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“Water is Life. I’m a surfer, a swimmer and an activist.” - Eli Frazier





You ever hear that Louis Armstrong song “As Time Goes By” where the jazzy trumpeter says “a kiss is just a kiss”? Well if you’re like me then you may have found yourself thinking how wrong that is! A kiss is much more than two lustful partners taking one another into their arms and tonsil fighting. A kiss says a lot about your future partner and even the current state of your relationship. Don’t believe me? Well allow me to elaborate on what I mean.


When we kiss we put a lot of ourselves in the act and it becomes an extension of how we feel. But how do you put feelings into a kiss? How do you make it more than just two wet tongues sliding against each other in a warm space of teeth and gums? By imagining yourself in the embrace of that person whose lips are about to take yours. A kiss should leave you and your partner breathless and in a daze, anxious and on edge, heated and ready for more!


But there are so many different types of kisses; a first kiss, a virgin kiss, a friendship peck, a kiss of longing and desire, a thank you kiss and even a kiss between family it’s hard to decide which is best.

Well with help from Eli, Connor and Rafe, we’re going to explore a few of those today. And maybe it’ll help you determine what type of kiss you are!


The First Kiss









He chuckles wickedly, wraps an arm tight around your waist and suck your lips between his and suddenly there’s a mountain of fireworks shooting off within your nerves. Your knees are weak and your body comes alive as you feel his tongue invade your mouth. His previous façade of power is washed away and he becomes hopelessly weakened by your connection. Neither of you can hold back any longer he wants more and you are determined to give in to him.

The True Love



They’ve been through so much together and have become even more determined to enjoy every second they have to be with one another. Lost in the sea of tender strokes, tiny flutters fill their hearts with joy as his grasp tightens. She moans and immediately his mind is ticking off various scenarios that will leave her naked and breathless beneath him. He lifts her off the ground just a little and she can feel the makings of his arousal as it presses against her belly. With renewed hunger she sucks at his lips dancing her mouth with his as her hands glide through his hair. They are ravenous and starving for satisfaction.



When they separate their eyes hold the look of lust and suddenly the world seemed to fade into the background. The power of their kiss can be felt by many and yet only the lovers themselves sensed how much the other needed them; how complete they felt in the wake of their union. Rafe grabbed Kaya against him, lifting her up until her legs wrapped around his back. Their lips touched again and the softness of her caress beckoned him for more. His mouth crushed hers and their tongues collided with each other. Rafe pushed deeply into her mouth as she forced her tongue into his and clung to him as her head twisted to the right then the left. They battled, both wanting to satisfy the intense desire burning within their loins. Their embrace tightened and they sank quietly to the floor.




How to add to the Bedroom!

Pt. 1 – Romantic Night In


Event #1: Romantic Evening at Home


So you’ve decided to pamper your man and are hoping to make it a night he won’t forget? Well first of all, kudos to you! You’re one of few women who believe that romance doesn’t end after you’ve said “I do” or that love should fall into a tireless rut.

And now you’re wondering how to impress your man and ensure the both of you have an incredible night of pleasure fit for royals? Well you’re in luck! We’re going to tell you exactly how to get the ball rolling and get the heat back into your bedroom.



Event #1: Romantic Evening at Home - Complete


“Nature is my muse. It gives us so much and never asks for anything in .�







Oh now this is definitely a topic I can sink my teeth into! First of all congrats on the anni Hon and I wish you many more! Secondly, toys are not only a great self love activity but also fun for couples play! Try bringing your partner in on the fun and choosing one you will both enjoy! Now although my partner in crime may not need them, we’re going to discuss the best toys for this year and maybe you’ll see something you like!

Self Love 101

“You don’t need a man…” “Excuse me?” “You didn’t let me finish CC! You don’t need a man or an expensive toy for sexual gratification.” “But it never hurts! Unless you’re a virgin…do those still exist?” “Um, I think so. Anyway, there are plenty of items around the house even that can do the job.”


Now of course there’s no substitution for the real thing but Cecil and I went shopping and came across a couple of items to die for! And then there are some that are a little…well you’ll see.


I feel like a kid in a candy store! And despite what you might hear from the Ebony Goddess to my right, she is in no way shape or form in need of any of these wonderful treats. If you were paying attention to the earlier pages you’d have noticed the baby leg that delicious man of hers is swinging between his legs.

Kaya: Haha I knew those ‘extra shots’ were bogus! Cecil: Bogus? Oh no they’ll serve their purpose! Kaya: And what about Rafe? Cecil: Oh he served his purpose as well! Kaya: And I’m sure he LOVED his personal fluffer!

Cecil: If he didn’t then I enjoyed it enough for the both of us! And girls, believe me, he’s 100% man! You wouldn’t believe how hard it gets! I nearly fainted! Honey I’m surprised you can even walk! Kaya: He lets me stretch first. Cecil: And I hope after too!Time-out for a minute pet-peeve time. Now I don’t know about you but when a company describes something as ‘fleshtoned’ I like to hold it to my skin and see just how matchy it actually is and this thing…


Either I’m blind or just deliciously tanned. No need to answer that…everything about me screams YUM! Then again Crayola had to break out the color slider and create a new wax because I am one of a kind! Anyway, why don’t we start with the anal slider?

Ah you mean this large, green monstrosity over my shoulder? Yes, well I can’t imagine anyone being able to withstand even the first level of this thing CC! You’d be surprised what a little stretching can do for you! But don’t worry, everything always bounces back into shape! Ouch!


O uch? More like OH! I have one in black! The toy that is…though I do love a man as dark as coffee and sweet as sugar!

Now, you want to talk ouch? Take a look at the Kong double dildo. Double-ended for double the pleasure! Pleasure? I doubt anyone could even get that to fit! And if anyone tried their neighbors would be calling the police for concern over their rape screams! But I feel like a real Italian with this large salami in my hands! Oh now that lovely little gadget your holding though would bring sounds of ‘Yes Daddy harder!’

It certainly has the speed, though the girth… Is normal! You’re just spoiled over Blondie’s elephant trunk! But really, not every man is lugging Godzilla’s pinky toe around! And Kaya dear, I had no idea you were a speed queen! Honey we have so much in common!


And of course you can’t talk toys without talking motivation.

You know for some reason I thought that was what those extra shots were for. Well yeah those are mine and I’m not sharing…sorry! ANYWAY we have tons of reading material for you men and women out there. A variety of sorts as well. Personally I’m buying three copies of this one and locking myself in my bedroom for a month.


Now Cecil are you forgetting what happened the last time you did that? What? You mean the foolishly large grin I had plastered on my face for weeks? Yeah that is a bad, bad thing!

Oh right that! Well that was only because I lodge that silly thing too far up Steven’s rectum. But the darned fool kept begging for more!

I was actually referring to the four 9-1-1 calls and the fire department response. And that actually brings us up to protection! Be sure to practice safety no matter what you’re doing! There’s a large variety of condoms, lubrications and dental dams!

And if you have a personal ‘Rafe’, you’ll want to buy two of these lubes because he’ll be sure and use the entire thing in one go. You know not taking anything away from the other guys but, I knew there was a reason that Blonde sex god caught my attention. And I must admit, I was not sad seeing Connor hard, large and in charge!


Well that’s it for us today my Beauties! Just And don’t be afraid to explore! There are a lot of toys remember when choosing the right toy, find one that and a lot of different materials and speeds. And as provides comfort and preferably doesn’t use batteries. we’ve seen they come in ALL shapes and sizes. And I Lord knows it’s just awful when they die in the middle think our photog is making off with the kong of uh…well… double…what on earth are you going to use that for? Well that’s for me to know and you to dream about…unless you want to trade? Ha! That’ll be the day! Until next time!


After Midnight Edition #1 - Night Shift  

A publication centered around the guys in the band.

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