of that band, I met people who, very literally, changed my life plans. I stopped regretting my decision to transfer from my dream school because of that band. I made the best friends of my life and finally began to figure out my place in the world. Yeah, music can do that. Bands can do that. It’s more than just performing music you love. Being in a band and traveling across the country together is like having another family. An awesome family that you get to party with every night and wake up next to every morning, and it never gets creepy. Tensions can run high living in close quarters with the same people for a month at a time, but after about a week’s worth of rest, there’s nothing in the world I want to do more than head back out with my

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Odd Future ‘Lantern’ hurt by inconsistency clings to old D+ shock appeal SPENSER ALBERTSEN DAILY NEBRASKAN


Explaining the popularity and success of hardcore hip-hop collective Odd Future (officially Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or OFWGKTA) is tough to do. Its lyrics include references to murder, necrophilia, rape and cannibalism. The band’s debut music video for “Yonkers” shows 19-yearold group leader Tyler, the Creator (yes, that’s his complete name, comma included) vomiting up a cockroach and hanging himself. And yet, somehow, the group receives almost universal praise. The YouTube music vidGREEN LANTERN eo for “Yonkers” was viewed more than 13 million times. Starring: Ryan Reynolds Poetry Foundation recently Wide release published a glowing exposition of OFWGKTA, lauding the group’s unprecedented and “visionary” Grade music. “Goblin” is, for the most part, a continuation of Tyler’s 2010 debut, “Bastard.” Even the mock conversations with a therapist (voiced by Tyler, with pitch lowered a couple of octaves) are back, this time serving a greater role as thematic backbone for the rest of the album. “Goblin” is the group’s first retail release and is hyped to an almost ludicrous degree. And for an album so eagerly expected, “Goblin” is, well, not very easy to listen to. At an hour and 14 minutes, the album is about half an hour too long. “Radicals” and “Window” are 7-plus minutes, repeating the choruses for seemingly no reason at all. The high points, however, are some of the best songs Odd Future has released. In “Yonkers,” “Sandwitches” and “Tron Cat,” Tyler zeroes in on his signature raw, gritty delivery and masters it more effectively than in anything else he’s done. Another highlight is “She,” featuring fellow Odd Future member Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is the low-key R&B crooner of Odd Future, a contrast that blends surprisingly well with his harsh bandmates. Those that expected “Goblin” to blow Tyler’s previous album out of the water and show dramatic polish and evolution are going to be disappointed. “Bastard” delved into the mind of an angry 18-year-old, while “Goblin” delves into the mind of an angry 19-year-old. It’s more of the same, for better or worse. On “Bastard,” the immaturity was, at least, unlike what anyone else was rapping about. Here, it’s the exact same topics trying to be passed off


GOBLIN Tyler, the Creator



again. If the songs are as good, it shouldn’t matter. But for a band that runs primarily off shock value, it begins to get stale. And some songs contain almost cringingly stupid lyrics (looking at you “Radicals” and “Bitch Suck Dick”). I don’t think I’m angry enough to totally be on board with “Goblin,” but in the end, it accomplishes what it’s meant to do. I can’t even comprehend how the band can be popular with anyone over the age of 30, because it’s clearly meant for young, angry kids trying to sort through an identity. Tyler recognizes this himself in his strikingly introspective opener, “Goblin”: “That’s bull of the sheet but they want to critique / Everything that we, Wolf Gang, has ever released / But they don’t get it, cause it’s not made for them / The nigga that’s in the mirror rapping, it’s made for him.” It’s entirely possible that in a couple of years it’ll become obvious that Odd Future is really not that talented and won’t evolve any more. For now, though, the band is fascinating to follow. Much of that only works because of the hype and how the band responds to its pressure. In this sense, it’s not so different from the more reflective moments of Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Odd Future’s members are some of the first artists growing up completely online, and their music reflects something truly unique because of this. The band stays in contact with fans and critics online by constantly updating Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Formspring. They’re part of a new kind of frenetic, confused, alwaysplugged in upbringing that’s brought about a fascinating self-awareness. It’s not genius. Often it’s not even good. But there is something clearly new here that will be interesting to follow as the band members mature and continue responding to their hype. In the end, Tyler’s just an angry ball of confused possible talent trying to figure his life out. If that connects with you, “Goblin” might be your thing. If you’re offended by the line “I’m awesome, and I fuck dolphins,” it’s probably not. CAMERONMOUNT@ DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM

So far this blockbuster season, we’ve been a little spoiled. “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class” have been pretty fun entries into the comic-book movies subcategory of the summer movie season. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not without their problems and foibles: They don’t always excel at punctuality or emotionality and no, they can’t be directly compared to “The Dark Knight” or “Iron Man.” But they maintain credibility, remaining fun and forgiving. “Green Lantern,” though, seems to exist soullessly, wishing it could be a grand achievement. Sinestro (one of the strongest members of the Green Lantern Corps) says to Ryan Reynolds’ character Hal Jordan about halfway through the film, “the Corps is only as strong as its weakest link” — a mantra that perhaps should have been taken into more consideration by those putting together the picture. Several weak links can be found throughout. This issue in “Green Lantern” is not the all-CGI suit; it’s not the actors who push through their characterizations (although they are quite thin from time to time). It’s the movie’s complete inability to focus and decide what it wants to be. It gives

all of us. It was opportunity. There are always more fish in the sea, but where are all the awesome kids who want to play ska music together? How many of us can get together and make great sounds? The fact is, we’re few and far between. It’s not as easy as “Oh hey, I’ll make a new band today” — it takes work and chemistry. Musicians are a dime a dozen, but to get the right mixture is something

of the concept and creatures becomes nothing more than a short frontispiece. Interaction with this world is something that passes by as if it were a ship too far from a shallow coast to dock. The movie slumps from then on, working its way through individuals like Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) and Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) as if they were intensely important to examine. A love interest is supposedly standard, though it would have been nice to see Lively do more than just be the handsome guy’s inamorata, as she plays a woman who is also an ace pilot and a corporate genius. And in the face of a galactic bad guy by the name of Parallax, Hector Hammond is a pretty much a useless side villain and could probably be fleshed out to greater success later on. The rousing finale also falls a bit short in the newly invigorated “Green Lantern.” Hal takes on Parallax himself in the streets and up into space. However, there doesn’t feel to be any weight or grandeur to it. Like the rest of the scenes that precede it, it just kind of sits...or...err...floats. Most would think it dim to consider sticking to a blueprint as a point to speak of trying for originality, but creativity can spawn from the basics. And quite effectively, in fact.


Starring: Ryan Reynolds Wide release


Artistry can be sentient as well as physical. Reynolds really tries here. He tones down the “Van Wilder” shtick he’s been going on with for a while (though films like “Chaos Theory” and “Buried” are all recent breaks that are very fun to watch). So he’s not a bad actor — he just has such bad stuff to root through to finally get to wear the green suit, which he got the short end of the stick on as it was completely computer-generated. “Green Lantern” looks pretty good, save for a lack of any real interactive physicality in the CGI environments. Expanding on the universe of the Lantern Corps would have been a great investment for the first in what I’m sure Warner Bros. and DC Comics would hope to be many films. I’m sure they would have also liked it to be good. We don’t always get what we wish for though, do we? But we shouldn’t be so selfish. They make these films for us to enjoy. We want to be entertained. And it can’t be perfect all the time, as “Green Lantern” shows.




celebrities and comedians have to be arrogant and not entirely likeable to get in the position they are. If we boycotted everyone that represented a less-than-stellar moral code of conduct, we’d have a spotty selection of movies to see, TV to watch and music to listen to. Celebrities that are good at their professional jobs can do and say what they want in their free time. When they incite violence, a line is crossed. But, in this case, Morgan made his amends. I’m uncomfortable supporting Morgan as a person and would likely never see his comedy routine if he came to Lincoln. But Morgan wasn’t representing NBC in the show, and I will still be watching “30 Rock” again in the fall. I’ll also be laughing openly at his off-the-wall humor. More important than a half-insane comedian is the public response to it. While Michael Richards was instantly condemned, Tracy received “thunderous cheer” and “You go Tracys” from the audience, according to Kevin Rogers. Chris Rock tweeted afterward “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in world where Tracy Morgan can’t say foul inappropriate shit.” “30 Rock” co-star Alec Baldwin simply

everything to suite-style residence halls. The key, he said, is having a range of types of residence halls; he did, however, vote yes to approve the budget for the new residence hall. “I supported this because it was the most practical way to address the deteriorating Cather and Pound halls,” he said. A third item the board approved was a program statement and budget for the East Campus Recreation Center, as well as a budget for the Outdoor Adventures Center. Last fall, students approved a facilities improvement program with 72 percent of the vote, which would be funded by an

ORIANS: FROM 6 family. Only one romantic breakup has affected me like the Heat Machine’s did, and that was a relationship, oddly enough, credited to me being in that band. But even so, the Heat Machine was so much more than a nice guy to date. It was so much more than that fuzzy feeling you get when you connect with someone in a romantic way. At the risk of sounding cliche, it was much bigger than

off the distinct odor of meddling and constant tinkering. The plot can be a forward, action-driven spectacle and then schizophrenically wander off into the uninteresting side of human droning. Extraneous characters pop in and out, only to have themselves excised from thought without so much as a nod — not that they were at all interesting to begin with. Emotional depth for these personifications is vastly important. That’s understood. A big part of why Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” movies connect so well is because there is motive. There is a structure behind the apparent madness and a vision behind each move. “Green Lantern” would have done itself well if it lived in a vacuum and had to create some original points for itself. Instead, it relies on the tried and the cobbling together of better elements in the hope that it all gels. It never does. Even attempts at one-off jokes fall distinctly flat. A centralized story of Hal Jordan, an air force pilot coming into possession of a ring of power and learning the ins and outs of being a hero, would be great, and for a while, that’s the objective. However, seeing Hal transported to Oa to receive training from the Corps is all too brief. And the interesting, textured face that embraces the weirdness

that takes years of work and dedication. So the next time your favorite band breaks up, know that nine times out of 10 it’s a hundred times harder for them to deal with than you. For us, it’s an end of an era and the end of something that was great to at least a few people. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. NEILORIANS@ DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM

tweeted “Oh that Tracy.” If people respond to advocations for violence with complacency, that reaction is infinitely more disturbing than the speech itself. Only when speech like Morgan’s is universally condemned in our culture will its dangerous aspects be nulled. There are bigger underlying problems than what spouts from a possible lunatic. But it’s our responses to that behavior that determine whether those lunatics harm, provoke or simply fizzle away.


increase in student fees. LJ McElravy, chairman of the ASUN Wellness Ad Hoc Committee and UNL graduate student in human sciences, said the university’s wellness facilities lag in many aspects. “Many students don’t use the East Campus Rec Center because of its dilapidated state,” he said. “Students have strongly voiced their willingness to fund these projects.” Construction for the new $15 million recreation center on East Campus is set to begin in October and will open in February 2014. A new outdoor recreation center will come to UNL’s City Campus in 2013.




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Services Adoption Abundance of love awaits your newborn, promising to give a lifetime of security and joy. Linda and Sal, call 1-800-595-4919. Expenses paid.

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Other criminal matters, call Sanford Pollack, 402-476-7474.

Misc. Services Busy Bees Preschool. Cripple Creek area. Openings for 3 to 5-year olds. Certified teacher. 402-423-6071.

Housing Roommates Looking for 3rd roommate on acreage 5 min from UNL, 1 block south of Pioneers Park. 3BD 2BA all electric. Outdoor swimming pool and room to board a horse if needed, outside dogs and cats welcome. $325+utilities. call Kayla 402-314-1629.

PHONE:(402)472-2589 FAX: (402)472-1761

Roommates $250/month, No Lease! Roommate wanted for new $200K house near I-80. Immaculately furnished! Free internet, laundry & cable. Clean & responsible only. 499-7765, Non-Smoking UNL Graduate student seeking non-smoking UNL student (Graduate or Undergraduate for 12 month lease starting in July or August of 2011. 61st and Vine, Trenridge Garden Apartments. Apartment is 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Includes screen enclosed balcony, dishwasher and private parking (garage parking available as well) and laundry facilities right below apartment. Apartment is secure access, in a safe neighborhood, across from a large park and police and fire services, and minutes from shopping center Hyvee and Russ’s. Rent is $292.50 a month split two ways. Utilities are Gas and Electric. Cost is about $15 and $30 per person per month for a total of about $350. Currently hooked up with TimeWarner Cable/DVR and wireless for an additional $55 a month per person. Contact Grant Forssberg at forssberg.grant or by cell, at 708.705.2827. One female or male nonsmoking roommate wanted for 12-month lease. You get your own unfurnished room (11 x 9.5 ft) and your own bathroom. Laundry on same floor, high-speed wireless internet, vaulted ceiling, balcony, secure access, pool, fitness center, minutes from downtown. Ideal for grad student or someone who needs a quiet place. $345 plus utilities ($403 total). Call 402-770-6818 or email Roommate wanted for a 3 bed 3 bath. Bathroom attached to YOUR room. HUGE living area with kitchen and a walk out patio. Washer and dryer in apartment. Furnished. Respectful, clean, and quiet roommates. Trash, water, internet, and parking all included. $409/month 12 month lease. Shuttle to and from UNL, 24-hour fitness room, pool, hot tub, and free tanning. Call/text Marissa (402) 320-7857. 371 West Charleston St.

Roommates Looking for roommate to share brick duplex. Nice neighborhood across from a school. Located at 40th and Randolph. Rent $300, utilities included. Call 402-202-4604. Roommate ads are FREE in print and online. E-mail yours to and include your name, address and phone number.

Duplexes For Rent Newer dplx for rent. 4BR,2BA,2 living rms, W/D, refrig.,H2O,trash included. Walk to UNL! Off street prking. 2212 Dudley St., Unit 1 Contact Troy @ 402-580-7339

1 bedroom, 1 bath, in 7-plex, clean, quiet, laundry. All Electric. N/P/S. 2040 ‘F’ St. $365/month. 402-560-9400.

Two female roommates wanted to share a 3 bedroom/2 bath apartment. Rent is $260 and utilities run no higher than $70. Call or text Michelle at 402-649-3733.

2 & 3 bedroom, 2 bath. NICE. N/P, N/S. Available August 1. Great East Campus/City Campus location (402) 430-4253 AND check us out on FaceBook at Starr Street Apartments.

Two female UNL students looking to share a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath duplex on 14th and humphrey. Around $350. Call or text Melissa at 402-430-3243! Two females looking for another roommate to share a three bedroom apartment at 38th and Baldwin, the Ashley Square Apartments. Rent is $283/month plus utilities, deposit is $166. Includes 2 walk-in closets, two bathrooms, patio and washer/dryer in unit. Apartment is directly across from the pool and exercise room. Five blocks from East Campus. Move in date is June 18th. Call Maria, 402-202-8190.

Houses For Rent

300 S. 16, 1-bedroom apartment, $400. Three blocks to campus. 503-313-3579, 1234 South 20th nice area. 1 bedroom. Oak floors. Central air. Common laundry. No smoking. Cats okay. $400. 402-450-8175.

First Month Free

2 bedroom, nice place, 1826 ‘A’ St. C/A, dishwasher, laundry, parking, no pets, no smoking, $450, 6-plex 402-423-1838. College students accepted.

815 N. 30th, Newly renovated 2/bedroom house near City Campus, NP/NS, $600 plus utilities and deposit.. Available April 1. 402-488-2088, 402-450-9160. Holroyd Investment Properties, Inc.

1-2 & 3 Bedrooms Apartments, Townhomes and Duplexes


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435 NW 20th Street $169,900

Beautifully updated home near Capital Beach! 1865 sq ft, large kitchen, spacious living and dining room. First floor master and laundry. Wood floors, newly remodeled 2nd floor bath with double vanities, jet tub/shower combo. 5 bedrooms, 1.75 baths, newer roof, vinyl siding and windows. 3-stall garage Fenced yard and large front covered porch completes this wonderful home. Please contact Tiffany Heier with Woods Bros. for more details 402-304-4836.

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a new way to cover campus rec teams and sports clubs. Now, on

Homes For Sale 538 Lakeside Drive - $99,500. Well-maintained 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhome located minutes from downtown. Open floorplan, large master bedroom, walk-in closets, all appliances stay. Association dues take care of lawn, snow removal, water, trash. View listing at

4109 N. 45th Court. 2 bedroom townhome, cheaper than rent. $71,950. 402-430-8249. Kim Warm, Updated, Clean. 4146 Y Street: 2+bedrooms, 2 bath, second kitchen & laundry in basement. Clean, updated, parking! $118,000 Kim Roberts Home Real Estate 402-430-8249 EHO

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721 N 30th. 6 bedroom, 2 bath, wood floors, $1350/month. 402-430-9618.

Three bedroom 2 bath, close to UNL, 1142 Y St., $600. 402-727-6806.


Apts. For Rent

Roommates Wanted! Currently looking for two roommates (preferably females) to move in at the end of June, with one of the rooms available immediately. Rent is $260 a month and utilities run about $50-70. Call or text (402)- 6493733.

SU DO KU: Solution, tips and computer program at www.

$9.00/15 words $5/15 words (students) $1.00/line headline $0.15 each additional word Deadline: Noon, Fridays

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Seasonal Park Workers E.T. Mahoney State Park Apply at Use Temporary Park Worker #2. Any questions, call ET Mahoney State Park at 402-944-2523 x 7122

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DN’s guide to Nebraska’s coming Pride festivals MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011VOLUME110,ISSUE155 MUSIC PAGE 6 MOUNT PAGE 3 DAILYNEBRASKAN.COM REGENTS...