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St. Vincent close to acquiring Care Group / P7


Carmel Symphony Orchestra cellist Jennifer Weber, shown in her hospital bed and performing with the symphony (bottom right), is recovering from her double-lung transplant on Jan. 10.

Her second wind

After a double-lung transplant, Carmel Symphony cellist Jennifer Weber can breathe normally for the first time in her life / P2

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Her second wind

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After a double-lung transplant, Carmel Symphony cellist Jennifer Weber can breathe normally for the first time in her life

By Kevin Kane Current in Westfield Lying in a bed at Methodist Hospital, surrounded by walls of cards reading “get well soon,” Jennifer Weber has been on the slow road to recovery following a double-lung transplant. The Carmel Symphony Orchestra cellist, attorney and Indianapolis resident was born with cystic fibrosis. Until recently, she’d spent her entire life with two bad lungs. A few years ago, however, Weber said she was becoming progressively more ill. Nearly every non-surgical tactic had been employed with no success, leaving a transplant as her only remaining option. So Weber went on the waiting list for two new lungs. Several factors, including her subfive-foot height, made finding a matching pair more difficult than normal. While she said average time on the wait list is about two years, she spent five years hoping for a match. After waiting so long, she said her hope for receiving new lungs started to fade, but she remained positive. “Towards the end of last year, I sort of took the philosophy that even if I didn’t get a transplant, if more people became aware of organ transplants, that would be a good thing,” she said. But on Jan. 10, Weber got the call she’d began to doubt would ever come. While at Starbucks getting coffee, she received a call from Methodist informing her that a match had been identified. Weber rushed to the hospital a few blocks away with little time to make arrangements. “I was calling my friend and saying, ‘You’re in charge of taking care of my cats,’ and I called a coworker and said, ‘You’re in charge of telling my boss,’” Weber said. Nine hours after receiving the important call, Weber was under the knife, receiving her new lungs. The operation was a success, with few

Double verus single One doctor at Methodist Hospital who chose to remain unidentified, said doublelung transplants are becoming more popular than single transplants, as replacing both lungs provides better long-term improvements. At that facility alone, the doctor said several double-lung transplants are performed each month.

2 | February 9, 2010

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Jennifer Weber has been a cellist with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra for the past 10 years. Born with cystic fibrosis, Weber had a doublelung transplant on Jan. 10 after waiting five years to find a matching donor.

complications. Weber spent her first post-transhospital and go home in time for Sunday’s plant days in intensive care, but soon she was in Super Bowl. An infection and headaches delayed a normal room, undergoing breathing exercises her discharge by one week, but last week she and physical therapy as she tried to recover her was scheduled to be home by the weekend. strength. In time, she will be able to breathe Though she said she may “go bonkers” waitbetter than ever, but for someone who’s never ing to return to work, Weber said she may breathed normally, even that will be a challenge. be able to practice on her cello in the mean“Half the battle’s just training yourself how time, which she said may also be good for her to breathe with these new lungs because my muscles. After such a long layoff, Weber said it old ones didn’t work so well,” she said. “Two isn’t a slip in technique that concerns her – it’s weeks ago, I couldn’t have talked in a complete her lack of stamina. While she works to return sentence.” to old form, some are suggesting she try new Weber said her doctors have told her she can things. The 10-year member of the CSO said go back to work, and she’s never been interthe symphony, in ested in or able to play how to donate three months. Until woodwind instruthen, her actions are ments, always sticking somewhat limited. to strings. You can register to become an organ An avid Indianapolis However, she said donor at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles Colts fan, Weber several musicians from branch or online at https://www. said her short-term the CSO’s woodwind goal was to leave the section have offered to

Current in Westfield

let her try with their instruments now that she has new lungs and more breathing capacity. As a joke, one even gave her a recorder as a gift to help her get started. Weber said she doubts she’ll ever ditch stringed instruments, but at least now, she has the option to do so. “Maybe I’ll get the inclination,” she said.

more donors needed According to the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO), more than 25,000 lives were saved from organ transplants in the United States alone. However, more than 100,000 in this country are currently waiting for new organs, including over 1,000 in Indiana. Statistics from the IOPO state that over 1,800 patients are awaiting new lungs, 58 of whom are from Indiana.

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It is our position that Senate Bill 64 (which passed this past week by a vote of 48-1) serves to remind us of the sacred nature of political speech in our nation. The bill dictates that Indiana homeowners’ associations no longer have the authority to restrict the display of political signs within 30 days of local, state or national political elections   With the caveat that some limits may be placed on the size, number and location of the seasonally ubiquitous signs, Hamilton County resident, state senator and author of the bill, Mike Delph, says the law is necessary to reinforce the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  While we believe the issue could also have been appropriately resolved via legal challenge by homeowners against the draconian associations, we support the move to clarify that such expression of view, within reasonable limits, cannot be abridged. But now homeowners’ associations face the unenviable task of preserving good taste and neighborhood appearance absent a blanket prohibition. Good judgment and thoughtful enforcement become more important. And undoubtedly, with strong viewpoints among disagreeing adjacent property owners, the domestic tranquility might be at risk. But the preservation of personal liberty rightly trumps other considerations.

Long, hot summer days

It is our position that Senate Bill 150 (which passed this past week by a vote of 31-19) makes sense. The bill dictates that Indiana public schools will resume session not earlier than Labor Day and adjourn for the summer on or before June 10.  The idea, as expressed by Hamilton County resident and State Senator Mike Delph, is to return to a policy that allows for a full summer for all kids (and their families) in our fair state. If necessary, the need for instructional time can be addressed by a longer school day throughout the year or other mechanism. However, we are concerned that the move shows the increasing tension between political bodies all seeking control over the education of our future generations. The state superintendent of public instruction has introduced a number of centralized actions changing business as usual for teachers and administrators. And the Governor’s recent economy-driven funding cuts are further pushing educators to be creative.  But at the same time, a number of local school boards are seeking referendum on primary ballets to avoid complying with the cuts. Whether directed at the local or state level, Hoosier kids (and all of us), must demand exemplarily educational opportunity balanced against a robust and high quality of life.

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strange laws


Photo Illustration

Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you. In Colorado, it is illegal to have snowball fights. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

Every week, we will print a portion of the U.S. Constitution, followed by a portion of the Indiana Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the U.S. Constitution.. Article. II. Section. 1. continued No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States. In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resigna-

Current in Westfield

tion, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected [Modified by Amendment XXV]. The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.

February 9, 2010 | 3

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Inconsistent support

From the backshop O, Canada! We have his back (and heart) We’re certain you found it to be as interesting as we did that Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery in the United States. Needless to say, his decision to leave Canada for the operation here on our soil has raised questions over his shunning of Canada’s health-care system. ••• We’re getting a bit tired of President Obama’s swipes at Las Vegas. Did you hear his latest comment: “You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.” That’s right. Apparently, it’s much better to send your money to Washington, which has demonstrated such stellar stewardship of our dough. At least in Vegas there’s a chance you’ll get something back on your investment. Not so – and not even close - with Washington. ••• Are you still laughing over IPS and the whole Super Bowl fiasco? You’ll recall, IPS initially wanted to cancel classes yesterday on the heels of the Super Bowl. The reason? Apparently many school bus drivers called in sick the day after the Colts’ last Super Bowl appearance. So, instead of firing these irresponsible employees, Supt. Eugene White was simply planning to cancel

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg classes. That’s leadership, isn’t it? He ended up compromising, after being criticized (ad rightly so) and starting the school day an hour later than normal, and adding a half hour at the end of the day. Again, why is he compromising? And, why is the school’s top administrator spending time on an issue such as this? So, next time you hear about the problems and failures at IPS, this might give you a clue as to the reasons why. ••• If you missed it, there’s always next year, but the Home Show was quite an event, featuring a show-stopping edgy urban backyard creation by Randy Sorrell’s Surroundings by Natureworks.

Hours: Monday - saturday 9aM to 9pM sunday 9aM to 6pM

12770 Horseferry rd. CarMel, IndIana 46032

(317) 660-7333 www.tHeHarvestfresHMarket.CoM

valentIne’s day speCIals 1 Dozen $ 30 $ 20 Roses

1 Dozen Roses and Any Bottle of Wine



1 Dozen Roses, Any Bottle of Wine, 2 6 oz. Filets and 2 Raspberry Chooloate Mousse

ery Bak ls: ia Spec

COMMENTARY By Terry Anker By the time this appears in print, I hope and expect that we will all be basking in the afterglow of a well-executed Colts Super Bowl victory in Miami. And kids will be back in school, whether they started on Monday (on time or on a two-hour delay) or appeared on Tuesday after a bout with the Blue Flu.  The debate about whether the youngsters will be able to make it though the day after an important sporting event will be largely behind us. But will the lesson on work ethic and commitment to higher principles remain? And will that lesson be one of which we can be proud?  As thinking and responsible people began to suggest in earnest that schools should be cancelled in a wholesale fashion because the students (fresh from an important cultural event) would be either too tired or too excited to make it through the day, it struck me that we might be expecting entirely too little of our progeny. Later, it ultimately became clear that the

Terry Anker is an associate editor of Current Publishing, LLC. You may e-mail him at terry@

Readers' views Anker's column hits home Editor: Terry Anker’s column “Seeing your own name on a tombstone” (Jan. 12) hit home! Thank you. It reminded me that life is too short! My brothers and I have not spoken since my dad’s funeral. I continue to send Christmas cards and

Easter cards and e-mails their way, but to no avail! Thank you for the Dickens example. Life IS fleeting!!! Julia Keller-Welter Carmel

Wilson needs to reevaluate her parenting Editor: I read with utter disbelief Danielle Wilson’s column titled “Bravo modern medicine! Pills are awesome,” which ran in the Jan. 19 edition of Current. This column went way beyond her normal brainless diatribes. This time, she openly admits to sending a child to school suspecting he had pink eye. It’s bad enough she decided to medically evaluate and treat with prescription drugs without consulting her family doctor, but to send a child to school with the possibility of having a severely contagious disease is appalling!  

Valentine’s Cupcakes, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Marshmallows and Pretzel Rods

Always Fresh, Locally Grown, Naturally Healthy 4 | February 9, 2010

desired move might be more to accommodate school employees (especially Indianapolis Public School bus drivers who last Super Bowl called in “sick” in astounding numbers). It seems some believe a late night of television justifies that the children (and their families) are told to wait on learning.  This is not some bah humbug on sport. On the contrary, sport teaches many important life lessons, and I’m a fan. But would the Colts achieve success if they took off the next day after a big night out? Would the team cancel practice because American Idol had a late start time the night before? Excellence is earned specifically by not taking the easy path. Isn’t the antidote for hard partying hard working? Do we really deserve a pass?  

Current in Westfield

And all because “it was a looonnngggg winter break,” obviously indicating she wanted the kids out of the house. She obviously has no concern for any of the other kids in her child’s class. If I were a parent with a child in that school who comes down with pink eye, she would be getting sued for the doctor’s bills and the “awesome medications” I would have to pay for because of her stupidity and selfishness.   Curt O’Brien Carmel

Wanna write us a letter? You can do it a couple ways. The easiest is to e-mail it to The oldfashioned way is to snail mail it to Current in Westfield, 1 South Range Line Road, Carmel, IN 46032. Keep letters to 200 words max (we may make exceptions), and be sure to include your home zip code and a daytime number for verification. We reserve the right to edit all submissions.

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State needs to rethink cuts in education budget


Commentary By Danielle Wilson I’m a bit miffed. I attended an informational meeting last night for parents of soon-to-be middle schoolers, and while I was impressed with the administrators and the curriculum, I was very disturbed when I heard how Indiana’s $300 million education cut was going to affect our school system. Four million right off the bat, starting this fall. FOUR MILLION. And one of the ways the school board is looking to offset that deficit is to eliminate the team teaching program at the middle school level. Now, this is my first child to enter junior high. (It’s now called » Gallery Walk – On Feb. 13, the Arts & Design District middle school, by the way, for all of you old-timers. When I told will welcome visitors to enjoy a romantic evening of art, my husband I was leaving for the meeting at his alma mater, he food and entertainment at its third-annual Valentine’s said, “No. I didn’t go there. I went to Carmel Junior High.” He’s Day Gallery Walk. From 5 to 10 p.m., the galleries and old too.) merchants of the District will host themed open houses The only experience I have had with team teaching was back in with entertainment and refreshments. For more infor1995 when I did a short-term substitute stint for sixth-grade scimation, visit  ence in Louisville, Kent. One group of seventh-grade teachers was trying out a new pedagogical approach based on a team of teachers who work with the same kids – five teachers, each covering a dif» Rocks to play at Conseco – The Westfield High ferent course of study, per 100 children. They all got to know each School varsity boys’ basketother’s students, resulting in better overall communication and ball game on Feb. 23 versus more cross-curriculum teaching. The teachers on this team had Mt. Vernon will be played at also elected to wear uniforms … the teachers wore the uniforms … Conseco Fieldhouse. Tickets which I think is why I remember this group. Weird. are on sale in the athletic Anyway, as a high school teacher who may have 150 students office. Tickets are $8 for kids a semester without ever having one who is also being taught by a 18 and under and $10 for friend, I think team teaching sounds awesome, particularly at the adults and $2 more if bought middle school level when it’s pretty easy for kids to slip through at the door. Westfield the cracks. But apparently, by cutting the system out and returning Athletics will get $1 per ticket sold in advance. Advertisement to a traditional teaching approach, the city could save $750,000. See, withoutDIVORCE team teaching, teachers can teach more classes and COST EFFECTIVE MEANS TO A RESPECTFUL » Special Olympics afternoon – The Carmel Repertory Theatre is hosting a Special Olympics afternoon Feb. 21 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person/ student if related/involved with Special Olympics. Otherwise tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students/seniors. Concession specials will be offered, too, with some proceeds going to benefit the Special Olympics. Visit for details. 

more students, thereby eliminating the number of faculty positions needed and saving thousands on salaries. Traditional teaching schedules make more financial sense, I suppose, and certainly seems to be a more efficient way to educate, but what are we sacrificing in the name of fiscal responsibility? These are our children. This is their education. And this is middle school for God sake’s, where children are going through puberty and all its magical ugliness. Now more than ever, they need good communication, constant encouragement and as much emotional and academic support as they can get. You remember being 12 don’t you? It sucked. And for the state to say that education is a priority just makes me sick. How can it be a priority if they’re taking money away from it? Our towns may be able to cover the differences because we are lucky enough to live in fairly affluent communities, but what about the rural counties who are already suffering? What about some of the urban neighborhoods who don’t even have PTOs to help pay for new playgrounds and school libraries and science labs? What are those kids going to do? Indiana lawmakers, this is ridiculous. We’re already way behind most of the country in education. We don’t have free full-day kindergarten, we make parents pay for books, and now we’re forcing school boards to cut teacher positions and eliminate important programs like team teaching (and the arts, vocational classes, world languages – don’t even get me started!) Get your priorities straight: Our future (read: our children) should come first. Peace out.

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

Families facThey commit not to go to court or use the Advertisement ing divorce are information shared in collaborative discusoften experiencsions in litigation. Parties have more control ing emotional to work out settlement details and find cresary to assist in the details. They commit not to Families facing and financial criative solutions for their problems, which they go to courtbetter or usethan theainformation shared divorce are often exses, and concerns understand judge or third party. in collaborative discussions in reached litigation. Parties have periencing about emotional attorneys’ Positive outcomes are best through more control to work out settlement details and and financial fees and crises, exrespectful communications, not courtroom find creative solutions for their problems, which and concerns about penses associated battles. with afees divorce Retention of a collaborative they understand better than aattorney judge ordoes third party. attorneys’ and can overwhelm not change the natureare of best the attorney-client Positive outcomes reached through reexpenses associated spouse who relationship, but instead changes the attitudesbattles spectful communications, not courtroom with aa divorce can is alreadyaunder andRetention tasks bothof lawyer and client take as they a collaborative attorney does not overwhelm spouse extreme stress. But even in today’s tough man- age the divorce case. The focus on change the nature of the attorney-client relationwho is already under economic times, there are options for couples settlement requires parties to move out of ship, but instead changes the attitudes and tasks extreme stress. But who have reached the breaking point, with their corners and into a discussion focused Stephenie Jocham both lawyer changing and clientthe take as even litigation alternatives such on peacefully in today’s tough economic times, they manage divorce as mediation, arbitration and family structurethe in the most case. there are options for couples The focus on settlement requires collaborative law offering mutually advantageous who have reached the breaking parties to move out of their parties more control with the way possible. Negotiating emotional acorners settlement also help point, least with financial litigationand alternatives andcan into a discussion minimize financial im-changing such asimpact. mediation, arbitration focused the on peacefully While mediation and pact the divorce as parties and collaborative law offering the of family structure in the most havewith become are avoidingadvantageous the time, feesway pospartiesarbitration more control the more mutually familiar, and few people, including family law and costs incurredsible. with litigation. least financial emotional Negotiating a settlement As members of The International Academy therapists, are familiar with collaborative law. impact. can also help minimize the financial impact of of Collaborative Professionals, This emerging practice area stresses the inWhile mediation andand arbitration become thethedivorce as parties avoiding the time, fees terests of children promoteshave cooperation collaborative law are attorneys of Jocham more familiar, few people, including family law and costs incurred with litigation. among the parties rather than confrontation in Harden Dimick Jackson, PC are trained to therapists, are familiar with collaborative law. Asyou members of which The International the courtroom. In collaborative divorce, the help determine option is bestAcademy for This emerging areatheir stresses the interests you. of Collaborative thecontact collaborative separatingpractice couple and specially-trained If your familyProfessionals, is facing a crisis, attorneys at the outset to tryamong to work at 317-569-0770, or visit Dimick www. Jackof children and pledge promotes cooperation the our lawoffice attorneys of Jocham Harden through open communication, to learnto more. partiesthings ratherout than confrontation in the courtson, PC are trained help you determine which other collaborative such as The information contained herein is for room. using In collaborative divorce,experts the separating option is best for you. If your family is facing financial advisors,attorneys and divorce informational purposes only at and is not incouplecounselors, and their specially-trained a crisis, contact our office 317-569-0770, or as necessary to work assist in the details. tended to be legal advice. to learn more. pledgecoaches at the outset to try to visit

Cost effeCtive means to a respeCtful divorCe

things out through open communication, using other collaborative experts such as counselors, financial advisors, and divorcecoaches as neces-

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

Current in Westfield

February 9, 2010 | 5

We’re the primary caregiver’s caregiver.

Because the best strategy for caring for the ones who depend on you is taking care of yourself first. That’s why our doctors encourage you to complete your annual physical, mammogram, and pap smear. In fact, we think you should do it now at the start of the year before you get busy and forget. It’s also why we’re big on electronic medical records for the sake of continuous, coordinated care. And why many of our physicians don’t shy away from same day or early morning appointments. So whether it’s a screening, referral, or a suspicious case of the sniffles, log in to or call1-800-777-7775 to schedule an appointment with a trusted physician in your community. And start the year off healthy. Not only for yourself, but for all the fans of your chicken soup too.

6 | February 9, 2010 "CPI Caregiver" Current ads.indd 1

Current in Westfield 1/12/10 9:44 AM

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St. Vincent close to acquiring Care Group Current in Westfield St. Vincent Health is closing in on completing a deal that will, it says, provide better care for your heart through St. Vincent.  The health network is working to purchase local physician practice Care Group, LLC. While hospital purchases of independent practices have become relatively commonplace lately, this buyout is particularly interesting because of the size of Care Group: it is the largest independent physician practice in Indianapolis and the largest independent cardiology practice in the nation.

The purpose behind the purchase isn’t merely to increase St. Vincent’s already thriving cardiology specialty, but to provide better care. Improvements would be primarily include eliminating unnecessary or repetitive testing, improving the patient’s ability to understand and navigate the health system, and providing overall better service and results.  Being part of the same group may also put the hospital in a better position to negotiate with insurers. The two groups expect to reach a deal in coming months.

Photo by Kevin Kane

Members of the Indiana/Kentucky Regional Council of Carpenters stood in front of Westfield High School Feb. 4 in protest of Ritsema & Associates. The protesters, who chose to remain unnamed for legal reasons, claim the construction company doesn’t pay its employees adequate wages.

The four-way-stop personality test COMMENTARY By Robin Chaddock “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  - Winston Churchill  You can tell a lot about a person at a four-way stop.  In particular, you get a glimpse of their attitude when two of you have arrived at the stop at approximately the same time and one will need to let the other go first.  I know there is protocol about who technically gets to go first, but usually in actuality it has to do with who wins the “I’m waving you out” contest.  Now some people are willing to wave another person out, but it’s the look on their face as they do it – and the tone of their hand movement – that tells you everything.  There’s the person with the cranky face that sort of commands you to go through. They look as if it is a supreme pain in the neck for you to even be alive and in their space, and they

are letting you know that by their controlling demeanor.  There’s the person who also acts like you’re in their space, but they give more of a “well pardon me for being here at the same time” look that lets you know they’re doing you a big favor by letting you go first, but it sure is at a personal sacrifice to them.  Then there’s the person who will make pleasant eye contact, give a smile that indicates that they know we’re all in this together, and they are actually sort of happy to be able to do something nice for another human being. Their hand gesture is neither demanding nor condescending, and you feel like you’ve just made a new friend.  Yeah, you can tell a lot about a person at a four-way stop.

Westfield youth organization helps locally, overseas By Haley Vannarsdall Current in Westfield Lions Clubs International’s youth organization, LEO clubs, emphasizes children and gives them the opportunity to contribute and help the community in multiple ways. Westfield has now incorporated the LEO club locally to involve Westfield High School students in community service. LEO clubs was founded in 1967 and is open to males and females ages 12 to 18 advocating the motto, “leadership, experience and opportunity.” To join, the student must be reviewed by LEO sponsors and voted on by the membership. But having the basic desire to serve is entrance into the club, and there is no limit as to how many or who can join. “Hopefully, the LEOs will continue to be Lions serving their respective communities when they become adults,” said Lions President Dan Wilcox. The LEO club has already completed one service project, “Desert Santa,” during which several students boxed items for men and

women serving in the Middle East. The LEO sponsor, Westfield High School teacher Laurie Russo, was the inspiration behind this idea honoring her brother, who was seriously injured in Afghanistan last summer. “The LEOs are free to work projects they themselves have identified," Wilcox said. "They may receive support or guidance from the Westfield Lions, but the club is theirs." The projects can be either local or global, and the LEOs have decided to tackle another project, “Hearts for Haiti,” where they are raising one dollar for every student at Westfield High School, and the Westfield Lions Club will provide matching funds. All proceeds will go to the Lions Club International Foundation, which is currently helping with relief efforts by mobilizing more than $1.5 million dollars providing hope for the people of Haiti. “We hope the LEOs and their teacher sponsors enjoy the experience, building a solid LEO foundation for generations to come," Wilcox said.

CELEBRATE “THE KING’S” 75TH BIRTHDAY WITH US! Come Out and Meet Elvis Presley Impersonator Doug Peet Wednesday, February 17th, 6:30 to 9:00pm At Buffalo Wild Wings 2510 East 146th Street 317-848-2500

Robin Chaddock is the executive director of the Downtown Westfield Neighborhood Association. She welcomes comments and can be reached at

Current in Westfield

Performances: Friday and Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 2:30 PM February: 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 March: 5, 6, 7 For Tickets call (317) 767-3973 or A portion of the evening benefit will go the the:

Come and enjoy hot wings and hot music!!!

February 9, 2010 | 7

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Making the most of new experiences Commentary By Ken Kingshill I attended my first Toastmasters meeting the other night.  I’ve always felt I needed to improve my public speaking abilities, and I’ve known that Toastmasters is the way to do it. I’ve just never been able to get over the inertia of doing nothing about it. So when I heard Toastmasters was forming a club in Westfield, I decided to take the plunge.  There I was, with three other complete newbies and a bunch of Toastmaster veterans. The meeting was exactly one hour long with an agenda specific down to the minute. Each new agenda item required a different person to come to the podium. No one left the podium without shaking hands with the person taking their place, and each new speaker was met with a round of applause – or did each speaker leave the podium to applause? In any case, I don’t think I’ve heard so much clapping outside of a State of the Union address.  The official grammarian for the meeting introduced the word of the day. In this instance, it was “rapacious,” an adjective meaning “given to plunder; seizing by force; greedy.” Amazingly, at least six times during the remaining portion of the meeting, various speakers found a way to weave that word into their speech. Three people gave 5-minute speeches. Two of them were “icebreaker” speeches, the first op-

portunity for a new member to make a prepared speech, usually about themselves. The third speech was a “competent communicator” speech – well researched and informative. Then two unsuspecting attendees were offered the opportunity to make an impromptu speech on a surprise topic. Naturally, notwithstanding my best efforts to avoid eye contact, I ended up having to get up and talk about my experiences with snow and/or ice sculpture. If you know me, you know that’s funny. After the prepared and impromptu speeches were finished, each speaker was evaluated by a Toastmaster veteran. For the most part, they were gentle but constructive. A few more items of general business accompanied by the requisite rounds of applause, and the meeting adjourned. I think I’ll keep going to the meetings, because I now understand that I have a rapacious appetite for learning how to be a better communicator. Meetings are Monday nights at 7 p.m. at the City Services Center. For more information contact Brian May at BMay@ We’d love to see you there.  City Councilor Ken Kingshill is a Westfield resident and Realtor. You may e-mail him at kkingshill@

William K. Nasser, mD, DiNiNG a la HearT 19TH aNNual FuNDraiser TO BENEFIT

The Reviving Hearts Program, supported by the Cardiovascular Research and Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc. (CREFI)


Sunday, February 28th, 2010 5 to 8pm Ritz Charles, 12156 North Meridian Street, Carmel


$75 per person; $750 per table. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 338-6080 or email:


• The William K. Nasser, MD Dining A La Heart 19th Annual Fundraiser is endorsed by The Care Group, a statewide network of cardiologists and primary care physicians and proceeds benefit The Reviving Hearts Program to place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) into area high schools. • To date we have placed 35 AEDs with training and follow up procedures in local high schools. Two high school student’s lives were saved this year because of the availability of an AED, which was presented to their high schools through our fundraising efforts.

• The 19th Annual Dining A La Heart Fundraiser features over twenty area chefs presenting samples of delicious, heart-healthy entrees and desserts. The event will also include a raffle of fabulous items.

Presenting Sponsor:


Wednesday February 10th Concert Featuring Lowrey Concert Artist

Dennis Awe 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.



Agio Alcatraz Brewing Company Arisano’s Oils and Spices Barto’s Banquets & Catering Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream Centerplate Food Service at The Convention Center Dainas Petite Pies Flemings Prime Steakhouse George’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill Indiana Chef Academy

Thursday February 18th Concert Featuring Lowrey Concert Artist

Lori Graves

Phone: 317-773-2002

Fax: 317-773-7009

1:30 p.m.

Free Prices and Give-a-Ways Refreshments will be served Phone: 317-773-2002 8 | February 9, 2010

IVY Tech State College Le Mie Emilie Market Place U OF I Pearl Bistro Ritz Charles St.Vincent Heart Center of IN at 106th & North Meridian The Harvest Fresh Market & Deli The Stratford at West Clay Treat American Food Service Whole Foods

Fax: 317-773-7009 Current in Westfield

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Gone and went: Shades of grey COMMENTARY By Brandie Bohney Last week, I discussed the difference between gone and went. This week, I’d like to expand on that topic just a little more. Since last week I basically just covered the fact that gone gets an auxiliary verb, and went doesn’t, this week, I want to focus on the difference in meaning between have gone and went  As far as most people are concerned, there is no difference between the following statements:        He went.       He has gone.  The second sentence is slightly longer, and therefore, students struggling to reach a minimum number of words for an essay will use that construction more often. The problem for them and others is here is a slight change in what the sentences mean.  The construction of a form of have with a past-perfect verb creates a present-perfect verb (has gone). A past-tense verb by itself is simple past tense (went). I know, I know. My head still spins when trying to explain this. One of the main purposes of using present-perfect tense, though, is to describe an ongoing event or an event that happened at an unspecified point in the past.  Therefore, if I say, “He has gone,” it is reasonable to assume, simply because of the construction of the verb, that he is still gone. If, however, I say, “He went,” the meaning shifts slightly to

connote that he may be back already. You can take this connotation even further. If I tell you Jim went to Jamaica twice, it can indicate that he will not be going back. But if I tell you Jim has gone to Jamaica twice, you may assume he will return.  These are crazy shades of gray, people. Platinum and silver. Lead and iron. Most people will not take notice of the difference, but the thing to remember is that if you want to connote one meaning or the other, it’s important to know the difference.     The same slight change in meaning exists between have gone and have been as they relate to a location. If I say I have been to St. Thomas, you can safely assume I am not there now (unfortunately for me). But if I tell you I have gone to St. Thomas, the meaning shifts to indicate that All consultations discreet and held in strict confidence, no information is shared. I am currently there (and I wish are I were). Again, the similarity is much greater than the difference, and most people won’t notice.    Something you cannot do with the past perfect tense, though, is assign a specific date or time to the reference. Simple past is required for that: He went to Fiji in 2005, and he has not come back. Get it? Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

able. Patience is persevering calmly in spite of temper tantrums, backtalk, hitting, spitting, bullying, cursing and any generally poor behavior. Patience does not include power struggles or egocentric behavior. Patience sets in when we realize we do not own the above mentioned behaviors. They belong to the perpetrator. Patience does not blame, accuse, excuse, manipulate, judge, evaluate or compare. Patience endures! Patience perseveres! Patience is not gender specific and does not discriminate.  The ability to endure waiting is, probably, the greatest evidence of a patient parent. Waiting for the school bus to pick up and deliver our children; waiting in checkout lanes in the grocery store to see our kids are fed properly; waiting for our kids to get to and from extracurricular activities.  See yourself in any of these “patient” driven activities? How you handle your patience is what you are teaching your kids. Patience is a learned virtue. Hugs! Becky Kapsalis. aka YiaYia (pronounced Ya-Ya.) is a certified parenting advocate and child behavior coach. You may reach her at 317-848-7979 or e-mail becky@


Keith Albrecht

All consultations are discreet and held in strict confidence, no information is shared.

Ten foot-care tips for the New Year 1. When shopping for shoes, choose quality and comfort over style. 2. Pay closer attention to your feet and toes. Scrub them clean, just like you do every other part of your body. If you can’t reach your toes, shop around for assistive devices or forget your pride and ask a loved one to help you out. 3. Moisturize everywhere except the webspace between the toes. Too much moisture there increases your chances of getting fungus (athlete’s foot). 4. Ladies, watch the heel height. Try your best to keep it under 1½”. Going from higher heels to being barefoot in the house increases stress on your Achilles tendon and can develop into other issues. 5. No flimsy flip flops! (unless you really like coming to my office) 6. Avoid “medicated” corn pads. This medication is acid that is not healthy for the skin around the callus or corn. 7. Use the PedEgg for callused heels – not once a month, but daily or every other day. Make it part of your routine. 8. If you have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, ease into it. Don’t jump on the treadmill and see how far you can go on day one. You need to adequately stretch and increase mileage slowly. If you don’t, you are increasing your risk of developing a painful condition that will halt your workout routine and stall your weight loss efforts 9. The wart virus and fungus like similar environments – moist, dark, and dirty. So avoid the nasty old tennis shoes you use to mow the yard with, etc. 10. Do not ignore foot pain. If your foot hurts, there is a reason for it. If it does not improve within two weeks or causes you to limp or is swollen, bruised or infected, come see me.

Children who live with patience COMMENTARY By Becky Kapsalis Patience: “The ability to endure waiting, delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.” Children who live with patience learn to endure waiting, delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset and to preserve calmly when faced with difficulties.  I’ll bet you didn’t realize your children were learning patience while you were living patience. Our kids live with our patience every day. Consider that in the course of raising children, we have the ability to endure waiting (doctor’s visits come to mind); we endure delays (getting homework done on time); we endure provocation (sibling rivalries). We do all this without getting annoyed or upset – hmmmmm – we may have to rethink this one. But I know we persevere calmly when faced with difficulties. See, in a course of one day, you’ve exercised patience without knowing it. I think it’s time you recognize your patience so you can take credit for having it.    Patience is not about letting our kids get away with any behavior we find unaccept-

This real estate market has caused unbearable stress and heartache. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert and Realtor, I can give you the expertise necessary to save your credit, relieve the uncertainty and most of all, help your family. Contact me, Keith Albrecht, and let’s get started towards the path of recovery. Direct: 317-590-7878

Don’t ignore the pain. Millions of Americans suffer unnecessarily from treatable foot ailments without seeing a podiatrist. Schedule an appointment with Dr. David Sullivan today, and step out... pain free!

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DISPATCHES » Valentine meal tips – Whether you're cooking as a couple or presenting a meal to your partner, a low-key supper is always a safer bet than an elaborate multicourse meal that leaves you feeling stressed and exhausted. If you’re into folklore, the following items have been long considered aphrodisiacs: chili peppers, mint, ginger, peaches, honey, chocolate, mangos, saffron, almonds, rosemary, vanilla and figs. Include them in your recipes for the big day, and you’ll be sure to have a passionate evening. -   » Avian forecasters – Can birds predict the weather? Sort of. Birds are particularly sensitive to changes in the weather like barometric pressure, and their behavior can mark those changes. For example, you can often expect a storm if you see robins acting restless and perching in bushes in the middle of the day. -   » February gardening – February is a tough month for gardening, because its weather is so unpredictable. Still, here are a few things to do in spite of the volatile weather conditions: • Order seeds • Sow seeds for hardy spring-blooming plants • Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants) • Sow seeds for cool-weather vegetables • Sow frost-tolerant perennials indoors -    » Colors of spring – While this past spring fashion season saw a number of blues, yellows, and greens, the following spring season concentrates on pinks, grays, purples, browns and natural tones with an underlying color. Many grays have a pink, blue or purple undertone to them.  Below are the best colors to go with when you organize your wardrobe for the upcoming spring season. • Peppermint/mint green • Cardinal purple (more red than blue) • Chinese sherry (red with a sherry tone) • Purple ash (grey with a lavender undertone) -

10 | February 9, 2010

Heartland program reaches out to high schoolers By Brandie Bohney Current in Westfield Heartland Truly Moving Pictures is probably most widely known, at least locally, for its downtown Indianapolis festival of films each year. The company strives to encourage young aspiring filmmakers to consider creating work that inspires, educates and engages the audience. A new program recently unveiled, the Heartland High School Film Competition, embodies that desire. The contest is open to any currently enrolled high school student – nationally or internationally – to produce a movie 10 minutes or fewer in length that embodies Heartland’s core values. The theme for the inaugural year is “hope.” “We like to reward films that are inspirational and hopeful,” said Film and Research Coordinator Ray Mills. “We want to help grow those kind of filmmakers.” Mills added that it is the hope of the creators of the competition that students will not only be encouraged to make this single inspirational film, but to help them understand that, “there are people out there who appreciate those kinds of films,” and to lead them to make more films of that nature. The call for entries is currently open, and Heartland will continue to accept films through

May 15. The first 100 entries are free, and all entries after that are $15 each. In addition, each student filmmaker is required to have an adult mentor, whether that person is a parent or teacher, and Mills stressed the importance of having educators involved in the process. Mills also said that students who don’t have the resources to use the latest film equipment should not shy from the competition. “When the story is strong, that’s what gets noticed,” he said. “The story will come through, no matter what equipment you use.” Winners will be announced this summer,

MORe information For more information or to submit a film, go to and click on the High School Film Competition link.

probably in July, Mills speculates. In addition to cash prizes ($500 for four finalists and $2,500 for the grand-prize winner), tickets to the 2010 Heartland Film Festival and special recognition at the event will be awarded to all finalists.

“The story will come through, no matter what equipment you use.” PICK OF THE WEEK

Stay home. Be moved.

What is this thing called love? When: Friday, Feb. 12; 8 p.m. Where: The Columbia Club Cost: $75 per person Info: Details: For one night only the Columbia Club will present “Shannon Forsell: What is This Thing Called Love?” For the price of $75 per person, couples can enjoy a luscious, three-course dinner, tax, gratuity and a rose on the table. While eating, couples can enjoy a musical valentine performance including love songs from the Great American Songbook, torch songs, jazz and more. Dinner seating and cocktails will start at 6:30 PM. Reservations are required. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 2751169.

Warm weather is just around the corner. We promise. Are you ready to soak up every last minute of it? Now is the ideal time to let us create the perfect outdoor environment for your home. Make the most of summer. Make the most of life. Call us today. Our initial consultation is free. 317.575.0482 - Carmel, Indiana

Current in Westfield

Landscaping and Remodeling Experts Call for a FREE consultation - 317.575.0482

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Trends: Some become a part of culture, some fade into oblivion

pam jenkins

bella pizzeria

portobello mushroom bisque Makes approximately 1 ½ quart Ingredients: • 1 # Portobello with the gills cleaned out, thinly sliced • 2 each shallots minced • 1 each fresh thyme sprigs, cleaned and minced • 1 each bay leaves • 3 tbsp. whole butter • 3 cups chicken stock • 1cup heavy cream • Corn starch slurry to thicken • Salt and pepper to taste • Oyster crackers to garnish Directions: Sauté the ¾ mushrooms with the shallots and thyme in the butter until cooked. Then add the stock and bay leaf, and simmer 45 minutes. Puree all (remove bay leaf) and slightly thicken with the corn starch slurry. Temper the cream, add to puree mix and simmer 15 minutes. Strain the liquid, and on the side sauté the remaining mushrooms, add to the soup, season with salt and pepper. Oyster crackers to garnish.

Bartender at Mickey's Irish Pub Where do you like to eat? Famous Daves BBQ in Greenwood, Ind What do you like to eat there? BBQ pork and bread pudding for dessert, it’s to die for! What do you like about it? It’s just a simple restaurant with delicious food.

Bella Pizzeria serves New York style pizza to the Midwest, starting with their Clay Terrace location. The mom and pop pizzeria has two additional locations in the area at 96th St. & Keystone and Hamilton Town Center. Bella’s Carmel location has been running since August of 2005. They are open seven days a week and offer room to sit as well as carry-out service. Delivery isn’t offered yet but is something that a Bella Pizzeria fan can expect in the future, as the demand for New York style pizza is larger than one may expect. There are many New York or East Coast natives living in Hamilton County and surrounding areas who have found Bella Pizzeria as a great replica of their hometown favorites. Bella Pizzeria also offers a 30inch pizza for larger groups or daring individuals. Outside of their famous pizza, Bella Pizzeria also has enough appetizers, pasta and beer to satisfy any palate. The friendly customer service and authentic menu brings the East Coast to the Midwest.


8820 US 31 South Indianapolis, IN 46227 859-1102


5:18 PM

Page 1

14550 Clay Terrace Blvd. Carmel Phone: 569-8911 Web:

And within a couple years, the public would pay any price. Fast forward to present day. While sales and demand have slowed quite a bit, they are still popular, and though not as hyped, they have found their way into American culture. What’s next, you may ask? Well use the formula above. There are some items already in this paradigm, most obviously the super fruits of South America, with wonderful antioxidants and health benefits.

5 Minutes East of Westfield!


Chef Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AAC, is a Carmel resident and the executive chef at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. You may e-mail him at chefmichael@

© 2010 Shapiro’s. All rights reserved

COMMENTARY By Chef Michael Vlasich In conversations with students, peers and clients, a common topic is that of food trends and predictability. As a high-profile chef, what does my crystal ball show? They are correct in asking me, because as a chef I do watch and measure trends. It’s important to be aware of and able to fulfill my guest’s needs, no matter what they may be. Over the years, I have learned that trends must pass through certain phases before either becoming a part of American culture or fading into oblivion. Throughout my career, all trend stages have been created and projected in the media but influenced by the marketplace. The starting point of a trend is when it first appears in an upscale chef ’s restaurant. Then it appears on gourmet cooking shows, when he guest appears, or on the ethnic travel shows on public broadcasting and NGEO TV. They tend to catch on as part of ad campaigns or in dishes for large mid-level chain restaurants. Next, the intimidation factor drops and you read about them in home journals like Family Circle and “Better Homes & Gardens” and the food section of the newspaper. Lastly, you will find them in the supermarket, available for everyone to use at home in their cooking excursions or for everyday meals. It’s not hard to think of past food or cooking trend examples. Not long ago, there was the nocarb diet; everywhere you turned, it was available. There were products featured and menus written; it was mentioned on talk shows, in cook books, blah, blah blah. But now you hear nothing of it. Oblivion! A food example is Portobello mushrooms; 15 years ago, no one had heard of them. Found in caves growing among the cultivated mushrooms, they were being discarded for decades – possibly even centuries. Finally, one day, as all great chefs do, someone took Portobellos and featured them on a menu. With a little marketing, before long they were being sold as appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, even desserts.

Where I Dine

These days, everyone’s looking for a deal. Now through March, 31 Shapiro’s is offering our famous rare roast beef sandwich for just FIVE BUCKS! Now that’s a “Real Deal.” One per customer, Dine-in Mon-Fri at the Carmel store only. Not valid with any other offers. Offer not valid on holidays. Ex. 03.31.10 Downtown 808 S. Meridian Street Phone: 317-631-4041 Fax: 317-631-3958

Current in Westfield Carmel 918 S. Rangline Road Phone: 317-573-DELI (3354) Fax: 317-573-3355

Now at the Airport Indianapolis International Airport Located near gate B-15 Fax: 317-241-0645

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THEATRE ‘All Shook Up’

From Feb. 19 through March 7, Carmel Repertory Theater will present “All Shook Up,” a musical featuring the sweets sounds of Elvis. Performances will be at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. on Sundays, and a special performance will take place Feb. 20 in conjunction with the Carmel High School Dance Marathon. Call 317-767-3973 for details. 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Carmel Community Players will present Tennessee Williams' timeless play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” during a two-week run beginning Feb. 11 at the Carmel Community Playhouse at Clay Terrace. Performances are at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for students/ seniors and can be purchased at www.carmelplayers. org or by calling 317-815-9387.

Midwinter Dance Festival

Butler Ballet’s 2009-2010 season continues Feb. 12-13 with Midwinter Dance Festival, featuring the masterful work Dark Elegies by Antony Tudor. Performances begin at 8 p.m. both days in Clowes Memorial Hall. Tickets are $21.50-$28.50 for adults, $17-$23 for children, students and seniors, and $14-$20 each for groups of 15 or more and are available at Clowes Hall or at


LIVE MUSIC Mickey’s Irish Pub

Carmel Symphony Orchestra

The Carmel Symphony Orchestra will hold a performance on Feb. 14 to be enjoyed by music fans of all ages. The concert will take place at 3 p.m. at Westfield High School. Call 317-844-9717 for details.

Be My Valentine with Blair Clark

Join local entertainer Blair Clark at the Woodland Country Club on Feb. 12, 7 to 11 p.m.. Heather Ramsey will join Clark for duets throughout the evening. Tickets are $45 and include a buffet dinner. Visit to purchase online, or call 324-8320 for details.

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mickey’s Irish Pub,13644 N Meridian, Carmel. For more information, call 317-573-9746: Feb. 12: Henry Lee Summer and Friends Feb. 13: Peace Train & the Flower Power Brass Feb. 19: The Good Seed Feb. 20: Toy Factory Feb. 26: Lemonwheel Band Feb. 27: Big Daddy Caddy

Mo’s Irish Pub

There’s live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more information, call 317-770-9020.

THEATRE Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.


Christian Youth Theater will present “Schoolhouse Rock Live! Junior” Feb. 12 at 7 pm, Feb. 13 at 2 and 7 pm and Feb. 14 at 2 pm at Heritage Christian School Auditorium. 51 children, mainly from Hamilton County, have rehearsed for weeks on this latest production. Ticket prices are $10 for adults; $8 for children, seniors and groups of 10 or more. All tickets are $2 more at the door. For reservations call the CYT box office at 317-896-2004.

Ben Vereen coming to Carmel

Carmel Community Players is bringing Tony awardwinning Broadway entertainer Ben Vereen to Carmel High School for its major fundraiser for 2010.  Vereen will present his educational, entertaining and inspirational Broadway lecture at Carmel High School's Dale E. Graham Auditorium at 7 p.m. on March 7. Tickets are $34 and are on sale now at www. 



3230 E. 96th Street, Indy • Sales: (877) 205-1382 •

wn zero do t paymen



2010 Forester Special Edition Power windows Power door locks CD player 16 inch alloy wheels All weather floor mats Splash guards Roof rails *42 months/10k per year, pymt plus tax,WAC. Tax, title, license extra. 0 down, 1st pymt due @ inception. MSRP=$23293, residual at lease end=$12610.29 (Ex stk# 4787)

12 | February 9, 2010

Current in Westfield

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simple ratatouille


Allison Campbell is the executive chef at Harvest Fresh Market. You may e-mail her at allison@

Ready for Spring Soccer? Get in the game with Westfield Youth Soccer! Recreational Soccer Sign-ups Underway Walk up (in persOn) registratiOn:

all walk up registrations will be at Shamrock Springs Elementary school: Saturday Feb 13th, 11 AM - 1 PM Tuesday Feb 23rd, 6 PM - 8 PM Saturday March 6th, 11 AM - 2 PM We will have copies of the registration form, scholarship application and coaches application available for all. You can also visit to print and fill out the registration form ahead of time.

Online registratiOn: Register online at, if you’re interested in coaching visit

Practice starts the week of April 11 • Games will start April 17 and run through June 6th • Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Travel Soccer Tryout dates for U11U18 teams have been announced. The dates will be June 16th, 17th and 19th. Registration for tryouts will begin soon.

U5/U6 - $70 • U7/U8 - $85 • U10/U12 - $90 • U14-U18- $110

Check us out for summer camps!

515 WEST PARK STREET, WESTFIELD (south of Hardee’s at US 31 and SR 32)

86.PIZZA (867-4992) Today


Directions: • Heat pan with oil and add all vegetables but squash. Sauté until fennel has softened. Add squash and cook for 3 minutes. Add tomato paste, garlic, and shallots, and sauté 2 minutes. Deglaze with white wine and let reduce until almost gone. Season with herbs, salt and pepper.







Lg. Specialty pizza, lg. order of breadsticks & 2-liter for






Expires 2/28/10 • Must present coupon



Expires 2/28/10 • Must present coupon



Pick Up, Delivery and Dine-In Daily Lunch Special

Any 6” Sandwich, Bowl of Soup/Chips and Drink OR Personal Pizza and Drink


Daily Drink Specials


$2.50 Well Drinks and Domestic Beer


$2.50 Well Vodkas

Wednesday $5 Jagerbombs


$2.50 Domestics


$5 Martinis


$3 Bloody Mary’s and Margaritas


$12 Domestic Buckets


Makes 6 servings Ingredients: • 2 tbsp. olive oil • 1 zucchini, diced • 1 yellow squash, diced • 1 red onion, diced • 1 red pepper, diced • 1 fennel bulb, diced • 1 large tomato diced • 1 tsp. tomato paste • 1 tbsp. minced garlic • 1 tbsp. minced shallot • 2 oz. dry white wine • 2 tbsp. chopped herbs, such as parsley, thyme, and chives



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SA $ V CU ter P 5.O E RR rom O En

EN o C TB ode V :

In Cooperation with

Carmel Community Players

Proudly Presents...

An amazing and inspirational Broadway lecture and performance featuring stories, song and dance from one of Broadway’s legendary stars.

Current Day at the Home Show


An Evening with...


3 Photos by Karl Ahlrichs


About 90 people and several organizations attended the Home Show on Feb. 2 including the Carmel Chamber of Commerce board, the Carmel Rotary Club and Current Publishing among others. 1. (Left to right) Carolyn Yost, Joe Kempler, Randy Sorrell, Joey Kempler 2. Joey Kempler with David Testerman from Shepherd Community Center 3. Kimberly Sorrell with Lara Acton of Current Publishing 5. Brian Kelly with Teresa Goble, wife of John Goble, CEO of Clarian North Hospital 6. Matt Peelen, co-founder of Truth at Work

Sunday, March 7, 2010 7:00 pm Carmel High School Dale E. Graham Auditorium Carmel, Indiana

Tickets: $34 -$69 Proceeds to benefit Carmel Community Players, Inc. a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! or call 317.815.9387

Presented in part by grants from...

With promotional assistance from...

5 14 | February 9, 2010

6 Current in Westfield

Register to Win FREE TICKETS!

Current Publishing is giving away four pairs of tickets and a grand prize VIP package to “An Evening with Ben Vereen”. Visit for more information!

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DISPATCHES » Hot flash breathing – Here’s a breathing exercise that slashed the number of hot flashes in half in three small studies: • Sit in a quiet room in comfortable clothing. Don’t lie down (to avoid falling asleep). • Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for five seconds, then exhale slowly through pursed lips for 8 seconds. Focus on the air going in and out. Breathe into the bottom part of your lungs.  • When your mind wanders, return your focus to your breath. • Repeat for 15 minutes each in the morning and afternoon.  -Nutrition Action Health Letter   » Vasectomy and prostate cancer – There’s no plausible reason that vasectomy would increase the risk of prostate cancer, but the rumor exists still.  Men who undergo vasectomy tend to be health-conscious people who see their doctors frequently, so the higher cancer rate found in some studies probably just reflects better diagnosis of prostate cancer in those men. -Consumer Reports The Best of Health  

Does the popularity of cosmetic procedures indicate economic growth? COMMENTARY By Dr. Barry Eppley The recovery from our recent and ongoing recession has been speculated by numerous economic experts. The recent State of the Union address assures us the worst is over. Frankly, I take solace in any of the above pontifications about as much as I trust giving the government 1.5 trillion dollars in an ill-conceived overhaul of our health care system. A recent survey says the number of cosmetic procedures was up during the fourth quarter of 2009. Manufacturers of Botox, injectable fillers and lasers have reported their sales increased in the fourth quarter of 2009 for the first time in years, up anywhere from 2 to 8 percent. Are these results a sign that the economy is really improving? Luxury and discretionary spending are often viewed as a sign of renewed consumer confidence. But I would take these apparent positive signs with a grain of salt. As the most expensive plastic surgery offering, operations are being temporarily (and maybe permanently) shelved by some, and patients and cosmetic doctors are turning their attention to lower-priced treatments. One may have to pass on that facelift or eyelid tuck, but Botox and fuller lips remain within the budget. Consumers appear to be trying to hold on to their cash in these troubling economic times, but they

haven’t given up completely on some more economical forms of feeling and looking better. A better yardstick of economic recovery is in the number of breast implants. Larger amounts of discretionary spending are a better indicator of how people are really feeling about the economy. When these elective medical device sales, which remain down in 2009, return to the more familiar territory of brisk double-digit growth, we will have more than one reason to be optimistic. The use of Botox and injectable sales as a gauge of economic recovery is just one way that numbers and statistics can be twisted to support one’s hopes. They are up because the biggerticket items that often come with them are done. This is like saying the economy is improving because Starbucks coffee sales are up – while customers frequenting Ruth Chris’ are down. While the government may be hinging optimistic forecasts on upswings in graphs and charts, I will look for more familiar enlargements in different indicators before feeling better about where the economy is headed. Dr. Eppley is an Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon. Comments can be sent to info@

105 Magnolia ln $419,900 Mls# 2906701

Wonderful 4BR/3BA woodland-view residence on 0.50 acres. Security system, 2FPs, 3-car gar. Huge foyer, office. Workshop. si Johnson, 216-4085

Acne scarring Skin laxity Age spots


Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

FEB 11-14 & 18-21

Thu. - Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2:30pm TICKETS ($15/$12)

815-9387 or

14299 Clay Terrace Blvd.


SAVE $2.00 Off regular-priced adult ticket to Cat On a Hot Tin Roof For more savings, visit. Based on availabilty Not good with any other discount or savings offer

Limit 4 per coupon

6100 Mansfield CT $255,900 Mls# 2945006

Secluded 3acre wooded home site with quick access to I65, shops & restaurants. Site has large hardwoods and good drainage si Johnson, 216-4085

Promo Code: Current

665 WoodRUff Pl Mid dR $219,900 Mls# 2941253

Picture-perfect home. Fenced 4BR/2+BA w/ FP, hardwood flooring & formal dining room. Sun room, parquet flooring, pantry. Patio & deck. si Johnson, 216-4085

Featured special: For fuller, more youthful looking lips, try Juvederm Ultra, just $399 per syringe. Reserve your appointment today!

Facial redness

Sun damage

Unwanted hair Wrinkles

Veins Large pores

15537 PoRTland dR. WesTfield, $212,000

Centennial Townhome Exceptional 3BR/2+ BA, End unit, Security System, Huge Foyer, Cathedral ceiling. Pantry annie CooK 317-371-9922, 317-776-0200

6118 CRiTTenden aV $146,900 Mls# 2851339

Wonderful 3-bedroom single-story. Engaging, fenced home boasting a deck and mature trees. Main-level laundry. Two-car garage. Lovely place to treasure!! si Johnson, 216-4085

5875 doVeRTon dR $141,900 Mls# 2847683

3BR/2+BA singlelevel! Some of the special features of this welcoming home are vaulted ceilings, two-car garage and fireplace. Walk-in closets, garden tub. si Johnson, 216-4085

“The Clear Choice in Physician-Guided Skin Rejuvenation.”

11900 N. Pennsylvania St., Carmel, IN 46032, 317-571-8900;


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February 9, 2010 | 15

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The true anatomy of pain COMMENTARY By Dmitry Arbuck M.D. I already mentioned on a number of occasions and will mention many times again that acute pain and chronic pain have little in common. Acute pain ultimately starts with peripheral pain receptors, which are located at the tips of the nerves. Impulses follow through the nerve trunks into the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, cross to the other side, and follow ascending pathways to the brain, where they are felt as pain. The whole structure is designed to sense what is going on in the periphery of the body and protect oneself. Chronic pain, on the other hand, involves the indiscriminate firing of the nerve endings, the nerve trunks, or even the spinal cord and the brain itself. Pain signals, which come from the peripheral nervous system, enter the central nervous system through the spinal cord. Chronic pain sets up frequently when this crossing is disturbed and pathways that are supposed to carry information about pressure or touch or temperature cross with pathways that are supposed to carry pain. As a result, temperature and pressure or

other inferences are being felt as pain. Pain is constantly being analyzed, reanalyzed and labeled along the way to the brain, and this labeling – even on the level of the nerves themselves – may be disturbed, distorting the pain perception. The brain itself may malfunction, either complicating already disturbed information coming from the periphery or creating its own pain, which has nothing to do with the body. It takes excruciating efforts to untangle this complexity, understand what causes what, and come out with an appropriate treatment. Frequently chronic pain develops when acute pain is not controlled adequately; therefore, the prime goal is to never let acute pain last for longer than a few weeks and to use everything in medical power to stop development of chronic pain. Dmitry M. Arbuck, M.D., is a psychiatrist and pain management specialist at Meridian Health Group. For more information, visit www. MeridianHealthGroup. com.




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Earlier is better Two recent French studies uncovered the following: 1. When factory workers changed from day to night shifts, they tended to gain weight, even though their total daily caloric intake did not increase. 2. People who do most of their eating in the evening and at night tend to put on more weight than those who consume the bulk of their calories in the morning and early afternoon.  The advice: Bulk up your breakfast and lunch a little bit, and consider a midmorning and even a midafternoon snack. -Burn Fat Faster  

Asthma and gas stoves Spud prescription A medium-sized, baked potato with skin reaps some wonderful health benefits: • 925 mg. of potassium to help keep your blood pressure in check • 50 mg. of magnesium to help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes • 5 g. fiber to keep your bowels running smoothly and keep your appetite under control A prescription for baked potatoes isn’t too far-fetched. -onHealth 

Like woodstoves and fireplaces, all gasburning appliances emit invisible combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides, some of which can irritate the lungs. A recent study of 539 adults with asthma found that those who used gas stoves daily were twice as likely to suffer severe asthma attacks as those who never used such appliances. Becuase the offending pollutants are too small to be filtered out of the air, the only way to reduce or eliminate them is to improve the ventilation or give up the gas. -Consumer Reports The Best of Health  

How to spend just 30 minutes and achieve the

necessary to allow you to sweat the really big stuff.




Every year, one of every two americans dies of cardiovascular disease. But a HeartScan from St.Vincent Health can help you identify your risk of heart disease today — in about 30 minutes, for just $99. So it doesn’t take much time to get peace of mind. and if your test shows any immediate cause for concern, you have access to the best heart care in Indiana, period, at St.Vincent Heart center of Indiana. Schedule your HeartScan today at one of five convenient St.Vincent Health locations. Call 1-866-432-4457 or find out more at

The best heart care in Indiana. Period.

SVH-HCI-HCI-162_CurrentPubs_CarKeys.indd 1

16 | February 9, 2010

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2/1/10 4:27:17 PM

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What the heck is a trigger point? TOM WOOD COMMENTARY By Sally Feldman In the 1940’s, Dr. Janet Travell defined a myofascial trigger point as, “A hyperirritable spot, usually within a taut band of skeletal muscle or in the muscles fascia. The spot is painful on compression and can give rise to the characteristic referred pain, tenderness, and autonomic phenomena.” Trigger point therapy operates under the basic assumption that waste products from the body tend to accumulate around nerve clusters and form a nodule or band that exerts a pressure on the nerve cluster. Evidence suggests that most chronic pain is either caused or made worse by these nodules and bands pressing on a nerve cluster. The purpose of trigger point therapy is to eliminate pain and to re-educate the muscles into pain-free habits. Really? “Re-educating muscles” seems to be thought of as nothing more than Karmic rainbows topped with candy-coated-fantasies to some of those “in the know” - but not to massage therapists. After several treatments, muscle pain, swelling and stiffness are reduced, range of motion is improved, tension is relieved, and circulation, flexibility and coordination are enhanced. Eureka! It’s a Karmic-massage-miracle. Referred pain, the major characteristic of all trigger points, is a pain that originates in one

area of the body but is felt in a different area of the body. Examples include arm, shoulder, or shoulder blade pain from problems in the cervical spine or neck area. A lack of understanding of how referred pain works may be a reason why conventional medical treatments for pain often fail. In trigger point therapy, pressure is applied to tender muscle tissue to relieve pain and dysfunction in the body. There are two basic types of trigger points: active and latent. Active trigger point – When pressure is applied to an active trigger point it will cause pain to the muscle and that pain will be referred to other parts of the body. Latent trigger point – A latent trigger point will accumulate in the muscle and will be released by some future stress, tension, injury of unusual movement. It is thought that latent trigger points are the cause of stiff joints and restricted range of motion that are typical seen in older people. Go! Fight! Win back your health, Indiana. Let the massages begin. Sally Feldman is a certified massage therapist and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. For more information, e-mail her at


2010 ES350

your cHoIcE

2010 HS250

HybrId prEmIum with navigation


2010 IS250


WItH all WHEEl drIvE with navigation

*all leases are 36 months with 10K miles per year. IS and ES require $2995 down and a drive off of $4532.14, HS require $1,495 down and a drive off of $2926.22.

2010 IS250

Hard top convErtIblE with luxury package & navigation

your cHoIcE

2010 rX350




In trigger point therapy, pressure is applied to tender muscle tissue to relieve pain and dysfunction in the body. ** IS250-$2995 down, 36 month lease with 10k miles per year and a drive off of $4,639.04. RX350 - $2995 down, 36 month lease with 10K miles per year and a drive off of $3889.73

LExus cErtifiEd ‘06 LExus Gs300 AWd


BLACK W/IVORY LEATHER SPYDER WHEELS! 10427A.......................................$

‘05 LExus Ls430



‘07 LExus rx400H

WHITE W/IVORY LEATHER AND 48K MILES! 10596A.................................................. $33,975

‘09 LExus rx350



‘07 LExus sc430



‘08 LExus rx400H



‘08 LExus rx400H

SILVER W/GRAY LEATHER “FACTORY NAVIGATION” 10521A..............................$

‘07 LExus Es350

BLACK W/IVORY LEATHER AND ONLY 41K MILES! 10511A.................................... $

‘07 LExus Es350

BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER AND JUST 25K MILES! P5972...................................... $ BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER AND ONLY 31K MILES! 10775A...............................




‘07 LExus is250 AWd

‘08 LExus is250 AWd

‘09 LExus is250 AWd

SILVER W/BLACK LEATHER AND ONLY 17K MILES! LDR468..............................$


SILVER W/GRAY LEATHER AND JUST 17K MILES! LDR465........................................ $

WHITE W/IVORY LEATHER AND JUST 19K MILES! LDR470...................................... $41,988

‘07 LExus Ls460L SILVER W/GRAY AND JUST 37K MILES! 10418A................................................................. $32,985 BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER LOADED! 68K MILES! L5983..................................... $42,995 ‘07 LExus rx350 ‘06 LExus Ls430


‘09 LExus Es350


‘07 LExus Ls460



‘07 LExus Ls460


WHITE W/IVORY LEATHER AND JUST 15K MILES! LDR456................................. $



tom Wood cErtifiEd ‘09 smArt fortWo “PAssioN” $ ‘03 LExus is300 LOADED W/OPTIONS! STILL UNDER FACTORY WARRANTY! 90552B...... 12,695 BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER AND JUST 33K MILES! P5953A.................................................... $16,995 ‘02 AcurA mdx


‘06 cAdiLLAc dts






‘03 BmW 525i

SILVER W/TAN LEATHER AND ONLY 24K MILES! 10675A....................................... $

TEAL W/GRAY LEATHER AND ONLY 55K MILES! LDR472A..................................... $

AND ONLY 23K MILES! STILL UNDER BMW WARRANTIES! 10478A.................. $

‘04 Audi A4 1.8t “QuAttro”


‘08 HoNdA Accord Ex couPE


‘07 AcurA rdx AWd

GREEN W/TAN LEATHER AND ONLY 57K MILES! 10634B....................................... $

‘06 HoNdA ciVic Ex sEdAN

BLACK W/TAN LEATHER AND NICE! L5903A........................................................................ $


$24,995 26,985

BLUE W/BLACK LEATHER AND ONLY 17K MILES! 10488A................................... $

‘06 cHrYsLEr 300c HEmi!

‘08 BmW 535i 65K MILES! 10505A.............................................................................................................................................. $16,695 BLACK W/BLACK LEATHER AND 30K MILES! 10498B................................................ $35,995 ‘08 NissAN ALtimA 2.5s WHITE W/GRAY $ AND ONLY 22K MILES! STILL UNDER NISSAN FACTORY WARRANTY! 10423A.... 16,788


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4610 E. 96th St. | Indianapolis (888) 774-7738 February 9, 2010 | 17

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DISPATCHES » Forecast in style – Sparkling away with dozens of Swarovski Crystals™, the Diamond Weather Station from Oregon Scientific adds a bit of glamour to the world of otherwise conservative electronic weather forecasters. The crystals light up brightly in one of three different patterns / colors – red sun, blue cloud, or green rain – to clue you in to what to expect from the sky in the coming hours. It features a remote sensor to transmit outdoor temperature to the display and a digital clock that auto-syncs with the Naval atomic clock for precision time. -   » Cord catch - The Cord Catch from OXO is one of those extremely simple little gadgets that you never knew you needed until you had the opportunity to use one. What is it? It’s a small half-dome shaped holder that is made of heavy die cast zinc. It has a non-slip base that sits on a flat surface and holds unplugged cords so they won’t fall off the edge of a table.  -  

Why antivirus programs won’t stop fake security infections  COMMENTARY By Gary Hubbard In the world of computers, a “scareware pandemic” is at play, fooling millions of users every day.  Scareware refers to rogue programs that scare folks into doing something that, in this case, actually infects their computer.  Typically, users are initially exposed to these programs when visiting a Web site laced with the instructions to pop-up a fake warning that your computer is infected.  These warnings look very similar to Windows screens and cause most folks to follow the prompts to “scan” or “fix” the problem.  Eventually, the “fix” asks the user for a credit card number, which is when most folks realize something “phishy” is going on. But by that time it’s too late. The second anyone clicks on the button to “scan” or “fix,” it instructs your computer to install the evil code in the background while making you believe it’s scanning your computer for viruses.  It is, by far, the most common reason we are seeing “patients” in our stores throughout the country.  This class of malicious software began appearing on the Internet in 2006 and has grown at a veracious rate, simply because it is an effective way of getting into your computer. As of this writing, there are more than 300 variants of fake security programs, with new versions appearing

on a weekly basis.  The reason your antivirus doesn’t protect you is it can’t, and neither can any other company’s antivirus, because you clicked a button that told Windows and your security program you wanted to install a program.  These malicious programs are very well written and look like any other program. Keep in mind, while these evil programmers are cooking up these concoctions, they have the ability to test it on every major antivirus program on the market before they launch it. In other words, they can keep working with the code until they know that your antivirus program will think it is a legitimate program.  Once they accomplish that, their only task is to fool you into clicking a button to start the process of infiltrating your computer. 

HAMILTON 16 IMAX N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t f i e l d

» Something fishy - We’ve all got an old fish tank lying around in the garage, and Puget Systems has a pretty good idea of what can be with it. They’re selling a complete DIY kit to submerge your entire computer (except for the drives, of course) in a fish tank full of mineral oil. Because mineral oil is non-conductive to electricity but a good conductor of heat, it makes for a much better cooling solution than air, allowing you to overlock your hardware to the max. - 

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing


This, unfortunately, is why so many people are getting infected and your antivirus program is powerless to protect you from yourself.  Most folks that get infected immediately start searching Google for a way to get rid of these programs, which exposes them to yet more scams of programs that claim they can help if you pay.  The best information for removal will be the manual registry steps to eradicate the scareware code from the core of the Windows operating system, but even those instructions can be dated in a few short months.  The authors of the malware also scan the Internet to see how folks are removing their code, then they update their code to block or evade those removal instructions, so if you are searching for help on any specific infection, make sure to refine your search to only show you results from the past week (click on the “show options” link above the search results in Google).   In the future, pay very close attention to warning screens, and if the warning is not clearly coming from your antivirus program, cancel it.  Gary Hubbard is the owner of Data Doctors Computer Services - Have a technology question? Send it to


MOVIE VALUE All digital sound & presentation Fun, spacious lobby All superb rocker seats



*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom



with $3.50 purchase of 46oz. bag of buttery popcorn one per ad @ Hamilton 16 IMAX

Exp. FEB. 23,



126th St.

City Center Dr.

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S Range Line Rd.

18 | February 9, 2010

3rd Ave. SW

. Gradle Dr


novation... ter er™ Volumizer? novation... micro, er™ ultra

cially made Volumizer? ity of ultra your micro, chnology is cially made tityperfectly of your isting hair chnology is easily. tmeperfectly

isting hair me easily.

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Black: Good for decorating, bad with ice

DISPATCHES » Free remodeling seminar – Join Case Handyman & Remodeling for a free seminar on kitchen and bath remodeling. The 90-minute session will provide the basic building blocks, plus all the latest styles. The seminar will be Feb. 13 from 9-10:30 a.m. at 108 W. Carmel Dr. Call 317-846-2600 to RSVP.  » Just in time – Converse is giving the pop art movement a lift with its new Chuck Taylor high-top collection. This being February and all, what says Happy Valentine’s Day better than a sneaker with Robert Indiana’s iconic love motif? At $55, it’s also a sweet gift to give yourself. Check out -   » Can’t go wrong – Flowers wilt, chocolates vanish, but a diamond is, well, you know. In some cases it’s true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but once the girls get to be full-fledged women, they often form meaningful bonds with other precious gems. It’s hard to err on the side of simplicity, but don’t err on the side of size. Find a respected jeweler who will work within your budget, and you will enjoy many gratifying Februarys to come. Just stay away from opals; they’re sometimes considered bad luck, and why tempt fate? -  

Commentary By Vicki Earley Black is an outstanding color choice for home decorating – it grounds a room and provides an excellent background for vibrant colors. Black is a fabulous color for apparel – it is sophisticated and can be dressed up or dressed down. I advocate the use of the color black in just about every application … except ice. I had heard of the concept of black ice but had never met it personally. We were formally introduced last Tuesday on a northern stretch of I-65. Cindy Thomas, Amy Humes and I had ventured to Chicago for a weekend buying trip. The evening roads of Chicago were lightly snow covered, but the city rush-hour traffic was heavy enough to give me the excuse I needed to drive at the pace of a snail as we left the city. Road conditions changed as the winds from the lake picked up and the temperature dropped. Night-time driving is riskier, so another night at a hotel was in order. This decision would surely give the roads time to clean up and clear up by morning! Traffic was a bit heavy for a late Tuesday morning on I-65. The roads were not great, but OK. I recall chatter about tea towels, the Colts going to the Super Bowl and decorating the corner store. The last image in my mind was of a bright blue store display in honor of our hometown NFL guys. We came around a bend, and the car took on a life, determination and path of its own. Our destiny was no longer in my hands; it was in the hands of physics and fate. We had met black ice. We veered to the left, to the right and then again to the left while still projecting forward. A semi was in the left lane and our trajectory was directly under the 18 wheeler that was oblivious to our menacing, yet helpless, presence.  By the grace of God, the rear end of the car spun to the front

“Welcome There is a better way...™ Before After to the Better ™ Welcome to White Cliffs Mayfair Hair HRD Medical Way™ of Hair ™ There is a better way... Before After Hair Replacement Replacement ™and ™ Welcome Cliffs “Welcome to to theWhite Better Way of Re-Growth...” Our Mayfair Hair HRD system Mayfair Hair HRD Medical Hair Replacement There is a better way...™ Before After and Re-Growth...” Before After replacesHair yourReplacement hair ™like no other ™ Welcome to White Cliffs “Welcome to the Better Way of medical hair device, allowing you to WHITE W CLIFFS Mayfair Hair HRD Medical Our Mayfair Hair HRD system John Wollenburg, Agent HITEInnovation... CLIFFS HAIR STUDIO ™ Hair Replacement and Re-Growth...” go anywhere, anytime with com14950 Greyhound Court Hair Replacement The Volumizer your hair like no other 301 EAST CARMEL DRIVE, BUILDING C SUITE #100 to thereplaces “Welcome Better Way™ of Suite 2

plete confidence. Bestallowing of all, you can What is White Cliffs’ Our medical hair device, you toMayfair Hair HRD system , IN CARMEL WHITE CVolumizer? LIFFS H46032 AIR STUDIO Carmel, IN 46032-5086 Hair Replacementstop andworrying Re-Growth...” about losingwith yourreplaces hair your hair like no other Simply put, it is a micro, ultra go anywhere, anytime comBus: 317-569-9200 1-888-241-1679 301 EAST CARMEL DRIVE, •B317-324-6099 UILDING C SUITE #100 chemotherapy and fine hair system specially made medical plete confidence. of all,radiation you can hair device, allowing you to HAIR STUDIOBest WHITE CLIFFSduring CARMEL to increase the density of, IN your46032 anywhere, anytime with comfocus on healthy. 301 EAST CARMEL DRIVEand , BUILDING C about Sgetting UITE #100 stop worrying losing yourgohair • 317-324-6099 thinning 1-888-241-1679 hair. Our technology is plete confidence. Best of all, you can CARMEL, IN 46032 during chemotherapy and radiation so advanced that it perfectly stop worrying about losing your hair 1-888-241-1679and • 317-324-6099 focus on getting healthy.during chemotherapy and radiation blends into your existing hair and adds instant volume easily. and focus on getting healthy.

• • • • • • •

J.D. Walls & Associates proudly announces the addition of attorney Mathew S. Lewis as a new associate. See Mr. Lewis for estate planning, asset protection, probate administration and guardianships.

and directed us out of the path of the semi under-belly and into the safety of a 12-foot ravine. When the car finished behaving like a “not so merry” merrygo-round, the car came to a silent stop. The three of us sat quietly and simply held hands. We had just witnessed the fragility of life. The same black ice that took us down an unintended path loomed ahead of the cars and semis that were coming around the same bend. We were in their path if their circumstances were the same. Only one vehicle stopped to offer assistance. A man climbed down from a truck and made his way down the wet and icy ravine. He approached our car and, with genuine concern, asked if we were OK. After assuring himself we were unharmed, he returned to his truck, backed up on the shoulder of the road and proceeded to drop salt on the perilous glaze of black ice that had sent us into a relentless spiral. He then parked his truck directly between our trapped vehicle and the oncoming traffic until it was apparent the ice had been tamed. I don’t know who this man was, and I know I would not recognize him, even if our paths were to cross again. I am, however, humbled by his kindness and humanity. I am so grateful for kind people who step forward when dangers present themselves. I am also quite grateful for the experience of many years of driving. Go hug your family. Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact artichokedesigns@aol. com.

Innovative Approach. Family Law Estate Planning Bankruptcy Real Estate Education Business

Individual & Family Burial Space Estate Lots Individual & Family Cremation Space Cremation Inurnment Niche Mausoleums Monuments Memorials

Serving Carmel and surrounding communities since 1833

Carmel Cemetery Association 1000 N. Rangeline Rd. Carmel, Indiana


Phone: (317) 810-0073 | Fax: (317) 663-3384 Current in Westfield

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Total Tease

C a r l a


Big hair isn’t just for Texans and beauty queens. Just take a look at the recent ad campaigns and catwalks…stylists are bringing a little bit of the ‘80’s back with hair that is teased, crimped or wispy. This new-again texture trend leans toward avant garde, but anyone can wear a playeddown version of this trend. Stop in Salon 01 and speak with a talented stylist for tips on how to wear this style.

By Alex Paredes

“When I was in high school, I started doing my friends hair for the school dances, like prom and homecoming,” said Carla. After high school, her dream of becoming a hair stylist began to come true. Carla attended A Cut Above Beauty College, pursuing her passion for dramatic color and texture. Shortly after graduating, Carla came to Salon01 where she has continued her training with the Jameson Shaw French hair cutting techniques and also becoming a Hairdreams hair extension specialist. Carla has become a great asset to the Salon01 team and continues to develop her cutting and coloring techniques. Salon01 has a high stander for quality hair, personality, and professionalism, and Carla exceeds them all! Carla believes in understanding the client’s needs and will help them create a look that is perfect for their personality and lifestyle. Carla enjoys the excitement creating a new look can bring to one of her guests, and this excitement keeps her passion alive. “If you are trying to grow your hair out, come in and let me add some texture and really shatter out the style,” said Carla. Schedule your appointment with Carla today! Call Salon01 at 317-580-0101 or book your appointment online at www. where you can find all of our Stylist’s profiles.

20 | February 9, 2010

Manicure Mend Did you know that the alcohol in waterless hand sanitizers can dry out not only your skin, but your fingernails as well? Getting regular manicures can help keep your hands and nails in tip-top shape through these winter months. A trained nail technician can also recommend the proper treatment to keep your hands hydrated, based on how dry your skin is. Using a cuticle treatment like Creative Nail Solar Oil, and a deep moisturizer on a regular basis will help fight the drying agents in hand sanitizers, as well as the cold weather that can lead to dry, chapped hands. Call and schedule a manicure with one of our trained nail technicians today! 317-580-0101.

Current in Westfield

Bring this in and recieve

$10 off our no chip manicure noW through Jan. 31, 2010!

treat Yourself, You deserve it!

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Keeping up with the speed of new technology

DISPATCHES » Insurance strategies for women Purchasing individual, family and business insurance coverage is probably one of the most important financial decisions you will make, but Somerset CPAs is offering a free seminar to help. Join Larry Dykes Feb. 11 from 8:15 to 10 a.m. at the Somerset Conference Center, 3395 River Crossing Parkway in Indianapolis. » Five hot tech stocks for 2010 1. Applied Materials (AMAT) 2. Autodesk (ADSK) 3. Cisco Systems (CSCO) 4. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) 5. Microchip Technology (MCHP) - » White joins Krieg DeVault - The law firm of Krieg DeVault LLP announced that Charles P. White has joined the firm in an Of Counsel capacity. White most recently he served as Assistant Director and White Special Counsel to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). 


COMMENTARY By David Cain What if you fell asleep in 1990 and snoozed for 20 years? Today is the first day you’ve been awake in two decades. What would you think? iPad, iPhone, iMac, iDon’t know? Communication has changed. Business has changed. And it’s only been a two decades. Seinfeld is in reruns and Larry David, the Seinfeld writer, is starring in his own show. In 1990, the average annual income in America was $28,970. A gallon of gas was $1.30. The average cost of a new car was about $16,000. And the Internet was the emerging trend. In 1991, the World Wide Web became available to the public, and it exploded. As Beavis and Butthead made news, the Internet began to move from new technology to transformative catalyst. If today were your first day, you might notice the speed of business has accelerated. People aren’t just always connected; they are interconnected. And that interconnectivity means the expectation for communications, including responses, is instant. Customer service got a shot of adrenaline. Service must occur at the speed of the Internet. Dial-up modems have been replaced with broadband, and that’s the way people communicate now. We’ve moved from dial-up to broadband. One thing that should also be obvious is

Offer ends sOOn

people haven’t changed. While some behavior has been forever altered, fundamentally, people are the same. The water cooler has been replaced with instant messaging, but office rumors live on. What they do and how they do it happens in completely different ways than it did 20 years ago. That’s expected. However, what wasn’t necessarily expected is that the fundamental changes in business over the last 20 years would have been so dramatic compared to what happened in the preceding 20 years. We are experiencing exponential growth rather than linear change. Some prognosticators expect the next 100 years will yield 20,000 years of technological progress, given today’s rate of progress. At that rate, you could fall behind if you sleep in on the weekends. All the changes and emerging trends that die as quickly as they emerge are simply signs of the time. This change is exponential, and if you fell asleep today, the next 20 years will seem like thousands of years. The lesson: It’s time for us all to wake up today. David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at

5 BR / 4.5 Bath Cul-De-Sac Location!

Reduced and Ready for ALL Offers! 16223 Brookhollow Drive $649,900 / MLS 2942258 Beauty in Popular Setters Run! 5 BR / 5 Bath 4214 Shine Ct. Custom Detail Through Out! $249,000 / MLS 2956476 A Must See! 4 BR / 2.5 Bath

Home healthcare on-site All utilities included in rent *Except for telephone

Great Cul-De-Sac Location!

Basic cable television included

Hair & Nail Salon

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Free Manicure with a Pedicure* Call for your appointment with Sue or Lynn!


Haircut, Color, eyebrow Wax/$80 or Haircut, Partial Highlight, eyebrow Wax/$85* Call Alissa, Christie or Sharyl for this special! *Offers good one time per customer.




Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm


811 West Main Street #120, Carmel



NowIsIsthe theTime Timeto to Buy! Buy! Start Start Your New Year in Now in aaNew NewHome! Home!

Best Value in Oak Manor! 16457 Cyprian Circle Fabulous Home in Oak Manor! $463,900 / MLS 2947383 16457 5 BR /Cyprian 4.5 Bath Circle $463,900 / MLS 2947383 Cul-De-Sac Location

Independent living apartments

Fine Lines, Inc.


Charming Home in Springdale Farms! 33 Evening Rose Way

Fantastic in Springdale Farms! $199,500 Setting / MLS 2957581

33 Evening Rose Way 3 BR / 2.5 Bath $199,500 MLS 2957581 Main Level/ Master! 3 BR / 2.5 Bath Open Floor Plan!

A “WOW” in Setters Run! 4214 Shine Ct. $249,000 / MLS 2956476 New Listing in Countryside! 4 BR/ 2.5 Bath 40 Markleville Lane Spacious Kitchen Open $229,900 / MLS 2954973 to Great Room!

3 BR / 2.5 Bath Spacious Kitchen w/ Granite Counter tops!

New Construction in Westfield! Check Out Virtual Tour! New Construction in Westfield! 829 Viking Sunrise Lane 829 Viking Sunrise Lane $899,900 / MLS 2931273 $899,900 MLS 2931273 6 BR / 4.5 /Bath 6A BR / 4.5Ready Bath to be called Home!! House Beautiful Serene Setting in Viking Meadows!

Great Value in Popular Countryside! 40 Markleville Lane $224,900 / MLS 2954973 Model Home for Sale! 3 BR / 2.5 Bath 16121 Brookhollow Dr. Lg. Family Room w/ Fireplace! $749,500 / MLS 2915358 5 BR / 4.5 Bath This Home is the “WoW” Factor!

3 meals daily & housekeeping Planned social and recreational activities Assisted living apartments available* And much more!



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Pizzology Pizzeria & Pub MY OPINION

Who does your taxes?


"I take it to a CPA in Indianapolis." Harry Kaster Westfield

"I have a regular tax man who I take mine to in Indianapolis." Joe Mutchler Westfield

"We go to H&R Block." Kim Gentry Westfield

It’s well worth the investment.”


Type: Cottage style Age: Built in 2005 Location: Near 146th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway Neighborhood: Lochaven at Noble West Square footage: 3,931, including 1,398 in the unfinished basement Rooms: This three-bedroom home offers a stylish kitchen with stainless appliances, solid-surface countertops, center island and butler’s pantry. Other features include a great room with gas fireplace and built-in bookshelves, formal living and dining rooms, unfinished basement and three-car garage. Strengths: This home is well crafted with unique features, such as arched doorways, a curved staircase wall, built-ins and a stone and Hardiplank exterior. The community has an abundance of amenities and a great location near shopping, dining and entertainment. Challenges: This home has an irrigated side courtyard instead of a rear yard, which may deter some buyers. However, this low-maintenance alternative may appeal to the buyer looking to cut back on yard work.

John Pacilio and his team specialize in Hamilton County real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or

Chef Neal Brown, former executive chef at L’explorateur, has opened his newest restaurant in Carmel. Pizzology opened in November, bringing a unique menu to the area. Pizzas at Pizzology are 13 inches, following the Italian style, and only cost $13. Pizzology serves two styles of pizza with many options for each style. Pizza Rosa is the traditional red sauce pizza while Pizza Bianca uses olive oil instead of sauce. Their menu includes a variety of pizza, pasta and salads. As far as appetizers are concerned, Pizzology is known for their Italian mussels and chop salad. Past the dining area there is also a full bar with tables available. Pizzology offers a wide range of wines, Italian and beyond. Their bottled and draft beer selection includes many local Indiana breweries, such as Three Floyds, Sun King and Mad Anthony, as well as other unique breweries from across the country. Pizzology has multiple flat screen TV’s which adds to the pub atmosphere. They also provide a carry out service that will take only a few minutes to order and prepare. Pizzology is unique in that it allows its customers to enjoy a quality menu in whichever environment they choose. Their restaurant side provides a more traditional Italian feel while their pub side allows a laid back environment without losing quality, great for any group or occasion. Owner: Neal Brown 13190 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel 317-844-2550 |

Call now for winter rates on hardscape projects


Scott M. Wharton, owner Wharton Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Hand tossed medium Round w/cheese & 1 topping


2764 East 146th St, Carmel, IN 317-815-5555

489.4444 22 | February 9, 2010

Thank you

Expires 3/2/10, Participating locations only. Extra cheese, toppings, tax and delivery additional.Must present coupon. Prices subject to change without notice.

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retaining walls driveways paver patios decks pergolas

locally owned and operated

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Indiana Wordsmith Challenge




16 17




21 24






31 33 37










48 52

51 56




47 50

20 23




Hoosier Hodgepodge











Across 1. Tom Wood Volkswagen purchase 7. Wreckage 13. Roll out tape 14. China, Japan, Korea et al. (2 wds.) 15. WIBC morning pair (4 wds.) 17. Mall store: ___ Alive 18. Poke fun at 19. Carmel HS Choralaires voice 21. Tack item at Cherry Wood Stables 22. Hamilton Crossing Animal Hospital doc 23. Indianapolis Indians’ bat wood 24. Controlled a horse at Taylor Turn Stables 26. 33-Across, e.g. 29. Noblesville HS physics class topic 30. Fancy tie 31. Lady’s escort 32. Carmel Cub Scout Packs 124 and 197 33. WFBQ morning pair (3 wds.) 36. ___ retentive 39. Fishers’ N-S road 40. Tiny biting fly 44. Ditto 45. 14 West Restaurant soup veggie 46. One-point Butler wins: nail-___


47. Indy’s Shadeland or Senate, briefly 48. Lay down 49. Indiana Pest Control target 50. Prefix with legal or graph 52. Matched 55. One of 10 at Stardust Bowl 56. WFMS morning team (4 wds.) 60. Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia et al. 61. Regarding this point 62. Smoothed a board 63. Liqueur flavorers Down 1. Except 2. Foes 3. Inconsistent, like the Pacers 4. Cousin of a gull 5. Floral necklace 6. Tickled pink 7. Applies lightly 8. Old Indiana railroad 9. Panhandle in downtown Indy 10. Indian prince 11. Set apart 12. Type of hat at Cowpokes 14. Eli Lilly and Company govt. overseer 16. Conseco Fieldhouse basket cord 20. Resistance units 21. Victoria’s Secret buy

Build the words

22. Mitch Daniels’ no 25. Barnes’ partner 26. Jeans material 27. Word processing command 28. Giant slugger Mel 29. Word on a Children’s Museum ticket 31. Indiana Roof Ballroom event, often

34. Lad 35. Leave out 36. Quickly, in memos 37. Eiteljorg Museum Indians 38. Gas ___ 41. Deduces 42. ___ City Food & Brewery 43. Indiana’s winter hrs. 46. “The Enlightened One”

48. Office Depot purchase 51. Prayer’s end 52. Indy’s Glick or Sease 53. Footnote abbr. 54. Indiana State Fair barn sound

55. “Frasier” actress Gilpin 57. Carmel sports club title member 58. WISH-TV meteorologist Brewer 59. Refusals

Solutions on page 27

Carmel Consignment

Show Your Love With

Now Accepting

Sweet Express Facial:

Spring Clothing

aesthetics & med spa

This 30 treat includes a dermaplane and a sensi peel. (This peel is great for all skin types including sensitive and rosacea).

13686 N Meridian 573-4400

The Perfect Way to Say “I Love You”:

GUYS.... forget the flowers, she would rather have a gift card from KURR! Purchase a gift card for $100 and receive an additional $25 on your gift card. KURR is now offering Permanent Cosmetics!! Look fresh and fabulous all of the time. Schedule a complementary consultation and receive 25% Off.

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February 9, 2010 | 23

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Izzy’s aked Fresh-B f Flavor o Biscuit nth o the M

sation Conver Hearts

Izzy’s Place

Come on in and see our selection of Valentine Treats for your pup/ dog; Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and you want to show your


816 W. Main St., Carmel 317-582-1DOG or 317-582-1364 Mon through Fri: 10-6 Sat: 10-5 • Sun: Closed

pooch some Love Too! We have fresh baked (Heart Shaped) dog treats to make your dog’s V-Day a special one! Come on in and see the variety of V-Day Biscuits. We are now on Facebook(Izzy’s Place a Dog Bakery)




» Camp Bow Wow plays matchmaker – With Valentine’s Day approaching and puppy love in the air, Camp Bow Wow Carmel will once again act as matchmaker for humans seeking their furry, four-pawed soul mates. The annual Cupids & Canines fundraiser will be held on Feb. 13 from 12-3 p.m. at Camp Bow Wow Carmel, located at 489 Gradle Drive in Carmel.

Burgandy is a 6-year-old female buff and blue American pit bull terrier/American Staffordshire terrier mix. Burgandy is a beautiful girl with adorable ears – one stays up, the other flops over. She is quiet and a little shy around new people, but she warms up pretty quickly, and if she thinks she can trust you, she'll be more than happy to play a game or two. Burgandy is extremely intelligent and knows the commands “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come,” “shake” and “off!” She does need to work on her leash manners as she does tend to pull quite a bit, but once she's with someone she loves and trusts, she will be easier to manage on walks.

» HSHC Valentine – Instead of getting your special someone fattening chocolates, flowers that wither away or a sappy card, why not your give them something special that not only shows you love them, but that you also love the animals at the shelter still waiting for their forever homes. For a $30 donation, the HSHC will send an acknowledgment card to that special someone or you may choose for them to hang a heart on the kennel or cage of a cat or dog your sponsorship is helping. The deadline, though, is Feb. 10, so contact Mandy Maxwell at or call 317-219-4630 right away.   » Pilling your pet - For a pill or capsule, you have to reach inside the mouth and get it over the base of the tongue. Then you quickly hold the pet's mouth closed and gently give a puff of air in the pet's face/nostrils that will cause the pet to swallow reflexively. -   

Pet snatchers on the rise in U.S. COMMENTARY By John Mikesell An alarming rise in “dog nappings” is prompting legislators to propose laws to toughen penalties for those who steal pets, according to the American Kennel Club (New York). Pet theft has been on the rise since 2008, according to the AKC. Through November 2009, the organization had tracked more than 115 stolen pets via incidents reported by news media and customers. In 2008, the AKC tracked a total of 71 thefts. A bill introduced in Texas last year would have made it a felony to steal a pet, punishable by up to two years in jail.

The AKC also noted a New York assemblyman’s recent vow to make the theft of a companion animal a felony offense, carrying a penalty of up to four years in jail. In addition, California and Delaware tried to regulate roadside pets sales as a way to combat the trafficking of stolen pets, the organization said. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center, which tracks stolen property, currently lists 200 stolen dogs. Be sure to have your dog chipped and never leave the pet unattended. John Mikesell, owner of Izzy’s Place, A dog Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at

Blair is a 10-month-old female black DSH. Blair is a very sweet and very affectionate little girl. She loves to be held and carried around or is content to be a lap cat. Blair arrived at the shelter days before Thanksgiving, and she had a serious trauma sustained to her left eye which required it to be surgically removed. Blair has healed from her surgery, and she desperately wants to find a loving and forever home with a family. For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to

New Look for a New Year! Make an appointment for your eye examination and update your look with new designer frames!

Busby Eye Care Creating atients or li e! 24 | February 9, 2010

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Kathleen I. Busby, O.D.

16409 Southpark Drive Westfield, IN 46074

(317) 896-5005

BC Productions

“Making A Memory With Every Video”

Consultation • Fundamentals Street Carry • Competition

Freelance Videography for Commercials, Special Events, Weddings, Anniversaries, and More!

$50 off video

when you present this coupon to BC Productions in the months of February, March and April 2010.

(317) 250-0460

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February 9, 2010 | 25

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And the truth shall hit you upside the head COMMENTARY By Mike Redmond I had one of those Kabong Moments the other day, and as you might imagine, it wasn’t very much fun. A Kabong Moment, for the uninitiated, is when a realization hits you so hard – Kabong! – that you could swear you hear the sound of a guitar being broken over the top of your head, like Quick Draw McGraw used to do to the bad guys when he was disguised as the one and only El Kabong. Mine came when I was waiting for Cookie to come in from doing her business, and Cookie was, as usual, taking her sweet time about it, dinking around over here, sniffing over there, ambling around like she had all the time in the world. Which, I guess, she probably does. What’s time to a dog? Anyway, I said what I have always said to Cookie when she does this: “While we’re young, dog.” And then – Kabong! – I realized that I can’t use that expression anymore, because neither Cookie (10 years old) nor I (more then 10) qualify. And while we’re not exactly old, I can see that day coming. A good Kabong gives you a lot of

clarity about these things. It helped me to see the signs that are already there. For example, I have about 17 different passwords and secret codes I use for various computer programs and such. I keep a cheat sheet close at hand because the chance of me remembering them is about as good as the chance of me walking to Hawaii. However, I can remember every locker combination I ever had at Lakeland High School. This is definitely old-guy stuff. Wait. There’s more. I teach The History of American Popular music at a local university, and every year I find it a little harder to believe that not a single one of my students has ever heard of Bo Diddley. This causes me to do a great deal of fuming and grousing until it dawns upon me that teaching them about Bo Diddley is actually in my job description. I can’t believe how much it costs to buy a pack of cigarettes. If I smoked, I’d never have money for drugs and alcohol. Don’t get excited. I mean prescription drugs and rubbing alcohol. Old guy, remember? Such things as the price of cigarettes invariably lead me to the conversational gambit, “I

remember when the price went up to 40 cents and we were outraged.” All I need to do is add “by cracky!” or “sure as shootin’” or “gol-durn it!” to the end of the sentence, and I’m ready to be shipped to the Old Ex-Smokers’ Home. I learned last year that my students and I have a great deal of variance between their definition of “party line” and mine. Theirs sound a lot more fun than sharing the phone line with eight other families. Frankly, I don’t know if I could handle being a young person these days. They’re under an awful lot of pressure that simply did not exist when I was their age. The technology alone is enough to drive you nuts (see above under “passwords”). The world turns much faster now. Maybe Cookie has the right idea. And here comes another Kabong: We’re not getting any younger. We’re moving the other direction. There is no need to hurry. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

Frankly, I don’t know if I could handle being a young person these days. They’re under an awful lot of pressure that simply did not exist when I was their age.

Grocery shopping isn’t as easy as you’d think COMMENTARY By Dick Wolfsie I’m in a lot of trouble. I just tried to sneak in the back door without my wife seeing me, but I got caught with you-know-what on my breath: salami. Yes, I had been out carousing. At Kroger. I was returning home with a bagful of goodies. I usually shop while Mary Ellen is at work so I can take my stash and squirrel stuff away without her seeing what I bought. I have devised many clever places to hide questionable food choices, but none better than strapping the Meat Lovers Tombstone Pizza to the top of my SUV. It’s a terrible thing, this deception, but the tactic is required. Normally a sweet and understanding person, my wife is often judgmental of my supermarket purchases. She also questions my choice of books (she’s not a fan of non-fiction), movies on DVD (no violence, please) and TV shows (she doesn’t like people screaming at each other on cable news), but she generally keeps those opinions to herself and allows me to shuffle into my home office and indulge in private. Back to my attempted covert entry into the house. Mary Ellen carefully eyed each item as I unloaded everything onto the counter …

26 | February 9, 2010

EGGS: “Did you check the expiration date? Did you see three of them were cracked? These are not free-range eggs. And they’re cheaper at Sam’s Club. Brown eggs don’t go with the new fridge.” FRENCH BREAD: “It’s just going to go bad. You never finish it. It gets hard as a rock overnight because you don’t seal the package. After three days, the birds won’t even eat it. PISTACHIO NUTS: “Why did you buy those? You know we’re just going to eat them. Almonds are better for you.” MILK: “A quart? It’s so much cheaper by the gallon. And how many grown men still drink chocolate milk?” HARD SALAMI: “That reminds me, did you remember to pick up your Lipitor at the pharmacy?” Except for the occasional piece of dark chocolate, my wife doesn’t really have food cravings like I do, which is why I often return home with a shopping bag full of exotic provisions. I must admit that most of my purchases are just based on a momentary hankering for a particular taste treat. If Mary Ellen turned to me one night and said, “I have this craving for a grilled bratwurst with sauerkraut and a dill pickle,” well, I can tell you right now, I’d want to check her photo ID

before we spent the night together. Last week I had this yearning for a jumbo shrimp cocktail. By the time I got to the store, I had lost that desire and opted instead for a quart of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. This poor nutritional choice required finding the perfect hiding place at home to avoid my wife’s disapproving eye. I can’t use the space under the back porch. Even the dog has figured out that’s my prime wintertime location for stockpiling frozen delights. Another drawback to this trickery is that I forget where I’ve hidden things. Doritos in the laundry cabinet, Slim Jims in an old eyeglass case and Peppermint Patties stacked up in the back of the medicine cabinet. Who can keep track of all this? Truth is, I get a kick out of this game of Hide and Eat. I recently stuffed a Hostess Twinkie under my pillow. Before we drifted off to sleep, Mary Ellen made me promise to quit eating junk food. I told her I’d sleep on it.

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Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

317-849-7500 1-800-528-5378


Exp. Exp. 2-23-10 1-19-10


I understand. When you Buy or Sell with Si, You will be Sold on Si! Si Johnson

O: (317) 216-4085 C: (317) 840-0882

F.C. Tucker Company, Inc.

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VISA, MasterCard accepted Reach 62,719 homes weekly



489.4444 ext. 202




Do you know three reasons you should consider living in THE NEW YORKER APARTMENTS located at 3707 – 3715 N. Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis.

Shopping for car insurance? Call me first. Save even more than before with Allstate. Drivers who switched to Allstate saved an average of $353 a year. You could be surprised by how much you’ll save. Ranj Puthran 844-4683

• You will save time & money • You will meet new people and new friends • You will have access to public transportation, to churches, schools, entertainment and shopping You work hard, so by living at The New Yorker Apartments you will have time to enjoy your life … and to have all the convenience of living downtown. Come on in and visit The New Yorker Apartments. Call - 784-5899 or 435-8618 and make an appointment. You might be surprised at the pleasant, large apartments that are available at such affordable prices. IT’S TRUE: Schedule an appointment to just come and see how much time and money you can save. STUDIOS, 1-2 BEDROOMS - FENCED PARKING LOT Professionally Managed by: MOYNAHAN-WILLIAMS Call Debbie – 317-435-8618



INTERIOR – EXTERIOR Quality Workmanship Over 25 Years Experience Reasonable Prices & References Free Estimates Insured Call Steve 317-773-1834

Tax preparaTion

Years Experience 119Years

317-802-6565 317-432-1627


Insured/Bonded Member of Pet Sitters Int’l References Available

I BUY: Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rolex, Diamonds, Old Coins, Bullion Coins, silverware, Old watches, estate items and anything of value. Call 317-4965581 or visit us today at www.

starting February 11th. Six- week course provides women with the skills and knowledge to escape from an attacker or sexual assault. To inquire call Greg at 506-0973 or go to

PRESCHOOL Mi Escuelita

Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-



REAL STATE Own a home today with NO money out of pocket! You may qualify for the NEW Gov’t tax credit program. Bad credit, no problem! EZ in-house financing! 888-446-0349

$1,000 moves you in!

Spanish Immersion Preschool 3085 West 116th St. Carmel, IN 46032 (317) 575-9379

3 bed/2 bath home ONLY $725/mo! Clubhouse and swimming pool! 888-825-3038



Carmel Clay School Corporation

Carmel Clay School Corporation

is accepting applications for School Bus Aides Assist special needs children to and from school Training provided. $10.55 hour Apply on-line to AA/EOE

Price range: $190,000-$250,000 Prefers to Close by April 30th Minimum 2000 Square Feet 3-4 Bedrooms

Buyer 2:

Price range: $300,000-450,000 Custom Home • Sizable Kitchen and Yard • Nice Master Bathroom

All New QUEEN PILLOW TOP Mattress Set. $150 still in bag Can Deliver (317) 223-9301

Wanted to buy

Women’s Self-Defense course

Buyer 1:

Price range: $600,000 + Luxury Home in Hamilton County Deluxe Kitchen

“The Safe and Reliable Alternative to Boarding”

by a MBA/JD Tom Ayer 698-7816

We May Have Your Buyer!

Buyer 3:


Pet & House Sitting Service


is now training School Bus Drivers. Paid Training to obtain Class B, CDL Starting at $82 day after successful completion of training Pay up to $88/day based on experience; paid bi-weekly Available to earn attendance bonus Apply on-line to, AA/EOE


(and so is the dog)

RE/MAX Ability Plus John Pacilio 317-216-8500 B E E T U N R E T E R R M A N B I T R E I N A S C O B A N A L S A M E A V E P A R A J I M O C E S A N







Now Hiring Hotel Concierge

Looking for a part time offer where you can earn $1400 to $2400 every two weeks? Are you dedicated? Over 18? Computer literate? And have access to the internet one to two hours a week? If you answered yes then we have your career waiting for you! Canes Ultralights Inc. is currently seeking store managers, assistant managers, payroll reps and payment clerks to work at your own flexible schedule! And it only takes a little bit of your time! If you think you have what Canes Ultralights is looking for :contact us with your resume @’s Hurry..don’t wait! This great opportunity is limited so contact Canes Ultralight Inc. today!

Seeking Savvy individual to give VIP treatment to guests in the Club Lounge. Hours are Sunday – Thursday from 4pm to midnight Apply in person

11925 N. Meridian St. Carmel,IN 46032 | (317) 816-0777

Booth Space Available For hair stylists Pointe 99 Salon Call 844-1760 and ask for Ann 99 E. Carmel Dr. Suite H

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NOW HIRING Customer Service Representative

Carmel company is looking for a candidate with a minimum of 5 years Customer Service experience. Must be detail oriented and have a strong work ethic. Daily responsibilities would include working with large clients via phone and email, processing orders and shipping information as well as maintaining customer files and marketing materials. Successful candidates must have proficient Microsoft computer skills, EDI experience would be helpful, but not necessary. Hours would be Monday – Thursday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm and Fridays, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. If interested, please email a resume to:

February 9, 2010 | 27

Make It Fit Now Now is when nutrition, activity and good habits can fit into your daily routine. No schedule is too busy to improve your wellness, and with the support of Clarian North Medical Center and the cities of Carmel and Westfield, you can access the resources you need to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The Make It Fit Now wellness challenge is underway, offering participants a progressive, 12-week plan in addition to screenings, educational opportunities, key health resources, classes, seminars and other free health events. Participants receive free health journals at our events to keep them motivated. Join the challenge by registering online at

28 | February 9, 2010

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February 9, 2010