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Courthouse clock to return next week BY BRITTANY STACK The Daily Mississippian

After weeks of missed deadlines, work on the Lafayette County Courthouse clock tower could potentially be finished next week. “We have authorized our attorney to file suit to retrieve our clock, and it is to my understanding Lloyd Larish, the guy with The House of Clocks who actually took our clock, will be down here one day next week to re-install the clock,” Lloyd Oliphant, president of the board of supervisors, said. Oliphant said the clock had not been working properly for some time. Mike Pickens, District 1 representative to the Board of Supervisors, said that the board wants the clock back after dealing with Larish’s problems for some time. “The guy we contracted with has not repaired it,” Pickens said. “He kept telling us that he would have it in two weeks, but we have not seen anything.” Oliphant said the board notified Larish that there would be legal action taken against him if he did not return the clock or complete the

terms of the contract. The contract stated Larish would repair the clock to working order and put it back in place at the top of the courthouse tower for the county. “Evidently, he had a change of heart after he was notified of our intent to file suit, and he has since notified the county that he will be back before the end of the month to install the clock in proper working order,” Oliphant said. Both Pickens and Oliphant said that there had been some contemplation about other ways to get the clock running, including talk of buying a new clock to place in the tower. However, Oliphant said that they have decided to get the clock back from Larish. The only reason a new clock would be bought is if the clock is not back and installed by the end of the month. The Board of Supervisors will wait to see if Larish carries through with the return of the clock next week. “He has missed several deadlines through this process,” Oliphant said. “We hope he makes this one.”


The Ole Miss Mascot Selection Committee released five top options that came from the recent polling. Of the 11 original mascot ideas, the committee decided to move forward the concepts of the horse, Hotty and Toddy, the landshark, the lion and the bear. Ty New, committee co-chair, said the committee debated all 11 options again before approving the five released today. “We had 4,000 voters write comments,” said New. “A lot were concerned about Hotty and Toddy Muppets.” According to the committee website, mascot., this phase of the selection process includes color renderings of the final mascot ideas. The next poll will include the visuals to help voters in deciding. Some students aren’t as positive about the options pushed forward by the committee. “The only one that sounds good to me is Hotty and Toddy,” said Latrice Fox, social work major. “They are the only ones that sound like they would go with Ole Miss.” Others, however, are not pleased with the results at all. “It was disappointing that William Faulkner wasn’t on there. He seemed appropriate,” said international studies major William Bumpas. In a recent interview, co-chair Margaret Ann Morgan said the next poll will take place in the fall. According to their website, the committee has to look into issues such as the housing and maintaining of a live animal and before the decision can be made.

this week UM MUSEUM

ABSTRACT WORKS OF MARIE HULL AND ANDREW BUCCI A vivid selection of Marie Hull’s colorful, energetic abstract works on paper and Andrew Bucci’s refined, calligraphic, and organic compositions in oil and watercolor comprise an exhibition on loan from the Mississippi Museum of Art. Teacher and Student: Abstract Works of Marie Hull and Andrew Bucci remains on view at the University of Mississippi Museum until September 18. The University of Mississippi Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. and closed Sunday and Monday, and all University holidays.

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ADDISON DENT | The Daily Mississippian


GULF OIL SPILL-PET DUMPING VIOLET, La. (AP) — Doublebunked behind the bars at the overrun St. Bernard Animal Shelter are more victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: shiny-coated Labrador retrievers, long-haired Chihuahuas and a fluffy Shih Tzu. Among the more typical skinny, stray mutts are healthy, seemingly welltended dogs whose owners, because of the massive spill, suddenly don’t have the time or money to keep them. “It’s the economy, the uncertainty of the future, for sure,” said shelter director Beth Brewster, who saw 117 owners surrender their animals last month — up from 17 in June 2009. May was particularly bad, Brewster said: The Violet shelter took in 288 animals that month, compared with 60 in May 2009. Dean Howard of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said several coastal parishes began reporting a spike in owner relinquishments immediately after the spill. In St. Bernard Parish, nearly every livelihood is somehow connected to the Gulf. Fishermen normally ply the waters for seafood. Offshore rig workers drill for oil and longshoremen unload a never-ending flow cargo ships on the Mississippi River. But the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig, which killed 11 workers and continues to spew millions of gallons of oil into the water, has created multiple problems for pet

owners. Sasha, a rust-colored Lab mix, was dropped off with nine 1-day-old puppies by a BP oil worker who suddenly had more work than he could handle and no time for the dogs, animal control officer Shannon Asevedo said. The Shih Tzu was given up by a parish employee who told Brewster he’s now too busy, too. Other dogs and cats were abandoned by fishermen whose incomes were abruptly cut off and by families forced to downsize, moving into apartments that prohibit pets. “It’s more than we can handle,” Asevedo said. “We have way more coming in than going out.” The trend is nothing new to people who work with animals. From California to Florida, millions of pets were abandoned in 2007 and 2008 as the U.S. economy floundered. The real estate bubble burst, homes went into foreclosure and people were forced to make tough choices as they scaled back their lifestyles. “It comes down to feeding your family or feeding your dog. That’s the decision they have to make,” said Colleen Bosley of Catholic Charities of New Orleans, which is now partnering with the SPCA to supply pet food at its weekly food distributions in coastal parishes. The SPCA, backed by PetCo Foundation, Del Monte and others, is trySee DUMPING, PAGE 4






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Water shortage BY



Since I talked about cyber-terrorism in my last column, I thought it prudent to talk about another crucial and dangerous issue. Unlike terrorism and espionage, this threat has very little sex appeal. It doesn’t make the news that often, and when it does, it is on the fourth or fifth page next to the Garfield comic strip. But just because the media does not feel this threat is important does not mean that it is not. I am talking about the threat of water shortages. I know what you are thinking. “I saw that “Waterworld” movie with Kevin Costner. There’s more water than we know what to do with.” Although Hollywood will continue to make awful, expensive movies about the dangers of an overabundance of water, the fact is that we could face a real shortage in the amount of drinkable, fresh water in the coming decades. Speaking of Hollywood, just look at the most recent James Bond movies, where one of the main points was the antagonists taking control of the water supply.

We never think about it because it is easily accessible, but water is power. A shortage or inability to access it is extremely dangerous. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we have extensive infrastructure for processing and moving water. But the destabilizing effects of water shortages are going to be felt even in the most developed of nations. So what does water shortage actually mean? It does not necessarily mean that there is no water, just that it is not accessible. There may be fresh water near, but if it is not sanitary or is heavily polluted, then it is undrinkable. Countries such as the Sudan and Venezuela face the problem that a good amount of their water is not sanitary for human consumption. But at the end of the day, people have to drink water. There have been efforts to “desalinate” salt water, which is basically taking sea water and through a complicated process making it drinkable. The issue with that is the process creates so much waste that



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it is not sustainable. We have to keep relying on our current supply of drinkable water for now. Another issue that compounds the problem is that in the coming decades, the majority of population growth is expected to be in places that already experience water shortage. As demand increases, tensions will also rise over the finite amount of fresh water. Although this issue may not be a high priority in your mind, it needs to be. If we started investing international water reclamation programs and keeping in mind to limit our overall water consumption (ask yourself how long your showers are), then we might be able to head off a very serious problem. Water is necessary for life and people will fight for it. We won’t be able to solve it by the end of this decade, but we can start to talk about it before then. Instead of being reactive, we would try to be proactive in this. And always be thankful for showers, sprinklers and glasses of ice water, some people do not have that luxury.

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Is it just me, or is everyone and her sister getting engaged or married? It seems like every time I get on Facebook or talk to one of my friends, they are telling me someone I know is engaged. It seems crazy to me that people who are my age (21) or a year or two older already want to settle down and get married. What is the rush? What happened to plans of traveling the world after graduation, or going to graduate school? When I came to college, I knew I wanted to get a degree, make new friends and have the time of my life. We only have four years (or five, depending on whom

you talk to) of college, and yet people are getting engaged and even married before they get a diploma. Growing up, I never thought of getting married at such a young age. But all around me, people who are 21, 22 and 23 are getting married. Are people losing sight of their old ambitions and dreams for the sake of getting married because everyone else is? I think that for a lot of college women, there is a pressure to get married younger that men don’t see as frequently. This pressure comes at us from every direction, especially from friends even when they do not feel like they are pressuring. When someone asks you twenty times, “When are you and so and so getting married?” you feel the pressure, even if they are just curious.

In the last year, I have known 10 friends to get married or engaged. I am very happy for them, but at the same time I just do not understand what all of the excitement is about. If you love someone enough to marry them right now, shouldn’t you love them enough to wait and get your life together? I also feel the pressure from family members. My mom tells me all the time how she wants at least one grandchild each from my sister and me. I know my mom just wants us to find the man of our dreams and settle down but when you tell 21-year-old and 19-year-old girls you want them to have children, it is scary. Other members of my family keep asking my mom when I am going to get married, and they ask me any time I go

back home. With people constantly asking me when I am getting married, it gets a frustrating, and I begin to think about marriage more than any 21-yearold college student should. I feel like once you have been dating someone for a year and a half or two, everyone starts to think you should get married soon. Why is that? When did it become the norm to get married right out of college? I think this may just be a Southern thing, but since coming to Ole Miss I have felt more pressure to get engaged or married. I think that marriage is a wonderful thing, but I do not think most people right out of college really know who we are enough to want to share a life with someone else who doesn’t really know who they are either.



film critics. Yet, writing for the New York Observer, noted U.S. film critic Andrew Sarris wrote, “With ‘Unbreakable,’ Mr. Shyamalan establishes himself as a distinctive auteur with a very personal style.” What Shyamalan ushered in was the return of the auteur, the director as author and more than worthy of our praise and discussion. What Shyamalan gave us after his next film, the decently scary “Signs,” was a bunch of nonsense in the form of “The Village” (a cheat from frame one despite its beautiful cinematography), “Lady in the Water” (Shyamalan’s masturbatory exercise in narcissism and egoism), “The Happening” (where even actress Zooey Deschanel seems unsure what she’s doing in the film) and now, “The Last Airbender,” a film the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern described as “a form of Chinese water torture in which tin-ear line-readings take the place of drips.” The question is not whether “The Last Airbender” is the end of an auteur’s greatness. No, the joke is already on us. For nearly ten years, we’ve bought into the M. Night brand, sold to us as one thing, an exciting young filmmaker with something new to say, and experienced as another, a terrible writer and a mediocre director at best. Ten years later, we don’t seem to have gotten the joke but it appears we’ll keep returning to the Shyamalan well—a bizarre act of brand loyalty. This brings us, finally, to Sarah Palin, President

Obama and the 2010/2012 elections. Tuesday morning, a new Washington Post-ABC poll found that, while Obama enjoys a 50 percent approval rating, nearly 58 percent of those polled had “just some” or “no” confidence in his presidency. This troubling news for Obama comes the week after Palin (via her political action committee, Sarahpac) unleashed a glossy, campaign-style video demonstrating her strength in rallying what she calls conservative “Mama Grizzlies” and “Pink Elephants” to take back the country this November. As per usual, the video was devoid of substance and specific policy points but, then again, whoever needed substance or quality to sell something. Several political commentators have suggested this video is the beginning of something much larger, pointing to Palin’s own 2012 presidential aspirations. Maybe, but, the same poll saw that while voters have less confidence in Democrats (68 percent), they have even less confidence in Republicans (72 percent). A Palin presidential candidacy and Republicans recapturing the House this Novemeber, depends on Republicans’ ability to convince independents and even enough Democrats that their brand is worth the investment. Obama and the Democrats would do well to remind us just how much voters enjoyed the last Republican show. If not, the joke’s again on us, proving just how much brand loyalty trumps “buyer beware.”

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“The Last Airbender” (noun): Director M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, an adaptation of popular children’s program on Nickelodeon. Two weeks ago, “The Last Airbender” defied expectations and film critics as it scored an impressive $51 million by the end of its opening weekend. Critics responded so negatively to Shyamalan’s film that “The Last Airbender” enjoys only a seven percent “fresh” from the nation’s top critics on, the site that compiles the ratings and reviews of critics from across the country. How then did Shyamalan’s film sail away with its notable bounty? Arguably, the answer is simpler than we’d like it to be but the tale of “The Last Airbender” offers a cautionary note for cultural observers and political commentators. Nearly ten years ago, many American filmgoers found themselves enamored with the man of the hour, the man who had just written and directed the sleeper blockbuster hit of the summer, the film that would resurrect Bruce Willis’ career: the haunting suspense thriller, “The Sixth Sense.” The name M. Night Shyamalan became a genre, a moment where Hollywood promised audiences the return of suspense done right, the way Alfred Hitchcock might have done it. And then the next movie, “Unbreakable,” came and went. Audiences didn’t quite groove to Shyamalan’s sophomore effort despite a lukewarm response from


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continued from page 1 where owners TONIGHT ATest-hit 5:30 parishes, & 10 CHANNEL 99

ing to help on other fronts, too, chief executive Ana Zorrilla said. Earlier this month, it arranged the first of several emergency transports, moving 17 dogs to Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee. Among them were a purebred Maltese, Yorkies and Labs, all what Brewster calls “highly adoptable” dogs. More transports will be worked out in the coming weeks, possibly to willing shelters in Texas and Florida, Zorrilla said. The SPCA is also launching an outreach program that will offer free spaying, neutering and vaccinations in the hard-

may not be able to afford either food or routine veterinary care. A grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will fund free veterinary care in Plaquemines, St. Bernard, Terrebonne and Jefferson parishes. The care includes testing for feline leukemia and heartworm, vaccinations, microchipping and registration, and spaying and neutering. Appointments will be offered through November to anyone who works in the fishing industry. Zorrilla said the combined

efforts could help keep as many as 1,000 pets in their homes. The SPCA, backed by PetCo Foundation, Del Monte and others, is trying to help on other fronts, too, chief executive Ana Zorrilla said. Earlier this month, it arranged the first of several emergency transports, moving 17 dogs to Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee. Among them were a purebred Maltese, Yorkies and Labs, all what Brewster calls “highly adoptable” dogs. More transports will be worked out in the coming weeks, possibly to willing shelters in Texas and Florida, Zorrilla said.


Miss. man charged with post-Katrina hate crime NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A Mississippi man was charged Thursday with firing a shotgun at three black men in New Orleans who were wounded in what prosecutors said was a racially motivated attack in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. Roland Bourgeois Jr., a 47-year-old white man, is charged in a five-count indictment with firing a shotgun at the men in the city’s historic Algiers Point neighborhood on the south side of the Mississippi River while they tried to leave the center of the city after the August 2005 hurricane. Bourgeois and others discussed shooting black people and defending the neighborhood from “outsiders” after the storm, the indictment says. He allegedly bragged that he “got” one after the shooting, then retrieved a bloody baseball cap belonging to one of the victims. “When (he) was advised that the man he had shot was still alive, Bourgeois referred to the

injured man using a racial epithet and threatened he would kill him,” the indictment says. Bourgeois also warned a black resident of Algiers Point that “anything coming up this street darker than a brown paper bag is getting shot.” Bourgeois, now a resident of Columbia, Miss., faces a possible life sentence if convicted of charges that include committing a hate crime with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said she didn’t know if Bourgeois has an attorney. The case against Bourgeois is one of several post-Katrina investigations opened by the Justice Department’s civil rights division. On Tuesday, six current and former New Orleans police officers were indicted on federal civil rights charges stemming from deadly shootings on a bridge. Police shot and killed two people and wounded four others on the Danziger Bridge on

Sept. 4, 2005. Five former officers already have pleaded guilty to participating in a cover-up to make it appear the shootings were justified. Thursday’s indictment only refers to Bourgeois’ alleged victims by their initials, but a January 2009 article by ProPublica and The Nation magazine identifies them as Donnell Herrington, then 32; his cousin, Marcel Alexander, then 17; and a friend, Chris Collins, then 18. Herrington, who was shot in the throat but survived, told The Nation that he didn’t know the three heavily armed white men who shot at him. “I just hit the ground. I didn’t even know what happened,” he recalled. Bourgeois is the only person charged in the case. A date for his initial court appearance wasn’t immediately set and he is not in custody. There was no listing for Bourgeois in Columbia.


SOME HAVE TROUBLE BELIEVING BP STOPPED OIL LEAK NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Many Gulf Coast residents don’t believe it. Some accuse BP of making it up. And even those convinced that the oil leak has finally been stopped are tempered in their relief, aware that their environmental nightmare is far from over. “It’s a beautiful thing that it’s shut off,” trumpeter Shamarr Allen said as he stood on the sidewalk in the Musicians’ Village in New Orleans’ Upper Ninth Ward. “But there’s still a lot of years of cleaning. There’s going to be a lot of no fishing still. It’s only the beginning of a long road that we have to travel. It’s only the first step.” Reaction to the news that BP

PLC had cut off the flow from the blown well 87 days after an oil-rig explosion was marked with deep distrust of the oil giant. Gulf Coast residents have suffered from months of false starts and dashed hopes, failed “top kills” and abortive “junk shots,” containment domes and “top hats,” as they watched the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history foul their shores and eat into their livelihoods. “It’s a (expletive) lie,” shouted Stephon LaFrance, one of several oil-stained oystermen standing around Delta Marina in marshy Plaquemines Parish. “I don’t believe they stopped that leak. BP’s trying to make their self look

good.” Sitting on a boat, his cousin, Louie Randy Barthelemy, looked up and said: “BP’s trying to manipulate the media.” “It doesn’t mean anything,” Craig St. Amant said as he tried to sell tours to passersby on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. “They tell you what they want you to hear. I don’t think they’re being truthful in saying what they’re saying.” Even those who believed what they were seeing on the live video feeds from the school of submersibles surrounding the damaged well head were having a hard time getting excited about this milestone.


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BY LANCE INGRAM Lifestyles Editor



ith the onset of summer comes many things, like no school, vacations and extreme heat. From 1979 to 2003 extreme heat has been responsible for 8,015 heat related deaths in the United States alone according to the Center for Disease Control. It is imperative that when being outside during those hot summer days that you take extra precautions to avoid causing permanent damage to the body or even death. But it’s a shame to waste away those precious summer days that entail little or no responsibility because of heat. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your summer and help you avoid health hazards.

Bodies of Water You can only really enjoy a pool or beach during the summer months anyway, so live them up. But just because

you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t take extra precautions, such as sitting under an umbrella or tree. Instead of spending entire days at the pool it also may be a good idea to visit the pool for shorter periods but more frequently during the week. Just because it’s a cloudy day out doesn’t mean the pool is any less enjoyable. Granted, you can’t soak up those summer rays that are so sought after but you can still take a dip, clouds or not.

Volunteer Volunteering is something everyone should take the time out to do at least once in their life. It’s a very rewarding experience to know that you are helping someone in a time of need. Most volunteer jobs are indoors, which means lots of air conditioning to help you beat the heat. If you’re unsure of where to go to volunteer, get online and do a little research. Oxford has multiple outlets that are always in need of young college students to lend a helping hand.

Indoor athletics Most communities have some form of indoor recreational facility and on the Ole Miss campus we have the Turner

Center. There people can enjoy activities that would otherwise be performed outside such as, basketball, jogging and even swimming. It’s the best of both worlds: exercise and air conditioning.

Abide heat rules It is essential during summer months to abide by heat rules. It cannot be stressed enough that sun-

Read a book No, we’re not all taking summer classes at the moment but reading a book is a great way to avoid

the heat. Get cozy in your favorite chair and crack open the latest novel of your genre choice. Reading provides a chance to explore the mind and yes, even learn something because you don’t always have to be in school to learn. If a book doesn’t do it for you, pick up a magazine. Magazine’s are more geared towards individual interests and can hook you up with the latest on whatever celebrity scandal is slutting it up.

Late night Save the energy for the night. After the sun has set for the day, it’s perfect to get outside and not have to worry about suffering the sun’s extreme heat. Most parks have lights so you can still play a game of Frisbee, soccer or whatever game gets you your kicks. Late-night activities work during summer because most people have no responsibility to wake up to in the morning (being attentive in class is not as important as enjoying your summer). Besides, summer is the best time to stay out all night and sleep all day, what better do you have to do?

Dixie Massage Clinic JENNIFER W. NEAL, LMT #1582 spe cial !

screen and fluids are vital to summer health. If for some reason you must be outside don’t be afraid to take breaks to catch a breather and cool off indoors. Also, when outdoors for extended periods always be sure to drink plenty of fluids to replenish everything you’re sweating out.

.00 5 $2 — 1 /2 Hour Massage 662 - 801 - 2639


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FERNANDO GUERRERO The Daily Mississippian


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please drink responsibly

Middleweight prospect Fernando Guerrero (18-0, 15 KOs) will fight Ishe Smith (21-4, 9 KOs) tonight in the main event of an eight-bout boxing card at Desoto Civic Center in Southaven. The hard-hitting, exciting 23-year-old from Salisbury, Md., has built a fan base in north Mississippi after fighting eight times at the Fitzgerald’s Casino in Tunica. Guerrero vs. Smith and two 10-round undercard bouts will be televised live on Showtime at 10 p.m. How do you feel about returning to Mississippi to fight? It makes me feel like Mississippi is my hometown. Actually that’s where I had my first fight and even though Salisbury has been my hometown and all the Salisburians are there for me. Mississippi is just like it. It’s just crazy because at least people in Salisbury have a reason to go to my fight because they know me and they’re my friends and all that stuff. But it’s even more amazing for people that didn’t even know me and stuff like that and then they’re just going over there (to the Fitzgerald Casino in Tunica). They’re always having a full house over there, and hopefully those same people and more will come to see me. What can fans expect from your fight with Ishe Smith? I think of myself as a boxerbanger. Whatever happens, Fernando is always going to get the job done. The louder they scream, the more people there is, the more action they’re going to see. I think it’s going to be a great performance, actionpacked.

Have you watched much tape of Smith? I haven’t watched a lot of tape of Ishe Smith. I just noticed something with all my fights and all my confidence building and stuff like that. I mean it does help. I’m not going to say I don’t even know who he is because that wouldn’t be true. When I step in the ring, I’m a different fighter. He’s a different fighter, too. I think with my amateur background (140 fights), I wouldn’t have any problem figuring him out and stuff like that. He’s a good fighter so I just have to go in there and execute, not worry about what he can do, just worry about what I can do. How do you think you’ll match up with him? I think I’ll matchup good. The thing is, I think it’s just a builder for me to become even a better champion. I’ve fought guys that come straight forward and they notice that’s a mistake because that’s not the way to fight Fernando Guerrero. And I also fight guys that try to outbox you. I showed that I could box with (decision wins over) Ossie Duran and Gabriel Rosado. With (Smith), it’s just more of preparation for me, becoming a champion and putting all my styles together. I don’t think I only have one arsenal. I don’t think that I’m just a banger. I think that I’m a boxer as well. To me, he seems like a guy that wouldn’t mind just going 10 rounds. I’m not content with that. I’m only going to be content with a win but I want to give a good outing. I want to give a good show. People don’t come just to see an event. They come to see a performance. I think a great performance, even


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CHERYL NEMAZIE | The Daily Mississippian

Boxing prospect Fernando Guerrero (18-0, 15 KOs) raises his arms before a match. Guerrero will fight Ishe Smith (21-4, 9 KOs) tonight at the Desoto Civic Center in Southhaven.

if it’s not with a knockout, it’s an attempt of a knockout. When and why did you start boxing? I started boxing at age 14. It was the fact, and this (goes for) all the kids and everyone else that don’t know what they want to do and stuff like that or they’re trying to find themselves, it was just me trying to find myself. I was the guy that in school I had straight A’s and I never even thought about oneone-one sports like that. I tried soccer, basketball, volleyball I tried everything and I wasn’t the best. I was always like the second (best). Like, if I was to race, I was always the second fastest. And I just hated losing but then in boxing, I didn’t like it all. Nobody likes to say that they like to get hit, that’d be crazy. But I kept doing it because I’m like ‘man I kind of quit everything. I’ve got to push something.’ And me being the crazy person that I am, I kind of picked the hardest sport to stick with it. It takes hard work. I was trying to find the easy way out and I know in my times I really learned that you have to work hard if you want to be a champion – in anything, even in school or whatever, everything is hard. Many pro boxers have come from poverty. Do you think growing up poor in the Dominican Republic played a role in your determination? I never knew that I was poor until I came to America. I

please drink responsibly


thought that everybody was poor. We had no shoes. We had to get our own water. We had to grow our fruits, our food, everything. We would walk miles, We’d carry a bucket of water on our head. So when people see me training, when I run 9, 10 miles, they’re like ‘Man, you’re running too much.’ I’m like, no man, it’s a privilege for me because I used to do it for me living. Now I’m doing it for my job. For me it’s nothing. I think that there’s no limit to anything right now because we used to be in the worst position. I’d do anything just to represent my country and represent every people that felt what I felt because it’s not good. I understand Hal Chernoff is more than your co-trainer and manager. What does he mean to you? I live with the guy. What can I say? He’s like another father to me, and his wife Nancy. They’re like parents. The thing about it is, I’ve never met anyone so honest and hardheaded. Hal and I are a lot alike. He’s truly a good man. I try to be just like him as much as he tries to be like me. We’ve been through so much, just him and I. Sometimes it was just me and him against the world and we overcame. There’s nothing he hasn’t told me that hasn’t happened. I remember when I was young he told me “You’re gonna be a champion,’ but he didn’t just mean a champion in the ring. He meant a champion in everything.

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The Card Fernando Guerrero (18-0, 15 KOs) vs. Ishe Smith (21-4, 9 KOs) - middleweight (10R)* Shawn Porter (15-0, 12KOs) vs. Ray Robinson (11-1, 4 KOs) - junior middleweight (10R)* Lanard Lane (12-0, 7 KOs) vs. Mike Dallas Jr. (14-0-1, 5 KOs) - junior welterweights (10R)* Dedrick Bell vs. Tim Reynolds - lightweights (4R) Bobby Bryant vs. Anthony Bowman - welterweights (4R) Dennis Doughlin vs. Marteze Logan - junior middleweights (6R) Jonathan Perry vs. Ozell Caldwell - heavyweights (4R) Curtis Tate vs. Jason Bowman - heavyweights (4R) Desoto Civic Center in Southhaven - Friday, 7 p.m. *Fights will be shown on Showtime beginning at 10 p.m.

There was one time he told me that he didn’t care about boxing. If we don’t do this we’ll do something else. And I’m like, ‘we?’ But I thought it was just I and he was like, ‘nah it’s not just boxing, we’re in it together.’ I was getting good grades in school and then he was like no you can do better. I was getting 3.0s and stuff like that and for me that was great, and he was like, ‘no you can do better.’ And then at the end of the year I got a 4.0. He really pushed me, not just in my boxing career. He told me he wanted to make me into a man and teach me stuff - not just about boxing. He’ll say if you really want to be a better person and an honest person you have to clean your room. An organized person, not just in boxing, is an organized person in life. What would you attribute your success in the pro ranks to? I never had natural talent. I never had that luck. Everything that I have is from hard, hard training, hard, hard work, and I’m still learning. The thing is I’ve always wondered how, it’s not fair. You see a guy that works hard like me and then you see another guy that doesn’t do anything at all and he still can perform as good or even better than me. But then see that it all evens out because God gives you gifts and I think he gave me the ability to work hard and not mind. The DM’s David Hopper was also able to catch up to Showtime boxing analyst Steve Farhood, and the interview can be read at

The Daily Mississippian - July 16, 2010  
The Daily Mississippian - July 16, 2010  

The Daily Mississippian - July 16, 2010